Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 221


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 221 Long Live Senior Brother

“What the hell is going on?”

Ye Dong was confused; he didn’t know whether Wen Xian was still alive or not, or if he had escaped or still trapped inside. Ye Dong didn’t have a clue.

If he calculated the time right, It should be over by now.

Perhaps Wen Xian was really dead. It was very unfortunate that the generation of Heaven’s Pride had gone.

It seemed like what he thought really happened.

Being an immortal is about talent. If you wanted to succeed in cultivating immortal, you had to be clever in every aspect. 

Now that Senior Brother Wen Xian’s dead, Ye Dong was still silently mourned for him and regarded him as a good senior brother in his heart.


Ye Dong spurted blood, then wiped the blood on his face.

“Hey, it hurts. My long, black, and shiny hair.”

He messed up his long hair a bit and then disappeared towards the distance, time to go out and sell his misery.


The cliff of the Black Demon Terrace.

A group of disciples was gathered there.

Every one of them showed a worried face. Their three senior brothers had been in there for a long time, and they didn’t know what was going on; they just hoped that nothing bad would happen.

“You said that nothing bad would happen, right.”

“No way, shut your mouth, anyone can get into trouble, but not with these three senior brothers.”

“These three senior brothers are strong, and even if they are no match for that mysterious black-robed figure, they could still find a way to escape, so we just need to wait quietly.”


A figure appeared from the vortex.

Ye Dong was panicking, and the blood on his body made the disciples creaked in their hearts as they secretly thought something terrible might had happened.

“Brother Ye, why are you alone?”

A disciple asked, holding out a glimmer of hope, even though he had a feeling that things might not be good.

“Heh, he’s dead, he’s completely dead. The enemy that I faced with Senior Brother Wen Xian was too powerful. Even the two of us were no match for the enemy. So, in his last moment, Senior Brother Wen Xian protected me and told me to leave.”

“It’s all because I’m useless.”

“If I was stronger, things wouldn’t turn out this way.”

Ye Dong was a great actor.

His expressions and his demeanor were spots on.

If you had to rate his acting skill, you would give it a ninety-eight. As for the two points deducted, it could only be said that the injury wasn’t serious enough, and it didn’t have the kind of shocking feeling.

“Senior Brother Ye, Senior Brother Lin had also gone to help, didn’t you see him?” A disciple asked.

Ye Dong was stunned.

Lin Fan?

Damn it!

He didn’t expect that Lin Fan actually went to help. Ye Dong pondered for a moment, and he felt that this matter needed to be mulled over.

“I don’t know; maybe Brother Lin arrived after Senior Brother Wen Xian sent me out.”

He didn’t dare to say he hadn’t seen Lin Fan.

The situation had already been complicated.

After all, it was very easy to offend people, and the possibility of him offended Lin Fan was quite high. He’s the son of a grand elder, how could he not have something to protect himself.

“What should we do now?”

“Both, Senior Brother Lin and Senior Brother Wen Xian are missing, where are we going to find them? It seems we can only go back to the sect and report this to the sect master.”

The disciples were as helpless as a headless fly; there was nothing they could do.

Just then.

A voice came from a distance.

“I’m glad you’re all here, and I was afraid you’d come back in.”

When Ye Dong heard the voice, he shuddered slightly but relieved at the same time. Luckily, he didn’t say anything bad about Lin Fan; otherwise, he would definitely be in trouble if Lin Fan knew.

All the disciples looked towards the vortex.

They saw Senior Brother Lin carrying a person on his shoulders. After they took a closer look, that person turned out to be Senior Brother Wen Xian.

“They’re coming out.”

“Senior Brother Lin came out with Senior Brother Wen Xian.”

Most of the disciples were relieved to see they were coming out.

“Senior Brother Lin, is Senior Brother Wen Xian okay?” A disciple asked.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “He’s fine, nothing bad happened, just a small injury. Luckily, a disciple told me that Junior Brother Wen Xian was in trouble, so I was able to arrive in time to save him. Otherwise, Junior Brother Wen Xian would have disappeared forever. When he wakes up, I will talk to him and have him reward you.”

Ye Dong stood there and wondered.

What should I do?

What the hell should I do?

As he was thinking about this, Lin Fan smiled, and said, “Junior Brother Ye, what are you thinking about? Why are you so absorbed in your thoughts? And how come you still get hurt? But that’s fine, that’s not a serious injury.”

When he saw the injuries on Ye Dong, he almost laughed.

That was quite impressive.

The cover was kind of strong.

“Senior Brother Lin, you finally came out, but you really scared me to death. luckily Senior Brother Lin was strong enough to save Senior Brother Wen Xian.”

“Senior Brother Wen Xian is so lucky to have a senior brother like you.”

Ye Dong rushed forward, winking at Lin Fan, and cupped his fists. If there weren’t too many disciples around, he would have likely knelt down and kowtowed to Lin Fan, just begging Lin Fan not to expose him and let him live.

“Yes, he is indeed lucky enough to meet a senior brother like me, do you feel lucky too?”

Lin Fan looked at Ye Dong, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth; he had seen through this little trick.

I would make you pretend, and you would suffer.

You must be surprised.

You wouldn’t think things would be different from what you thought, right?

Ye Dong didn’t need to explain anything; he already knew what Lin Fan thought.

