Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 216


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 216 Racking My Brains for Him

Wen Xian Peak

“Senior brother, don’t be sad. With your talent, ability, and cultivation, all junior brothers and sisters are looking up to you. Besides, the sect master values you so much. I’m sure you will get the sect master position in the future.”

“Why bother thinking about what happened at the True Passage Ceremony?”

Looking at Senior Brother Wen Xian’s face and demeanor that resembled a dead mother, Ye Dong tried to comfort him.

“Yes, what Junior Brother Ye said is very reasonable.” Wen Xian’s face looked much better; it was obvious that Ye Dong’s words had touched his heart.

Ye Dong smiled and said, “Senior Brother Wen Xian, you are very talented. Everyone knows that you have Ninth Grade Spirit Root, and being an immortal is a matter of iron plate. How can Brother Lin compare himself to you? It’s simply impossible.”

“That’s why Brother Wen Xian doesn’t have to worry about this matter because it’s not worth it. Let’s just be happy, gather the disciples, and establish the Wen Xian Peak first.”

If Lin Fan were here, he would definitely smack Ye Dong until he got thrown away.

This guy is a piece of shit.

A smile appeared on Wen Xian’s face, “According to Brother Ye’s opinion. What should I do?”

Don’t say that.

Ye Dong is very good at touting people.

“Senior Brother Wen Xian, you’ve been in seclusion for ten years. You don’t have a lot of resources on your hand. Now that you are about to establish a peak, there will be some disciples who’d want to join your peak. That’s why you are going to need resources to support them. If you give them power and grace, those disciples will definitely give their lives for you.”

“So, the most important thing now is for Brother Wen Xian to have a steady stream of resources.”

“Ye Zhentian is the one who discovered a spiritual vein and had an endless supply of spirit stones. He is one of the richest disciples here. That’s why he has an endless stream of disciples joining Sky Peak.”

Every time he talked about this matter, Ye Dong always becomes envious.


What a lucky guy.

How come he didn’t discover any spirit vein? It’s so frustrating.

Wen Xian was pondering. Ye Dong had a point, just like what he said, he might be powerful, but he was not rich.

“You’re right; I really need to get a fortune. I only have two dao artifacts on me right now, some spirit stones and not so many elixirs. If I recruit disciples to join my peak, they won’t last long.”

Wen Xian said to himself, completely ignoring how ugly Ye Dong’s face right now.


The way he said ‘only’ was really overbearing.

Didn’t he even consider what others feel when they heard that?

Ye Dong was genuinely envious of Wen Xian. This guy was born with a golden key. After being discovered to have Ninth Grade Spirit Root, the sect master sent him to the forbidden area of the sect to cultivate.

With the elders’ help, he had reached such a high level of cultivation in just ten years.

And he was also presented with two dao artifacts.

How great would it be if this kind of thing happened to him?

Just think about it.


Inside the Greatest Martial Sect.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, I didn’t expect Wei You is your mother.”

Gong Mo was amazed when he learned this news. He was surprised that someone with a big background would be humble during his time in the Ancient Immortal Holy Sect.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Fellow cultivator Gong, my mother is my mother, and I am me. You shouldn’t be confused. Also, I’d never use my mother’s prestige to make a good fortune because it will only damage her reputation as an elder.”

“I admire that.” Gong Mo exclaimed, “If it were anyone else, I’m afraid that they would be very arrogant. Only fellow cultivator Lin who could have such a mentality.”

“Hahahahaha…” Lin Fan laughed.

Well said, such wonderful praise.

Although he was also bragging, it was still a good feeling.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, during this True Passage Ceremony, I feel that your sect master wants to make that disciple as the next sect master. I wonder, what do you think of that?”

Gong Mo wasn’t blind. Of course, he could see it.

But he was very confused.

Since fellow cultivator Lin was Wei You’s son, his status was considered a first-class. Why didn’t the sect master choose him?

Even if that disciple was powerful, but fellow cultivator Lin was also powerful.

It was quite hard to compare the two of them, but in Gong Mo’s opinion, fellow cultivator Lin is better.

Lin Fan said, “Fellow cultivator Gong, this is sect master’s matter and has nothing to do with me. As for what happens later, that’s all for the sect master to decide. Besides, I’m not interested in becoming the sect master.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to cultivate immortality and travel the world? So why bother with becoming a sect master.”

Gong Mo nodded, “What fellow cultivator Lin said is reasonable. It is indeed, very troublesome. Leading a sect is such a heavy burden.”

The two of them were walking around the Greatest Martial Sect.

Lin Fan invited him to sit at his own peak, and Gong Mo found that Lin Fan’s peak was extraordinary. It’s absolutely impossible for anyone who didn’t have a great power to set it up. So now he understood how important Lin Fan was for Wei You, the grand elder.

Then they went somewhere else.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, a large group of demon, has appeared at the Jade Mountain. I wonder if you know about that?” Gong Mo asked.

Lin Fan shook his head, “I don’t know, but how could a large group demon appear at the Jade Mountain? I remember there is a graveyard where the demons used to gathered, so what they want now?”

He had been to the Jade Mountain before.

