Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 218


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 218 Humiliating Senior Brother.

“Who are you?”

Wen Xian frowned, the black-robed figure’s aura was very gloomy and gave them dangerous feelings.

Wen Xian is an Establish Stage cultivator.

He had reached the point where his qi, mystic arts, cultivation technique, and soul had emerged, and he’s not afraid of demons and spirits.

But when he’s facing this unknown existence.

His heart was beating so fast, and suddenly he was panicking.

“A bunch of immortals came here without knowing who I am.”


The voice just fell.

The mysterious black-robed figure roared, and the dense black mist surged out from inside the black robe’s wrist cuff, condensing into a pitch-black giant ax. The ax waved. It cracked open the sky, and boundless blacklight crushed in.

Wen Xian was horrified, but he knew it wasn’t time to be shocked. He shook his golden silk sleeves, and a High-Grade Dao Artifact bloomed, forming a canopy and covering the sky.

The giant black ax fell with a clatter, and the canopy cracked. The giant ax collided with the canopy. Suddenly, a black light penetrated as the canopy fell.

“This is not good.”

Wen Xian was terrified, he tried to use his qi to avoid the black light, but when he looked down, he saw the group of inner disciples looking at the sky in panic.

Damn it!

He didn’t back down; instead, he roared and spread his arms wide to use his qi, two streams of light condensed in his arms and blasted straight into the sky.


There was a strong vibration.

He took the black-robed figure’s ax with his qi, his body trembling, his long hair at the back of his head crumbling inch by inch, and his eyes became red.




A sound of three bells was heard.

A small, shining bell spun out from the Wen Xian’s body, transmitting celestial sounds that seemed to have the power to attack and protect at the same time.

The small bell was suspended above Wen Xian’s head, violently shattering the black light.

“A Low-Grade Dao Artifact, not bad, quite interesting.” The mysterious black-robed figure glanced at the object, then laughed, “What can a Low-Grade Dao Artifact do, let’s see how I can break it.”

The mysterious black-robed figure kept attacking Wen Xian. Every time his attack failed, he swung his ax again without saying anything.

With every swung, the attack became stronger.

Wen Xian took a moment before he lowered his head and roared, “What are you guys waiting for? Run.”

The voice just fell.

Another attack came; this time, it was several times stronger than before.

The black light tore the void, the Little Bell Dao Artifact glowed as a huge imaginary ancient bell emerged from inside the bell, resisting the black light.



Time in the world seemed to freeze. The bells shook together with Wen Xian’s body, blood spilling out from the corners of his mouth and even more frightening, the Little Bell Low-Grade Dao Artifact cracked.

Just a single strike, and it damaged the dao artifact.

The violent aura swept away, and the inner disciples felt like they were being torn apart as if their bodies were about to burst, they were screaming, panicking, and fleeing towards the distance.

“Trying to run? Don’t dream about it.” The mysterious black-robed figure wouldn’t let go of these immortal cultivators. He slapped his palm, and the black mist condensed into a huge palm, grabbing towards the group of inner disciples below.

“I won’t let you kill my junior brothers and sisters.”

“Otherwise, how can I act as a senior brother of the Greatest Martial Sect.”

Wen Xian stepped up, and his qi surfaced in the sky.

Waving his fist and clapping his palm, suddenly, a light wrapped around Wen Xian’s body. No one knew what kind of mystic art he was using.

“Origin of The Universe!”

Wen Xian growled and pointed his finger towards the dark palm.

But it was useless; his mystic art didn’t affect the mysterious black-robed figure; instead, he suffered severe damage.


Wen Xian suffered a backlash from the terrifying power, he was spitting a lot of blood and the blood staining his robe as his face turned pale.

“Hehe, you’re such an interesting immortal. With your ability, you should be able to run; instead, you chose to stay and fight me. Fine then, I think it’s enough to have you alone.”

The mysterious black-robed figure laughed and stacked out his black palm to grab Wen Xian.

“What a horrible person.”

Wen Xian looked up and squeezed his fingers; the cracked small bell was shaking again; the bell disintegrated and turned into pieces, forming a Black Tortoise.

The Black Tortoise roared and rushed towards the black palm.

It shattered the black palm, and a smile appeared on Wen Xian’s face, but as soon as the smile appeared, it was gone in an instant, the mysterious black-robed figure blasted the Black Tortoise directly.


The Black Tortoise’s shell cracked, followed by a scream, then the bell shattered into the purest immortal law. The black palm opened up, and it’s five fingers crushed the immortal law directly.

“My dao artifact.”

Wen Xian was heartbroken; this Low-Grade Dao Artifact was given to him by the sect master.

It was powerful body protection that invulnerable to all evil; he didn’t expect this mysterious black-robed figure was capable of breaking it.


Wen Xian looked down.

The inner disciples were flying around. They still couldn’t escape the mysterious black-robed figure’s range of attack.

“Brother Wen Xian, you should run too.”

“Brother, let’s go.

Their hearts ached upon seeing their Senior Brother Wen Xian struggling to protect them. Although they wanted to kneel and lick Wen Xian’s feet to kiss his ass before. They didn’t expect that in a moment of crisis like this, Senior Brother Wen Xian didn’t run away. Instead, he tried to protect them.

“As your senior brother, I will protect you, go back and tell the sect master that I might have failed his expectations.”

