Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 226


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 226 – You Aren’t Losing This Time.

It was six True Stage old men, but two of them had fallen. The remaining four, who were facing the terrifying flaming suckling pig, were horrified, and their hearts were shaken. They were trembling and frightened by the great horror. Even if they were facing an apocalypse, they wouldn’t be as frightening as they were right now.

Lin Fan didn’t expect the flaming suckling pig to be so particular.

It was only the two of them that were allowed to leave.

As for the rest of them, the flaming suckling pig didn’t want to let them go.

Lin Fan pondered.

What the hell should he do?

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to leave them alone. After all, a dead immortal wouldn’t be able to kill another immortal. What was important for now is surviving.

“Master Pig, you don’t understand, this woman is my wife, and my wife is really good to my master. When she learned that my master’s spirit was not complete, she begged her father to send a few senior experts to the forbidden area. Otherwise, how could we have come here with our strength.”

“Are you really, his wife?”

Lin Fan looked at Huang Li. ‘Stupid girl, what are you looking at? I’m saving your lives right now. If you can’t think straight, then there’s nothing more I can do. I definitely won’t say anything and just go my separate ways. So, goodbye, all of you.’

The flaming suckling pig looked down at these people. He had some thoughts about this girl, she was so pretty, and her mouth was overflowing, if he took her as a blowjob girl, he might slowly developed feelings for her. This could probably be a reward for him.

But then.

After he heard Lin Fan say that this woman was his wife, the flaming suckling pig was disappointed. But he valued this woman’s personality even more. He didn’t expect she was like that.

Lin Fan stepped forward and hugged Huang Li’s thin waist directly. His arms stretched out, held her face as he rubbed her face a few times, “Master Pig, look at how much in love we are. Please don’t kill her.”

Huang Li was taut, even when most of her thin waist was covered by armor. However, there was still a trace of her snowy white skin that was being exposed, and it was really fine and smooth when Lin Fan was gently stroking it.

It felt good in his hands.


Huang Li couldn’t say anything more, as the current situation made her feel very uncomfortable.

The four-strong True Stage cultivators bowed their heads and remained silent. They didn’t move at all because, honestly, they were vulnerable in front of this unknown, terrifying creature.

Any attempt to fight would be futile. So, they could only be humble and pinned all their hope on Lin Fan.

Master Lin, please save us.

Whether we could survive or not, it was really up to you.

“Really? Are you sure you’re not lying to me?” The flaming suckling pig asked.

Lin Fan said, “Master Pig, I know words are pale, and you will doubt it in your heart, but actions will be the best proof.”

Then, Lin Fan embraced Huang Li in his arms and let his body tilt, “Huang Li, don’t blame me.”

Lin Fan went on her tiny mouth and kissed her right away. The kiss wasn’t amazing, but it was definitely wet and deep. There was absolutely no exaggeration in it.

The four True Stage old men stared at it.

Master Lin was really bold.

The flaming suckling pig was itching to see it; it had been a long since he’d seen something like that.

“If that is the case, with extenuating circumstances, you can leave here. The forbidden area is not for you to come to.”

“Go away.”

The flaming suckling pig, let them go, which made those strong True Stage cultivator relieved.

Lin Fan’s heart was beating fast.

He came to the forbidden area to get an elixir, and he never expected to encounter these kinds of dangers. It was something that never came to his mind. If he knew beforehand that it would be like this, he would never agree to go in, even if someone put a sword across his neck.

This was a self-reflection.

It seemed that the good times had swollen him slightly and made him less alert to the danger.

“Thank you, Master Pig, we will leave now, and I hope Master Pig has good nights.”

Lin Fan quickly retreated. The flaming suckling pig was willing to let them leave, so what was the point of waiting?

He had made this place the number one place he couldn’t break into. The forbidden area was worthy of its name. This place could really kill people.

The flaming red suckling pig looked at their departing figures and said, “Don’t come back here, even if you are a True Stage cultivator. There’s nothing you can do here. There are quite a few immortals who have died here.”

Everyone was trembling inside.

It was horrible.

This was the first time they heard of an immortal dying here.

But the thought about the danger of this place was that they were sure that the flaming red suckling pig didn’t try to deceive them, he was just telling them the truth.



“Lin Fan, you…” Of course, Huang Li had something to say to him. It wasn’t that she blamed him for taking advantage of her, but she would feel bad if she didn’t say it. After all, being taken advantage of in public wasn’t really nice…

It was such a pity that Lin Fan interrupted her before she could finish.

Lin Fan said seriously, “What I did earlier, I admit that was gambling. Luckily, I was right, that unknown terror was quite merciful. So, the right thing to do now is to leave this forbidden area directly.”

Huang Li was dumbfounded by Lin Fan’s words.

That wasn’t what she wanted to hear at all.

“Huang Li, I know I just kissed you, but I hope you don’t take it personally. I was just trying to help, so we can all leave the forbidden area. Don’t worry, that was my first kiss too, you aren’t the only one who lost.”

