Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 215


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 215 The Sect Master is Threatening Me.

Wen Xian was stunned, his bright world was gradually turning grey, the voice around him had gone silent, and there was no movement at all.

He could only watch Lin Fan talked and laughed with the seniors from the other sects while slapping his shoulder every now and then.

He didn’t know what Lin Fan was talking about, or what the seniors were laughing at.

It’s just that…

He suddenly realized that everyone’s faces had become terrifying as if they were wearing devilish masks, laughing and mocking him unscrupulously.

His heart was beating so fast.

Like it was about to burst.

Then, he heard someone call him.

“Junior Brother Wen Xian… Junior Brother Wen Xian…”


As Wen Xian gained back his senses, the silent world disappeared, and the terrifying-looking crowd had become normal again.

Lin Fan lightly patted Wen Xian’s shoulder, “Today is my junior brother’s True Passage Ceremony, and the seniors from the other sects are here as well. Why don’t you go and meet my other junior brothers? They are longing to meet you all.”

“Good idea.”

“Good idea.”

“Since this is fellow cultivator Lin’s request, then we should go and take a look.”

All the seniors were powerful people from various sects, and all of them were addressing Lin Fan as a fellow cultivator, it made Wen Xian realize that there was a huge difference in their status.

Wen Xian cried in his heart.

How could it turn out like this?

Today was his True Passage Ceremony. It’s supposed to be his time to shine, but why all the spotlight was taken away from him?

He looked at the sect master, hoping that he would help him.

But the sect master was also confused at this point; he didn’t even understand what was going on.

How could this brat know so many people? Moreover, how could he have a connection with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?


At the distance

The core disciples were gathering.

They were whispering that there was something wrong.

Wen Xian was standing there without saying a word, while Lin Fan looked as if he was familiar with all the seniors.

Most importantly, Lin Fan was patting Wen Xian’s shoulder from time to time.

According to the normal circumstances…

It should be impossible.

Wen Xian was secretly fighting with Lin Fan, how could he take advantage of him?

At this time.

Lin Fan was walking towards the core disciples’ place with all the seniors.

Wen Xian hurriedly said, “Sect master, this…”

“We’ll talk about it later.” The sect master waved his hand; the situation was quite complicated. It was not something that could be explained in a moment, “Let’s go. Follow me.”

Ye Dong was surprised, then said, “Everyone, Brother Lin has brought all the seniors to see us. Today is Brother Wen Xian’s True Passage Ceremony, and Brother Wen Xian should be the one who shines. How come Brother Lin is the one who takes the spotlight?”

“But it doesn’t matter anymore, let’s just get up and greet the seniors.”

Ye Dong’s a grass wall. He always tried to take both sides and built a good relationship with both sides.

Even though he was already on Wen Xian’s side, but Lin Fan seemed to be close to all the seniors. It doesn’t matter who joined the sect first, what’s matter was who has the strongest backup.

For Ye Dong, as long as your backup was strong, you would be my senior brother.

And if you don’t have a strong backup, then I won’t be your junior brother.

The core disciples looked at each other.

Looking at the look in their eyes, they were all a little confused about the current situation. They still didn’t understand what was going on.

But, no matter how confused they were, they still got up.

The seniors had come over; if they were still sitting around, they were afraid that the sect master would blow their heads off.

“Fellow cultivators, these are my junior brothers, the core disciples of Greatest Martial Sect.”

“Brothers, hurry up and pay your respects to your seniors.”

“You have to be polite and courteous when you meet your seniors, so in the future, if you encounter something bad, your seniors will be able to lend a hand.”

Lin Fan was very calm, acting as if he was the sect master of the Greatest Martial Sect.

At the same time.

What Lin Fan said, surprised the core disciples.

What was Lin Fan’s relation with them, why he seemed to be close with these seniors?

But it doesn’t matter, now that the seniors were there.

How could they not know how to behave?

“We pay our respects to all the seniors.” The core disciples cupped their fists and respectfully said.

“Good, they are indeed the core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. All of them are like the dragons and phoenixes among men; their luck is wrapped around them; it shouldn’t be a problem for them to ascend.”


“The Greatest Martial Sect’s core disciples are very excellent.”

The ability of these seniors to praise people was amazing; everything that they said was good; nothing had been bad.

The core disciples were wondering, why these seniors were so polite towards Lin Fan?

Was it because of the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect Elder Gong’s attitude?

Or was it because of the relationship between Lin Fan and the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was mysterious. No one knew how many powerful people they had or how powerful they were; all they knew were immortals and demons, both had respect towards the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

And it showed enough of what the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was really capable of.

Wen Xian stood aside indifferent. He was in a bad mood.

He lost.

He had lost this time.

It was supposed to be his time to shine; he didn’t expect to be cut off directly.

Little stars were twinkling in Huang Jiujiu’s eyes.

Although she didn’t say it, she couldn’t hide her adoration. Her master was so powerful, and she admires him.

