Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 233


Chapter 233 – There’s Something Odd About This Place

“Mao Si, they’re fighting so fiercely. Won’t the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion go to persuade them? It wouldn’t be good if someone got killed.” Lin Fan was worried and couldn’t bear the thought of something tragic might happen.

Obviously, he, as the culprit, was here after all.  

He was basically the seller. 

And people spent their money to buy from him.

Mao Si smiled, and said, “Master Lin, this is a grudge between them. It has nothing to do with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Besides, they’ve already been outside the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s range. So even if we wanted to control them, we wouldn’t have the ability to do so.”

“The old dragon goddess spent sixty million spirit stones at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and is already a big customer. So, if she needs an escort to help with this problem on the way, we can help.”

The powerful people had all noticed the commotion in the distance, a sight that only an intense battle could create. 

After paying attention for a while, Lin Fan stopped as the aftermath of the battle in the distance faded away indicated that it should be over.

He actually had some ideas.

For example, he wanted to go and see if the fighting was intense. If it was very intense, he might be able to get something out of it. 

But think about it.

If the Demon Ancestor was tied up, then the Red Dust Demon Sect would fight to the death.

However, if that grandmother was tied up, she might not be able to be sold based on her age and looks.


Several days later.

Lin Fan prepared to leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Mao Si arrived in front of Lin Fan with a strange look, as if he had a lot to say, yet it seemed hard to say it, and he couldn’t even say it for a moment.

“Mao Si, just tell me what you want, I’ll be leaving later. Staying in one place makes my son a little impatient.” Lin Fan asked. 

The crazy old man urged to leave. He didn’t want to stay here. 

Not at all.

Mao Si said helplessly, “Master Lin, there’s one thing I hope you can prepare your heart for. The Red Dust Demon Sect has issued an order for the demon cultivator to hunt you down and kill you. You likely will be the target of the demon cultivator for a certain period in the future.” 

“That’s good. How much did the Red Dust Demon Sect pay?” Lin Fan asked. 

He knew that it was Xiang Junchen who had told him. When the old woman encountered the Demon Ancestor, there was a battle that happened. So, Xiang Junchen must have told the Demon Ancestor who had kidnapped him, because when he was suppressing Xiang Junchen, he had declared himself.

“He paid ten million spirit stones for two powerful people.” Mao Si said. The price could be considered very high, and even a True Stage cultivator would probably be unable to resist. The spirit stones must have attracted powerful people. 

And the most important thing was that not only the hunting order but also the attraction of the other’s power. 

Even the Red Dust Demon Sect had already targeted Lin Fan.

“Master Lin, how could you say this is good? You have to be careful when you go out in the future. You must be careful because the Red Dust Demon Sect’s hunting order is extraordinary. The people they want to kill are likely unable to escape.” Mao Si said. 

Lin Fan waved his hand, “It’s fine. If they want to hunt and kill me, I can still hide. Alright, it’s been a while since I stayed in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Thank you for the hospitality this time, and I’ll take my leave.” 

Mao Si nodded and didn’t say anything more. If Master Lin needed help, then they

could actually come out and negotiate.

As for how the final talk went.

It was indeed hard to say.

But since Master Lin didn’t need it, so be it.

Lin Fan left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion with the crazy old man and disappeared

into the world.


In a deep mountain.

“Oh my, this fellow cultivator. I know it is a bit overbearing since I haven’t seen him for a while, but he has even offended the Red Dust Demon Sect. Could it be that he got my true heritage and emptied the Red Dust Demon Sect of its secrets?” 

Li Dadao sat on a rock, stroking his chin and pondering carefully.

He had recently done a big job and had been hunted for days, but with resourcefulness, he managed to escape into these deep mountains and was safe for the time being. 

Suddenly, Li Dadao found insects chirping around him, crawling quickly towards the distance.

“Hey! This kind of vision signifies that a great treasure has appeared, and no one can stop it. Even a tiny insect wants to inhale the immortal energy of a great treasure.” 

He was so knowledgeable that he instantly realized what this was about. He then transformed into a stream of light and carefully moved forward towards the depths.

As for fellow cultivator Lin, he had already left the most wanted man behind and didn’t think much about it for now.

The great treasure was more important.

If you really discovered a great treasure, you’d truly make a fortune.


After Lin Fan left the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion with the crazy old man, he moved more carefully and didn’t make too much fuss. The feeling of being chased by the Red Dust Demon Sect wasn’t great, but it definitely wasn’t bad.

Kill whoever was coming.

There should be no hesitation.


Several days later.

Lin Fan suddenly felt a terrifying power coming. He pulled the crazy old man and hurriedly landed on the ground, hiding behind a mountain rock. He covered the old man’s mouth and shushed him, told him not to speak. 

“Someone’s coming, don’t talk.”

Immediately, A few silhouettes were flying through the air, sweeping away towards the distance. 

“They’re not coming after me.”

Lin Fan took a look and determined that these people weren’t looking for him. These were a few old men, Void Stage, and True Stage cultivators. With their strength, it was usually hard for them to be attracted by the rewards of hunting someone. However, if they were to run into each other on the way, they might consider taking the hunting order. 

