Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 230


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 230 – Who The Hell Is So Disrespectful?

There was no definite number on how many spirit stones Xiang Junchen would auction off. It was difficult to say as this was no longer an ordinary competition, but a fight for pride.

How could the Demon Ancestor let his son fall into someone else’s hands?

However, some powerful people couldn’t let go of this opportunity and would definitely compete hard.

Perhaps it was just to humiliate the Demon Ancestor, or perhaps there was someone who had a deep hatred towards the Demon Ancestor. ‘Thought about it, I couldn’t get my revenge on you, so why not use your son to vent?

For those powerful people, a tainted mind was often a form of disaster. If they could use something outside of their body to erase the tainted mind, it was something that couldn’t be replaced with countless spirit stones.

“One million spirit stones.”

 A voice that had been altered by a special ability came from a room. It was impossible to recognize who the person was from the voice.

Then, another voice came from the compartment.

“Demon Ancestor, I know you’re there, but today I’m bound to take your son’s life.”

That person directly challenged the Demon Ancestor. Of course, the person wasn’t stupid enough to identify himself. That was why he didn’t know who that person was, but it didn’t matter; he would fight that person to death.

The Demon Ancestor’s expression was ugly; there was someone who had come prepared. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s actions were unconscionable. They knew that he was the son of the Demon Ancestor, which would attract so many people. If they wanted spirit stones, they could just come and talk in secret; there was no need to do this.

“Very bold. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

The Demon Ancestor wasn’t willing to show weakness.

“Two million spirit stones.”

The auction had just been held, and it had already struck a real fire, which was quite ferocious.

Lin Fan loved this kind of scene. He felt that the only way to compete blindly was to have fire in the fight, which was going to raise the price. It was just that he didn’t expect to see people already compete for two million in such a short period just for one young master. It was a little scary.

It had reached the value of a High-Grade Dao Artifact.

But if you think about it, that price was quite worthy.

Let’s not talk about Xiang Junchen’s own value. As the Seventh Son of the Red Dust Demon Ancestor, the secret that he carried was priceless, and whoever got Xiang Junchen would be able to get the secret cultivation technique.

That price was only the starting price.

Although the competition seemed intense now, it was only two people, so Lin Fan felt it was necessary to add additional chips.

Lin Fan spoke up, “Demon Ancestor, I am also here. What you did to me once, I remember it in my heart. Today your son is being auctioned at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. I am determined to pry open his mouth and trace the Red Dust Demon Sect’s secret cultivation technique. Let’s see what else you have in store.”

“Five million spirit stones.”

Mao Si looked at the compartment, how could he didn’t know who was in there.

He was quite helpless.

Master Lin knew how to play.

It was a bit scary to compete for something you were selling, and you even raised the price directly to five million spirit stones.

“This fellow cultivator has offered five million spirit stones. Just as this fellow cultivator said, the Red Dust Demon Sect’s secret mystic art is worth a lot of money; it is truly astonishing. If the Red Dust Demon Sect is willing to sell the Purple Demon Eyes on its own, it is definitely worth a lot.”

Mao Si’s exclamation still had an effect.

As he said, the saints and core disciples were so popular weren’t just because of their own conditions and status. As disciples of a sect, they must have the sect’s legacy, which they had learned, and that legacy was priceless.

How could some of the most powerful people in the world know the other sect’s mystic art?

Of course, they got it from prying out of someone else’s mouth.


Inside the compartment.

The Demon Ancestor’s face was cold and livid. The fierce light in his eyes was about to extinguish the place as he recalled who exactly that could have such hatred for him and still have a fondness for the Purple Demon Eyes mystic art.

Suddenly, he remembered who it was.

“Bat Demon, you bastard. Do you really want to corner me like that?” The Demon Ancestor raged, his voice was so cold that you could even feel the killing intent boiling.


In another compartment.

The bat demon sat while watching the competition. He wasn’t joining in for the time being because he was enjoying batgirl on his side who took care of him and fed him fresh blood food. But suddenly, he heard the Demon Ancestor called his name; it made his body straightened fiercely as he roared.

“Demon Ancestor, I have never opened my mouth before, so don’t spill blood.”

The sound was coming from the other compartment.

How could the Bat Devil tolerate it? This was crazy. It was a misfortune from heaven, and he wasn’t going to take the blame. What did this mean? Why did you think it was me in the first place?

What the hell did I do to you?


The Demon Ancestor was stunned; it seemed he had guessed it wrong. But then he said, “Bat Demon, I’m so sorry, I thought it was you. I hope you don’t take it to heart, and also give me some mercy. Please don’t compete with me because my son was caught by criminals and auctioned here. As a father, I can only bring him back.”

“Oh, this is interesting, Demon Ancestor. People might be afraid of you, but I am not. What do you mean by insulting me in public? Why would I respect you when you don’t respect me? I will win over your son and taste whether your bloodline is fragrant or stinky.”

“Six million spirit stones.”

The Bat Demon roared. How could someone disrespect him?

The Demon Ancestor pointed out his name in public and called him a bastard, how could he tolerate that? If he did, people would laugh at him if the words got out.

The Demon Ancestor’s expression was completely ugly upon facing this matter.

His guess was wrong.

It had caused resentment again, which was not good.

This auction might cost him big money.

Lin Fan was delighted with the current situation. How good was it to be hot and lively? This was the essence of the auction to make a sale amid laughter and anger.

