Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 209


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 209 Rest in Peace, Everyone

It didn’t take long.

The middle-aged man took Lin Fan and the crazy old man to a dense forest deep in the mountain.

The mountain itself was indeed well hidden.

“This is where the Thirteen Thieves hides, it’s a bit difficult to find them, but I think when they see only two people are coming, they will definitely come out.”

“After all, they already killed a group of people who came here before.”

The middle-aged man slowly said.

He was very calm when he said it, not excited at all like he was about to fight against the Thirteen Thieves.

Everything was calm.

“Son, go play by yourself for a while, father will find you later.” Lin Fan said.

The crazy old man was very interested in the nature around him, so he ran away like crazy after Lin Fan said that.

The middle-aged man looked at the crazy old man’s figure in the distance, “What a pity.”

Maybe it’s because he’s going to lose his father later.

Lin Fan and the middle-aged man went deeper to the mountain.

The trees in this mountain weren’t lush.

It also exuded a strange atmosphere.

As for the middle-aged man, he didn’t feel good.

It’s because he could feel the aggressiveness of the gaze behind him.

The middle-aged man slowly walked in the front, his feet stepping on dead branches on the ground, creaking, then spoke, “Do you know the origin of the Thirteen Thieves?”

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but I’m not interested, when they show up later, I’m just going to use my dao artifact to kill all of them.”

The middle-aged man laughed ridiculously, “Fellow cultivator, you’re very confident. Cultivating immortality is indeed requires confidence, but being too confident is like digging your own grave.”



Just then.

There was a movement around, like the sound of leaves shaking.

“Listen. Do you hear anything?”

“It seems that the Thirteen Thieves have discovered our whereabouts.” The middle-aged man whispered.

He still had something to say.

“Actually, you don’t…”

But before he could finish it.

He became stunned, then frowned, his eyes looking down, a sharp weapon held his neck, and his back was leaning against something hard.

“Don’t move, or you will be dead.”

Lin Fan held the Green Toad Sword in the middle-aged man’s throat with his left hand and the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword in his right hand against the back, the sharpness seeping into the middle-aged man’s body, making him shudder.

“Fellow cultivator, what do you mean by this?” The middle-aged man pretended to be calm, but he was actually very confused as he’s saying.

‘What are you doing? We’re here to kill the Thirteen Thieves, so it’s a bit too much for you to hold a sword against me now.’

“Wait, don’t talk. It will be over soon; I’ve been staring at you since the beginning, didn’t you feel it?”

Since he left the Huang Family’s house, his gaze hadn’t been shifted towards the middle-aged man, followed by a pair of hopeful eyes stared at each other.

Didn’t that feel good?

It was even impossible to escape his fiery eyes.


Several figures appeared. They came and gone without a trace, some standing on branches, others on rocks.

Every one of them was a fierce thief.

Looking at their fierce faces and their blood-soaked palms.

Everyone could tell that these guys were definitely the bad guys.


A big bald man laughed, “It’s interesting that the immortals who came to kill us had infighting, yet they still come to trouble us. Are they serious?”

The middle-aged man said, “Fellow cultivator, stop playing around, all of the Thirteen Thieves have come out, now it’s time for us to join forces.”


It sounded like something was being stabbed.

The middle-aged expression changed dramatically; his expression became numb.

It seemed like he was thinking of something, then slowly lowered his head.

A white sword pricked into his body as a green sword pierced out his body.

It felt like his gall was being stabbed.

The sword pierced through his body from the back, and the blades penetrated.

He didn’t know why Lin Fan stabbed him.

It made him confused.



“What did you do, kid?”

The thirteen thieves were shocked.

They panicked when they saw Lin Fan was stabbing their big brother for no apparent reason.


‘Who is this kid?’

He stabbed their brother without saying a word. How could you do that without even asking the younger brothers?

“When did you find out?” The middle-aged man was slightly pale, but since his cultivation was quite high, he couldn’t just scream because his gall was being stabbed.

“From the moment you pretend in front of me.” Lin Fan said.

The middle-aged man was speechless upon hearing Lin Fan’s words.

He didn’t understand what Lin Fan meant at all.

Lin Fan said, “Hand over the Huang Family’s daughter. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee whether your big brother’s head will be saved or not.”

Lin Fan was ready to kill, but then he thought about it, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he kills everyone and couldn’t find the Huang Family’s daughter in the end?

So, his idea was simple.

Find the leader, and everything would be easy to handle.

“Even if you kill me, you won’t be able to escape.” The middle-aged man said, just as soon as he spoke, he felt an extreme pain coming.

Lin Fan was using a fierce method.

He grabbed the hilt of the sword and stirred it madly.

