Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 229


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 229 – This Is a Good First Class Product

He would surely be hunted down and killed by a strong and powerful people if he suppressed the seventh son of the Red Dust Demon Ancestor.

But he didn’t care about it at all.

Did they know who he was?

Of course, they had no idea.

How could they kill him?

It was such a shame.

It must have been too much to think about it. With the young master’s ability, it would be difficult for him to kill Lin Fan. So, it was better not to think about it so much.


Half a month later.

Heavenly Treasures Pavilion.

Lin Fan walked inside the city. The place was as usual, still vivacious. Immortals from all over the world were buying things here. Those immortals and demons seemed to be in harmony on the surface, but from that subtle look, it could be seen that they were very displeased with each other.

However, it would be something if they kill each other here.

Lin Fan arrived at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion auction. He found Mao Si, and pulled him aside then whispered, “I’ve caught the son of a big demon sect. I want to auction him off. Do you think it will be easy?”

Mao Si was pleased to see Lin Fan. He already knew what happened in the forbidden area, and once again, he thanked Master Lin for his help. Although they didn’t get the elixir in the forbidden area, it was already a good thing that they were able to stay alive.

“What’s the origin?” Mao Si asked. He didn’t expect Master Lin to be in this business.

Lin Fan said, “The seventh son of the Red Dust Demon Ancestor. His name is Xiang Junchen, and let’s not talk about anything else about his origin. He looks handsome, with an evil temperament, somehow demonic. He is an excellent product, and those old women would absolutely love this little fresh meat. If you want to check the product, you can go to the VIP room, and give me a review.”

“Good, Master Lin, follow me.” Mao Si replied. It was indeed good stuff, the seventh son of the Demon Ancestor, that was a direct bloodline. He was definitely a young master. His status was equivalent to a core disciple and a saint, but the specifics situation would have to be looked at carefully.


VIP Room.

Lin Fan took the young master out of the Tripod of Heaven. Every bone in his body was dislocated, and he fainted due to the inability to endure the pain. Lin Fan didn’t break his bones. Otherwise, his appearance would be bad during the auction. The bones were still connected so that the perfect appearance of the young master would surface out.


Upon seeing the young master, Mao Si immediately moved forward to check him out. First, he undressed the young master, then touched his face. When he opened his eyelids, he found that the young master’s pupil was purple. Mao Si was excited and couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“Master Lin, this young master has actually cultivated the Red Dust Demon Sect’s secret Purple Demon Eyes.”

“He is an excellent quality product.”

“Whether in terms of looks, cultivation, temperament, or interior, everything is in the highest quality. He can definitely be auctioned off for a good price.”

“Now, there are two options.”

“The first is internal sales, which are not heavily advertised. It will affect the price, but will never cause any impact from the outside.”

“The second one is that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will promote it by inviting the world’s strongest people to compete. The price will, of course, be very high. Master Lin doesn’t need to worry about stepping on this matter. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will manage everything. The advantage of choosing the second option is that the Red Dust Demon Ancestor will never allow his first bloodline to be purchased, so they will definitely pay a high price to get him back.”

“But the drawback is that if the Red Dust Demon Ancestor purchases it, then they will know Master Lin existence,”

“Master Lin, please take your time to think about it…” Mao Si asked.

Their Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had secretly auctioned off many saints. Still, it had never auctioned off a young demon master with such status.

The Red Dust Demon Sect was a big demon sect, and people generally didn’t dare provoke them. However, Lin Fan was just directly kidnapped their young master.

“There’s no need to think; I will definitely choose the second one. I’ll leave these matters to you, just tell me how long it will take to complete.” Lin Fan asked.

Why would he choose the first one? It was definitely the second one. His reason to kidnap the young master was to earn spirit stones. So, if he couldn’t get a lot, then it was better for the young master to just die. He might as well drop something good.

“Just a few days. The auction will be held in three days.” Mao Si said.

“Okay, then I’ll do as you said. I trust the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, so this matter is yours.” Lin Fan smiled, then asked, “Your lady has returned from the forbidden area, right? Is she currently at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion?”

Mao Si said, “The young lady will meet the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s master when she returns, but she hasn’t returned yet. Master Lin can stay here for a little while, and when the auction starts, Master Lin can watch in secret. That competition is absolutely hectic.”

Lin Fan smiled, it was his first time doing something like this, and he was a little nervous.

It gave him a tingling sensation.

It felt like walking into a clubhouse and lying there with your heart pounding so fast. Your blood seemed to be boiling, and you were panicking.

Heavenly Treasures Pavilion was very powerful.

The news of the auction of the demon sect’s young master was quickly spread.

A strong man was stunned when he knew that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was auctioning off the Red Dust Demon Sect’s Young Master.

It was overbearing.

Those saints and core disciples that were auctioned off in the past weren’t disciples of the big schools, and they all had some false and inflated aspects.

But this time, the Red Dust Demon Ancestor’s Seventh Son, Xiang Junchen, was directly auctioned.

It was quite overbearing.

Some old demon had an angry look in his eyes. That Demon Ancestor had done some excessive things to them, and because they weren’t strong enough, they could only be patient. But now, the seventh son was about to be auctioned off, so they planned to buy him and torture him to erase the anger in their hearts.

During this time, many strong people from all over the world were coming to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. How could they not participate in the auction?


