Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently invincible Chapter 231


Inadvertently invincible Chapter 231 – What a Miserable Life!

The Demon Ancestor rose angrily. He didn’t expect anyone else would want to fight him. He had already spoken to this extent. According to common sense, they should have accepted his offer, and there was no need to continue fighting.

He softened, then said, “Fellow cultivator, please show me mercy. My son was defeated outside and sold here. As a father, I had to save him no matter what. So, if you are willing to let go, I will be grateful.”

“Oh, interesting, the Demon Ancestor of the Red Dust Demon Sect can’t bear to part with those spirit stones and constantly using your pride to ask your fellow cultivator to show you mercy. Don’t you think it is damaging the Demon Ancestor’s reputation?”

“Actually, I wasn’t interested in him, but my granddaughter has a crush on your son. So, of course, I’ll have to snatch him up for my granddaughter.”

The old woman was in no hurry. She didn’t give him any mercy at all because of his identity and status.

The Demon Ancestor seemed to have guessed who she was from her flaky message, “Since fellow cultivator’s granddaughter is interested in my son. then it’s my son’s good fortune, and I’m willing to let my son marry your granddaughter.”

The old woman said, “It’s not necessary. I only prefer to bring my granddaughter with me, rather than stay at your Red Dust Demon Sect. There is no point in talking about it, go ahead and compete; the highest bidder will win.”

“Master Mao Si, if there are no more bids, let’s determine the winner.”

At this time, Mao Si said, “Thirty million spirit stones, are there any other fellow cultivators who will raise their prices? If no one raises their prices, then it is time to determine the winner.”

“Thirty-one million spirit stones.”

The Demon Ancestor spoke up. His voice was slightly hoarse; he was clearly annoyed by the old woman’s actions.

As for the other powerful people in the compartment, they were very pleased with this kind of existence. Looking at their words and actions, it seemed like they already knew who they were.

However, they were still not sure.

The Demon Ancestor indeed didn’t dare to do anything to the old woman.

That old woman wasn’t someone to mess with. Being able to single-handedly became one of the famous demon cultivators, you could see how powerful she was if you thought about it.

“Hmph, you’re a Demon Ancestor’s scion. A million increase is such a low price to pay, and it looks humiliating to say so.”

“Forty million spirit stones.”

The old woman didn’t let it go easily. Not to mention, her methods were ferocious as she jumped directly from 31 million to 40 million. This overbearing attitude horrified the crowd.

No one knew how wealthy the old woman was. She didn’t have to spend money to raise disciples, and she had been traveling the world, so she was able to obtain numerous treasures.

These treasures had long been the fortune of the old woman’s life.

“This is overbearing.”

Lin Fan exclaimed. He was curious to know who this grandmother was. She was too overbearing. Was that how it felt like to be rich? She was shouting out a price without following the rules, and it directly shocked everyone.

Inside the compartment, the Demon Ancestor’s eyes were slightly confused. The opponent’s tactics were indeed suppressing him. She was obviously trying to fight him to the death.

“Old dragon goddess, are you really going to do this?” Devil Ancestor asked.

Before the old dragon goddess spoke, Lin Fan, who was already unable to endure, said, “Mao Si, this place is the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion auction site. Could it be that the auctions are now allowing this kind of threat to go unnoticed? The highest bidder wins, and that is the ancient truth. How can this be tolerated? If this kind of action is not stopped, it can have a great impact on your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s reputation.”

The rest of the powerful people in the compartment wanted to applaud Lin Fan.

This fellow cultivator made a beautiful statement.

He was amazing.

He should be appreciated.

The Demon Ancestor took a deep breath, “Who are you?”

Since when was he, as a Demon Ancestor, being humiliated like this.

“Red Dust Demon Ancestor, you just need to know that there are people in the world. There is a sky beyond the sky, and this place is not a place where you can be reckless. Otherwise, don’t regret it when great trouble comes.” Lin Fan said.

Mao Si was shocked by Master Lin’s actions. It was overbearing. He then said, “Demon Ancestor, please don’t interfere with the auction process. This guest in the private compartment is our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s guest of honor. If he is concerned, our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion can only ask Demon Ancestor to go out and calm down.”

He was also virtually putting on a show for Lin Fan.

As expected.

The other powerful people were curious about the fellow cultivator in that compartment. What kind of existence could make the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion treat him this way? Simply because he could ask the Demon Ancestor out if he was dissatisfied.

That was a bit of an exaggeration.

“Okay, let’s continues the auction. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is a reputable place for thousands of years. Many kinds of rare treasures have been auctioned here. All of you should know our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s rules.”

“Now that the auction has reached forty million spirit stones, does anyone else want to raise the price.”

Mao Si was in control of the audience. Although his cultivation was worthless compared to all these powerful people, this was the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. No one could disrespect him.

The Demon Ancestor’s expression was sullen, and his breathing was puffing a little too much.

“Demon Ancestor…” the old man at the side wanted to say something but was interrupted by the Demon Ancestor. He could only stand obediently, he knew that the Demon Ancestor was considering it. Still, it was the young master, and he was important, he had to be saved.

Just then.

The Demon Ancestor’s voice was heard.

“Fifty million spirit stones.”

This was already his bottom line. If anyone offered a higher price, he definitely wouldn’t continue to call the sale. In terms of wealth, the Red Dust Demon Sect was indeed wealthy, but it wasn’t his alone to decide.

“Sixty million.” The old woman’s voice rang out.

There was a rising and falling sound in each compartment, which obviously showed that people were surprised.

What was the idea of sixty million spirit stones?

