Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 235


Chapter 235 – This Is Quite Overbearing

Lin Fan disagreed with what Li Dadao said.

Lin Fan said, “Someone once told me the same about the danger of this place. Saying that I should retreat, but then, he went in anyway. How can you resist the unknown’s attraction it has for you?”

Lin Fan had experienced something like this before.

He remembered Wu Ji, a disciple of the Utmost Nihility Sect, who had his crotch bitten off by a weasel, and wondered. He wondered how that guy was doing and if he had re-cultivated and grown that thing back out again.

“It seems that my brother’s heart is as clear as a mirror, and to be honest, I hate to leave. However, I don’t want my brother to be in serious danger, so I’m going to go alone after my brother leaves. If I can find something good, I’ll definitely bring some for my brother.” What Li Dadao said was a big deal.

Lin Fan was about to say something, but the situation suddenly had changed.

The white clouds that wrapped around the peak of the mountain dissipated, and the entire mountain shook. It cracked open from the top of the mountain, and the crack spread down like a giant dragon.

The ground that couldn’t even be damaged by a powerful person was cracking. It was evident that something big was about to happen.

The three great powers of immortal, demon cultivator and demons resisting the formation’s counterattack were now on guard.

This place was bizarre.

What exactly was hidden in this place?

“Brother Lin, there are horrors that are about to be unleashed.”

Li Dadao frowned as if he had sensed something. The feeling was terrible. He had traveled around the old demon cave for many years and had already developed an affinity for danger.

No matter what would next, he had indeed sensed the danger that was about to come.


Something exploded, and then there was light rising from the cracks into the sky, illuminating the area.

Lin Fan looked up; his mouth was wide open. What a radiant light.

There was a sound of tinkling bells and gurgling water.


A golden gourd rose from the mountain peak, its golden light shining for miles, and the immortals who were bathed in the golden light felt their bodies became much more relaxed. Their pores opened, as they breathed in the fresh air.

“The great treasure is out.”

“This object is for those who are fortunate enough to receive it, and I’m that fortunate person.”

One of the powerful people shouted. He then went towards the golden gourd, his five fingers spread wide, as he cast his mystic art. His giant hand that covered the sky grabbed towards the gourd, making it seem like a giant palm controlled the world.

Space, the emptiness, everything was under its control.

“Stop daydreaming, you old fool. This treasure is mine, so don’t dream about getting it.”

As the great treasure appeared, the crowd started to fight for it. No one wanted to let it go.

Lin Fan felt that this object appeared too easy and simple, unlike how a great treasure should be arranged. “Fellow cultivator Li, do you think it was that simple for this object to come out?” 

Lin Fan took a glance and noticed that Li Dadao wasn’t around. Then he looked closer and found that Li Dadao was already in the distance. He was taking out quite a few spirit stones, and it seemed like he was setting up a formation.

What was he doing?

Lin Fan took a closer look.

[Remarks: Robbing by force won’t work, so we can only lay down a formation to draw the treasure over and escape.]

Lin Fan had underestimated his fellow cultivator Li. He was Someone who capable and ready to snatch food from the tiger’s mouth. It seemed that the great treasure’s attraction was really great, and ordinary people could hardly endure it.

At this point, the golden gourd vibrated, as it gently shook. Circle after circle of golden ripples spread out, shaking the world, and forming some resonance with frequent visions.

A powerful man has been disturbed, his eyes widened, and he felt a mysterious power striking the mind.

A True Stage demon cultivator covered the golden gourd with his giant demonic hand, and his face was filled with great joy, “I got it, this object is mine.” 


The golden gourd blossomed with golden light, and directly destroyed the giant demonic hand, obliterating it into ashes.


There was a scream.

The True Stage cultivator couldn’t believe that this treasure had severely injured him. He roared in rage, casting his astonishing mystic art, and grabbed the golden gourd one more time.

The golden gourd buzzed and trembled, spawning a golden thunderbolt that ran through and pierced between the True Stage demon cultivator’s brow.

It was like time and space were imprisoned.

The True Stage demon cultivator looked up, his eyes bursting out. His mouth opened, and shrieked, as the middle of his eyebrows cracked open. The golden light rose into the sky, and he screamed as his skull began to crumble into pieces, clattering, and shattering. Eventually, his entire body vanished in smoke.


Numerous powerful people who wanted to make a move were horrified by what happened.

They didn’t dare make any move.

“What kind of great treasure is this? How can it be so powerful.” A red-haired powerful demon cultivator was speechless.

He wanted to fight for this important treasure. However, when he saw his fellow cultivator being annihilated by the golden thunder, he immediately stopped and didn’t dare to move.

Lin Fan was extremely horrified; what just happened was too terrifying. The one who just died was a True Stage cultivator. Even if that person seemed to underestimate the great treasure, he shouldn’t have easily died. What was the origin of this object? Could it be what just appeared was truly a great ancient treasure?


In the distance, Li Dadao stopped his moves and retrieved all the spirit stones that had been arranged, while erasing the formation traces. This great treasure was no joke; it was not something he could stain. 

Also, a solemn apology to the golden gourd.

