Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently invincible Chapter 232


Inadvertently invincible Chapter 232 – The fight Was Quite Intense.

“Grandmother, if you scrap his cultivation, he will become useless. How will he stay with me for a long time? I don’t want to lose him.”

The fat girl had an appreciation of beauty in her heart and had no resistance to Xiang Junchen, who was so handsome. She was delighted; he was her ideal man in the future. 

However, if his grandmother scraped his cultivation, he would be a mortal. Mortals didn’t have a long lifespan, and he would die soon. Even if an elixir increased his life span, it wouldn’t increase it that much. 

“It doesn’t matter, grandmother has a secret technique called ‘Fluttering Wings.’ It will make you become the main body, and he is the secondary body. His life will depend on you, and you will be in control of his life and death. You can channel your qi and give him life so that he will live along with you.” 

A smile appeared on the old dragon goddess’s face, but to Xiang Junchen, this smile seemed to be a little terrifying.


The young girl happily kissed her grandmother’s wrinkled face that was like tree bark, “Grandmother is so nice.”

After that, the old dragon goddess passed the technique to the young girl and slowly walked towards the outside, “Granddaughter, let him become yours. Leave your mark so that no one can take him away in the future. Grandmother will protect you from the outside.” 

“Grandmother…” The young girl’s shy face flushed as if she was saying, ‘Grandmother, how can you say it so bluntly, it made me so embarrassed, yet so excited.’ 



The only ones left in the room were the young girl and Xiang Junchen.

The young girl gently came to the side of the bed and tried to be gentle, “My husband, I am your wife. We will live together forever, so do you have any requests from me? Although I may not always be able to fulfill it, I will try.” 

At this time.

Xiang Junchen looked at the person beside him, and when he saw her face and body, he cried out in panic for help. Oh my god, where did she come from? How could she be so ugly? Is this what a human should look like?

“Don’t you dare to come over.”

He had never seen a woman this ugly.

In the past, when he saw such an ugly guy, even if that guy hadn’t messed with him, he would have slapped him to death and threatened him to clean up the garbage all day.

“Husband, don’t be afraid. I have no bad intentions towards you. I will treat you very gently. You just need to live a good life with me, and I will love you exceptionally.” The fat girl had been eager to undress her clothes for Xiang Junchen, as she looked at his distinct muscles, which made her drooled indisputably.

“I’m already here, so please have mercy on your husband.”


It was Xiang Junchen who screamed out loud.

The voice sounded miserable.



The beds of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion were all of the highest quality, made of strange woods that would be difficult to damage it with an ordinary move. However, at this point, during the intense battle, the beds shook as if it would fall apart at any moment. 

The old dragon goddess was smiling outside the door.

She could feel her granddaughter’s pleasure.

As long as my granddaughter loved it, it was all worth it.

As for the young master’s status as the seventh son of the Red Dust Demon Ancestor, she didn’t care. No matter what his status was, as long as her granddaughter was interested, she would find a way to get it.

How long would it take to accumulate sixty million spirit stones back?

It might take a long time.

But for an immortal like them, something outside the body could be important or unimportant; it depended on what it was used for. 


Time passed quickly.

The movement was over.

The young girl was naked, her fat skin piled on top of Xiang Junchen’s body, and her fat palms was gently caressing his face, “My husband, you will be my man from now on. I will be good for you, and if you like children, I can give you lots of them.” 

After she said this, the young girl was very shy as she rubbed her fat hand against Xiang Junchen’s chest. Then she opened her mouth and bit his arm, leaving two rows of sharp teeth marks.

I was about leaving a mark.

To prove you were my man.

And no one could take you away.

On the other hand, Xiang Junchen was already heartbroken. He was lying on his bed; his eyes were sunken as if he was too emaciated to expect something like this would happen. 

It was more than he could bear.

He was the young master of the Red Dust Demon Sect, the seventh son of the Demon Ancestor. He should have had a bright future, but instead, it turned out like this. The heavens were unfair; why did they do this to me?


Lin Fan didn’t know what happened to Xiang Junchen.

He had been drawn to the spirit stones, which were enough for him to spend right now.

For regular people, spirit stones were very useful.

Cultivation, formation, alchemy, cultivation techniques, etc. All of them required the support of spirit stones.

If no one in the world knew how to use a spirit stone, except for one person, that person was blessed with a golden hand. 

However, after everyone knew it, then this wasn’t a bugger anymore.

Spirit stones had become a support item that everyone in ChéngRén needed.

According to his current net worth, in the Greatest Martial Sect, he was the richest among all the rich people, except the old sect master who was richer than him. 

At this point.

Mao Si arrived, and after seeing Lin Fan, he hurriedly said, “Master Lin, you have to stay here for a few days. I just got the news that after the auction ended, the Demon Ancestor didn’t leave. He was waiting outside for the old dragon goddess. If Master Lin leaves now, there’s a good chance you might encounter him.”

“Hey, it’s fine. I’ll stay for a few more days then.” Lin Fan said.

Now that he was seeking stability and had just sold someone’s son for a small fortune, how could he be overly arrogant?

He had to be low profile. 

It was just that Lin Fan didn’t quite understand. Why did the Demon Ancestor wait for the old dragon goddess; instead of just go and find her? She might be the buyer, but it was a fair trade. Also, there was no problem between him and the old dragon goddess. It could only be said that this Demon Ancestor was a careful person. 


