Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 228


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 228 – I’m sorry, I Was Wrong.

The young master was panicking.

What the hell was that supposed to mean? What the hell was he talking about? Why didn’t I get it? Why did this face of mine have anything to do with it?

What else did he want to say? 

However, Lin Fan didn’t give him any chance.

He directly put the young master into the Tripod of Heaven, then went to Uncle Gui’s side to look at the situation. It was good that he didn’t die because if he did, he would have died in vain. Then, Lin Fan also put him into the Tripod of Heaven. 

“Thank you, senior, for helping us, Haoran Sect is extremely grateful.” The sect master was grateful.

If Lin Fan hadn’t helped them, the situation would have been unimaginable.

“No problem, we are all immortal sects, how can we sit around and ignore demon attacks when we encounter them? Alright, then, I’ll take my leave now.”

Lin Fan didn’t linger around and immediately left the place with the crazy old man.

The little sect didn’t pick his interest.

So, he was just dropping by.

There was nothing else.

The Haoran Sect, sect master, still wanted to say something, but before he could, he saw Lin Fan already turned into a stream of light and left the place. So, he could only sigh in his heart.

He didn’t even ask for compensation—what a nice guy. 


Lin Fan wondered what he should do with that ugly old man? He was too ugly to be sold at a reasonable price. So, he thought, what about he let the ugly old man cultivate the Ancestral Dragon’s Body? 

After he finished cultivating it, Lin Fan could just kill him, and he would drop something.

But when he thought about it again, he quickly shook the idea. 

The ugly old man cultivation wasn’t weak, and Lin Fan knew how subtle the “Ancestral Dragon’s Body” was. If he succeeded in cultivating it and suddenly burst out of the Tripod of Heaven and escaped, wouldn’t that be a great loss?

So, it’s better just to kill him. 

When Lin Fan released Uncle Gui, he was suppressed and unable to move. The crazy old man hid behind Lin Fan with a fearful look, “Father, this old grandfather looks so scary, I’m so scared.”

He soothed his son and told him not to panic. The ugly old man was just slightly ugly; there was nothing wrong with it. 

[Gui Jiao: The Seventh Immortal Stage, Disaster Stage] [Chance of item drop: Six-Grade Gold Spiritual Root, 30,000 qi, Wind Killing Formation, Five Clouds Palm of Chaos and Bewitchment, Red Dust Signs….] [Remarks: Who am I? Where am I? Who is he?]

“There are many things that can be dropped. It’s quite complicated. It contains what Gui Jiao has learned in his life. There are also quite a lot of dao artifacts.” 

Lin Fan was quite excited. It would be best if he could drop his qi and some of his mystic arts. 

People who could cultivate to this level were those with good fortune.

If he wasn’t lucky, it would be impossible to cultivate to reach the seventh immortal stage. 

Lin Fan stretched out his hand and searched on the ugly old man. He wanted to try, if he took everything he could from the ugly old man, how would the drop count? Maybe it would raise the chances of dropping something else.

Think carefully. 

Lin Fan actually wanted to praise him for what he had. He got a couple of elixirs, three dao artifacts, an armor, and a few unknown circular beads. And upon closer observation, it turned out to be a secret dao artifact.

[Thunder Soul Breaker Bead: It contains a potent demonic thunder poison that can explode upon throwing it, enough to kill an Origin Stage cultivator.] 

All six of them are nice stuff. 

He wasn’t poor. 

Be he wasn’t that rich either.

If people know what he was thinking, they would yell at him. ‘Are you still a fucking human being? You should open your dog’s eyes and take a better look. If that was poor, then what exactly was rich? Please enlighten us.’

Gui Jiao woke up; he was confused for a moment. He thought about what had just happened and immediately snapped back. He realized that Lin Fan was checking him out.

“Fellow cultivators, what are you doing? Please let me go. I’m from the Red Dust Demon Sect, which is a great demon sect. The Greatest Martial Sect isn’t exactly friends with the Red Dust Demon Sect. Still, your sect master is familiar with our demon ancestor.”

“Why do you have to give me a hard time?”

The first thing he did when he woke up was to beg for mercy. He even made that begging sound so humble, which was quite remarkable.

“I wanted to keep you, but you’re too ugly and useless.”

Lin Fan stretched his hands with a helpless expression. There was nothing he could do with this ugly old man. If he were as handsome as the young master, he might be able to sell him for a reasonable price, but now he could only be sorry.

Gui Jiao said, “Fellow cultivator, what does keeping me alive have to do with the fact that I’m too ugly?”

He couldn’t figure it out, not even if he broke his head. 

But what he didn’t know was that Lin Fan did this because he wanted to kill him. So, there was not much difference between being ugly and not ugly. 

Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything more. Instead, he took out the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword and slowly walked towards the ugly old man, then said, “Close your eyes, son. What will happen next is bloodier, and father doesn’t want you to see this, in case it will affect your pure heart.”

The crazy old man immediately covered his eyes.

“Fellow cultivator, you must consider the consequences. Don’t be blinded by impulsiveness.” Gui Jiao shouted.


Lin Fan killed Gui Jiao with the sword and directly suppressed the infant that was about to leave his body. Gui Jiao ended up shrieking in anger, “How dare you, you will pay for this. The Red Dust Devil Sect will never let you go.”

It was just that his scream was too pale and weak.