With every stirred, a large amount of blood gurgled down from the wound.

“Shut up, don’t talk nonsense, or I’ll stir this sword even more.” Lin Fan said.

The middle-aged man’s face became paler.

Although his cultivation was quite high, he would still suffer unbearable pain when he was hurt, “What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and bring her out.”

At this time, the Thirteen Thieves panicked, their big brother was being abducted, and it felt like a thunderstorm for them. As soon as they heard their big brother, they knew they had to bring the Huang Family’s daughter out.

“Wait.” One of them stopped.

He only had one eye. The other eye was not covered, and the hollow was exposed as if to show that he was a tough guy.

‘See, I only have one eye, who the hell dares to mess with me?’

The middle-aged man glared at him, “Second son, what do you want?”

He had a bad feeling about this.

The second son was rebellious and cold. Although he didn’t usually speak up about his opinion daily, he knew that the second son had always been dissatisfied with his big brother.

“Brothers, the mysterious body is rare. We can only encounter it once in a hundred years, now that we found it, how can we casually hand it over?”

“Big brother, you told me before, if you encounter something that is difficult to choose, then vote for it.”

“We won’t give up the mysterious body; it’s our chance to become immortal.”

“So, all of you choose now. I’ll choose the mysterious body. What about you?”

The one-eyed man looked at the crowd, clearly ready to give up on his big brother.

The middle-aged man growled, “You traitor, you’ve betrayed me, what are you all waiting for, bring that girl over quickly! Have you all forget how I usually treat you guys?”

“Are you going to betray me for a mysterious body now?”

The big brother still had power as a big brother.

Seeing their big brother’s fierce and angry look, some of the thieves were deterred.

But it was only deterrence, they still stood there, not moving at all.

Lin Fan helplessly said, “You’re a failure as a big brother, your little brothers are all ready to betray you.”

The middle-aged man was getting paler; if it wasn’t for the blood flowing from his wounds, he would have absolutely cursed his bastard brothers.

The one-eyed old man said, “I choose the mysterious body; this is our chance to become immortal; we can’t give it up.”


Someone responded.

“Big brother, I’m sorry.”

“The mysterious body is very important; it has great help for our cultivation.”

“You’ve been good to all of us these years, we won’t forget your kindness, and we will definitely shred the guy who tears you into pieces.”

“I’ll burn paper for you every year.”

When the betrayal was so great, the remaining who still couldn’t figure out what to choose would naturally follow the crowd.

As for the big brother?

Some of them actually wanted to save him, but they didn’t have the power to do it.

So, they could only ask the big brother to die and not making them ashamed.

The middle-aged man spoke to Lin Fan in a much-relaxed tone, “Fellow cultivator, although I’m the Thirteen Thieves leader, and I have the desire to kill you, but for now, please let me kill these traitors first. After that, I’ll hand over the Huang Family’s daughter, and you can also take rewards. Then I will go, and I will never appear here again.”


Lin Fan moved swiftly, and the Green Toad Sword cut off the middle-aged man’s head.

The head rolled to the ground.

As long as the sword was sharp and the speed of swinging it was fast enough, the head would still be conscious within ten seconds after it separated.

Lin Fan didn’t make things up.

This was something that an ancestral scientist had verified with his own life.

The middle-aged man’s head that rolled down to the ground stared at Lin Fan with his dead eyes as if he didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so ruthless.

“Hey, I thought holding you hostage would be useful, but it turns out it was really useless.”

“You guys are really disappointing.”

“I thought your thief brotherhood is strong, turns out it’s like a plastic… really disappointing .”

What else could Lin Fan say?

He then looked at his surrounding.





“Eh! Aren’t you the Thirteen Thieves?”

“Where is the other two?”

Although Lin Fan had terrible luck, he should still be able to get a lot of good stuff from killing a lot of his opponent.

The thirteen thieves didn’t answer Lin Fan’s question.

The look on Lin Fan’s eyes made them uncomfortable.

It was the look that felt provocative.

The Thirteen Thieves who had walked the world for so long had never been afraid of anyone, even if their big brother was abducted, they could still say that they would let him die. That’s how overbearing they were.


The one-eyed man roared.


Strong qi rose up into the sky; the Thirteen Thieves mixed their qi and formed a terrifying storm.

Their killing moves, dao artifact, and cultivation technique, everything looked easy for them.

“What is so good about this?”

“Gang up on someone.”

“But well, since this is the case, I won’t be polite to you.”

What Lin Fan hated the most was people gang up on someone. For him, that was despicable and shameless behavior.

Lin Fan raised his hand.

The Highest Spirit Rune descended.


The battle was over.

Rest in peace, everyone.

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