Outside the Heavenly Treasures Pavilion range.

The Demon Ancestor was arrogantly waiting with a sullen face. The old man on the other side stayed behind him respectfully and didn’t dare to object. They were waiting for the old dragon goddess who had a grudge against them, the Red Dust Demon Sect, and bought their young master. 

However, the Demon Ancestor didn’t want to clash with the old dragon goddess.

He was waiting just so that they could have a good talk.



The old dragon goddess was a hunchback, one of her hands held a cane, and the other was behind her back. From time to time, she looked back at her tired granddaughter, and Xiang Junchen then smiled. It was just that the smile was somewhat strange and made people shudder. 

Xiang Junchen’s face was expressionless, and he already wanted to die. The fat girl who was leaning close to him was much larger than him. In fact, she wasn’t leaning against his arms, but he was sinking very deep into the girl’s fat flesh. 

“Stinky kid, if you dare to make such a face again, I will gouge out your eyes and cut off your hands and feet. What my granddaughter likes the most is to hold you; it doesn’t matter if she has arms and feet or not.” The old dragon goddess was gloomy and dark. She looked like a harmless old woman, but when she spoke, she was ruthless.

Xiang Junchen was intimidated by the old woman, so he showed a reluctant smile.

Such a smile wouldn’t be pleasant.

There was no emotion in that smile.


The old dragon goddess raised her head and looked forward with cloudy eyes, “I didn’t expect the Demon Ancestor would be waiting here. If I had known earlier, I would have come earlier.”

“Father, save me.” Xiang Junchen saw his father’s figure and immediately shouted. He who had already experienced desperate situations and had died inside long ago was now alive again as the hope of his life appeared. 

If he were to remain by the ugly woman’s side, he was afraid he would crumble. 

The fat girl dragged Xiang Junchen like a chicken, how could he struggle away? However, his desire to survive was strong, and his eyes that looked at the old father were filled with tears.

“The old dragon goddess, I do not wish to start a conflict with you, but this is my son, I must bring him back. You can name a price, and I will satisfy you.” The Demon Ancestor said. 

Just as he looked at the seventh son, he was fiercely angry. “Old dragon goddess, did you ruin my son’s cultivation?”

He noticed it at first glance that something was wrong.

Upon taking a closer look.

Only then did he discovered that Xiang Junchen’s cultivation was completely gone and had become a useless person.

“Demon Ancestor, how can you say this? He is already my granddaughter’s man, so what can I do by destroying his cultivation?” The old dragon goddess didn’t have any regrets for her opponent. So what if he was the Demon Ancestor who ruled the world.


A terrifying demonic power erupted from the Demon Ancestor.

The old dragon goddess smiled, “It seems that the Demon Ancestor wants to fight me. Let me see how powerful the Red Dust Demon Sect’s peerless mystic arts are.” 

It was a common occasion to start a fight when there was a disagreement between the powerful demon cultivator.

Seeing that, the old dragon goddess gently pointed the crutch in her hand towards the ground. Black waves spread out with the tip of the crutch, layer after layer, forming waves.

“I have been in the world for thousands of years and have experienced countless lives from scratch. so let’s see what is so powerful about the Demon Ancestor who comes from the righteous path of demons.”

The qi spread, and the demonic power tore the sky. Immediately afterward, eight fierce demonic creatures surrounded the Demon Ancestor. These fierce creatures were all condensed by the old dragon goddess powerful demonic qi.


An unknown voice came from the eight fierce creatures.

The Demon Ancestor squinted, then his eyes opened. The two rounds of purple eyes erupted with astonishing power, and the power enveloped the sky. Everything he saw was under the control of his Demon Ancestor. 

The eight fierce creatures suffered abrasions and turned to ashes.

“Rumor has it that the Purple Demon Eyes can break any kind of cultivation techniques in the world, but I don’t believe it, so I’ll see if the rumor is true or not.” 

The demonic power wrapped around the old dragon goddess’ body and showing the highest state of her demon cultivation technique. She raised her hand and waved her crutches, which grew larger. The demonic patterns flickered, covering the world with black light and striking at the Demon Ancestor’s head.

The old man who was staying by the Demon Ancestor’s side had already retreated far away.

The confrontation between the two powerful demon cultivators was so impressive that it was no longer within someone else’s power to intervene. People could only hide to protect themselves. 

Images such as Siren Hell, Demonic Abyss, and so on surfaced in the air. The power generated by each strike was enough to destroy the world. All kinds of powerful mystic arts were shining brilliantly, not to mention the world was falling apart due to that power. Their qi was shattering even the void abyss. 

The young girl grabbed Xiang Junchen, “Husband, be good, and don’t think of running away. Grandmother is very powerful, and she will beat your father. After that, we can wander the world and look around at the beautiful scenery. When the evening comes, I’ll make sure to make my husband comfortable, okay.”

Xiang Junchen didn’t manage to pick up breath and just fainted. 

Oh my god!

Oh, mother, earth! 

Let me go.


Heavenly Treasures Pavilion.

Lin Fan, with his hands behind his back, looked into the distance. Although he was far away, he could see the sky was shattering and howling. It was dark and lightless; the sun and moon seemed to be upside down. 

There was a fight.

And it seemed the fight was quite intense.

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