It didn’t affect Lin Fan.

As for the drop.

Haha. He didn’t care at all. What could fall out of such an ugly person?

Ugly people have no right to please others.

[Obtained: 30,000 qi] 


Just then, Lin Fan knelt down and buried his head together with his shame deeply. 

“I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

He wanted to slap himself hard. How could he look at others with tinted eyes? This old man dropped 30,000 qi on his deathbed, how could you call him ugly?

But then, there was no more drop.

So, what if he only dropped one thing?

Could you still say he’s ugly?

People had worked so hard to drop the most valuable qi without asking for a return. If you still treat them bad, you’re really worse than a dog.

It was quite a shame that he cut off someone’s head with a sword and left them in disgrace. Lin Fan held the ugly old man’s head and put it back on the neck. However, it was too slippery, and the head rolled off. He tried to put it back on again, but it rolled off again. 

“My fault, I shouldn’t have cut your head off.”

He dug the grave for the ugly old man himself, then carefully placed the body in the pit. He arranged the ugly old man’s clothes, smoothed them out, then placed his head at the nape of his neck. He smoothed the ugly old man’s hair and wiped the dust from his face.

Lin Fan thought about it carefully. 

It looked as if it wasn’t done properly.

He placed the dao artifact he got from the ugly old man quietly on his chest, “Fellow cultivator, have a good journey. I hope that you can be a new person in the next life and not go into the demon path… I, Lin Fan, will wait for your return and will surely guide your way.”

Lin Fan sprinkled the soil.

Soon, a mound of soil emerged. Although the ugly old man’s grave was simple, this place had incorporated Lin Fan’s heart and soul.

Then, Lin Fan was back to his original plan, where he had no desire to scrap the young master clean.

“What is this?”

He looked at the violet gold flag in his hand. From the time he saw the young master cast it earlier, he felt that this dao artifact was evil and filthy.

He took a closer look.

Suddenly there was an explosion of anger.

“This is vicious.”

This Demon Violet Gold Flag was indeed a rare dao artifact, but the evil elements were too heavy. Its cultivation technique was fantastic, and it needed to be supported by innocent souls. The reason this young master slaughtered countless immortal sects was to enhance the power of this dao artifact.

“What a damned thing. All these things that it has done were so cruel. The blood debt is for you to remember. I will destroy the Red Dust Demon Sect if I have the chance.” 

Lin Fan squeezed his fingers, and countless innocent souls drifted out from within the Demon Violet Gold Flag. For a moment, the grievances filled the sky, and the roars of unwillingness were heard in his ears. 

“Fellow cultivator, you had been killed tragically. I feel deep sympathy for you, so I will open the passage to hell for you today and reincarnate you.”

Lin Fan cast the High-Grade Mystic Arts, the Yellow Springs Hell, and communicated with hell’s origin. 

With his current qi, guiding a path for these innocent souls wasn’t a problem.

He pointed his finger out, and a small, pitch-black passage surfaced in front of him. Within this pitch-black passage, the messenger of hell was faintly visible. Unfortunately, his qi wasn’t quite strong enough to concretize it. 

The innocent souls found their way home and surged towards the small passage.

Lin Fan realized something in his mind. A mystic art that already reached its highest level, not only could they kill people, but could also manage people. It was mutually universal. It formed a balance, which was quite reasonable.  

The grievances of the innocent souls got consumed by this dao artifact.

A dao artifact like this Demon Violet Gold Flag shouldn’t be existing. It seemed that I should be the one preserving it so that it wouldn’t go out into the world and cause unnecessary bloodshed.

With the disappearance of injustice, the dao artifact’s grade kept dropping, falling from almost being Middle-Grade Dao Artifact to Low-Grade Dao Artifact. 

When the last wisp of injustice was gone, Lin Fan suddenly found his soul was throbbing, and there was a golden light falling from the sky. 

Bathed in the golden light, Lin Fan felt relaxed, and every pore in his body was open to breathe. 

“This can’t be the Golden Light of Merit.” Lin Fan wondered it was very likely. Although it didn’t bring any improvement in terms of qi, he always felt that it would definitely be beneficial in the future. 

Thank God for your kindness.

Seriously, I appreciate it.

I have no other intention, just gratitude. 

Today, his mana had reached 37,000.

His situation was desperately in need of improvement. He had achieved the third level of Origin Stage, and now he was going to step into Establish Stage.

The fusion of Origin Stage, qi, cultivation technique, mystic art, and soul would be a perfect mix to reach the Establish Stage.

There were various mysteries in the Establish Stage. In this stage, the controlling of mystic art would be more proficient. However, one of the most crucial points was that the perfection of any mystic art was related to the subsequent stage’s strength.

A cultivator who had reached this state would have a lifespan of thousands of years without the help of elixirs. Often, they would use this long lifespan to gather more qi to prepare for the Disaster Stage. 

To reach the Disaster Stage, it required a slow process of comprehension, not just simply raising qi. Qi was important, but the cultivation technique was also incredibly important.

At the same time, every talented immortal began to show a huge difference starting from this stage.

If you didn’t comprehend the cultivation technique, the final result would be… 


But if you could take your time to gather qi and overcome the Disaster Stage, then…

You could do whatever you want.

For Lin Fan, he didn’t want to end up being flashy. Instead, he wanted to end up being able to do whatever he wanted.

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