Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 213


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 213 I’m Taking This Position.

A few days later!

The Greatest Martial Sect True Passage Ceremony had begun.

Since he returned to the Greatest Martial Sect, Lin Fan hadn’t seen what Wen Xian looked like, but he didn’t care. He was doing just fine without seeing him.


He hadn’t seen Meng Qingyao either recently. He didn’t know what happened to this girl whom he had an indescribable relationship with.

Could it be that she couldn’t face herself?

After all, what happened at that time was quite overbearing.

“This old man was willing to go all out for Wen Xian; it’s a bit enviable to watch.” Lin Fan owned a peak, so he had to attend the True Passage Ceremony. After all, there was a place for him there, which was together with all the core disciples.

It was sort of a formality.

“Brother, I’ve never seen this kind of arrangement for as long as I’ve been in the Greatest Martial Sect. It seems that the sect master is truly interested in making Wen Xian be the next sect master.” Nangong Jin said.

Nangong Jin still couldn’t understand what Lin Fan was thinking right now.

Lin Fan was obviously capable of fighting Wen Xian.

Why didn’t he just do that?

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Brother Nangong, don’t think about it too much. Let’s just see what will happen in the future. As for now, just let it flow.”

But Lin Fan had to admit.

Nangong Jin was right. The ceremony was indeed huge.

If Lin Fan didn’t know that this was the True Passage Ceremony. He would have thought it was the Sect Master’s Ceremony.

All the disciples had gathered below; they couldn’t wait to see Senior Brother Wen Xian.

They were all also surprised by the True Passage Ceremony.

After all, this was such a big ceremony.

It’s truly astonishing.

“Master, where should I stand?” Huang Jiujiu asked curiously. Her big eyes observed her surroundings. She was shocked; there were so many people.

Lin Fan said, “Just stand behind me later.”

When Lin Fan walked up the stairs, the other disciples were shocked.

Lin Fan was someone with a high status in the Greatest Martial Sect, no wonder his brothers and sisters would be whispering when they saw him.

Ye Zhentian was sitting there, and when he saw Lin Fan, his expression turned gloomy.

“Brother Ye, why is your expression so ugly? Don’t tell me that you are jealous because this big ceremony is not for you.” Lin Fan asked with a smile.


Ye Zhentian snorted coldly and ignored Lin Fan, he’s still angry at him, and he would get angrier when he saw Lin Fan.

“Brother Lin, I heard that you’ve been back for quite some time and took in a female disciple. I’m sure this must be her, she’s really peerless.”

Ye Dong was excessive when he saw Huang Jiujiu. He was smiling, then got up and rushed over to her.

Huang Jiujiu said, “Nice to meet you, uncle.”

“What a good child, not only is she beautiful, she is also polite. I like her.” Ye Dong took out a small gadget, “Come; this is a gift from your uncle, practice hard and try to become as good as your master!”

Huang Jiujiu looked at Lin Fan as if asking if she could accept the gift.

“Since this is from your uncle, you can take it.” Lin Fan smiled, then looked at Ye Dong and said, “I heard that you’re close with Wen Xian, so close like you’re hugging your thigh.”

Ye Dong laughed and said, “Brother misunderstood, who said we are close? Senior Brother Wen Xian has been in seclusion for ten years. He is not familiar with the Greatest Martial Sect, so I was just helping him around. Maybe that’s why people think we are close.”

“So it’s just a false rumor, don’t take it seriously.”

Lin Fan didn’t say much. Instead, he walked towards the place where the core disciples were gathered; the place was lined up distinctively.

When he arrived, there were many core disciples already sitting there.

But some positions were still empty.

Could it be that the positions were lined up based on status?

Lin Fan walked to the first seat and sat down without saying a word.


Right at the moment, he sat down.

All the core disciples looked at Lin Fan.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Do I have flowers on my face?” Lin Fan touched his face, looked at the core disciples, and asked.


Very brave!

Some of the core disciples knew Lin Fan.

But they didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so bold, none of them dare to sit in this first seat because it was reserved for Wen Xian.

Although they’re not convinced yet, they couldn’t help it.

It’s true that sect master never said that he loved Wen Xian more than the other.

But looking at how big the ceremony was, it shouldn’t be hard to guess what’s in the sect master’s mind.   

Wu Wushang from the Void Peak reminded Lin Fan, “Brother Lin, this position is reserved for Wen Xian; it’s better for you to take another seat.”

“Haha, thank you, Brother Wu, for reminding me, but we are all the disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. There should be no distinction between us. No one is sitting in here, so I took the seat; there is nothing wrong with it.” Lin Fan waved his hand; he didn’t care at all.

Wu Wushang didn’t say much.

He already warned Lin Fan; there’s nothing more to say.

Lin Fan looked around and found Meng Qingyao was sitting in the distance. It’s been a while since the last time he saw her, and now she looked more beautiful than ever. It seemed that the nourishment, not the fertilization, could help with growth.

The corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a slight smile.

Upon seeing that smile, Meng Qing Yao turned away, not wanting to look at it.