“But I will never let him down.”

Wen Xian flicked his sleeve, and a rune emitting a faint light fell rapidly behind each disciple.

Sacred Rune.

It wasn’t precisely valuable rune, but it was a rare auxiliary rune.

With the rune’s help, the inner disciple’s speed increased greatly, and they were able to escape.

“Hehe, not bad, as a senior brother, you helped your junior to leave. Such a commendable act, but a foolish one. They’re just a bunch of ants who leave you here in the middle of disaster and despair.”

“But then, this is not a bad way to die.”

The mysterious black-robed figure laughed. The boiling black mist overwhelmed the firmament, covering the world and turning it into the realm of darkness.

“You don’t understand; this is something that a senior brother should do. This is not only a responsibility but also the root that the sect master values in me. I’m Wen Xian, and I fear no one, even if you have high cultivation, what more can you do?”

“It’s just a matter of dying, reincarnating, and renewing the immortal path.”

The voice just fell.

Wen Xian pointed a sword to cross his eyebrows and roared lowly.


A golden eye appeared between his eyebrows, followed by a golden light that ran through the pitch-black world. The golden light was like a scorching flame that dispelling the black mist.


A Flaming Immortal Sword appeared in the sky; its red light was like silk intertwining the world.


Wen Xian held the Flaming Immortal Sword and swung it away. The red light spread for a hundred miles, the sword parting the waves and falling towards the mysterious black-robed figure.


Ye Dong came with his disciples to slay the demons.


A group of disciples came running in panic from a distance.

“Brother Ye…”

This group of disciples was Wen Xian’s group, and when they saw Ye Dong, hope floated in their hearts. If someone went to help Brother Wen Xian, it would be much easier to defeat the demon.

“Aren’t you the disciples of Brother Wen Xian’s group?”

“Where is Senior Brother Wen Xian?”

Ye Dong was curious; he didn’t understand the situation. It’s impossible that Brother Wen Xian just threw this group of disciples away, right?

Imagine if that were true.

That would be overbearing.

It’s just that Ye Dong didn’t expect what happened was different from what he thought.

“Senior Brother Ye, we encountered a mysterious, strong figure. Brother Wen Xian is fighting with that mysterious black-robed figure to help us escape. Please hurry up and help him before it’s too late.” A disciple said eagerly.

They were panicking because they saw Senior Brother Wen Xian got beaten up by the mysterious black-robed figure until he vomited blood, which was enough to show how powerful that mysterious black-robed figure was.

Senior Brother Wen Xian might not be able to hold it.

Ye dong was shocked when he heard that, so he pretended to be very anxious.

“Who’s that mysterious black-robed figure? What happened to Senior Brother Wen Xian?”

The disciple said, “I don’t know who is he, he is shrouded in black robes and it was terrifying. Senior Brother Wen Xian has been injured, and it seems that the mysterious black-robed figure is invincible. Actually, Senior Brother Wen Xian was capable of escaping, but to protect us, he chose to stay and try to fight that mysterious black-robed figure.”

“Brother Ye, you should hurry up, if you didn’t go now, it would be too late.”

Ye Dong said without hesitation, “How dare someone intercepted the Greatest Martial Sect’s core disciples; I’d like to see who is capable of doing that.”

He looked at all the disciples, “All of you, hurry up and leave this place; I’ll go help Brother Wen Xian.”

All the disciples nodded.

And they went towards the distance.

Ye Dong looked at the back of those disciples, he rubbed his chin, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Going to help?”

“That’s impossible, even Brother Wen Xian was injured, if I go, it’s like I’m looking for death.”

Therefore, He didn’t even bother helping. This matter had nothing to do with him; he should live his own life.

But according to the current situation, It’s not good for him to leave now, he needed to wait. If Wen Xian came out wounded, he would immediately go and show him some concern.

But if he died.

He would have to be injured as well. So he could say that he fought hard together with Senior Brother Wen Xian. In the end, Senior Brother Wen Xian sacrificed himself to let him escape, which considered a show-off for Senior Brother Wen Xian.

Think about it.

This is a perfect idea.


Lin Fan brought his outer disciples to slay the demons on the outskirts; he was a bit disappointed with this place. A dangerous place with a worthless dropped item, such rubbish.

If it wasn’t to make his younger brothers and sisters happy, he didn’t even bother to show up there.


Just then.

He saw a group of disciples fleeing very fast while panicking from a distance, and when he took a look closer, it turned out that there were runes behind them.

With the help of the rune, they looked like they were flying.

“Hey! Why did you all run away? I remember you were the disciples from Wen Xian and Ye Dong’s group, where are they?” Lin Fan stopped them and asked.

“Brother Lin, something big happened. We encountered a mysterious black-robed figure; Senior Brother Wen Xian is fighting that mysterious black-robed figure to let us escape. That mysterious black-robed figure is powerful; he even injured Senior Brother Wen Xian. Now, Brother Ye is going to help him.”

Lin Fan frowned, it was impossible to rely on Ye Dong. If that guy didn’t help, then he would be sorry for Wen Xian.

“All of you go and wait outside the Black Demon Terrace; I’ll go take a look.”

The voice just fell.

He turned into a stream of light and disappeared towards the distance.

Hurting Wen Xian meant that the person was humiliating his senior brother.  

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