Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 21 This Is A Matter Of Principle


Lin Fan regretted killing Lu Nian, Lin Fan might be missing important information from him, and if someone was backing Lu Nian up, it might be troublesome for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan walked to the dungeon, and Wang Bao was not there because his shift was over.


The Hunters who guarded Dr. Sun saw Lin Fan and saluted.

Although they only knew Lin Fan recently, for them, their leader was a very good role model, Lin Fan was worthy of their respect.

“Did he say anything?” Lin Fan asked.

“Leader, his mouth is sealed tight, and he keeps saying he is innocent.” A Hunter answered Lin Fan.

Dr. Sun, who was chained in the chair, looked much worse than last night. He looked so sleepy, and his body was so cold, he felt like he was going to die.

Dr. Sun squinted at Lin Fan and said, “I’m innocent. I don’t want to be tortured.”

Even after being cornered like that, Dr. Sun still said he was innocent, which meant he still believed that someone will help him eventually.

“You guys, leave me alone with him.” Lin Fan commanded.

“Yes, leader.” The Hunters who stayed in the dungeon didn’t ask anything, and only Lin Fan and Dr. Sun left in the dungeon.

Dr. Sun looked at Lin Fan with hatred, but he still said, “I’m really innocent, I really don’t know what happened.”

Lin Fan approached Dr. Sun and untied the iron shackle that restrained his arm.

“I think you are indeed innocent.”

Dr. Sun was shocked and stared at Lin Fan as if he did not expect Lin Fan will believe him.

“Sir, you finally realize that I am innocent.” Dr. Sun cried, if his feet were not being chained, he would kneel to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan did not untie the chain on Dr. Sun’s feet but patted him on the shoulder instead.

“I said, I think you are innocent. Just because I think you are innocent, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are truly innocent.”

“When I came here to see you, I met someone along the way. Guess who he is?”

“Sir, I have been locked here all the time, so I don’t know that person.”

“Don’t play dumb, the person I met is called Lu Nian, he asked me to let you out, you don’t know him?” Lin Fan asked.

When Dr. Sun heard the name Lu Nian, he was suddenly silent and stopped yelling. It was not that there was anything wrong, but he was not sure what will Lin Fan say next.

“I don’t know.” Dr. Sun replied.

“Strange, he didn’t know you, yet he gave me 12,000 to let you out. Since you don’t know, it doesn’t matter.” Lin Fan took out silver money from his arms. “Look, this is that person’s money, and I don’t know how long will it take to waste all this money.”

Dr. Sun looked at the silver money showed by Lin Fan.

He felt what Lin Fan said was true.

Twelve thousand was not a small amount. Even if Lin Fan had a job as a Hunter, he had to work for a lifetime to earn it.

When Lin Fan was about to leave, Dr. Sun shouted, “I know, I know him.”

Lin Fan turned back and smiled, “Why are you so stubborn? I don’t have a problem to let you leave, but you must tell me how many traps there are in the dry well.”

When hearing the dry well, Dr. Sun was cautious again.

“Sir, if you let me go, then there is no need to investigate the dry well.” Dr. Sun said.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “What about me? Master Wang has already known about the dry well. I will be in big trouble if I don’t check the dry well. So you must tell me how many traps that you already set there.”

“I can hide important things if I can get down there before Master Wang. If Master Wang arrives there before me and he destroys all the traps, I won’t be able to help you.”

Dr. Sun bowed his head, he was confused, and he was thinking about all kinds of things that could happen.

“Come on, hurry up, before it’s too late.” Lin Fan said

“I …” Dr. Sun said, he was a bit hesitant.

Lin Fan squatted down to untie Dr. Sun’s chain and said, “Speak, then you can leave.”

Then Lin Fan brought cloth for Dr. Sun.

“I already took the money, so I need to fulfill his request.”

Lin Fan looked at Dr. Sun with a persuasive expression.

Dr. Sun lowered his head and wrapped the cloth around him, he was so confused about what to say at that time, and he wanted to go out.

“Take the second layer of bricks inside the dry well, with the line, and the key is in the wooden duck in the bathtub.”

“And the most important thing in there is a ledger. You need to hide the ledger. I think you will get more silver as long as you do that.”

Dr. Sun explained.

He chose to believe in Lin Fan. After all, Lin Fan received Lu Nian’s money.

Lin Fan had an idea from tv-series he watched, about someone who said to get their things as an excuse and never came back.

So Lin Fan intended to do the same thing to Lu Nian and Dr. Sun, plus, he got free money, so it was like killing two birds with one stone.

“Are you telling me the truth?” Lin Fan asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then you can go.” Lin Fan waved his hand.

“I’m a man of my words.”

“Sir, rest assured, there are plenty of opportunities for cooperation in the future.” Dr. Sun quickly walked out of the dungeon.

Lin Fan looked at the information above Dr. Sun’s head.

He pondered for a moment.

‘Dr. Sun’

‘Possible item drop: 3 Years Worth of Cultivation, Poison Palms (Second-Stage), Primary Medicine, Cloth’

‘Poor and humble existence’

Dr. Sun’s footsteps were getting faster and faster because he could finally leave that hell.

Dr. Sun looked back.

Lin Fan was standing there without moving at all.

Dr. Sun showed a friendly smile to Lin Fan, who might become his partner in the future.

At that moment.

Dr. Sun stepped out of the dungeon, and the sun was a bit dazzling. He raised his hand to cover his eyes.

And suddenly, Lin Fan smiled and shouted…

“The prisoner has escaped, kill him!”

When Dr. Sun heard Lin Fan’s voice, his body trembled, and he looked back, shocked.

He saw Lin Fan’s sword chased after his neck, in a blink of an eye, Lin Fan appeared in front of him and slashed his throat.

Dr. Sun felt his surrounding was so quiet, and there was only one thought in his mind.

“Bastard …”

Lin Fan was tempted by Dr. Sun’s ability and cultivation, so he killed Dr. Sun.

Besides, he must kill Dr. Sun outside of the dungeon to avoid being suspected.

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