Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 210


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 210 She’s Fine. I have checked It.

At first, Lin Fan wanted to have a good fight with the Thirteen Thieves, but there were so many of them, and a real fight would just be a waste of time.

So… it’d be better to just kill them directly.

Highest Spirit Rune suppression.

Simple and easy.

“Ah! What is this?”

The Thirteen Thieves looked at the rune above their heads, shining with ten thousand feet of light, completely scared them to death. The power that the rune emitted made them feel like their qi had been suppressed and unable to function.

“You, guys, are evil. You didn’t even spare little girls, just go to hell and repent.”

The voice just fell.

The Highest Spirit Rune crushed away.


The Thirteen Thieves couldn’t bear the power of the Highest Spirit Rune and died violently.

Lin Fan moved his hand, and the rune returned to his palm. Just as he was about to put the rune away, the crazy old man appeared out of nowhere, his innocent and confused eyes were staring at rune in Lin Fan’s hand.

It looked as if he really needed the rune.

“Son, this is an adult toy, it’s not something you can play with.” Lin Fan pretended to be calm and put the rune away.

The crazy old man yelled, “Father, I want that toy.”

“No, this toy isn’t something you can play with.” Lin Fan felt something was wrong. It seemed that the Highest Spirit Rune had affected the crazy old man. Even in a situation like this, he could still recognize it.

Now that Lin Fan thought about how the crazy old man could find him.

It’s probably because he used the rune on his previous battle.

It seemed that he had to be more careful next time.

“No, I want the toy. I want the toy.”

The crazy old man was on the ground again, sprawling and rolling around. His legs were kicking the thieves’ dead body making dust swaying around from the ground like ashes.

Just then.

The items started to drop.

[Obtained Spirit Root: Water Spirit Root Fragment.] [Obtained 3,500 qi.] [Obtained Spirit Root: Four Grade Earth Spirit Root.]

Not bad.

Looking at how the thief was able to drop 3,500 qi, it seemed he was an Origin Stage cultivator.

He also dropped a Four Grade Earth Spirit Root, which was enough to replace Lin Fan’s Third Grade Earth Spirit Root.

The items continued to drop.

[Obtained Mystic Art: Illusory Palm.] [Obtained Top-Grade Dao Artifact: Green Smoke Poison Gourd.] [Obtained Spirit Stones: One hundred thousand.]


These dropped items were not bad; different people dropped some identical items, but those all counted in the drop.

But it wasn’t over yet.

Lin Fan still had to find the Huang Family’s daughter.


Lin Fan miscalculated.

He should have kept one person alive and asked him where their hiding place was.

It seemed that now he had to use his brains if he wanted to find the Huang Family’s daughter.

Lin Fan floated to the sky, and the mountain’s view imprinted in his eyes.

The Thirteen Thieves came from the northwest, and the middle-aged man was leading the way to their hiding place. The rest of the thieves must be confident and thought that they wouldn’t be dead so, they wouldn’t come around.

Lin Fan took a closer look.

In the distance.

There seemed to be a cave. Although lush trees surrounded it, there were still a few open spaces visible, so that must be the entrance.

It made sense when he analyzed it carefully.

Lin Fan quickly flew towards the cave.

The crazy old man was still on the ground, rolling and crying. He peeked every now and then to see Lin Fan’s reaction, but when he peeked again, he found no one was there.

“Where’s father?”

He immediately got up from the ground and cried out loud, “Father, where are you? Don’t leave me. I won’t make any trouble again.”

“Over here.” Lin Fan’s voice came from the distance.

Upon hearing Lin Fan’s voice, the crazy old man quickly ran towards the voice.

It’s not too far.

He could already sense the smell of the living creature.

After all, a talented spiritual creature had a good sense of smell.

Lin Fan could see a flickering light as he entered the cave, and as he went deeper, the light became more visible.

Upon arriving inside, he saw a small figure, which should be the Huang Family’s daughter, was lying on a stone bed.

Lin Fan stepped forward to check if the girl was still wearing her clothes. After he made sure that her clothes were still on, Lin Fan was relieved. At least they didn’t prosecute the little girl.

She was just a little girl. If something like that were to happen to her, it would feel like a thunder on a sunny day.

It seemed that she was only unconscious; everything else was fine.

Lin Fan picked up the little girl and left the cave with the crazy old man.


Huang Family’s house.

“My poor daughter, you have suffered a great crime.” When the woman saw her daughter returned, she was overjoyed. She ran and hugged her in her arms. She was worried that something terrible might happen to her daughter.

But now she’s back, and everything looked fine.

Lin Fan said, “Rest assure, the Thirteen Thieves didn’t do anything to her, so there’s no need to worry.”

Lin Fan saw that the women’s gaze kept sweeping over the little girl’s body like she was looking for something wrong. So, he told her that he had checked everything.

“How do you know?” The woman asked.

Lin Fan said, “I have checked everything when I found her.”

The woman was stunned for a moment as if she felt that something was wrong.

“Master Huang, your daughter, has been rescued, so now you should hand me the reward. Also, you don’t have to worry because I already killed the Thirteen Thieves. The middle-aged man who was here earlier was the Thirteen Thieves’ leader. You were lucky because I passed by here and decided to help. Otherwise, you would have ended up with nothing.” Lin Fan said.