The Red Dust Demon Sect.

When the Demon Ancestor learned of this, his demonic flames soared. Damn it! The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion dared to auction off his son. This was a slap to his face. As the Demon Ancestor of the Red Dust Demon Sect, his demonic power dominated the world, how dare they did this to him.

Now that his seventh son is being auctioned off, how could he tolerate it?

Of course, he wouldn’t be looking for trouble with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

He was just a middleman compare to them, so how could he blame the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion? The one that he could blame was the man who was behind the auction of his son.

In order to bring his son home, he needed to go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

He knew it was going to be a tough fight. There were plenty of people who wanted to use his son as revenge against him.


This time.

Lin Fan was staying comfortably in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. He was being taken care of daily. When he had nothing to do, he would look around, and when he saw demons, in particular, he felt as if he had found motivation in his life.

However, this was the Heavenly Treasures Pavilion.

It was rather inconvenient to do it, so he could only bury the thoughts in his heart.


The next day.

The auction of the demon sect’s young master began. This auction was a secret and not for the public. Those who came here were the strong and incredibly wealthy ones. If they weren’t wealthy enough, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion wouldn’t even inform them.

The auction compartments were all private. All compartments were isolated from prying eyes. Those who came didn’t know each other— all of this was to prevent people from knowing each other and causing trouble afterward.

And Lin Fan was also placed in a private compartment to witness the entire auction.

Mao Si slowly walked up to the stage, “Welcome all of you, fellow cultivator. Long story short, today’s auction is the Red Dust Demon Ancestor’s Seventh Son Xiang Junchen. This person not only has first-class appearance and temperament but also cultivates the Red Dust Demon Ancestor’s secret mystic art, which is the Purple Demon Eyes. Without further ado, please come and check the products.”

The words just fell out.

Xiang Junchen was brought up. His misplaced bones had been put back into place, and his entire body was properly cleaned. He had been specially groomed, and he was outstandingly handsome and impressive. All of that was adding that demonic quality to the outside, which made him even more brilliant.

At this time, Xiang Junchen’s entire body was weak, without any strength left. He was being controlled like a puppet. He looked around at the surroundings in fear. He wanted to open his mouth to shout for help, but his voice just wouldn’t come out.


Where is this?

How did I end up here? Someone, please help me.

I am the Seventh Son of the Red Dust Demon Sect, and my father is the Demon Ancestor, so let me go, or I’ll destroy your whole family.


At this time.

In a private compartment, an old woman and a young girl were checking out Xiang Junchen on the stage.

“Grandmother, I want him, I want this man, I want him to be my husband.” The young girl took the old woman’s hand and spilled her guts. It was just that if anyone saw her, they would definitely vomit.

This young girl was huge and fat; her arms were as thick as someone else’s thighs.

But it was nothing compared to her face. Her face was so thick, and her eyes were the size of green beans. Everything was squeezed together.

When she looked at the handsome and attractive Xiang Junchen, she was drooling, and her sharp uneven teeth were quite frightening.

“Fine, if my good granddaughter wants him as her husband, then she can take him. However, when grandmother gets him for you, I’ll scrap his cultivation before let him serve my good granddaughter well.” The old woman smirked and patted her granddaughter’s head gently.

This old woman wasn’t an ordinary woman.

She was a famous person who cultivates demon cultivation technique but didn’t join demon sect. She brought her granddaughters across the world with a very strange and ruthless method. Even some big sects didn’t want to mess with people like her.

People like her were called ‘barefooters.’

Barefooter people weren’t afraid to mess with each other, and they had time to play with each other slowly.

The other powerful people in the compartment were the same.

Taking a closer look at Xiang Junchen, some of the strongest people were quite interested in this little fresh meat. His identity and background were very exciting to them.

The feeling that only a skillful person could understand.

Among them, there were quite a lot of old women here. They were just cultivators without sect, a little perverted inside, which considered being normal.

The seven emotions and six desires were human common sense.

What stage would it take to really be able to cultivate immortality to the point of no desire? Even a saint can’t reach that level.


The other private compartment.

The Demon Ancestor’s anger was burning; his demonic qi was rampant in the private compartment. An old man standing beside him said, “Demon Ancestor, the young master doesn’t seem to have suffered any crime, it’s just that the auction will be held later, and the competition is bound to be fierce. The Purple Demon Eyes is a secret of our Red Dust Demon Sect that has not been passed down; there must be many people planning to get it.”

“Huh! This rubbish kid has been caught here and auctioned off. No matter what, we have to get him, even if it costs an extremely high price.”

If he didn’t compete, he couldn’t even imagine who his son would end up with and what kind of treatment he would get. There were also some old demons who proficient in bloodline tracking here.

If they took Xiang Junchen and used him as a foundation, they could control the bloodline and eventually take it from him. This kind of threat really existed for him.


Mao Si smiled, “All of the fellow cultivators here should be able to see clearly. This Red Dust Demon Sect Young Master is the highest value among the sons of great figures that our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has ever auctioned.”

“Whether it’s as a hearth or as a slave, it’s a top choice.”

“The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion never raises prices indiscriminately. Therefore all fellow cultivators will decide this auction price.”

“The bidding begins.”


At this moment.

Lin Fan sat up straight. This was the time that could determine whether or not he could get rich. It all depended on how generous these fellow cultivators were.

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