Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 222


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 222 – Is It Hard to Guess?

At the peak


Huang Jiujiu saw her master return, and she jumped over with joy. Now that she had Xixi, Yang Gang, and Chen Zhiyu practicing with her, she could take fewer detours because she had people teaching her.

“Have you been slacking off while your master is away?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Jiujiu shook her head, “Master, I’m not lazy. In fact, I just finished cultivating at Uncle Chen’s place today. Uncle even praised and told me that I’m a talented cultivator, I will definitely become an immortal in the future.”

“This girl, then where did the sesame seeds on your mouth come from, you shouldn’t have been allowed to practice with Senior Brother Chen, you must have gone to the small stove again.” Lin Fan pinched the sesame seeds off the corner of her mouth.

Lin Fan couldn’t do anything about his disciples.

He wasn’t a proper cultivator; he didn’t have any systematic way of cultivating.

At this point, teaching a disciple is not a joke.

“Master, let me tell you something. After you left, when I went to look for my uncle, I met a senior sister. When she saw me, she asked me if I would like to cultivate with her, but after I said that my Master was you, her expression changed and she left without looking back.”

“Master, do you have a problem with her?”

“Can you tell me all your enemies? So I can be more careful in the future.”

Huang Jiujiu wondered about the situation she encountered when she met that senior sister. She felt it was quite dangerous.

Lin Fan didn’t even have to think to know who she was.

It must be Meng Qingyao.

Who else could it be other than her?

“Jiu, I don’t have any enemies. The person you met is also your senior aunt. It’s just that I have some bad relationship with her. You are still young; there are things you don’t understand, you will know when you grow up.”

When Lin Fan thought about this matter, he wanted to weep.

His innocent body was gone.

But, what could he do in a situation like that when Ming Qingyou was asking for it?

There was nothing he could do. It was conventional, and he was being helpful.

She was dying, and if he didn’t do something about it, how could he live up to his conscience?

Not to mention, he knew that Meng Qingyao was a cold person; she was very ruthless.

If he didn’t agree to help, maybe it could become worst.

Also, it would be awkward by then, so you might as well take the initiative and save yourself from painful situations.

Huang Jiujiu pulled Lin Fan’s wrist, “Master, tell me what’s going on between you and her?”

Lin Fan didn’t say anything, but looked up at the sky and sighed.

“The sun’s a little too bright today,”


Wen Xian Peak.

“It’s okay.”

The sect master stood beside Wen Xian’s bed and looked at Wen Xian’s injuries. Actually, he wanted to rage, he had done so much for Wen Xian, but Wen Xian had never succeeded in executing his plan, not even for once.

Countless words came to his mouth, but it all turned into those three words.

“Cough!” Wen Xian coughed.

“Sect Master, I’m worried about you and my disciples. Are they fine? I wonder how my brothers and sisters are doing.”

The sect master was eager to say; you’d better take care of yourself, but instead, he said, “It’s fine’. They re all returned safely. Tell me what’s going on, even if there’s danger on the Black Demon Terrace, it should be just those demons. I’m afraid that what you encountered isn’t something simple as it was capable of hurting you like this.”

Wen Xian respectfully said, “I don’t know who he is. His body is wrapped in black mist, so I can’t see his origin. Also, his cultivation is very high, my guess he is a True Stage cultivator. Even my dao artifacts were hardly capable of holding his attack.”

“When I passed out, it was Brother Lin, who came to rescue me.”

The sect master pondered for a moment. Instead of pursuing the question further, he whined, “Why did you talk about your Junior Brother Lin again, listen carefully. The news of him rescuing you is all over the place now.”

“Sect master, I definitely won’t acknowledge this. He is the junior brother, and I am the senior brother.” Wen Xian hurriedly said and started coughing again as he spoke too quickly.

This was how he desperately wanted to prove that he’s the big brother.

The sect master sighed, “This matter is not important right now. I’m glad that you were able to fight until the end to bring your disciples back. This is what a senior brother should do; you think about your disciples first before yourself. Now, get some rest and don’t think too much.”

Wen Xian still had something to say.

But in the end, he kept his head down; he was a little down.

He knew that the sect master was still a little disappointed.

Inside the house, Wen Xian, lying on the bed, clenched his fists and vowed to himself. ‘Lin Fan, I will show you who is the real senior brother, and when that day comes, you will always be a junior brother.’

Just then.

Wen Xian remembered one thing. There was a disciple who told the other that he was fighting an enemy and said that Ye Dong came to help him.

But he could swear to heavens that there was absolutely no such thing, and he hadn’t even seen a single hair of Ye Dong.

Wen Xian was quite impressed.

Someone had once told him that this man, Ye Dong, was like a grass wall. He would lean on anyone who could benefit him.

He was rescued by Lin Fan, leaving him faceless in front of the disciples.

But Ye Dong’s words gave him a good reputation.


Wen Xian had a good impression of Ye Dong. Even when people called him grass wall, but what more can they do, everyone is basically a grass wall. People with power would have a lot of friends surrounding them, and people with less power would have a hard time finding someone to talk to.

Ye Dong would agree if he knew what Wen Xian think of him.

