Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 234


Chapter 234 – Which Idiot Suggested This?

At this time.

The situation had changed a little bit.

“This fellow cultivator is looking at us weirdly. You have been observing us all this time, do you have any idea? If you do, you may as well speak up and let us consider it.” An old man asked.

He found the young man’s eyes a little unpleasant like he was checking something out. 


Lin Fan was a little confused. ‘I was just a young man watching the show. I didn’t do anything, and you asked me if I had any idea. If I knew better, I wouldn’t be here watching with you, would I?’ 

He was just looking for a target.

And his main targets were only demons and evil people.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan.

It would be a lie to say he didn’t panic when he faced those eyes, it was hard, but he was a tough man.

“I feel that you all can work together to break the formation with your strength. As the saying goes, one force breaks all laws, and all of you, fellow cultivators, are invincible. So, if you work together, you may be able to break the formation.” 

“Anyway, I don’t think there are any formations that can’t be broke.” 

“What do you guys think?”

Lin Fan said calmly. He had to remain cautious but still be confident enough. If he couldn’t believe in himself, how could he make others believe him? 

The powerful men looked at each other. They obviously didn’t expect this the young man had such a brilliant idea. 

“We can try, but it’s dangerous. We don’t know what this formation is. So, if we break it with force and trigger it to renounce, the consequences are unthinkable.”

“I think this fellow cultivator has a point. We are all invincible existences, and we can’t break this formation if we don’t join forces.”

“It’s better to be careful. This place is quite odd; it’s definitely not as simple as we think.” 

“You can’t be afraid. If you do, then back off. You don’t need to get involved.”

These powerful people all argued over this situation.

Lin Fan pulled the crazy old man and prepared to find a place to hide. He was just casually saying it for them to consider it. However, looking at them now, it seemed that he had done a good job. 

But if something went wrong later. 

He would get himself in trouble. 


At this time.

The quarrel between a group of powerful people was coming to an end. Eventually, the minority obeyed the majority. They decided to break the formation of this mountain with force, using their most substantial True Stage power. 

Those powerful demon cultivators all looked into the distance with confusion. What the hell were those faggots immortal doing? 

“Everyone, don’t hold back. It won’t be difficult to break the formation with our strength. It’s time for the great treasure to come out, and it is time for us to fight for it. When the time comes, whoever manages to get it will be considered a fortunate one.” 

Suddenly, the power of infinite qi erupted as all the powerful people accumulated their qi, displaying their most powerful mystic art. Since they couldn’t break the formation at the moment, they would use their strongest power to break it.

On the other hand, Lin Fan had already retreated far away when suddenly someone tapped his ankle, which made him almost jump out of shock. 

“Fellow cultivator Lin, don’t panic, it’s me.” 

Only when Lin Fan heard the voice did he become slightly relieved. He then looked down to see that it was Li Dadao who was hiding in the shadows.

Lin Fan pulled the crazy old man aside and hurriedly hid, “Fellow cultivator Li, why are you here?”

“Hey, there’s no need to say that. Wherever there’s a treasure, there’s me. However, fellow cultivator, you’re amazing, now you’ve been haunted down by the Red Dust Demon Sect. You wouldn’t have gotten my true heritage and stolen the Red Dust Demon Sect’s old secret, would you?” Li Dadao asked. He had to make sure, or this envy couldn’t even be settled. 

“No. Do I look like the kind of person who steals from people? I was just selling the Red Dust Demon Ancestor’s seventh son to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.” Lin Fan said.

He didn’t want to understand how big it could be. So, hunt me down and see how long you could go after me.

Li Dadao exclaimed, “Awesome, my fellow cultivator! You dare to sell the son of a demon ancestor. It’s very admirable. If I were you, I wouldn’t do such a thing, but how much did you get from selling him?”

He didn’t expect the fellow cultivator he hadn’t known for long would do this.

It seemed that he still hadn’t gotten his true legacy, so he could only start with people. Come to think of it, how could he get his true legacy so easily, it was something that needed to be refined by long experience.

“It’s not much, just sixty million spirit stones.” Lin Fan was wary of the situation in the distance. Those powerful people were about to strike, so he didn’t know what the situation would be. 

“Oh, that is indeed not much.” Li Dadao smiled, but then, steeply raising his voice, he looked incredulous, “Wait, how much did you say?”

Li Dadao seemed to realize that the sound was a bit loud. So he immediately covered his mouth, quietly loosened a few fingers, and stared, “Did you just say sixty million spirit stones?”

For Li Dadao, he had never seen how much sixty million spirit stones were.

Of course, if he sold some of the dao artifacts he had on him, he would be able to exchange them for so many spirit stones, but he wasn’t stupid. 

“That’s right.”

Lin Fan nodded. He didn’t hide anything; it was nothing to hide since it was just sixty million spirit stones. 

Li Dadao looked at Lin Fan in horror, followed by thoughts that were quite complicated.

How could a demon’s son be worth that much? 

Was it possible to sell it for sixty million spirit stones?