Who said only young people were impulsive? In fact, the older you got, the more impulsive you are.

The people couldn’t hear Xiang Junchen, but he could hear their voices.

It was already scared him to death.

He didn’t expect he would be sold as a product in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Once he fell into the hands of those people, the consequences would be absolutely unimaginable.

The only thing he was glad of was that his father had come to rescue him, putting his mind on ease.


In another compartment.

The young girl hugged the old woman’s hand and muttered, “Grandmother, I want him. Come on, make a bid, or he’ll be bought by someone else.”

“Don’t worry; grandmother knows what she’s doing. This is just the beginning. We’ll see what happens when we wait.” The old woman patted the young girl’s short fat hands and told her not to worry.

Xiang Junchen’s appearance and status were worthy enough for her granddaughter.

At this time.

The bidding had officially begun.

“Seven million spirit stones.” Another powerful man in the private compartment started the price. He knew that this was just the beginning; Xiang Junchen’s value was higher than that; there was still a lot of room for improvement.

Let’s not get any further yet.

Not to mention that the unheralded secret made a lot of people jealous.

“Ten million spirit stones.”

The number of spirit stones had turned up to ten million. For these powerful men, spirit stones were just quantity. How could their thousands of years of savings be so simple? No one knew how much wealth one powerful man who had lived for thousands of years had.

If you had to count it, it would have been a sea of it.

Just say to the powerful old man that their daily consumption was also extremely horrible.


Inside the compartment.

The Demon Ancestor’s face remained as gloomy as before. The old man beside him said, “Demon Ancestor, the competition is a bit fierce this time. If you want to get the young master back, you can only offer a higher price to suppress them.”

“I know. However, looking at the current situation, I’m sure that they won’t stop. They obviously want to compete with me.” How could the Demon Ancestor not be aware of the current situation? After the Bat Demon shouted its price once, it didn’t continue to raise the price.

Obviously, the Bat Demon was afraid to compete with him. He was just doing it to save his pride.

Also, other old guys didn’t reveal their identities.

And even if you wanted to know who the other person was afterward, it would be impossible to do so.

The Heavenly Treasures Pavilion was very well protected in this matter.

Absolutely no one would know the buyer’s information.

It didn’t seem like it was just a competition between demons here, there were also immortal sects competing.

“Twelve million spirit stones.”

“Fourteen million spirit stones.”


“Eighteen million spirit stones.”

The price skyrocketed.

Xiang Junchen’s own value was already beyond this price. The reason why he was capable of having such a high price was that he carried the secret mystic art of the Red Dust Demon Sect.

There were also additional mystic arts of the Red Dust Demon Sect.

Whoever could comprehend the Red Dust Demon Sect’s mystic arts would have a great advantage in future battles.

“These old guys are wealthy.” Lin Fan exclaimed, his blood was flowing fast, and he was excited.

The old guys were indeed wealthy.

The path of trafficking was viable.

Looked at this situation now.

All of them had already bid up to eighteen million spirit stones, which was more than the number of spirit stones Lin Fan had on him. It was terrifying to think about.

He would never abandon this path.

However, he knew that he could sell it at this price, not because of how handsome the young master was. It mainly because of what he had in him, which made many people want it.

“Twenty-five million spirit stones.”

The Demon Ancestor offered this price and said, “Fellow cultivators, please have mercy on me. This is my son. I must bring him back. If you agree, I’m willing to give each of you present a Red Dust Demon Ancestor mystic art.”

“The Purple Demon Eyes is indeed an unheralded secret of my Red Dust Demon Sect, but its cultivation is extremely hard. It would be difficult for an ordinary person to cultivate.”

“Even if you guys know how to cultivate it, it’s still going to be hard.”

“So, fellow cultivators might as well give me some mercy, and leave this matter this way.”

The Demon Ancestor knew that he couldn’t keep bidding, it would be a bottomless pit. In the end, he would just end up taking advantage of the guy who had suppressed his son.

He was curious to know who that person was.

It was really frustrating when he tried to ferret out that person.

Just then.

Voices were coming from all the compartments in the room.

“Fine, since the Demon Ancestor has said so, I will give you some mercy.”

When Lin Fan heard about the situation, suddenly, he felt a little upset.

What did this mean?

I was the one who brought this young master here. It was obviously an auction, how could it end up because these people were merciful? Have you ever asked how this made me feel?

It was excessive.

It was just too much.

And just then.

A harmonious sound was heard.

“Thirty million spirit stones.” The old voice came from the compartment that had remained silent.

All the powerful people who participated in this auction were amazed.

The Demon Ancestor had already spoken to this extent, which one of them was still not satisfied?


Inside the compartment.

“Grandmother, you’re so nice.” The young girl cheered happily. Her eyes were shining with anticipation as she looked at Xiang Junchen.

The old woman seemed gloomy, but then lovingly said, “Silly girl, grandmother is your only family member. Everything that you want will be yours from now on. If this isn’t for you to spend, then who else will it be for, right?”

The young girl kissed the old woman harshly, “Grandmother is so kind.”

The old woman had a smile on her face, then narrowed her eyes. She knew the Demon Ancestor would not leave the matter alone.

But she had nothing to fear.

You could fight if you want to.

If thirty million spirit stones can buy my granddaughter happiness, it was worth it.

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