Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 211


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 211 This Person Is Evil

[The Tripod of Heaven: Made of rare space stones, the blacksmith who made it is a Third Rank Blacksmith. A Low-Grade Dao Artifact that has the ability to store creature.]

Such good stuff.

Lin Fan lacked a dao artifact like this, and now that he got it, he could take certain people, put them inside, and have them cultivate mystic art and cultivation technique. 

So now, The Ancestral Dragon’s Body that he got from Ao Wudi would have a chance to be perfectly cultivated.


The smile on Lin Fan’s face as he thought about his plan made Master Huang shudder, what a nasty smile. Was he going to educate my daughter like this in the future?

Lin Fan regained his sanity, knowing he just lost his temper. He then smiled and said, “Master Huang, don’t be afraid. I was just thinking of something.”

“You just had a true smile in your face; you must be thinking about something delightful.” How could Master Huang say that his smile was so frightening that it made him shuddered?

Madam Huang grabbed Lin Fan’s hand, “Immortal Lin, I will leave Jiu to you. If she disobeys you or does something unpleasant in the future, you can beat her or scold her. But please have mercy on her.”

“Madam, rest assured. I might be her master for a day. But I’d be her father for life, I will not only discipline her, but I’m also going to love her.”

Madam Huang was very emotional. She knew that this was the best option for her daughter, yet she was quite reluctant to let her go.

Master Huang felt uneasy.

Lin Fan’s words were good, but giving the situation, it seemed that it’s a bit different from what he thought.

Master Huang then stepped forward. He gently patted his wife’s hand and set his wife’s hand off Lin Fan, and in return, he grabbed Lin Fan’s hand. “Rest assured; fellow cultivator Lin is a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. He will take good care of Jiu. For Jiu, it’s a blessing to join the Greatest Martial Sect, as parents, how can we restrain her just because we have a hard time letting her go?”

Master Huang also had a hard time to let her daughter go.

“Fellow cultivator, please show some mercy. She is still our daughter, and you said you want to be her master and her father for a lifetime in front of my wife and I. It’s quite overbearing to hear, and my wife couldn’t take it.”

Lin Fan smiled.

How could he not understand what Master Huang mean?

What a stingy man.

Lin Fan could guarantee that he had no ulterior motive; what he said earlier was just a normal communication. Why did they take it seriously? 

“Master Huang, Madam Huang. We can’t stay here for too long; we have to leave now.”

Lin Fan cupped his fists, then left with Huang Jiujiu and the crazy old man.

Master Huang and his wife looked at the distant back, waved their hands, and wiped their tears. They were still reluctant to let their daughter go.


Several days later.

During this journey together, Lin Fan found out that after Huang Jiujiu left the house, she finally could feel the freedom as if she completely let go of herself. Everything around her became interesting, and she had been chirping around nonstop like a bird from the moment she left.

She was lively, talkative, naïve, and innocent.

As for the way, the crazy old man addressed her as a little sister scared her a little bit. For her, an old man like him should be called grandfather.

But when she called him grandfather, the crazy old man suddenly sat on the ground and kicking his legs, shouting that he wasn’t a grandfather, he was still a child and not an old man.

“Master, is our sect big?” Huang Jiujiu held Lin Fan’s arm and raised his head; her big eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Well, it’s big, very big.”

“Master, are we going to get bullied in the sect?”



Greatest Martial Sect

“Wow…” When Huang Jiujiu saw the sect, her mouth was wide open, and her eyes were full of little stars. She had always been inside the Huang Family’s Mansion. Rarely ever went out to play because her father always said that it was dangerous outside.

Lin Fan pondered about one thing.

There was nothing wrong with taking Huang Jiujiu back to the sect.

Accepting a disciple was normal.

But this crazy old man, if Lin Fan brought him back, he was afraid it would cause a misunderstanding.

Never mind.

Having a son was normal, even when his son seemed a bit older.

And this…

It shouldn’t be a problem.


Inside the Greatest Martial Sect

“Brother Lin.”

“Brother Lin.”

The passing disciples were greeting Lin Fan respectfully. At the same time, they looked at the old man beside Lin Fan and wondered, Brother Lin went out, and when he returned, he brought back a senior?


“Father, there are so many people here.” The crazy old man shouted cheerfully.


Many disciples fell to the ground.

Others were stunned upon seeing the scene in front of them.


Oh, my God.

How could Brother Lin went out and brought back a son?

Of course…

Having a son wasn’t impossible.

But the point was, why his son seemed to be somehow unequal?


Mysterious Sword Peak.

A group of people was gathered around Lin Fan.

Xixi was stunned as she looked at the crazy old man. She raised her trembling hand and said, “Brother, what happened when you went out? How can you suddenly have a son?”

“Sister, that’s not the point. Some things are hard to explain with words; you just need to treat him as my son.” It was complicated for Lin Fan to explain, he didn’t even know what to say.

Besides, Lin Fan was not trying to make them accept this crazy old man.

He just wanted to tell them.

Let them know that his son was here.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu looked at each other with a trembling heart.

Could it be that Brother Lin…

They didn’t dare to imagine.