“And you fellow cultivators; you shouldn’t blame me.”

Lin Fan looked at everyone and said that it should be admirable to talk about taking advantage of things so openly and honestly. Still, the most important thing was that the reason behind it wasn’t wrong.

These old men said, “Thank you, Master Lin, for saving our lives, we will remember this in our minds. If there is anything in the future, you can command us as much as you like, without hesitation.”

Thinking about the two old brothers who died tragically. Their mood became much gloomier, it was a shame that they had died.

They still couldn’t believe that True Stage cultivator had died in this place.

Huang Li looked gloomy, “I didn’t expect something like this would happen. We don’t get the elixir; instead, we lost two True Stage cultivators.”

She was no longer wanted to talk about what had happened earlier.

We already knew what happened; there was no need to say it out loud.

Lin Fan looked at Huang Li, and he knew this little woman definitely still had something in her mind. But for him, what the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion thought didn’t matter, what was important is he would never want to die here.

“Huang Li, I advise you to stop thinking about the forbidden area. Maybe the last time you got the elixir, you were lucky enough to encounter a guardian that wasn’t too terrifying.”

“But like this one, for example.”

“If I hadn’t been smart, we would have been seriously planted in there.”

Lin Fan felt a twinge of horror as he thought about the earlier scene. It was indeed, horrible.

That was totally a trap.

It didn’t matter if he used the Sacred Beast Robe, he would probably still get blown up.

Huang Li listened to Lin Fan’s words carefully; she knew that what he said was true. The forbidden area was too dangerous; they already felt it when they made their attempt to take the elixir earlier.

“Well, it’s over now. If you need an appraisal in the future, you can come to me, and as for entering the forbidden place, there’s no need to talk about it, after this time, I shouldn’t go in there for the rest of my life.”


Lin Fan had thought several times. The three dao artifacts were still on him, and Huang Li didn’t say anything about it, so it was better not to bring it up.

And just left.

Consider the dao artifacts as a saving grace and compensation for being frightened.

“Son, let’s go.” Lin Fan said to the crazy old man. Upon leaving the forbidden area, he was in much better shape and was back in his usual carefree state.

And as Lin Fan left, he took one last glance at the canyon. It might look tempting, but when you went deeper into it, you realized that everything would be out of your control.

The feeling of being inside. It made the blood flow faster, the whole body would stiffen, and sweat would pour down like rain.

Huang Li was a little surprised to see Lin Fan walking so decisively, mainly because the three Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts were still on him. She didn’t mention the three dao artifact because Lin Fan had indeed saved their lives.

She was unable to talk about it reasonably.

A kindness that was greater than the heaven needed to be repaid.

That was why Huang Li didn’t get upset with Lin Fan after he took advantage of her. If they didn’t do that, they wouldn’t have been able to get out of the forbidden area.


Three Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts were indeed nothing to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. However, no matter what, they were still three Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts that were worth a lot of money.

If Lin Fan took the initiative to talk about the dao artifacts, she could give one or two of them as a thank-you gift to Lin Fan.

She didn’t realize that Lin Fan didn’t even mention the three dao artifacts.

He just left straight away.

This made Huang Li feel like from the beginning, Lin Fan had never wanted to return the dao artifacts to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. That was why he didn’t even mention it.


Inside the forbidden area.

The flaming suckling pig pressed the elixir into the volcano again. He sheltered beside it, waiting for the elixir to mature.

As for the several creatures that had just appeared, he didn’t really think about them.

To him, these creatures were ultimately weaker. The most important thing now was to guard the elixir and keep it from outsiders.


Lin Fan was happy.

It was such a joy to get three defensive Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts for nothing. Even when the place he was in now was unfamiliar, and he didn’t even know exactly where he was.

But it wasn’t important to him.

He didn’t even feel guilty after taking the three dao artifacts. Instead, he felt justified. He had paid for them. They could have really died there if he hadn’t used the system to see through the flaming suckling pig’s remark.

It’s just that he still didn’t understand.

What exactly was that forbidden area? That place was so unequal with the strength of the immortal realm, and basically, no one could get in. Even if people could get in, they wouldn’t be coming out alive without any good luck.

But it had to be said.

The forbidden area was really tempting, and the hidden treasures inside it were enough to drive anyone crazy.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had suffered heavy losses this time, and they would definitely learn their lesson. So, the next time they came to the forbidden area, they would be more prepared.

If you wanted the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to give up their expedition on the forbidden area, you better stop daydreaming.

Knowing that a mountain of gold is right in front of them.

How could you possibly hope they would give up?

It was just unbelievable.

And for Lin Fan, because he had the support from the system, he wouldn’t need the treasure from the forbidden area. What he needed was to catch someone and made a good fortune. So, why bothered to risk his life?


Lin Fan took the crazy old man and fled towards the distance.

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