The sect master felt like this almost time, “My fellow cultivators, the ceremony is over. Why don’t we move to the banquet? I have prepared lunch for you.”

He couldn’t hold it anymore.

He felt helpless when he saw Wen Xian’s suffocated face.

It’s not that he didn’t want to help Wen Xian to get his spotlight back.

But his opponent now was too strong that even he, the sect master, couldn’t figure out what to do.

Seeing that all the seniors were heading to the banquet, Wen Xian couldn’t help but feel relieved.

It was difficult.

It was like torture for him, a torture that could kill him.

He didn’t want to stay here any longer just to look at what everyone was doing.

He was silent all the time.

It’s not that he didn’t want to talk, but he couldn’t get it out from his mouth.

The sect master had left with all the seniors.

Ye Dong hurriedly came up to Lin Fan and said, “Brother Lin, are you close with all those seniors?”

He found that all the seniors were respectful towards Brother Lin.

He couldn’t even imagine how it felt like if he was the one who was being respected or taken seriously.

“It’s okay; they’re all acquaintances. We know a little bit about each other.” Lin Fan said calmly.

It’s always good to know a thing or two.

Ye Dong was amazed.

At the same time, he reconsidered Lin Fan’s position.

It was incredible.

Having an elder as a backing in the sect and knowing so many great people outside. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes today in the True Passage Ceremony, he would never believe it.

The other core disciples were shocked.

They thought that Wen Xin would overpower Lin Fan.

But now it seemed that they were wrong. From the beginning to the end, someone who they thought was going to shine didn’t even say a word.


The seniors were now enjoying the banquet with the sect master, and the elders accompanied them.

While Lin Fan was talking and laughing with everyone, Wen Xian, on the other hand, was silent and drawing circles there.


Some of the true disciples must hate Wen Xian that they secretly talked behind his back.

Lin Fan was overpowering Wen Xian at his True Passage Ceremony.


There were two people in front of Lin Fan.

One’s his mother, and the other’s the expressionless sect master.

“Sister, how can you explain this? This is Wen Xian’s True Passage Ceremony. It’s supposed to be his time to establish his authority on the Greatest Martial Sect, but now the thing has messed up.” The sect master didn’t call Lin Fan out directly, but the way he talked, it’s obvious that he blamed Lin Fan.


I didn’t say that I blamed you, but I still thought that this was your fault.

Wei You was not happy and said, “What? So he can establish his authority, but my son can’t?”

“Also, this matter doesn’t have anything to do with my son. He is just welcoming his friend, and that’s the right thing to do, to bring substantial benefits. Is there any problem with that?”

Lin Fan didn’t even have to speak when his mother was there.

Her mother’s anger was absolutely terrifying.

The sect master said, “Sister, you can’t say that. This matter, he actually…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Wei You was interrupting him.

“Actually, what? What do you want from me? Brother, I’ve never seen someone like you in my life. So what if he has Ninth Grade Spirit Root? Can he compete with me? Have I ever treated you like this before?


“Cultivation depends on yourself. Take one step at a time and walk up slowly.”

“You raised him with the help of the sect’s heritage; there is nothing to be proud of. My son is the one who is capable of befriending with the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect and the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion; you should give him courtesy. That’s his skill, so you don’t have the right to say anything about it.”

Wei You’s words could be regarded expendable.

The sect master was speechless.

His mouth was wide open. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t get it out.

Wei You’s mouth was very sharp, “My son has a reputation, that’s why all the fellow cultivators from the other sects remember him. Now that you came to me and said this, don’t you think you get more confused as you get older?”

“Mother, forget it. Sect master is old; he couldn’t think as clearly as you are. It’s normal that he has a few problems.” Lin Fan said.

“What are you talking about?” The sect master was furious. This bastard actually said that he was old, and his brain wasn’t working properly.

Lin Fan shrank his head in fear, “Mother, he scared at me.”

Wei You angrily said, “Wow, Bai Qiu. Can you grow up? You can’t figure out what to do, and now you want to attack my son? Are you looking for a fight?”

The sect master blinked his eyes; he’s helpless.

What a brat.

Just because he had a backer, he didn’t even respect me as the sect master.

Lin Fan showed a faint smile as if he was showing kindness to the sect master.


For the Sect Master, it just looked like Lin Fan was mocking him.

Just then, Lin Fan said, “Don’t worry, sect master. I’ll take good care of Junior Brother Wen Xian. He just came out from his seclusion and still doesn’t understand his surroundings. Ye Dong has been accompanying him around, so I’m sure he will get familiar soon.”

“Oh, anyway. Elder Gong from the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect is still here. So I still have to accompany him on a walk around the Greatest Martial Sect.”

“Mother, I’ll take my leave first.”

Lin Fan ran away.

He didn’t expect the True Passage Ceremony would let him get the spotlight.

This was such a good feeling.

He hoped that there would be more opportunities like this in the future.

If there’s any, then he was surely going to take it.

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