Master Huang clasped his fists and said with gratitude, “Thank you for your help, rest assure, the reward will never be less.”

“No problem, the immortals of my generation will always do righteous deeds and helping you is the right thing to do.” Lin Fan said.

Master Huang said, “I wonder which sect are you from?”

At first, Master Huang thought that Lin Fan was not a disciple of any sect.

But now it seemed that he was wrong.

Being able to slay the Thirteen Thieves wasn’t something that anyone could do.

Lin Fan said, “I’m Lin Fan from Greatest Martial Sect.”

Master Huang was surprised when he heard about the sect, “So you are a disciple from the Greatest Martial Sect, I should have been more respectful towards you.”

“Haha,” Lin Fan smiled upon seeing that Master Huang was very polite, “Master Huang, it’s getting late, I should leave now. As you know, the Thirteen Thieves were very strong, and the battle between them and I had cost me a lot.”

Such nonsense.

He used the rune to kill them directly.

So, the meaning of his words was simple, ‘I want to leave, so hurry up and give me the reward.’

A million spirit stones were quite a lot.

And a Low-Grade Dao Artifact was also worth a bit of money.

Although he’s rich now, he would never forget the days when he was poor.

Master Huang said, “Fellow cultivator Lin, I’ve seen everything you’ve done. If you don’t mind, I hope that fellow cultivator Lin can stay here for a night. At least this is the only thing I can do as a landlord.”

Lin Fan blinked. He felt like Master Huang had an ulterior motive.

“Father, I want to live in a big house.” The crazy old man yelled.

Lin Fan’s helpless now.

But since that was the case, he would stay for a night. It’s free anyway. He just needed to make sure he still got the rewards.



Master Huang prepared a table of hearty meals.

A feast.

Lin Fan and Master Huang were talking casually.


Huang Jiujiu walked alongside her mother, and before Lin Fan could say anything, she knelt in front of him.

“Master Huang, what does this mean?” Lin Fan asked in surprise.

They didn’t need to be so grateful, as long as the reward was given, it should be fine. Why did this child have to kneel and thank me? This was too much and a bit uncomfortable.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, my daughter has a mysterious body. This time you were able to save her. But in the future, if she ever got kidnapped again, I don’t know what I should do. So, I hope fellow cultivator Lin is willing to take my youngest daughter as your disciple and be her guide.”

“Huang Family is willing to give half of its family’s fortune as a gift if you accept this offer.”

Master Huang had thought a lot about this matter, and it felt like the right decision.

The Greatest Martial Sect’s a great sect.

Jiujiu had a mysterious body; staying here was definitely not safe for her. Although her body was not much of a use to ordinary cultivators. If they continued to encounter cultivators like the Thirteen Thieves, it would be very dangerous.

Lin Fan pondered about one thing.

Someone like me?

Become someone else’s master?

Huang Jiujiu said sweetly, “Please take me as your disciple. Jiujiu is willing to serve you and listen to your teachings.”

Lin Fan checked on Huang Jiujiu’s situation.

[Huang Jiujiu: Ordinary person.] [Chance of drop item: Mysterious Body Water Spirit Root, Belly Pocket.] [Note: He is so handsome, I want to become his disciple.]

Lin Fan was very curious about the Mysterious Body Water Spirit Root. He had never seen this kind of thing before.

Master Huang was also nervous when he saw that Lin Fan was contemplating and not knowing what his decision would be. He really wanted his daughter to become Lin Fan’s disciple.

No matter what would happen in the future, at least she would be safe.

He wouldn’t need to worry that something like this would happen again.

“Father, I want a little sister to accompany me. I want a little sister.” The crazy old man shook Lin Fan’s arm and whined.

Master Huang and the others were confused as they looked at the crazy old man acting like a child.

They were somehow unable to identify who this crazy old man was.

By the looked of it, his age was probably older than all of them.

But the way he talked felt like he hadn’t grown up.

What kind of terrible thing that happened to him? How could he become like this?

There was a long silence.

“Fine, then I’ll take her as my disciple.” Lin Fan replied. He wanted to know what it felt like to raise a disciple. Also, this Mysterious Body Water Spirit Root was a bit interesting.

Master Huang sighed in relief, and a smile appeared on his face, “Thank you, fellow cultivator Lin.”

“Jiujiu, hurry up and pour tea for your master.”

With a bright smile on her face, Huang Jiujiu brought the tea and served it with both her hands, “Master, please have some tea.”

“Well.” Lin Fan nodded and took a sip of the tea, then said, “Get up, since you’ve been accepted, we’ll leave tomorrow morning to take you back to the Greatest Martial Sect. “

The woman took her daughter inside the house and whispered something to her daughter.

It’s hard to see her daughter leaving, but there was no other way.

Master Huang had a point.

If Jiujiu stayed here, they couldn’t protect her. What happened today might happen again in the future; the only way to avoid it was to send her to a great sect.


The next day!

Master Huang prepared the gift and handed it to Lin Fan in person.

Lin Fan didn’t take much. He only took a million spirit stones and a Low-Grade Dao Artifact.

It turned out the Low-Grade Dao Artifact that he got was quite surprising, even a little unexpected.

It felt like he just found something good.

A spatial dao artifact.

Although it didn’t have any offensive ability, its auxiliary ability was exactly what he needed.

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