Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 227


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 227 – It’s a Good Price

A few days later.

In a mountain range, there was a particular unremarkable sect.

The Haoran Sect.

The name of the sect was taken from the Haoran’s righteousness. The sect cultivated a sigh of righteousness and lived in harmony with the world.

If you were to give this sect a level, it belonged to the middle to lower sects.


In the distance.

There was a black smoke that seemed to be mixed with green gas, which looked like a poisonous mist, swept up, and enveloped the sky above the Haoran Sect.

When some of the Haoran Sect disciples touched the poisonous mist, they screamed, then turned into a cloud of spiritual energy and being absorbed into the black mist.

“Enemy’s attack!”

“Enemy’s attack!”

The small sect fought back. There was a curtain of light protected the peak as the mountain protection array opened.

“I wonder which elder visited the Haoran sect and what has offended the elder to make such a fuss over our sect.” The Haoran Sect, sect master was alerted, he seemed very calm, but inside he was panicking.

The opponent was aggressive and quite strong.

His heart ached as he watched the disciples who were previously covered in black mist turned into blood.

Everything turned mute.

No one paid attention.

The Haoran Sect, sect master, was pale. Even if the enemy came looking for trouble, the enemy should at least pay attention to them. This current situation was a bit overbearing as the enemy didn’t take the Horan Sect seriously at all.

There were two figures stood in the black mist.

One of the figures, which was the older one, said, “Young Master, you’ve already demolished three immortal sects in a row. The grievous souls in this Demonic Violet Gold Flag have reached a certain number. After you destroy this sect, then with a good refinement, it will become a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact.”

The young man who had become the young master was a demon with a black flame mark on his eyebrow, which added a lot of temperament for nothing. Especially the pair of purple eyes as if they contained some kind of incredible qi.

“Hahaha, that’s right, the Demon Violet Gold Flag has already absorbed enough grievous souls to be refined into a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact. After that, it will become even more powerful.”

“Uncle Gui, this was a fortunate trip because you’re here. if you don’t, then it won’t be as smooth as this.”

The young master enjoyed cultivating this Demon Violet Gold Flag, which he plucked from a Demon Vine. When he got it, it was only a Low-Grade Dao Artifact possessing a tiny amount of power. But after more than a decade of cultivation, it was about to become a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact.

This kind of personal cultivation felt good.

He really enjoyed it.

Uncle Gui was ugly, his face had a few long marks on it, and it looked like a centipede moving under his skin. “These are the young master’s achievement alone, how could a subordinate like me dare to claim the credit. When this Demon Violet Gold Flag becomes a Middle-Grade Dao Artifact, along with the young master’s Purple Demon Eyes. Even an Establish Stage cultivator would have trouble fighting against the young master.”

“By then, the young master will definitely be the strongest young master in the demon sect.”

The young master laughed upon hearing Uncle Gui’s praise, “Good, very well said. When I fly into the sky, I definitely won’t forget Uncle Gui.”

“Young Master, now that this little Haoran Sect, sect master is clamoring, should I let myself take him down?” Uncle Gui asked.

The young master waved his hand and said, “No need. He’s just a mere Origin Stage sect master, you don’t need to do anything yet, and just let this young master use the Demon Violet Gold Flag’s poison to kill him.”


In the distance.

Lin Fan was wandering around with the crazy old man, looking for a target. However, it had to be said that even when the world was really big, and they had been wandering around for a long time. They hadn’t come across any suitable opponent.

Lin Fan wasn’t someone who killed innocents for nothing.

He needed to find the evil ones. That was why the range was much narrower.


Lin Fan stopped, “Son, father senses something evil, do you sense it too?”

“Father, I don’t sense it.” The crazy old man said.

“Follow me, the smell of evil is just ahead. When we encounter something like this, we must rise to the challenge and beat down the evil,” Lin Fan led the crazy old man and flew towards the distance.


“Hehe, I never thought this little sect was somehow capable of fighting, but they won’t last long.”

The young master had an evil smile on his handsome face. Only if he wasn’t evil, he would have charmed many girls by pretending to be warmer.

“But the more they try to resist, the more excited I get.”

“Watching the ants spinning in place and die in pain is very pleasing, to say the least.”

This sick thought was terrifying.

Just like what this young master said, it was simple to fight the Haoran Sect. Even if the sect master made a move, the black mist was like gangrene that possessed the bones. It was difficult to eliminate and constantly wearing down the peak protection array.

Just then.

The sect master roared, “The Haoran Sect has never provoked anyone. Who the hell are you, and why are you doing this to us?”

“Just tell us what you want, and please spare us.”

But for the young master, he didn’t even want to bother with the sect master. The sect master was simply too weak to be noticed.


A black-light broke through the air from a distance.

“Young Master, be careful.”

Uncle Gui felt the viciousness of the black light. He resisted it directly with a slap of his gloomy and terrifying palm.

The God Spear was so powerful that it made the palm collided. A violent roar occurred, creating an impact that caused the Demon Violet Gold Flag became a little unstable. It affected the black mist and reducing its impact on the Haoran Sect.

Uncle Gui took a few steps back; he looked horrified. The incoming person was strong. Who was that person, and why did he appear here?

