Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 220


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 220 – Running Away.

Lin Fan didn’t expect that instead of calling his mother over, he drew his son over.

Apparently, the Highest Spirit Rune had a great attraction to the crazy old man.

Perhaps… the Highest Spirit Rune could help him restore his soul. The thought of the crazy old man’s soul recovering made him shuddered. The father-killing thing that the world would never tolerate would inevitably happen. For his own sake, it was better not to think about it too much.

Lin Fan couldn’t understand what’s in the crazy old man’s mind. He said, ‘I’m afraid,’ but was this what do you mean by afraid? You were smashing the blood pool to someone else.

“Who the hell is this crazy old man?”

Luo Baiying cursed in his heart, this was crazy. He knew that the crazy old man was crazy the first time he saw him, but then, he realized that something was wrong. Even when the crazy old man seemed to be waving the blood pool in his hand recklessly, but the power….

As the crazy old man swung the blood pool, the space was shattered and blown out one pitch-black vortex after another.

“Everything fades.”

A deadly mist turned into a huge skeleton and attacked towards the crazy old man. With a thud, the raging skeleton was directly shattered as it came in contact with the blood pool.

“What?” Luo Baiying was dumbfounded.


The blood pool appeared in front of him, the crazy old man raised his hand and slapped Lou Baiying.

Luo Baiying’s body shook, and his figure exploded. His qi was shaking, his palms trembled, and he looked frightened. ‘who was this crazy old man, and what was in his hand, why he had such terrifying power?’

“Father! Help me, he beat me, oooooh…” the crazy old man was crying, he wiped away his tears, sucked the snot back into his nose, and then swung the blood pool again.


The blood pool broke Luo Baiying’s unshakeable protective barrier and smashed his back hard. The skin on his back cracked open and bleed, and perhaps because of the pressure,  the blood was spurting out.

It seemed that his arteries were damaged.

The crazy old man stood in the air and looked back at Lin Fan with a frightened look, “Father, he hit me, I’m afraid.”

“Son hit him back, don’t be afraid, fuck him.” Lin Fan shouted.


Who is beating who now, can we be clear about that?

You were the one who beat him up. Didn’t you see he’s bleeding?

Luo Baiying steadied himself and looked at the crazy old man from a distance in horror. What was the origin of this crazy old man? His power was too terrifying.


He noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with the crazy old man’s brain.

Just as he was pondering about this, the crazy old man yelled and rushed towards Luo Baiying. He waved his arms and smashed the blood pool toward Luo Baiying. Luo Baiying used amazing mystic art to resist. Still, in front of the blood pool, everything was like paper, it all shattered.

“Ah! Father, he hit me again.”

“I’m so scared.”

“Don’t hit me.”

The crazy old man cried, but his hands kept moving. He couldn’t stop. It was like the hitting had become a habit for him. He wouldn’t stop unless his opponent stopped hitting him.

Luo Baiying was about to vomit blood.

Didn’t this crazy old man have any idea who was beating who?

He was cautious with the blood pool in the crazy old man’s hand. It was a powerful dao artifact that had an ancient aura, and it didn’t seem like it was coming from the Immortal Realm.

Although he wanted to get this dao artifact, he still had to look at the current situation. It was basically impossible for him to get it.

Because right now, he was being chased and smashed by a crazy old man, who could believe that?


He was also a True Stage cultivator. Even if his cultivation was slightly lowered for some reason, there was absolutely nothing wrong with his True Stage foundation.


The blood pool smashed again, and ten thousand rays of light were flowing around Luo Baiying’s body to resist the attack. But it was useless, he still suffered a heavy blow. A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth. The blood-stained the sky and turned it into a rain of blood.

Just then.

A voice was heard.

“Lin Fan, your mother is here.”

When Wei You felt the attack on the Sacred Beast Robe, she quickly rushed toward this place.


Luo Baiying didn’t feel good when he heard the voice. He knew it was Wei You who came. The existence of the Sacred Beast Robe was once well known, it belonged to Wei You, who should be dead in the hand of a strong man in a battle. But then she relied on her status and position as she became lawless and showed off her dao artifact.

At first, this dao artifact was nothing in the eyes of a powerful person like him.

But now, he knew  Wei You had cultivated the Sacred Beast Robe, and when he attacked his opponent, Wei You had already sensed it.

The first time Wei You saw the mysterious black-robed figure, she already knew that he was planning on escaping. So, she slapped her palm towards the mysterious black-robed figure, and the powerful qi was bursting out.

Luo Baiying didn’t hesitate any more and cast his mystic art. His feet flashed with golden light as if a heavenly road had penetrated into the void, and his figure instantly disappeared without a trace.

The crazy old man swung the blood pool, but it fell in an empty place.

The crazy old man looked around, he was looking for the person who had just hit him, but he couldn’t find the figure.

Wei You frowned. The mysterious black-robed figure mystic art was quite powerful that he was able to escape from her, without her being able to catch his trace.

It was indeed, powerful.

She then looked at the crazy old man, and without thinking too much, she came to Lin Fan’s side and said caringly, “Son, are you alright?”

“Mother, I’m scared.” Lin Fan pretended to be weak; there was no use of pretending to be strong in front of his mother.

