Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 223


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 223 – The Auspicious Day

Huang Li didn’t want to agree to such a request from Lin Fan.

What kind of elixir would that be if it was split in half?

It was possible to find an elixir for Lin Fan, but it was definitely dangerous.

“Alright, if we end up with only one elixir, we’ll split it in half. Master Lin doesn’t need to worry about whether or not the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will betray your trust. Our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion values Master Lin’s ability more than the wonders of the elixir.”

“Besides, Master Lin has already told us his request, and if our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion agrees, then we will do it. but if we don’t agree, then we won’t do it.” Huang Li said.

Just looked at the way they did their business. It was terrific.

When they agreed to something, they would never betray you. This was their style.

If it was someone else, Lin Fan would be worried that they would betray his trust and go straight behind his back when they got the elixir.

It’s not that he was afraid of this kind of action. He had his son to protect him, so why would he afraid. It was just that it would be a problem in the end. So, it was better to be careful than regretting it later. Also, he still wanted to do business with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion because this was the place where the future lay for those proud core disciples and sages.

“Good, I still believe in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s reputation.” Lin Fan praised, then said, “But there’s one more thing. With my current cultivation, it’s dangerous for me to go into that forbidden area, so I need dao artifacts to protect me. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is a big place, so why don’t you lend me a few dao artifacts to protect myself in case an unknown force suddenly attacks me.”

“If nothing happens, I will return the dao artifacts to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. There is absolutely no personal possession, so this shouldn’t be too much to ask.”

Even though he had the Sacred Beast Robe protecting him, but that was it.

And actually, Lin Fan just wanted the dao artifacts.

He wanted to visit the forbidden area badly. Still, he couldn’t act as if he wanted to, he had to say that it was dangerous, and would consider any factors. 

The forbidden area was really dangerous.

Without dao artifacts to protect him, he would be distraught. After all, that place was quite intimidating.

Everyone at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was okay with Lin Fan’s request.

It was reasonable.

They all knew how dangerous the forbidden area was.

It was indeed a matter of nine lives, and if you were not careful, it would be ten lives.

Huang Li pondered for a moment. “Well, there is no problem with these. The forbidden area is indeed dangerous. Even with strong people’s protection, it’s hard to say that there won’t be any accidents. Having dao artifacts to protect you will help you avoid those dangers.”

At first, Lin Fan thought they would be arguing with each other. He didn’t expect that Huang Li would agree easily.

This was such a good feeling.

Lin Fan just loved being around generous people. It was comfortable and harmonious.

“May I know how many experts the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is going to bring into the forbidden area this time? I don’t have any other intentions; I just want to see if our operation is safe.” Lin Fan asked.

He didn’t know how the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion trained their experts.

Their True Stage cultivators willingly sacrificed their lives for the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, which was truly a complete disregard for their own life.

After all, the True Stage cultivators were so precious that they were being respected everywhere they go. Even the famous sects had to respect them.

“Six True Stage cultivators, you and I.” Huang Li said.

She was the daughter of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s master, and she had willingly risked her life to go in, so what else could he say.

Besides, there would be powerful people who accompanied them.

The six True Stage cultivators would go with them.

How many True Stage cultivators did the Greatest Martial Sect have?

He wasn’t sure, but it probably could be count with fingers.

Lin Fan guessed in his heart, the reason why Heavenly Treasure Pavilion wanted to go to the forbidden area again in a short period was definitely not because they couldn’t resist the lure of the elixir.

They must have gotten something other than the elixir the last time they went to the forbidden area.

That must be the reason why they were so eager to go back there.

Even if Lin Fan didn’t know the real reason, but he believed that he wasn’t completely wrong.

He was very confident about it.

“Mao Si, go get three dao artifacts for Master Lin.” Huang Li ordered.

Mao Si responded, then went to get the dao artifacts. For the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, dao artifacts were indeed expensive, but they weren’t rare. Just like people said, you can’t imagine the luxury of someone with an ordinary mind.

That was overbearing to think.

How could you use your poor mindset to consider whether others were rich or not?

That was a humiliation to others.

Soon, Mao Si brought in the three dao artifacts.

Those were a shield, an armor, and a great seal.

When you asked for defensive dao artifacts, they would indeed give you dao artifacts to protect yourself. They would never give you the opposite; it was simply not their style.

“Exquisite, it is truly exquisite.” Lin Fan exclaimed.

Lin Fan simply loved to work with people who were refined.

As for whether he would be able to use these dao artifacts, it depends on whether there was any danger in the forbidden area or not.

Mao Si said, “Master Lin, our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is very sincere. These three dao artifacts are all Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts. These could be considered treasures even if they were placed among the other dao artifacts in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

Just like what Mao Si said, those were indeed good stuff.

High-Grade Dao Artifacts were rare.

The process of refining an ordinary High-Grade Dao Artifact was very complicated; it required immense materials. Also, refining dao artifacts require immortal law.

And as for this Sacred Beast Robe that Lin Fan was wearing, its value was even higher.

It couldn’t be compared to any High-Grade Dao Artifacts.

Those people were divided into three categories of six or nine classes.

The same goes for the dao artifacts.