It seemed like they had discovered a big secret.

“This is my newly recruited disciple. Jiu, hurry up and introduce yourself.” Lin Fan said.

It must be said that between these two people that Lin Fan brought back. Huang Jiujiu was the normal one.

She was still young and already became a disciple. This would bring a lot of pressure for her in the future.

Huang Jiujiu’s cute appearance drew their affection as she respectfully said, “Jiujiu pays her respect to the aunts and uncles.”

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that I can have someone to call me uncle.” Chen Zhiyu patted his fat belly and smiled brightly.

But soon after.

Chen Zhiyu felt sadness enveloping him.

Because normally, You should bring a gift when you meet someone for the first time.

But… he was really poor. It’s embarrassing to admit since he was one of the disciples here, but he really didn’t have anything to show off.

Xixi gently squeezed Huang Jiujiu’s face, “What a lovely little girl, in the future, let your auntie protects you. With her presence, there is absolutely no one dares to bully you.”

Then, Lin Fan saw Xixi was looking for something.

She quickly took out an incense sachet, “Here, this is the incense sachet my senior sister gave me on my first day. It can calm the mind and ward off illnesses. You can put it on your body when you need it.”

When Huang Jiujiu smiled, two dimples appeared on her face, then she said sweetly, “Thank you, Senior Aunt.”

Xixi was a little overwhelmed when Jiujiu called her Senior Aunt; it sounded very delightful for her.

“I’ll go to my mother’s place first. You help me take care of them, especially him. Don’t let him run around.” Lin Fan stood in front of the crazy old man and patted his head, “Son, listen. Father has to go, don’t run around, and wait for me to come back.”

“Un!” The crazy old man nodded, he liked it here. He was having a lot of fun.


Lin Fan went to the mountain where his mother was, “Mother, I’m back.”

Wei You was standing under a tree, looking at the falling leaves quietly, but upon hearing Lin fan’s voice, she smiled, then turned back, “Oh my God. Finally, you are back.”

“Mother, your son is just going out for an adventure, and this time the harvest is not small. He has brought back a female disciple who is only ten years old.” Lin Fan said.

Wei You was surprised, “Oh? My son even has a disciple now. It’s good, but don’t let this hold you up.”

Lin Fan was helpless. How could his mother say that?

How could this hold him up?

He’s very talented and had endless potential, so whoever his disciple was would bring him good luck.

“Mother, your son would like to ask, how can you cultivate a mysterious body? What kind of cultivation technique works the best?” Lin Fan asked.

Wei You said, “Did you recruit someone with a mysterious body to be your disciple?”

Lin Fan didn’t want to hide it, “Well, when I was passing by a city, the daughter of a famous family was kidnapped by the Thirteen Thieves. I went and rescued her only to find out that she was kidnapped because she has a mysterious body.”

“Later, her parents asked me to take her and let her become my disciple in case something bad happens to her in the future.”

“So I thought about it, how can I just stand by and watch knowing she might encounter other bad things in the future? That’s why I took her as my disciple.”

It was the right thing to do.

He could swear.

It’s not because of the reward.

It didn’t matter whether others believe him or not, but he was confident with his action.

Wei You said in relief, “Yes, what you did this time is right. The mysterious body is indeed good for cultivating demon path; it can be used as a tonic.”

“With you bringing her to the Greatest Martial Sect. We can ensure her safety, and with the right cultivation technique, her body will be able to progress quickly.”

“And since she is your disciple, I will tell you the right cultivation technique to use for her.”

“This cultivation technique is called the Nine Mysterious Rebuke Technique, suitable for mysterious body cultivation. Although it’s not a superb cultivation technique, this is not an ordinary cultivation technique.”

Lin Fan pondered.

His mother’s knowledge of the cultivation techniques was unbelievable. She even knew which one was the superb and which one was an ordinary cultivation technique.

As for Lin Fan, he still didn’t quite understand about the classification of cultivation techniques.

Lin Fan talked to his mother for a while and then left the place.


Sky Peak.

“Brother Lin.”

“Brother Lin, how are you?”

The passing disciple greeted Lin Fan respectfully.

Who didn’t know Brother Lin, the son of the elder in charge of the Disciplinary Hall? Everyone in the Greatest Martial Sect knew him.

When the first Heaven’s Pride came out from the forbidden area and asked for a peak, he pointed at Lin Fan’s peak only to be angrily shouted by the elder. This showed how important Lin Fan was for the elder.

Ye Zhentian was so bored; the situation was not quite good for him lately.

After Wen Xian came out from the forbidden area, the other core disciples who were overwhelmed by his strength couldn’t hold their heads up.

And this annoyed them.

There was even a possibility for Wen Xian to become a sect master.

This completely crushed everyone’s hope.


A voice that Ye Zhentian never wanted to hear in his life came from outside.

“Ye Zhentian, it’s Lin Fan, I’m back. Why didn’t you come and greet me?”

For Ye Zhentian, Lin Fan’s voice was terrible.

It’s like a demon.

An evil immortal.

Something that you wished to kill.


No matter how he hated him, Ye Zhentian still couldn’t do anything about it.

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