If he were to earn these spirit stones, it would take at least several years. It depended on luck, as it was common for some of the old demon’s caves to have nothing. So, it was a risky trip to get nothing. 

“Brother, is there any requirement for this seller?” Li Dadao asked in a small voice. At this point, he even omitting fellow cultivators and directly addressing each other as brothers. 

Lin Fan said, “The requirements are simple. The looks, temperament, and status all have to be good; the better are these, the more expensive it will be. Don’t tell me you want to do this line of work as well, do you?” 

“How is this possible, I, Li Dadao, would never do this thing such as selling people. I’m just curious, so I ask.” Li Dadao smiled and thought about the demon ancestor son more. The seventh son was sold, but there was still a sixth son. This business seemed to be working. It looked like he had to change direction in the future. It was such a lucrative job that he didn’t even notice it before. 

Lin Fan said, “Let’s not talk about that. If you come here, that means there must be a great treasure here, but why are you hiding here? With your personality, it’s a bit, unlike you for not going in.” 

“My brother, you think highly of me in this matter. I was the first to come here, and I would have liked to go in, but the situation here is not right. It is a little weird, originally, there was no such mountain, and I saw it slowly emerge from the ground.”

“Then I saw countless beasts pouring into that mountain because the movement was a bit too much. It seems like activating the great formation and made all the beast turned right into ashes.”

“You know I’m good at breaking formations, but I can’t break this one. It must be an ancient formation. I can feel it.”

Li Dadao didn’t hide and told Lin Fan everything he knew.

According to his personality, if he really could have gone in, he would have rolled in and collected all the treasure. Why would he wait until now?

Lin Fan figured that even though he hadn’t known Li Dadao for long, he knew that this guy was still somewhat honorable.

“Father, I’m scared.” The crazy old man held his head in his hands. He was trembling with fear of danger.

Li Dadao opened his mouth. It had been a while since he had seen Lin Fan, but how could this brother had such a big son. It was a bit overbearing. 

Lin Fan lightly patted the crazy old man’s head, “Be good and don’t be afraid. Father is here.” 

Just then, there was a movement in the distance. The group of powerful people struck, and their qi erupted with radiant light, shattering the void and blasting towards the mountain peak formation. 

“What are they doing?” Li Dadao was stunned, then his face changed, “It’s not good, they’re looking for death.”

He couldn’t break these formations.

He knew that these formations were not simple. It was likely that they were ancient formations. 

He had indeed got a Breaking Formation Hand Seal from an unknown cave, and he knew quite a few formations as well. 

Even if it was a great formation laid out by a True Stage cultivator, he could still break it.

But this formation was able to stop him from getting in.

That could only mean that this formation was extraordinary.


It was all too late. The qi crashed onto the peak of the mountain.

All the powerful demon cultivators and demons were confused as to what these idiots were doing.

The powerful immortals were waiting. 

They worked together to break the formation, but they still couldn’t break it.

But soon… The ground was shaking.

The entire world seemed to shake, and they hadn’t even broken a corner of the formation.

Right after that, The mountain peak formation flashed with gorgeous light, followed by countless rays of light erupted. These rays were like swords that ran through the world, covering all directions and attacking indiscriminately.

“It’s not good. It’s a big counterattack.”

“Damn it, whoever suggested breaking the formation with force, I’ll make sure to kill him.” 

“That kid, where’s the kid who was just standing next to us?”

At this point, a powerful immortal responded and tried to look for Lin Fan. He wanted to ask this kid, what kind of suggestion did you fucking give? However, after searching for half a day, he still couldn’t find him.

But right now, it was not the time to focus on those things.

The three great powers of immortal, demon cultivators and demons were all trying to resist the great formation’s counterattack. 


Some of the powerful people were directly overwhelmed by the counterattack of the mountain’s formation. Their corpses disappeared completely as if they had instantly evaporated. 

This was a terror!

The formation possessed a great terror!

They looked real.

Although the one who was exterminated was only a Void Stage cultivator. It was too terrifying for a formation to have the ability to kill a Void Stage cultivator.

There was a riot coming from the demon cultivator and the demon. 

There was also yelling and cursing.

This group of immortals was such a stinking fool. They didn’t even figure out the situation, yet they were trying to break the formation with force. People would easily break into it if it was just a simple formation. 

Where else did they need to be right now?

Lin Fan shrank his head, expressing his innocence. He didn’t want something like this to happen. He just randomly said it. So, the subsequent results have nothing to do with me. 

“Haha, such a group of idiots. Which idiot did they listen to that actually made them tried to break the formation?” Li Dadao almost laughed out loud.

Lin Fan said helplessly, “I’m sorry, I’m the idiot you’re talking about. They simply listened to me.”

Li Dadao blinked, “Brother, I don’t mean any offense. Please, don’t take it to heart. Your action is so powerful, and those powerful people just don’t like it.”

“According to the current situation.”

“I think we’d better give up. This place isn’t something we can stain. Maybe those ancient formations are hiding terror and viciousness underneath.”

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