The outside world was fine, but the demons inside the graveyard were indeed powerful.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Demon King was so powerful that even Sacred Beast Robe couldn’t kill him.

So, Lin Fan was quite worried about this Void Stage demon.

“According to our investigation, the Ten Thousand Sacred Demon King in the graveyard is still alive. Also, several other demons are hiding in the Jade Mountain, presumably weakening our sect’s power.”

In Gong Mo’s opinion, if those demons that weren’t supposed to appear at Jade Mountain suddenly were there, it could only mean that there was a change.

Lin Fan apparently was not interested in these things for now.

But he had kept it in mind.

It seemed that he had to visit the Jade Mountain later.


The sect master summoned some of the elders.

“Just tell me what should I do now?”

The sect master was still a bit unsettled.

He obviously was going to pave the way for Wen Xian; he didn’t expect it would turn out this was and left him helpless.

“Wen Xian has been in seclusion for ten years. Although he has a reputation among the disciples, he has no fame nor prestige. So, if he wants to gain support from the other disciples, he has to show them how good he is.”

Another elder said, “That’s right. So, if this is the case, why don’t we hold training and let the core disciples lead the junior disciples? But remember, the chosen place shouldn’t be too dangerous and should be within the tolerance of the core disciples.”

The sect master nodded.

This idea was quite good.

“That will do.”

“But do you have any recommendation place for this training?” The sect master asked.

They were pondering.

An elder said, “Why don’t we go to the Black Demon Terrace, the place where the Black Demon was killed back then? After these centuries, it has bred some demons. They’re not that strong, and with the core disciples sheltering them, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Good, then it’s chosen.” The sect master said.

He had to tell Wen Xian that he had to establish his prestige and convince his disciples this time. Otherwise, the other core disciple would still doubt his power.



Lin Fan stayed inside the house, sitting with his legs crossed, not because he didn’t want to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep.

Jiu was sleeping soundly on the side with a huge grin on her face, while the crazy old man was sleeping on the other side.

“Hey, this day wasn’t what I thought it would be.”

Lin Fan was quite helpless.

How did you explain this situation?

There was a loli on his left side and the crazy old man on his right side, and there he was practicing in the middle.

Lin Fan pulled the blanket up for Jiu. The crazy old man was playing crazy and dusty during the day, so Lin Fan got a towel and wiped the dust off his face.

Nowadays, his mountain peak became quite.

He didn’t recruit disciples to join his peak, so it’s quiet now. He wanted to wait for a while before he recruited some disciples and made his peak more lively.

Also, he hadn’t told everyone about the crazy old man.

First, because no one was asking.

Second, there’s no need to do it.


Several days later.

There was an assignment for Greatest Martial Sect’s disciples. This assignment was for the inner and outer disciples. They requested to go to the Black Demon Terrace for training and slaying demons.

In addition, there would be contributions from the sect, which could be exchanged for something that could help with the cultivation.

They were divided into groups that were already distributed by the sect, and one core disciples will lead each group.

When Lin Fan learned about this assignment, he couldn’t help but laugh.

It must be hard for the sect master to help Wen Xian that he even made this assignment.

Having someone to pave the way for you was indeed good.


Sect Square.

Many core disciples were already there.

And Lin Fan was among them, he looked at the group of disciples behind him, then at the sect master in the distance.

‘This is a joke.’

He had been given a group of outer disciples, while Wen Xian had given a group of inner disciples.

The difference was too obvious.

One could only play on the outside, while the other was able to go deeper inside.

Ye Dong quietly came to Lin Fan’s side and said, “Brother Lin, there’s something wrong with your situation. How come you’ve been assigned a bunch of outer disciples? It must be Wen Xian who deliberately asked the sect master to arrange it.”

“If you can’t accept this, I can ask the sect master if he made a mistake.”

Ye Dong had to perform well in front of Lin Fan.

He had to blow Wen Xian because he knew Lin Fan wouldn’t let him do that.

That’s why he said that on purpose.

He knew Lin Fan would have stopped him and told him that it was fine, and he should just forget it, and there was no need for that.

But what happened next was something Ye Dong didn’t expect.

Lin Fan said, “Fine. Then go ask what exactly it means to deliberately targeted me.”

Ye Dong blinked, he was dumbfounded.

Come on, really?

If you really asking me to go and ask, then it’s like you’re telling me to look for my death?

“Brother Lin, why don’t we switch? I’ll let you lead my group, and I’ll lead these outer disciples. Rest assured, I do this willingly. There is no ulterior motive.” Ye Dong said.

Lin Fan looked at the other side; Ye Dong was quite good.

In a blink of an eye, he changed the subject.

The skill was unbelievable.

How could you say that he’s not overbearing?

Just then.

The sect master spoke up, “The sect decided today’s training after months of deliberation. There have been many disciples saying that cultivation resources are rare. So, today is the day of the sect’s reform.”

“In the future, if you completed the sect’s assignment, you will receive contributions.”

“The higher the contribution, the better things you will get from the exchange.”

“Since this is the first time, the core disciples will lead you.”

“The Black Demon Terrace is where you will have your training, slay demons and bring them back to the sect to obtain contributions.”

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