Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 217


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 217 I Am Here to be The Green Leaf.

Lin Fan didn’t want to hear any words from the sect master.

Was this necessary?

Why don’t you just keep it simple and clear?

Just say that I am, the sect master was going to pave the way for Wen Xian. All of you get ready because no one’s allowed to compete with Wen Xian.

Was it necessary to be like this?

Standing there and talk a big game

, even when you knew that the sect had to spend a lot on this.

But it’s not entirely a bad thing if you thought about it.

At least, it could benefit the disciples.

Just then.

These outer disciples, led by Lin Fan, started to whisper.

“Wow, I didn’t expect Senior Brother Lin will lead our team. We’re so lucky.”

“Senior Brother Lin is the son of the grand elder, and he was quite famous at the True Passage Ceremony. He knows many seniors from the other sects.”

“We are so lucky.”

“I just don’t know if it is going to be easy or no to get along with Senior Brother Lin.”

They were all outer disciples, which kind of belong to the sect’s dispensable existence, but they had been working hard to make their way up.

They hoped to become a core disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect with their efforts.

Although it was very difficult, they wouldn’t give up.

Some of them didn’t have High-Grade Spirit Roots, so if others might only need a year to reach the immortal stage, they’d need ten years or even decades.

Despite all those struggles, they were still working hard.


Not long after.

Lin Fan beckoned, his qi wrapped around these outer disciples as they left the sect and flew towards the Black Demon Terrace.

He found that there weren’t many core disciples participating in this training.

Perhaps the sect master intentionally did it.

He was the target this time.

Did you really use me to set off Wen Xian’s existence?


What a good intention.

And to prevent Lin Fan’s mother from getting furious, the sect master covered up his motive by including the core disciples in this training.

You see, I, the sect master was not targeting anyone. Many core disciples were participating in this training, so don’t think that I targeted your son; you have to believe me.


On the way to the Black Demon Terrace.

Lin Fan saw that these outer disciples seemed a bit nervous when they saw him, so he took the initiative to ask.

“How long have you been in the Greatest Martial Sect?”

These outer disciples were whispering, and when they heard Senior Brother Lin asked, they were all nervous.

“Senior brother, I’ve been in the Greatest Martial Sect for ten years. There is someone who’s been here for fifteen years, which is the longest and the shortest is three years.”

To them.

More than ten years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Time is really worthless in the world of immortals.

But for Lin Fan, he’d go insane if he cultivated for that long, it was too long.

Lin Fan was afraid that these outer disciples were all came from worldly families.

But it didn’t matter who you were. When you enter the sect, you had to start as the outer disciples.

It’s such a shame. Once, they were considered as heaven’s pride in the mortal realm. But here in the sect, they were just a mediocre that perhaps would need a lifetime to cultivate to become the inner disciples.

Lin Fan had seen someone who already cultivated for a lifetime and still in the Golden Stage.

He was already in the point of death, yet he hadn’t been able to break through the Origin Stage.

“Your task, this time, is to slay the demons inside the Black Demon Terrace. Looking at your strength, you can’t go too deep, so we’ll just be on the outskirts.” Lin Fan said.

“Yes, senior brother.”

All of them agreed. Knowing their own strengths, going deep was indeed dangerous, and with so many of them, Lin Fan wouldn’t be able to take care of every one of them.

Actually, it’s normal for immortal disciples to die during their training.

The world of cultivating immortal was cruel.

It’s not as beautiful as you imagined.


After a while.

There was a cliff in the distance that stood out.

In front of the cliff, a vortex appeared as if it was some sort of passage.

This cliff was the Black Demon Terrace, and the vortex was the entrance of the Black Demon Terrace.

Rumor said that The Black Demon Terrace was the place where a powerful Black Demon had fallen, his turbid qi and blood then formed an area, and the area formed other demons.

These demons were not regular demons or monsters or humans.

They belonged to existences condensed by turbid qi.

Lin Fan didn’t see any other core disciples. Perhaps they already went in, so without waiting anymore, he swooped in and brought the outer disciples inside.


Black wind swept over.

The outer disciples shivered from the black wind, and hurriedly shielded themselves with their qi. Some of them even use blood to form a shield.

“This place is quite powerful.”

Lin Fan observed. Legends were legends, no one knew whether they were true or not, but it became a legend for some reason, so there must be some basis for it.

Since this place was not an open space.

It’s slightly desolate here, no plants or other existences.

There was a movement in the distance.

It’s a group of creatures moving vaguely on the ground, and after taking a closer look, it turned out to be demons.

[Demon: Demons that reshape the Three Fires.] [Chance of item drop: Black Demon qi.] [Remarks: None.]


Lin Fan was confused. It’s obviously a demonic creature that reshaped the Three Fires, but how could it only drop one thing?

“Demons, those are demons.”

“What a strong demon, I can feel their cold air even from far away.”

A group of outer disciples was wary. It’s dangerous here; the slightest carelessness could cost them their lives.

Lin Fan put them down.

“The training begins, go.”

