Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 236


Chapter 236 – Senior, I’m Not a Bad Person

“Huh! Where is this fellow cultivator who was just beside me?”

Lin Fan was so confused, how could he disappear in the blink of an eye. 

This Void Realm cultivator wasn’t weak. He could even be considered a powerful cultivator, but he was indeed a little inadequate in this current situation. Perhaps there were a bit too many powerful people coming for him this time. So it was better to defend himself and retreat early to avoid encountering trouble. 

“Brother, why don’t we retreat as well?” Li Dadao quietly came to Lin Fan and said.

Lin Fan said, “Didn’t you just prepare to snatch the treasure? Did you just give up?”

“I realize that this treasure is not for me, so I don’t want to force it.” Li Dadao said slowly, speaking as if it were true. It was still because this treasure was a bit terrifying, and with so many powerful people competing for it, it would cost him his life to play with it.

Li Dadao was very frustrated with the treasure. It was a really unpleasant feeling to watch a great treasure being taken by someone, and he couldn’t do anything about it. 

He rolled his little eyes, wondering if maybe there was still a chance. He just had to wait and see.

If there were a chance, he would absolutely not hesitate to make a move. As soon as he got this treasure, he would do everything he could to escape. He would run as far away as he could. It would be worth it to stay for decades, even in the deep woods. 


The golden gourd radiance blossomed, erupting with a golden light even more terrifying than all previous ones. It shook all of the old treasures apart, then turned into a golden light and disappeared far away. 

“Let’s run and chase it.”

This was the first time they had seen such a strange yet precious treasure. They would regret it for the rest of their lives if they let it go. 



Numerous powerful people broke into the sky and went after the golden gourd.

The mountain range instantly crumbled without the golden gourd. Everything clattered and shattered. Apparently, its previous inability to shatter was due to the golden gourd’s power, but everything disappeared without the gourd’s power. 

“What do you say? Leave or chase after them?” Lin Fan asked.

Li Dadao said, “Definitely chase after them. Even if we can’t get the treasure, we have to look at it, aren’t you curious about it?”

“Son, let’s go.” Lin Fan said, then exerted his talent to spread his wings and fly, disappearing into the world with a swoosh.

The talents of the Winged Tiger Demon Clan were very powerful. With a single wingspan of a hundred miles, their speed was undoubtedly fast.

“Fuck! It’s too fast.”

Li Dadao was astonished. The flying speed was too fast. It was good that the crazy old man caught him and carried him away into the distance. Otherwise, he would have been thrown far away by Lin Fan and would not even be able to taste the dust.


Lin Fan found that something wasn’t right. The place where the golden gourd escaped seemed to be the forbidden area.

It was the forbidden area that only the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion knew about.

There was a great terror in it.

“It shouldn’t be possible. maybe it’s just passing through.” Lin Fan muttered. He really didn’t want to go to this place; it was too dangerous. The Master Pig inside was terrifying, just like the golden gourd, that directly spiked True Stage cultivators, not even giving them a chance to beg for mercy.

The more you worry about something, the more likely it might happen.

The golden gourd entered the valley straight away and disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes. 

Numerous powerful people stayed in front of the frontline valley without entering it. They found that there was something wrong with the aura emitted from this place. It was terrifying. They could feel it because the higher the cultivation, the more sensitive they were to the unknown aura. 

“What is this place?”

One of the powerful people asked. He was observing the terrain around him and felt the ancient aura emanating from the cracks. The hairs on his skin trembled slightly as if he was being stimulated. 

He was very knowledgeable and had been to many secret realms, but he had never seen this place before. He had never heard about the existence of a crack here.

“That old man senses a mysterious aura coming from that crack. I think we’re stepping into some unknown, terrifying place.” 

“The golden gourd just went into this crack, are we going to chase after it?”

“Of course, we must chase it. Discovering this place is our fortune. Who knows, there may be more treasures in it.”



A silhouette entered the crack. Some of the powerful people hesitated, but eventually, they went in. They didn’t dare to linger behind, mostly since the great treasure was so attractive for them. 

Also, they had never been here before.

They didn’t even know that there was a secret area here. 

“Brother Lin, where are we?”

Li Dadao was unfamiliar with this place. He had never been here before, and he felt that there was something strange about this place. A mysterious power was overwhelming him.

Lin Fan didn’t expect to come here to the forbidden area again. This place was absolutely dangerous. He couldn’t figure out what the golden gourd had to do with this forbidden area. It was obviously a place that couldn’t be reached. 

“Fellow cultivator Li, I won’t hide anything from you. This place is dangerous; I came here once. The unknown creatures inside are terrifying; even True Stage cultivators are no match. If you and I go in and encounter danger, I may not be able to keep you safe.” 

Li Dadao said, “Brother Lin, you’re underestimating me. I’m an Establish Stage cultivator, and soon I will be a Disaster Stage cultivator. If you can escape, why can’t I escape?”

“It’s not a matter of underestimating. Well, this place is indeed dangerous, but a group of powerful people already went in to clear the way for us. Perhaps if we’re careful, we can have a little something in there.” 