‘My name is Li Dadao, and I want to apologize. I was out of my depth and tried to get my hands on the ancient treasures; I admit my fault.’

At this point.

Some of the powerful people reached out to the sect’s ancient existence and came to compete for the golden gourd.

This object was an extremely important treasure. It emitted an ancient aura that was beyond the range of a dao artifact. It had a mysterious origin and was definitely not a treasure that could be condensed now.

Some people even suspected that this was a peerless treasure that had been nurtured for countless millions of years. The world had conceived it, and it couldn’t be refined by manpower. Otherwise, it wouldn’t possess the power that could exterminate True Stage cultivator.

“What the hell have I encountered?”

Lin Fan was in a dilemma, as he watched that True Stage cultivator die. Even in the end, there was no glowing heat, not even a bit of residual heat left for him.

The Void Stage cultivators had retreated.

They knew that this time the great treasure was not for them to touch. Even True Stage cultivators were no match for this great treasure. They would only be asking for death if they dared to touch it.

“Aren’t you the fellow cultivator who just suggested to break the formation with force?” A Void Stage cultivator saw Lin Fan hiding in the area and asked in confusion.

Lin Fan said indifferently, “Yes, it was me. It was a good idea. The great treasure has actually come out, but now the situation seems to be a bit dangerous. Fellow cultivator, hurry over and hide here with me, don’t show yourself.”

“Cultivation is not easy, and once you die, all your work for years will be in vain.”

He couldn’t show that he was panicking.

It was true that breaking the formation with force had gone a little wrong, but at least the great treasure had appeared, so it wasn’t a waste of time.

This Void Stage cultivator nodded, “Fellow cultivator has a point. This place is peculiar. That golden gourd is not something we can get our hands-on, yet we feel a bit reluctant to leave here, so it’s better to hide here and watch.”

Afterward, those who were still facing the golden gourd were all a group of True Stage cultivators. They were strong True Stage cultivators, even if there was a difference in terms of level on their cultivation stage. They were helpless against a golden gourd now, which was unbelievable.

The immortals, demon cultivators, and demons looked at each other. No one was in a hurry to take action, as a fellow True Stage had already verified the golden gourd’s power for them.

If they still didn’t know how to snatch it, they were afraid the result would be the same.

Lin Fan observed the golden gourd.

Those powerful people hadn’t made a move to snatch it yet. The golden gourd was steadily suspended in the air, emitting a burst of golden light and forming an aperture that spread out towards the outside world.

Countless people wanted to get their hands on it, but this object wasn’t easy to obtain.


In the distance, there were several terrifying power passed on.

A white-haired old man stepped out of the void and stood proudly in the air. He seemed like he was fragile, but his eyes were like extremely penetrating eagle eyes. 

“Old Ancestor, this golden gourd is dangerous, and a fellow True Stage cultivator had just been killed by it.” A True Stage cultivator respectfully said. The old man in front of him had become famous thousands of years before him. When this True Stage cultivator was still a kid in crotchless pants, this old man was already so powerful.

The white-haired old man stared out, immortal light shining in his eyes, and his thoughts passed on as if he was talking to a golden gourd.

Just before his thoughts touched the golden gourd, he was knocked out by the gourd’s golden light emitted.

“It really is a strange and extraordinary object. Let see what this old man can do.”

The white-haired old man opened his five fingers, capturing everything in the world and directly covering the golden gourd.

The golden gourd was threatened and shook fiercely. The golden thunderbolt snapped and swept over, but this white-haired old man with extraordinary skills directly stopped the golden thunderbolt, unlike the previous fellow cultivator, who got struck by the golden thunderbolt in his brows and annihilated.

“I’ll take control of everything.”

The white-haired old man growled. His cultivation technique intertwined, forming a large net to cover the golden gourd completely. Although he hadn’t become immortal, his qi was strong. His comprehension of immortality was quite profound, so he had already been able to draw on the immortal energy of the immortal realm and condense the cultivation technique.

His power couldn’t be compared to an ordinary True Stage cultivator.

The golden gourd shook violently, threatened, and struggled to resist. A thousand golden rays wielded to fight the white-haired old man.


The white-haired old man’s condensed shielding hand shattered, and the surrounding space suffered from the crushing. Everything was continually shattering, as the old man looked pale. This object was strange and even more terrifying. It was able to withstand his attack, even causing him a hint of trouble.

At this point, fluctuated between the distant world, a few more extraordinary True Stage cultivators, made an instant move to take this treasure for themselves.

The white-haired old man said coldly, “Are you all trying to take the treasures that this old man has his eye on?”

“Hahahaha, every great treasure has its destiny. You haven’t obtained it yet, how can you say it’s yours? This golden treasure gourd is definitely a great ancient treasure, condensed by nature. Let this old man get it, so I can ascend to the Immortal Realm.”

The old man who attacked was so powerful that his giant demonic flames burned the heavens. Even if the Demon Ancestor saw this, he would have to bow his head and admit that he was no match for him.

Lin Fan stared, not expecting a single treasure could attract so many old monsters.

It hadn’t even crossed his mind before.

Now it seemed that this cultivation world was a lot more dangerous than he thought.

He couldn’t leave.

He needed to see who would get this great treasure in the end.

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