Think about it. It would be better just to kill the ‘wanted’ person and get a reward in return. Also, it was just a passing encounter anyway. After all, Spirit stone is still spirit stone.

He saw one of the powerful person’s remarks, and he knew what was happening. 

[Remark: Astonishing treasures are born to those who are fortunate enough to get them, and I must be the one who is fortunate enough.]

“Should I go or not?” Lin Fan hesitated, knowing that this trip was fraught with danger, as anyone who hooked up with the ‘Great Treasure’ was bound to bleed to death.

He wasn’t looking for the great treasure. 

Treasures or not, it was all things outside the body.

As a disciple of the famous immortal sect, he had good intentions and a desire to uphold justice in the world. This time there would be demon cultivators and demons who came to harm, so he must crush these unethical behaviors.

“Son, let’s go. There will be a danger on this trip. You must stay by father’s side.” Lin Fan instructed. 

“Father, I am very timid. I will be obedient and stay by your side.” The crazy old man shrank his head. He didn’t know his true strength, so, he could indeed be fooled.


The next day!

Lin Fan followed the crazy man to a mountain range.

He saw those powerful people disappearing into the mountains and had arrived at their destination. It was a mountain that seemed to be normal but gave a feeling of desolation. The trees were shaded, green, and lush, revealing lush life everywhere. 

It seemed a little out of place with the desolation.

Not long after.

Lin Fan stopped, he saw a corpse being pinned to an ancient tree, its limbs hanging down, blood spilling from the corners of its mouth, and it was no longer breathing.

There was a bloody hole in its chest as if a sharp object had struck it. 

“It’s a bit dangerous to make a scene before we’ve even decided what the great treasure is.” Lin Fan sighed as he arrived in front of the corpse and carefully inspected it. The corpse drop item had been collected cleanly, and there was nothing left. 

Too bad!

“Son, let’s be careful. This place is starting to get dangerous.” 

He had gotten used to telling the crazy old man to be careful. Still, it was actually himself who needed to be careful the most. Perhaps he didn’t want to admit that he was weaker, so admonishing the crazy old man was equal to advising himself. 

A few moments later, he noticed that the earth was shaking, and in the distance, the glowing light was stirring. Amazing aftershocks were sweeping in from all directions, and a great war, involving powerful men was taking place.


Lin Fan found something odd about this place. The aftershocks of a battle between such astonishing, powerful people would be enough to destroy everything, but the mountains didn’t move, as if there was some kind of force holding this place. 

He didn’t have to engage in a battle between those powerful people.

It had nothing to do with him.

Since it was the appearance of a great treasure, there must be many powerful people coming to this place.

He had to become a low profile!

Everything was about stability.

As expected, not long after, the battle noises disappeared. Perhaps the enemies who encountered each other just randomly fought, but then they realized that they came here to find the great treasure and not to fight for their lives. 

So, might as well let it go.

Lin Fan’s safety was guaranteed by taking the crazy old man with him. So, he didn’t need to be vain even if he encountered a strong enemy. However, he was now being hunted by the Red Dust Demon Sect, so he would have to keep a low profile. This was something he took into consideration first.

When I had the opportunity to visit them personally, I would like to ask what your Red Dust Demon Sect thought about me.

Then he noticed a group of people standing there in the distance. He looked up, and there was a large mountain not far from there. This mountain was strange and tall, covered in white clouds, with no peak visible. 

However, at this time, the white clouds in that peak had occasional flashes of thunder.

Then black thunder struck the mountain’s peak. 

“What dangerous thunder.”

He felt that the thunder contained great terror and destructive power. Each time it struck, the peak of the mountain shook, and countless boulders rolled down.

At this moment, an old man said aloud, “Which one of you knows the origin of this mountain, and what is the legend behind it?” 

The crowd was silent.

They didn’t know if this mountain had ancient rumors, but the current visions were so astonishing. So, it felt a bit unrealistic to say that there were no ancient rumors.

Just then, another old man spoke up, “Fellow cultivators, this mountain is peculiar. There are more than one big formations on top of that mountain. These thunderbolts are the result of someone activating those big formations. So, if we don’t break those formations, we won’t be able to enter.”

“I hope all of you, fellow cultivators, can put aside your conflicts and work together to break the formation. It’s not too late for you to fight for the great treasure if you are fortunate enough to get it when it’s released.” 

The crowd acknowledged his words. 

Quite a few powerful people were coming this time. They consisted of immortals, demon cultivators, and demons. If there was a real fight, it would definitely be a tragic fight, not to mention whether they would be able to see the great treasures at that time. 

It was still a question of whether or not they could survive.

“It’s a bit much of a goal.”

Lin Fan mingled in the crowd, unobtrusive, not attracting any attention at all. At this time, everyone’s eyes were drawn to the white cloud-covered mountain peak. 

Moreover, The Red Dust Demon Sect didn’t have his portrait. They only knew that his name was Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. It would be, at least, a while before they could figure out how he looked like.

In the meantime, as long as he didn’t declare himself, he was absolutely safe.

“They are searching for great treasure, while I’m just looking for targets I can hit. So, it doesn’t bother anyone. It’s perfect.”

Lin Fan smiled.

It was a great plan.

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