When he learned that Wen Xian had encountered a strong enemy, he was afraid of getting involved. But it was also impossible for him to go, so he pretended to be wounded. No one saw him anyway.

It’s just that; he never thought that Lin Fan would go to help.

And even rescued Wen Xian, so this situation was embarrassing for him.

Ye Dong nodded. “I’m lucky, very lucky. To meet a senior brother like you, that’s really a blessing of a lifetime for me.”

He then looked to the disciples around him and said with passion, “Fellow brothers and sisters, Senior Brother Lin is very brave. He was able to rescue Senior Brother Wen Xian, tell me, where could I find a senior brother like him?”

Ye Dong knew that Lin Fan just wanted to be the senior brother. Within the sect, there was quite a bit of disagreement regarding Wen Xian as a senior brother. Of course, there were other disagreements, but those were unimportant, how could they compare to Lin Fan and Wen Xian.

The disciples replied, “Yes, senior brother is awesome.”

Lin Fan looked at Ye Dong.

The guy’s a pain in the ass; he knew how to brag about himself. Everything he did is always benefit him.

It’s not easy to meet such talent.

It’s even more difficult to meet talented people who know what they’re doing.


There was blood running from the corners of his mouth when Wen Xian passed out, so maybe he indeed fainted. But even when he fainted, he still had a little consciousness and was able to hear everything that was being said outside.

Of course, these were just his speculations.

Whether it was true or not.

No one knew.

“Let’s go back to the sect, it’s better to come to this place less often in the future; there are terrors inside.” Lin Fan said.

As he left, he took a look around and kept everything in his heart.

There must be a secret in the Black Demon Terrace. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a strong person inside.

He would remember the place and come back again in the future when he had a chance.


Inside the Black Demon Terrace.

There was a very sneaky figure.

“Bah! What a shabby place, there’s not even a single valuable item or a strong True Stage cultivator. Why it doesn’t have anything good?”

If Lin Fan were here, he would definitely recognize him.

It was Li Dadao.

He was back again.

And now, his target was Luo Baiying. He took a great deal of effort to wait until this moment.

He had collected a few broken fragments here and there. Although he didn’t understand what they were, he could still tell by looking at the fragments that they were somewhat unusual. The patterns on the fragments were so subtle that he couldn’t even understand. What he knew were those definitely not ordinary fragments.


The surveillance put up by Li Dadao discovered that Luo Baiying had returned, so he fled immediately.

To do this job, you have to have the ability to escape. Otherwise, it’s going to be a disaster if you get caught.


When Luo Baiying returned to the cave, he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood, his back was burning with pain, and his injuries were so bad that his bones were visible.

He was still terrified of that blood pool.

It was horrible.

It was overbearing.

Who was that crazy old man?

He didn’t know.

At the same time, Wei You was even coming to kill him, making him even more puzzled. Who was that kid to Wei You?

Was he her son?

That was impossible.

Wei You’s son was already dead, how could he be Wei You’s son?

“A bunch of bastards, when I recover my strength, I will definitely get my revenge.”

What he was looking for was definitely not Wei You nor the crazy old man.

Instead, it was Lin Fan.


Luo Baiying realized that something was wrong; something seemed to be missing from the secret room. He pondered for a moment, and suddenly he jumped like thunder, wanting to explode and crush this world with his boundless power.

But then, he thought about the two strong people that were in Black Demon Terrace, and he could only hold back.

Because once the power exploded, it would only cause trouble.

“Damn it.”

He already knew what was missing. Those were a few mysterious fragments that he had gotten here, and hadn’t figured out yet.

But none of that mattered now.

Luo Baiying gripped his five fingers, and the void fluctuated. A corpse that had been seated slowly fell from the void; this corpse was pitch-black and glowing with a black light.

It was the corpse of a strong man who had fallen on the Black Demon Terrace, which he accidentally obtained.

The mouth of the corpse contained a bead.

Taking a moment to enlighten.

Hidden within it was an unparalleled demon cultivation technique, The Law of Rebellion and Chaos.

This kind of desperate and ferocious cultivation technique was utterly destructive and possessed unimaginable power.

Luo Baiying was utterly fascinated. He was sinking into this terrifying and murderous cultivation technique that could not be extricated.

Even more so, he was using the corpse’s demonic cultivation.


Greatest Martial Sect.

When the sect master learned that something had happened at the Black Demon Terrace, he was also confused. How could something happen in a good place, it was simply impossible.

Black Demon Terrace shouldn’t be one of the most dangerous places.

A core disciple could have entered without hindrance, how could he have encountered such a situation.

As the sect master went to check on Wen Xian’s injuries, he heard many disciples who were advocating.

Senior Brother Lin had rescued Senior Brother Wen Xian. He was indeed worthy of being a senior brother.

Upon hearing, the disciples praised Lin Fan.

The sect master’s expression changed a bit.

Damn it!

This wasn’t what he wanted it to be.

Initially, he tried to get Wen Xian to establish his authority in front of the other disciples so that the other disciple would acknowledge him as a senior brother.

But now…

What could he do?

What else left to do when something like this happened, he had done everything he could and picked a place that wasn’t dangerous in any way, but now this happened.

For quite some time, he didn’t know what to do.  

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