On the other hand, he was floating in the air, keeping an eye on the situation below.

Although they were all outer disciples, they were still his fellow disciples. And since he had brought them here, he had to take care of them, how could he let them die here?

“Let’s go.”

A disciple held a weapon and rushed towards the demons.

These demons seemed not to have self-consciousness. It’s like they are just floating like ghosts, and when a disciple came closer, they reacted abruptly, spewing black gas from their mouths and screaming.

These outer disciples were quite good at cultivation.

But most of them were still hovering out in the initial stage, not even reaching the first immortal stage of cultivation. Sure, some disciples already reached the Foundation Stage, which was the highest stage they got in this group.

If they could break through to the Destiny Stage, they would become inner disciples, and they wouldn’t have to come here with Lin Fan.


A disciple swung his ax and beheading a demon. The demon screamed and fell to the ground, followed by a black bead rolling out from the demon.

That was their task, to slay the demons and get the Black Demon qi from their bodies.

Not far away.

Another disciple was beaten up to death by a demon. The demon’s claws were too sharp, and the movement was too fast for the disciple to cope up.


The mortal weapon in his hand was cut off by the demon, and the demon’s claws were grabbing towards his head, he couldn’t avoid it anymore.

“I’m going to die.” This disciple closed his eyes in despair.

No one could save him even if he cried out for help, not even Senior Brother Lin.

Because this was a training.

When you’re outside, you could only rely on yourself.

After a while, he still didn’t feel any pain. Instead, he heard a voice.

“How can you get distracted while fighting a demon? Even if you’re defeated, you still have to fight back.”

Listen carefully to the voice, The disciple opened his eyes only to see the demon in front of him was pinned to the ground by a sword.

With one move of Lin Fan’s hand, the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword turned into smoke, disappeared on the demon, then wrapped around Lin Fan.

“Thank you, brother, for saving my life.”

The disciple was grateful; the feeling of being saved from the verge of death made him value his life even more.

At the same time, he felt grateful towards Senior Brother Lin, thinking he was truly a good person.

Lin Fan continued to keep an eye on the situation below.

This place was indeed a good place for the outer disciples to train.

And as long as it didn’t endanger their lives, Lin Fan wouldn’t have to take any action.

As for being injured, that’s very common.


The voice of ‘thank you, brother, for saving my life’ came through.

The disciples thought that he would die.

He didn’t expect that Senior Brother Lin had been paying attention to their situation and would step in to save them in times of crisis, which made them feel much better.

It was a great terror to be on the verge of death.

But usually, in a moment like that, a substantial change could occur.

Lin Fan thought that these demons would drop good items, turned out they were really meaningless.

He didn’t even bother to fight any demons.

Forget it.

Wen Xian had lost his spotlight during the True Passage Ceremony, and since the sect master wanted Wen Xian to impress the other disciple, he arranged this training season.

Wen Xian has to be a green leaf for once.

He considered himself as a senior brother anyway.

So, there was still a little bit of hope in this.


Deep inside the Black Demon Stage.

“Senior Brother Wen Xian is so powerful.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Wen Xian attack is extraordinary. He suppressed this Trinity Stage demon in one move.”

“It seems that our training this time would be easy.”

Wen Xian led these inner disciples to the Black Demon Terrace’s depths, and every time they encountered a demon, he would be the one who suppressed it, simple and straightforward, which made these inner disciples feel safe.

“Brothers and sisters, your mission is to obtain the Black Demon qi. All of you hurry up and collect it individually. If it still wasn’t enough, just say so. I will continue to kill these demons.”

Wen Xian kept listening to all of his brothers and sisters bragging about him, his heart floated, and he was proud of himself.

This was what he liked the most.

As for these demons, they were already dead.

So, there’s no need to worry about them.

“Good, Senior Brother Wen Xian is really great.”

“With senior brother here, we can easily do our task.”

They all intentionally praised Wen Xian. After all, Senior Brother Wen Xian had quite a high status in the Greatest Martial Sect, so if they could climb up the ladder with him, wouldn’t it be a step up.

Just then.

A terrifying aura was transmitted from afar.

A roar that didn’t resemble a human voice was heard.

The sound waves shook and rippled. It destroyed and swept the surrounding from afar.

“What is it?”

Wen Xian was shocked. He slapped his palm to form a barrier to ward off the sound.

“Who are you?”

“Come out and show yourself.”

Wen Xian roared.

But, he was cautious at the same time.


A gloomy voice was heard from afar, “A bunch of immortals looking for death, how dare you come here and act rashly?”

There was darkness enveloping from a distance, and in the blink of an eye, the darkness went even further, as if it tried to reach out for something.

It seemed like the darkness was going to swallow everything.

And not far from where Wen Xian stood, the darkness stopped to advance. Instead, it condensed into a figure.

This figure’s face couldn’t be seen.

It wrapped in a black robe.

And the wrists, heels, and necks were all wrapped in black mist; nothing could be seen.

But everyone could feel that the figure was staring at them as the shuddering feeling swept over their hearts.

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