A single Third-Grade Spirit Vein could dig up a million of spirit stones with a little bit of luck, but the current price was equivalent to six Third-Grade Spirit Veins, which was already an extraordinary price. The auction wasn’t even for some rare treasure; if it was a rare treasure, it would be reasonable to break a hundred million spirit stones.

But it was just one young master who carried the unheralded secrets of the Red Dust Demon Sect, and he was auctioned off at this price? This might have broken a new record.

Actually, don’t say that they didn’t think about it.

Even Mao Si didn’t expect he would be auctioned off at sixty million.

At first, when the Demon Ancestor was quoting thirty million, the crowd had already agreed not to go further. However, the old dragon goddess still not gave up and directly raised the price.

It was rather embarrassing, to say the least.

But what could they do?

It was quite frustrating.

The Demon Ancestor sat down weakly, took a deep breath, and then said viciously, “Old dragon goddess, I will remember you.”

Just what could he do with the old dragon goddess?

There was simply no way he could fight her.

The old dragon goddess had traveled the world for so many years, had never feared anyone. If someone dared to provoke her or her granddaughter, she would hunt them down and kill them, no matter how much time it took.

“Demon Ancestor, are you really not going to save the young master?” The old man asked.

The Demon Ancestor shook his head, “No, it’s beyond the bottom line. You can only blame the seventh son for being unlucky and encountering this kind of situation. Sometimes there’s maybe a chance, but I have done enough.”

The old man didn’t say much.

The Demon Ancestor had already decided, so he couldn’t say anything more.

“Is there any higher price?”

Mao Si asked, then looked around to make sure no one was there to declared.

“This auction ends here. The fellow cultivator who owns the Red Dust Demon Sect’s young master is in compartment number eight.”

Xiang Junchen struggled and screamed, ‘Father, please save me,’ but his screams were silent, and no one heard them at all.

He couldn’t believe it.

His father didn’t even save him.


I don’t want to be bought off.


In another compartment.

“Grandmother, he’s mine.” The young girl clapped for joy, then shook her grandmother’s arm and jumped around.

The old woman was almost shaken to pieces, “Okay, okay, my granddaughter. This time grandmother has given you a great gift of life, so be good in the future. This brat has cost grandmother nearly half of her savings, so don’t lose him.”

The young girl nodded, “Grandmother, don’t worry, I will never lose him and make sure he stays with me.”


Lin Fan sat there for a long time. His heart was pounding. He was really about to burst out in laughter when his amazing wealth finally came. He’s so wealthy now, how could he be calm?

I never thought kidnapping a young master could be so profitable.

But he knew.

This was a rare opportunity.

There had to be a time, a place, and a person.

He didn’t know that the reason he was able to auction off such a high price was all because of an obese woman who had a crush on Xiang Junchen and a heartbroken grandmother. She was willing to pay such a high price for her granddaughter.

If this wasn’t the case, there was no way the young master could be auctioned off for sixty million spirit stones.

At this price, she should able to purchase an excellent Middle-Grade Dao Artifact.

But instead, it was being used to purchase a young master, which was a bit strange when you thought about it.


VIP Room.

“Master Lin, this is sixty million spirit stones from this auction.”

Mao Si placed a storage ring in front of Lin Fan, then exclaimed, “I really didn’t expect that it would be auctioned at this price. According to my speculation,  at most, twenty million spirit stones would be the limit. Still, I didn’t expect it to reach sixty million. It’s amazing.”

Lin Fan collected sixty million pieces, then took out six million spirit stones and handed them over to Mao Si.

“Master Lin, what do you mean by this?” Mao Si asked.

Lin Fan smiled, “Rules are rules, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion charges ten percent commission for helping with the auction. I’ll have to rely on the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to help me in the future, how can it be free every time? So let’s just follow the rules, no need to say so much, just take it.”

Mao Si really didn’t want to collect Lin Fan’s commission, but seeing that Master Lin had insisted, he could only nod his head.

“Well, then, I’ll take it.”

“However, Master Lin, this must not be done more than once. If he is bought back by the Red Dust Demon Sect, Master Lin’s identity will be exposed. So, you must keep it as low as you can.” Mao Si reminded him.

This had happened, and the consequences were extremely brutal. It was somehow hard to watch.

“Okay.” Lin Fan smiled. If someone else reminded him, of course, he had to listen, but whether he would take it to heart or not, that was his business. This was a good way to get rich; he definitely had to do more. How could he abandon a path like this?


Inside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion guest compartment.

The young girl couldn’t wait to see her husband.

The old woman pushed the door and saw Xiang Junchen lying on the bed, “You kid, you shouldn’t be worth to cause this old person to spend such a price. However, my granddaughter likes you, so that’s worth it. Don’t think too much about it in the future; just stay by my granddaughter’s side and serve her well. That way, I won’t treat you badly.”

Xiang Junchen said in fear, “Senior, please let me go. You can take the Purple Demon Eyes, and I will tell you how to cultivate it. Just please let me go.”

“Haha, the Purple Demon Eyes is indeed good, but it’s not worthy to spend that much money on it. You have that value because my granddaughter has fallen in love with you. So, don’t think too much about it in the future.” The old woman walked to Xiang Junchen and said in amazement, “You’re truly evil. It seems like you have killed many people and committed many sins. You should stay with me and get rid of that evilness.”

The voice just fell.

The old woman dropped a finger and started to harm him.


Xian Junchen was powerless. He didn’t even have a trace of qi left. He stared at the old woman with full of disbelief, his hard work for centuries had gone.

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