He would wave his hand.

And told him it was a misunderstanding.

A big misunderstanding.

‘I really didn’t think much about Ye Dong back then. All I thought about was how to make things work without me having to go around. But now it seems to be the right time to start thinking about what to do with him.’

This is such a good move.


A few days later.

Elder Zhang of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion came to the Greatest Martial Sect.

“Master Lin, our lady wants to invite Master Lin to visit the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. She has something important to discuss with you.” Elder Zhang said respectfully.

Lin Fan asked, “Is there any other elixir she wants me to identify?”

“It’s not about identifying another elixir. She has something important that she wants to discuss with Master Lin. I’m sure Master Lin will know when you go there.” Elder Zhang said.

Lin Fan pondered.

According to the normal circumstances, if the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion invited him over, there were only two possibilities. One was to identify another elixir, and two was to go to the place where the elixir existed. The first one wasn’t dangerous in at all; in fact, it could also increase his knowledge, but the second one was damn hard to say.

Not to mention, Elder Zhang made it so mysterious.

So, it must be the second one.

“Well, let’s go take a look then, but I have to take my son with me.” Lin Fan said.

Elder Zhang was surprised, the appraisal masters of the elixir already had a son?

No way.

And when Elder Zhang saw the crazy old man, he kept his mouth shut; he was clearly shocked.

Lin Fan must take the crazy old man with him. His own son was somehow capable of holding up in danger, so the speed of running away was definitely faster. The son with his father running away, wasn’t that count as a father-son team effort? Having escape support would definitely make the speed faster.


Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

When Mao Si saw Lin Fan arrived, he immediately stepped forward to greet him, “Master Lin, you’re here. My lady has been waiting for you.”

Lin Fan smiled, “What exactly is the matter that you want me to come over? Don’t tell me you’re going to be to take me to the forbidden place where the elixir was found?

“Master Lin, it’s better to let Miss Huang tell you about it later, we as employees don’t have the right to tell you what’s going on.” Mao Si said.

Mao Si then looked at the crazy old man who followed Lin Fan. He was acting like a child, so Mao Si asked curiously, “I wonder who is this senior?”

“My son.”

“Father, did you call me?”

“I didn’t call you. Now, follow me and stay put.”


Mao Si was stunned but then nodded silently without saying anything more. Don’t ask anything if you don’t understand; it’s better to ask for something more understandable.



Mao Si took the initiative to explain to Huang Li, who was the old man that was following the appraisal masters of elixir. In case she was curious, then asked the question and ended up wasting time.

“Huang Li, I wonder what it is that has brought me here from the Greatest Martial Sect?”

“Wait, don’t tell me. Let me guess.”

“Are you preparing me to go to the forbidden place where the elixir exists to do some identification?”

Lin Fan said with a chuckle.


He also wanted to go to that forbidden place. If he could get an elixir, he could really make a fortune. Surely, there were many kinds of elixir, but what he wanted the most was to find an elixir that could increase his qi.

An elixir like that was precious.

If he could get that elixir, he would be able to forge immortality.

Huang Li was surprised, “How do you know? Did someone tell you about him?”

“Haha, Huang Li, do you think it’s hard to guess such a thing? In only a short time, it’s more likely that you want to bring another elixir back. You know that the possibility is low. That’s why you want me to go to that forbidden place to identify the elixir.” Lin Fan said.

Huang Li was amazed, then said, “Master Lin is indeed worthy of being a master. I didn’t even need to say anything else because you already guess it. And yes, the reason I invited Master Lin here because I want Master Lin to accompany us to go to that forbidden place to find the elixir.”

“Well, I’m curious about that forbidden place, but what is my reward?” Lin Fan asked. He wouldn’t do anything unpaid because it would be a thankless task.

If Huang Li told him that she was willing to give her body, Lin Fan absolutely yelled and said, ‘my offspring aren’t very good. It has lost nutrients and hasn’t been replenished, so you don’t have to do that.’

Of course.

It was just a fantasy, and it couldn’t be true.

Huang Li said, “Anything from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, Master Lin can choose two of it.”

It sounded like a great idea, but it was dirt and shit compared to the elixir.

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “No, I am not satisfied with this offer. My request is simple, I also need an elixir, so, you will help me get one.”

Huang Li was in a dilemma when she heard Lin Fan’s request, “It’s a bit difficult. We’ve gone to great efforts to obtain a single elixir; we may even sacrifice several strong people. If we pick another elixir for you, I’m afraid we won’t be able to achieve our goal.”

Such a straightforward girl.

Who doesn’t like that kind of girl?

She wasn’t completely wrong.

Time is too short for you to pretend, so if you don’t like it, just say that you don’t like it and don’t pretend to be good.

“Then I can’t do anything about it. I appraised the elixir for your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. You gave me help, that’s equivalent. But now you tell me to accompany you to the forbidden area, and I’m likely to lose my life. There has to be a satisfactory price before I can do it.” Lin Fan said.

Then an idea flashed in his mind.

“If you could only get one elixir, then we’ll each get half.”

Half the potion, half the effect decreased.

But it’s okay; he just wanted the elixir.

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