The crazy old man came to Lin Fan’s side and cried, “Father, I’m afraid.”


The surroundings became quiet.

The crazy old man stared at Lin Fan, while Lin Fan stared at Wei You and Wei You stared at the crazy old man.

The relationship was somehow complicated and difficult to accept for a while.

Just as Wei You was about to ask.

Lin Fan said, “Pay your respect to your grandmother.”

The crazy old man looked at Wei You.

Then said, “Grandmother, I got hit.”

Wei You was frozen in place; she couldn’t move as if five thunderbolts were striking her, and her spirit was somehow frazzled.

If there was a cigarette right now, Wei You would definitely took it and hold it between her two fingers, frown and take two deep puffs, inhaling not smoke, but sadness.

“Who is he?”

Wei You had already seen the crazy old man’s strength. To be able to suppress the mysterious black-robed figure, she knew he wasn’t an ordinary person. Also, judging by the look, he probably had the same age as her, or even older than her.

“Mother, he’s my son.” Lin Fan said.

“Do you think your mother is stupid?” Wei You looked at Lin Fan with a very interesting gaze, as if she was saying that you would be in trouble if you didn’t tell the truth.

Lin Fan hurriedly said, “Mother, I didn’t lie to you; he’s really my son; actually, the thing is, he…”

Lin Fan whispered as he pointed his head, “He’s got a bit of a brain problem, and for some reason, when he sees me, he says I’m his father, and this…”

The words weren’t finished.

The crazy old man who stood there shook his head, pouted, and said in dissatisfaction, “Father, grandmother, there’s nothing wrong with my brain. I’m smart.”

Seeing the crazy old man pouting, Wei You pursed his lips as if she had the feeling of vomiting, but forcefully held it back.

“Father didn’t say you had a problem with your brain; you’re definitely smart.” Lin Fan soothed the crazy old man. It wasn’t easy for him; he was genuinely having a hard time right now, being single with an old kid, do you think it’s easy?

Lin Fan then told his mother roughly about the crazy old man’s situation.

The meaning was already clear.

That was the crazy old man’s situation anyway.

Wei You was silent for a moment. Even if she was a True Stage cultivator, it was still hard for her to believe that such a thing could happen.

It was simply impossible to believe it.

The way the crazy old man called Lin Fan father and called her grandmother was very smooth.

Was there a conspiracy?

Forget it.

What would it take to make a strong man called his son his father and called her grandmother?

It was basically impossible.

When Wei You looked at the crazy old man, she didn’t say anything more about him; instead, she asked, “Do you know who that mysterious black-robed figure is?”

“Mother, you don’t know who is he?” Lin Fan asked in return.

Wei You shook his head, “I don’t know. That black mist was mysterious; I can’t see through it.”

Lin Fan knew who that mysterious black-robed figure was, but he couldn’t say it. First of all, that mysterious black-robed figure would never say his identity. Even if he said who the mysterious black-robed figure was and his mother believed him, the other might not believe him. After all, there was no proof. At least there had to be some evidence to make other people believe him.

Moreover, the mysterious black-robed figure hid his true identity to make a mess, so there must be some big secrets.

The mother treated herself well; she didn’t want to get involved in something dangerous.

Luo Baiying had already left, so there’s nothing left to do for now. Lin Fan just had to come back when he was strong enough and took care of that mysterious black-robed figure; there was no need to die now.

Knowing his mother’s character, if she knew Luo Baiying, she would definitely go after him right away, so… he couldn’t tell her.

“Mother, if you can’t even see through the black mist, how am I supposed to be able to see it through.” Lin Fan said.

Wei You thought about it, she wondered and said, “It’s weird, how could there be such an existence here? A fallen demon formed the Black Demon Terrace, its turbid qi formed the other demons, and there wouldn’t be anything else. How could such a strong figure exist?”

“It seems that this place should be taken more seriously in the future; you can’t just let your disciples come here for training.”

“Son, let’s go back.”

Lin Fan said, “Mother, I’ll go back by myself later. Wen Xian is still here, but he had already passed out, the disciples are waiting outside, I’m going to go out and leave with the disciples.”

He then released Wen Xian from the Heaven’s Tripod and lifted him onto his shoulder.

Wei You smiled as if she had already seen through what Lin Fan was thinking.

“Okay, if that’s the case, then I will leave first. You have him with you, so I don’t need to worry.”

Although the crazy old man was not quite normal, at least he was strong.

Of course, she’s also wary of the crazy old man, in case he ended up being a big problem.

The crazy old man looked at Wei You’s disappearing back, he waved his hand and shouted, “Grandmother, take care of yourself…”

Wei You trembled slightly in the distance and almost missed a step.

The crazy old man was scary and weird.

It’s difficult for normal people to accept him.

Even if she wanted to accept him, she would still need time to do it.

“Son, let’s go.” Lin Fan put Wen Xian on his shoulder, and a smile appeared on his face. ‘Junior Brother Wen Xian, just be a good junior brother. Why do you have to compete with me to be a senior brother? There is no rule saying that only a senior brother can be a sect master.’

Served me right.

It doesn’t matter what you want to be.

As a senior brother, I can still satisfy your needs.

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