Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 23 Your Routine


“There is something wrong.”

Lin Fan stared at the dry well and was lost in thought.

Why did Wei Xiong take the initiative to enter the dry well?

Based on the previous situation.

If Wei Xiong wanted to get in the dry well safely, he should have asked Lin Fan to lead the way since Lin Fan knew the details about the dry well from Dr. Sun.

But Wei Xiong sounded fine going in there all by himself.

Lin Fan thought of the plots that often occurred in film and tv-dramas, the traitors will always find ways to cover up the truth.

“This is weird.”

Lin Fan muttered.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Zhou heard Lin Fan muttered and didn’t know what to say.

He thought about whether he should tell Wang Zhou or not.

“Sir, did you remember what Wei Xiong said when you talk to him?” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou was shocked and said in a hurry, “There might be a danger?”

“No, Wei Xiong will return safely.” Lin Fan said.

He foresaw two possible outcomes.

The first was Wei Xiong came up safely and reported that the situation was not dangerous, and everyone could safely enter the dry well, but Lin Fan could not find important clues.

The other was that something suddenly happened. For example, an explosion in the dry well. Wei Xiong came out and reported the situation inside.

“That’s good, as long as people he is safe, the rest are not important.” Wang Zhou replied.

He didn’t get what Lin Fan was trying to point out.

Lin Fan doubted Wang Zhou’s intelligence.

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Someone shouted.

“Something happens! Smoke comes out of the dry well, and Wei Xiong is still inside.”

Lin Fan guessed Wei Xiong was afraid of being busted, so he burned down all the evidence.

Lin Fan was very calm.

Lin Fan thought maybe Wei Xiong brought a certain book with him. Because that book would be useful for him to threaten someone else.

“Wei Xiong, hurry up!” Wang Zhou shouted into the dry well.

The smoke was very dense, and it was difficult for an average person to breathe. It was impossible to see clearly what was inside the well.


A figure came out from the dry well, it was Wei Xiong covered with ashes.

“Sir, I’m sorry. I’m stepped on a trap in the dry chamber and caused a fire. I wanted to take those evidence before the fire spreads, but I didn’t expect the fire was too big, I’m sorry… “

Wei Xiong was sad, helpless, and deeply regretted his actions.

Lin Fan looked at Wei Xiong’s expression. If he hadn’t watched a few hundred films and tv-dramas, he would have been deceived by that guy. Just look at that expression.

That man was like a professional actor.

“It’s okay, it’s enough to see you come back safely.” Wang Zhou patted Wei Xiong’s shoulder, “What did you find inside?”

Wei Xiong said, “Sir, there is a secret room at the end of the passage, where there are so many oil lamps, and I did not care about it at that time, but a letter on the table attracted my attention. Then the oil lamp exploded, and after a while, the room was engulfed with fire. I wanted to take the letter away, but the fire was too big. The letter was already burned in a blink of an eye.”

“…” Wang Zhou sighed.

“Well, if the clue is gone, we can continue to investigate the dry well. It’s good enough to see you are still alive. Hurry up and see the doctor.”

“Yes, sir.” Wei Xiong responded, and when he was about to leave, he stared at Lin Fan’s eyes.

Lin Fan’s eyes made Wei Xiong felt awkward.

Wei Xiong was a cunning person in Lin Fan’s eyes.

Lin Fan was sure Wei Xiong was the one who burned down the passage, and there was no letter at all, only books.

Lin Fan observed Wei Xiong when he came out from the dry well, Lin Fan didn’t see him bringing anything when he came out.

Lin Fan thought Wei Xiong already memorized the content inside of it, and he burned it down after that.

If Wei Xiong knew what Lin Fan was thinking about him, he would definitely try to kill Lin Fan.

Nobody has actually seen the passage with their own eyes, how could they be so sure about Wei Xiong’s statement?

“Master, do you know Lu Nian?” Lin Fan asked.

Wang Zhou was puzzled. He didn’t know the name. He shook his head. “I don’t know, what’s wrong?”

“In the pavilion today, that person bribed me with 12,000 silver money, he told me to release Dr. Sun, and then I killed him in a fight. I take that 12,000 silver money to dig about the relationship between them and told Dr. Sun he will be released, I found Dr. Sun knew what the important secret in that dry well is.”

Lin Fan was an open-minded person who would say that he accepted bribes without trying to hide the fact at all.

His intention was clear.

It was to remind Wang Zhou that the enemy could bribe someone with such a huge amount of money, and not everyone could resist the bribery like Lin Fan did.

“I will order my men to investigate Lu Nian’s identity. Okay, wrap it up.” Wang Zhou said.

Lin Fan was not stupid in Wang Zhou’s eyes.

But Lin Fan was a bit frustrated that Wang Zhou hasn’t realized anything from what he said.

When he came to that world, he knew there was cultivation there, and the goal was definitely to become immortal.

Lin Fan had to do everything step by step, he must not rush things.

Lin Fan left and wanted to follow Wei Xiong.

But he thought about that again.

In the current situation, Wei Xiong should be cautious, and he will never expose anything carelessly.

So Lin Fan decided to find some new technique.

It was very difficult to fight the enemy with just one technique.

Hunter Guild, Library.

“You can find the technique you want here, but I suggest it’s the best thing is not to be greedy.” Li Zhiyong said, he also had a good opinion of Lin Fan, after all, Lin Fan was his life-saver.

“Thank you.” Lin Fan responded and then walked inside.

“Wait.” Li Zhiyong stopped him.

Lin Fan looked back, wondering why Li Zhiyong stopped him.

Li Zhiyong pondered for a moment and said, “You have saved my life, this is my token of gratitude. I hope that you will find something good. And I warned you not to learn something randomly.”

“Will there be a consequence if I do?” Lin Fan asked.

Li Zhiyong laughed and stopped talking.

“Just go in and choose the technique you want. Finding the right one is the best.”

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