Lin Fan shook his head, what a desperate little lady.

Then, he saw his mother standing next to the sect master.

When Wei You saw where Lin Fan was sitting, she was slightly stunned, but then nodded her head, clearly approving Lin Fan’s choice.

The disciples below were talking about him.

“Look, Brother Lin is sitting in the first seat, isn’t that seat reserved for Senior Brother Wen Xian?”

“Xu, keep your voice down. This is a battle of status; it has nothing to do with us. It’s better if we just watch it.”

“Both Brother Lin and Senior Brother Wen Xian have a high status in the Greatest Martial Sect. There is only one top position, who would like to be the second? This is the True Passage Ceremony; there are a lot of representatives from another big sect coming, so let see what will happen.”

Nangong Jin was happy when he saw Lin Fan sitting in the first place.

Brother Lin was very humble.

He said he didn’t care, but his body was telling the opposite.

Nangong Jin always thought that the first seat belonged to Lin Fan.

Why would Brother Wen Xian take that seat?



A bell was rung from a distance as if it was coming from the depth of the sect.

The sound seemed to contain some kind of mysterious power.

It could calm the mind and killed any evil heart. 




The bell rang three times.

Then an old voice came.

“The True Passage Ceremony has officially begun.”

Lin Fan looked at the bottom of the stairs, the main character of the day appeared. The first Heaven’s Pride of the Greatest Martial Sect, Wen Xian.

When Wen Xian appeared, every eye was on him like he’s the most handsome man in the world.

No one was more popular than him.

The disciples were cheering.

He looked like he was in a good mood.

He held his head high.

Ten thousand rays of light enveloped him. That was the feeling no one could ever imagine without experiencing it.

Wen Xian was stepping on the stone steps.

With every step he took, he felt like his life was one step closer to the top.


Wen Xian felt something was wrong.

His light shifted slightly.

The position of that person.

It didn’t seem right.


He realized that it was supposed to be his position. Who on earth dared to sit in his spot?

He looked closer.

He recalled the face that he had secretly seen some time ago.

Lin Fan.

The son of the Elder Wei You.

How dared he to sit in that seat?

Wen Xian gently clenched his fist, a flame burning in his heart.

He found that Lin Fan was also watching him with a faint smile. What did he mean by that?

Was Lin Fan looking down at him?

Or was he trying to provoke him?

‘Interesting, very interesting, competing with me for the first place in the Greatest Martial Sect, alright then, let’s see how good you are.’

Wen Xian hadn’t forgotten what’s going on right now.

He turned to look forward and soon arrived at on top. The sect master was sitting there, looking at him with a smile on his face.

Wen Xian was secretly proud of himself.

With the support of the sect master, he wasn’t afraid of anyone.

“I, disciple Wen Xian, pay my respects to the sect master.” Wen Xian knelt down.

The sect master got up and slowly walked towards Wen Xian. He raised his hand as if he is grabbing something towards the sky. Suddenly, a ball of flame fell from the sky onto his palm, and he used his palm to gently patted both of Wen Xian’s shoulders and his head.

“Good. Get up. The Immortal Flame has recast the three flames, and the True Passage Ceremony is completed.” The sect master said slowly, but everyone could still hear him.

Wen Xian got up and stood beside the sect master.

In the eyes of those disciples below, those two figures in the distance were like the brilliant sun, dazzling and incomparably bright. Their brightness was really intimidating.

The representatives from other greats were talking to each other.

“It’s not simple. It seems that Sect Master Bai values this core disciple so much. It looks like he is going to be the next Sect Master.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Anything can happen in this world. We’ve lived long enough, is there anything we haven’t seen before?”

“But I have to say, Sect Master Bai had invited various great sects to join this ceremony to pave the way for this kid.”

“Ninth Grade Spirit Root is indeed extraordinary, but not a rare one in the world. Only ten years of cultivation and he has already reached Establish Stage. Greatest Material Sect has put a lot of effort into this disciple.”

“Look at the Greatest Material Sect’s qi. It’s a bit weaker than when I arrived decades ago. It looks like they used it a lot, what a sacrifice.”

They were all masters of great sects, so their eyes were naturally sharp.

How could they not see what’s going on here?

If someone were capable of cultivating to this level on their own without using the sect’s heritage, that person’s simply terrifying not only that he had extremely high talent, but also someone with great luck.


Such an amazing person like that was very limited.

There were only a few in the world.

But if they did exist, not even a Heaven’s Pride was comparable to them.

“Fellow cultivators, thank you for your gratitude and for participating in the True Passage Ceremony. Please come and meet junior disciples.”

The sect master came to greet another sect’s representatives, asking them to meet the junior disciples.

First, he wanted to let these representatives see the disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect.

In case the disciples were to meet them outside the sect, they’d recognize each other, and there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings in the future.

“Alright, let’s go take a look.”

“I’d like to see if these junior disciples of the Greatest Martial Sect are as good as we were before.”



Far away.

Lin Fan was wondering about something.

Suddenly, a figure stood in front of him.

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