“I don’t know who you are, but the young master of the Red Dust Demon Sect is here to do some business. I would like to ask you to do a favor and pretend that you didn’t see it, and I will thank you heavily in the future.”

With one stroke of the fight, it was already evident that the person had extraordinary strength.

He wouldn’t think of that person as people from the Haoran Sect. It was just a small sect; it wouldn’t have such an expert.

The headmaster of the Haoran Sect was shocked when he heard that the enemies were the Red Dust Demon Sect. How could the big demon sect keep an eye on his little sect? There was never even any interaction between the two, and there had never been any conflict.

This was obviously an unfathomable disaster.

“What an ugly old man.” Lin Fan muttered.

Even if he sold that man to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, he wouldn’t be worth anything; it was a complete loss. It seemed like he could only make good use of him, and hoping that something good would drop.

Just then.

Lin Fan was delighted when he saw the young master. What a handsome demon boy, definitely a sought-after source of goods for countless old women, commonly known as little fresh meat.

But he had to know who that guy was.

“The Red Dust Demon Sect, that’s a demon sect. Well, I have no interest in you, but I want to know who he is? And what’s his status?” Lin Fan asked.

Uncle Gui said, “This is my young master, the seventh son of the Red Dust Demon Ancestor. If you just pass by and pretend that you have never seen him before, you will definitely be treated like a VIP when you come to the Red Dust Demon Sect in the future.”

Lin Fan pondered.


The seventh son of the Demon Ancestor seemed to have a high status and should be able to be sold for a reasonable price.

Lin Fan laughed, “I am a disciple of the famous Greatest Martial Sect. It is my duty to do righteous deeds and slay demons. Your young master has already incurred the wrath of the heavens by using demon dao artifact and mutilating innocent souls.”

“If I don’t take you down, how can I defend the immortal path?”

He spoke these powerful words to propagate immortal justice.

“Does that mean fellow cultivator is not going to show your respect?” Uncle Gui’s cold face, which was already ugly, turned even uglier, and it was quite scary.

If Lin Fan wasn’t in a better state of mind, he could really be screaming because of how scary he was.

“Son, keep an eye on this ugly old man for me, and remember, don’t kill him.” Lin Fan shouted.

He went directly to deal with that young master.

“Damn it.”

When the young master used the Demon Violet Gold Flag to wipe out the Haoran Sect, he didn’t expect someone would interrupt him. Now his anger burned and blatantly attacking Lin Fan.

How could Uncle Gui allow the young master to fight the opponent? Just leave these matters to him.

“Father, I’m scared.” The crazy old man shouted.

However, when he saw the old man strike towards his father, the crazy old man screamed and pounced the old man, and beat him down.

Uncle Gui didn’t take the crazy old man seriously.

He was just a crazy person.

Why bother worrying about him?

However, Uncle Gui didn’t expect that when the crazy old man punched him, he felt a great terror. It was so strong and hammered his entire body until he fell on the ground.

“Son, don’t kill him. Just hold him down.” Lin Fan hurriedly said, just in case the crazy old man didn’t have the gentleness and ended up killing his opponent with one punch.

The crazy old man said, “Father, I did it lightly, I didn’t even use any force, but he fell down.”

Then the crazy old man rushed up and directly got on top of Uncle Gui.

“Father, don’t worry. I’m keeping him down. I won’t let him get away.”

Uncle Gui never expected he would be beaten to death by the crazy old man with a single punch.


When the young master saw what was happening, his expression changed drastically. He clearly didn’t expect this would happen.

He knew that Uncle Gui was very strong. So, he didn’t expect it would turn this way.

“Goodbye to you. As a young master of demon sect, you should have stayed in your lair. How dare you come out and do evil things. It’s bad luck for you to meet me, but don’t worry, with that face of yours, I have an important dao artifact to save your life.” Lin Fan said.

The young master was a little panicked. What did he mean when he said that?

Why did it feel as if something was wrong?

He felt like a weak woman who encountered danger, but she didn’t lose her life in the end. Just because she was beautiful, she was left to live, but then what happened to her, in the end, was miserable, yet enjoyable.

Lin Fan didn’t show his killing techniques because he didn’t want to harm the young master’s face. If something happened with his face, the price would drop significantly. So, he only used mild techniques. With three pieces of Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts, it would be difficult for his opponent to break his defense.

It’s just a matter of flesh and blood sin.

“Do you want to crush me? Stop daydreaming.” The young master roared and waved the Demon Violet Gold Flag in his hand. Suddenly, the black mist turned into a poisonous dragon attacking towards Lin Fan.


Lin Fan blasted the poison dragon with a punch and shattering it into pieces. Then he cast the Seven Emotions and Six Desire Fingers, “Be good, and you will be protected from the pain of the flesh.”

“What?” The young master screamed in silence.



Lin Fan’s ten fingers were nimble, like phantoms, frequently hitting the young master. This was a mystic art that destroyed the immortal souls. No matter how stable the young master’s soul was, Lin Fan directly crushed it.


The young master was being suppressed directly by Lin Fan, and he was unable to move his body. There were no injuries on his body, but his bones were displaced, and unbearable pain swept over him and made him screamed.

“It’s good that I didn’t damage this face of yours.” Lin Fan lifted the young master’s chin, observing his face, then nodded with great satisfaction.

It could be sold at a good price.

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