Lin Fan wondered. Honestly, he really didn’t want to enter this forbidden area because it was too dangerous, but now there was a group of powerful people opening the way in front of him, and they were following behind. So, it was supposed to be safe, and the danger was supposed to be very low. 

“Then what are we waiting for? With this level of caution, I’m sure we’ll be fine. Let’s go; let’s get inside.” Li Dadao urged he couldn’t wait. 

A group of powerful people discovered the forbidden area that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion wanted to hide because of a great treasure. 

Lin Fan was afraid it would be difficult to find peace here from now on.


Inside the forbidden area.

Li Dadao trembled and looked terrified, “Brother Lin, you really aren’t lying, this place is indeed dangerous. I can feel that unstoppable power crushing down on me, there is definitely a great shocking terror here.” 

He had been in many secret realms and powerful caves. He had experienced so many dangers, but the one that he felt the most dangerous was this place.  

“Be careful, don’t run around, and don’t take anything strange if you see it. It’s dangerous.” Lin Fan warned, then asking the crazy old man to protect him in case he encountered danger.

Lin Fan discovered the direction that the group of powerful people had gone. He then led Li Dadao and the crazy old man towards that direction to chase after them.

It was absolutely safe to follow the steps of powerful people. 

If there were a danger, they would take it. 

Even if it was an auto-examination.

Li Dadao was like the crazy old man like he had never seen the world before. He was looking to the left and right, amazed at the magical place, with many things he had never seen before. 


Suddenly, the whole world seemed to be shaking as a startling sound was heard from afar.

Lin Fan was shocked, wondering whom they had messed with. It seemed like something was wrong.

“Let’s crawling forward.” Lin Fan said.

When Lin Fan saw Li Dadao climb down and slowly crawling towards the front with his hands and feet, he became very confused, “Fellow cultivator Li, what are you doing?”

Li Dadao said, “You said to crawl forward, then I should crawl. You’ve been here before; you’re a senior, I definitely have to listen to my seniors.” 

“I’m sorry, I used the wrong words. What I mean is, let’s gently and slowly move closer.” Lin Fan said. 

“Hey! You should’ve said so. I wondered where this had just gotten to that I needed to crawl and get dust all over me.” Li Dadao patted his clothes and complained.


In the distance! 

A group of powerful people entered the unknown forbidden area. Although they were extremely wary, when an elixir appeared, it still drew them in.

Although they didn’t know that it was an elixir, they realized that it was extraordinary just by feeling it. It was definitely a great treasure among the great treasures. 

They were curious about this place. It was inevitably too mysterious, and the things that appeared were an immense attraction to them.

And just as they were preparing to fight for the elixir.

A terrifying creature appeared. The creature was ferocious and powerful, and when it appeared, the roar shook their blood as if the creature broke their minds. 

The demons exclaimed that this creature belonged to the demon ancestors. After all, it looked pretty damn similar. But it wasn’t until that demon was slapped to death by the fierce creature that they realized they were overthought. You treat people as ancestors, but they don’t recognize you. Just tell me if it’s embarrassing or not. 

Lin Fan and the others slowly moved forward under pressure transmitted from afar. 

Suddenly, it seemed like a meteor was coming from the distance. It was as if something had fallen and created a deep hole in the ground.

“What’s that?”

Lin Fan and the others were alert and took a closer look. They discovered that it was a powerful demon who had been shot by that terrifying creature and had fallen in a deep pit. He was heavily injured and spitting out blood; even his flesh was about to crumble. 

Li Dadao squinted. He was quite interested in this demon. He then locked eyes with Lin Fan, the two of them seemingly silent, but there was a communication series between them. 

“Brother Lin, that demon is seriously wounded, so let’s mend our swords and split it equally.”

“No, I am an immortal who is supposed to do righteous deeds and must save the wounded when I meet them, even if he is a demon.” 

“That’s a little too saintly.”

“No, it’s the principle.”


Lin Fan stepped forward, “Senior, you don’t have to worry, we’re not bad people. You have such serious injuries; if you don’t get treatment in time, I’m afraid it will be dangerous. This place is forbidden. There will also be unknown creatures appearing, for the sake of Senior’s safety, please bear with me for a moment.”

The demon was severely wounded, and it was difficult for him to speak. However, seeing that this person was telling the truth, he nodded slightly and praised in his heart. He didn’t expect to meet such a challenging and kind-hearted immortal. He was fortunate. 


Lin Fan directly put this demon into the Tripod of Heaven and suppressed it with the Highest Spirit Ruin to ensure that he wouldn’t die and settle the matter afterward. 

“Brother Lin, it’s good to share some of it with those who see it.” Li Dadao was anxious. How could this happen? It was too cruel. 

Lin Fan said seriously, “Fellow cultivator Li, what do you mean by that? I really want to protect this Senior. When I leave here, I’ll send him away to safety. Let’s put that aside for now, and continue to move ahead to see what’s going on. They’ve already awakened the forbidden terrifying creatures. A battle is bound to happen.”

Li Dadao blinked.


It was rude!

This person was greedy.

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