Even if all of them were Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts, it would still be necessary to see how big the gap between their power was.

Lin Fan took the dao artifacts and smiled, “I can see that.”

“I’m relieved knowing that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is very sincere.”

Huang Li said, “We’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning, and hopefully, we’ll be fine this time.”

Lin Fan smiled, “Huang Li, you’re very calm, you must be confident about this operation, so how could it not go smoothly.”

Huang Li didn’t show any expression on her face, but in her heart, she wanted to ask, ‘where did you see me calm down?’



Inside the house.

Lin Fan took the crazy old man’s hand and said bitterly, “My son, father is going to tell you something very important, you must keep this in mind. So tell me, do you understand?”

He really had something very important to say to the crazy old man.

But he was afraid that his own crazy son would ignore his words, listen to them in his left ear and out of his right, and that was it.

“Father, I’ve been very conscious.” The crazy old man said it seriously.

Lin Fan blinked, he felt like he was being tricked. He was quite shocked. When had his crazy son ever been conscious, how could he say he was very conscious now? It was quite scary.

But it didn’t matter.

Regardless of whether the crazy man was conscious or not, he had to make it clear.

“Son, when we enter the forbidden area and encounter any danger, don’t worry about it. Just carry your father and run. Do you understand?”

“Do you understand?”

The crazy old man nodded then said, “Understood.”

“Good, father believes you understand, and you can’t let father down. Your father’s life lies in your hand. If I die, you’ll be an orphan, with no relatives and no one to love you. If you got beaten up, no one would help you.” Lin Fan still didn’t know if he could trust the crazy old man or not.

So, he wouldn’t ask the crazy old man to fight in the forbidden area.

He only asked the crazy old man to carry him and run away when they encountered danger.

The crazy old man assured Lin Fan that he understood and that there wouldn’t be any problem later.

But honestly.

An ordinary person would believe it when they saw it.

However, Lin Fan knew that it wasn’t as simple as he thought, and it was hard to tell if the crazy man really understood or not.


The next day!

Lin Fan, Huang Li, and the others were preparing to depart from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. All six True Stage cultivators were ready as well.

The six True Stage cultivators had serious expressions. It was like they knew they were going to the forbidden area and were about to face great terrors, so they were adjusting their hearts.

All six of them were old men.

Perhaps it was because an old man’s appearance made them look more like an immortal with a mysterious and majestic aura.

“Master Lin.”

“Master Lin.”

The six old men were polite towards Lin Fan. Although Lin Fan’s strength wasn’t even close to theirs, that wasn’t the point; they knew what Lin Fan was capable of.

Lin Fan was capable of identifying the elixir, which was a scarce talent.

This was the reason why they respected him.

If it wasn’t for his talent, Lin Fan’s status would be much lower than the two of them, not to mention it was six of them.

That was how realistic it is.

Lin Fan found that everyone was ready and said, “Huang Li, it’s time for us to leave.”

“Wait a minute. I have already asked a fortuneteller master to look at this trip. If we are departing on an auspicious day, we will be safe.” Huang Li was serious.

Lin Fan wanted to laugh when he saw how serious Huang Li’s expression was. He didn’t expect she would still believe in fortune-telling. She could have asked him to do the calculation if she wanted to know how this trip would go.

After that, Huang Li said, “Let’s go.”

Then everyone turned into streams of light and disappeared into the world.

After Lin Fan and the others left, several figures in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion City were about to leave as well. Luckily, they were stopped by the strong True Stage cultivators in the city and were forced to go back. This was a serious matter and should never be disturbed.


On the way.

Lin Fan wanted to tease Huang Li a few times more, but her expression was too serious, and she didn’t even smile. She replied to all of Lin Fan’s teasing seriously, which made it very meaningless.

It wasn’t that Lin Fan was asking for trouble.

In his opinion, it would be hard for a woman like her to find true love.

It looked like she would be forever lonely.

Of course, if she said she wanted to simply get-together with Lin Fan, he would absolutely agree. But of course, only if her father was dead or had already ascended that this simple get-together would work.


Half a month later.

They were away from the Greatest Martial Sect and the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

The distance was too far, and the possibility to rely on the Sacred Beast Robe to support him until his mother arrived was very low. Suddenly, Lin Fan was panicking a little inside for no apparent reason.

It was like he had lost some valuable protection.

The surroundings were slightly bleak, and the firmament visions happened frequently.

The thunder roamed around, falling from time to time, blasting deep holes in the ground.

One of the True Stage cultivators took out a rune and lit it up, and a curtain of light enveloped everyone’s bodies. The thunder couldn’t invade, the dark wind couldn’t penetrate, and everyone was safe.


Everyone dropped down and went on foot.

A strong True Stage cultivator said, “We have entered the forbidden area so we must move forward on foot. Flying in the air means blaspheming the forbidden area. Also, the surrounding was dangerous, so I’m afraid if we fly we will encounter disaster. So, let’s just walk and hope that this time everything will go smoothly.”

Lin Fan, who was previously playful and smiling, gradually became serious.

He felt an ancient aura rushing into his little heart; it hit him continuously until his face was flushing.

And the flushing was due to the boiling blood.

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