Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 237


Chapter 237 – He’s a Good Man.

Li Dadao cursed, but there was nothing he could do. The one who was quick with his eyes and hands, and made the first move was the winner. He was too slow. What could he do if Lin Fan was ahead of him? 

He could only admit, and he vowed in his heart that if another powerful person fell later, he would definitely grab them and tie them up before the others.

The opportunity for this business was rare. If you miss it, you wouldn’t be able to get anything.

Lin Fan thought they would encounter the Master Pig, but looking at the situation right now, it was obvious that this wasn’t the case. Instead, it was an ape-like terrifying creature with three heads, covered in black hair and muscles like tree roots. It was amazing, yet terrifying. 

This three-headed ape-like creature was magnificent within punch enough to burst the void. He was protecting an elixir that was suspended in the sky, its branches and leaves trembling slightly as if it had drawn the world’s aura.

Amazing visions were floating through the branches and leaves.

The three great powers of immortals, demon cultivators, and demons had their eyes burning when they saw this object. Although they didn’t see the golden gourd, they found such an elixir. How could you not want to get it?

Even if the creatures they faced were perilous, but those creatures couldn’t stop them. 

“Fellow cultivator, let’s join forces to suppress this creature.”

The powerful people looked gloomy. All of them were powerful people across the world, but now, even when they joined forces, they could not suppress a single creature. So, it had to be said that this creature was somehow terrifying. 

“Those who are greedy for the elixir and trespass on the forbidden area shall die.” 

The three-headed ape-like creature roared. Suddenly, a purple light flashed out, and at the same time, behind the ape-like creature, a circle of spirit appeared. The ape-like creature’s back swelled up and puffed out. Its flesh bulb grew massive arms, and the creature turned into a true three-headed, six-armed terrifying existence. 


“Brother Lin, this place we’ve come to seems interesting.” Li Dadao didn’t even know how to describe this place. He could only use ‘interesting.’ 

“Do you have any idea what kind of place is this?” Lin Fan asked. 

Li Dadao shook his head, “I don’t. Luckily we have those powerful people with us. If it were me, I wouldn’t have come here because I know I’ll be dead.” 

“What do we do now? With our strength, it’s a bit difficult to take some advantage here. I’m afraid we don’t have a chance.” 

He looked at the unknown treasure that was shining at a distance, and how much he wanted it. 

As for the powerful people, they initially didn’t know what this object was until the three-headed ape-like creature said that it was an ‘elixir.’ At first, they were only briefly confused, but then they were completely excited. 

They knew about elixirs, but they had never heard of this elixir before.

Now, didn’t this show that this object was really a great treasure? 

Lin Fan’s heart cried out. There was another great treasure. He just appraised one and was considered lucky. However, people would never be satisfied, and it was true that he wanted more. 

Just then.

One of the True Stage cultivators screamed and was directly suppressed by the three-headed ape-like creatures. He was continuously spitting out blood and was punched off, and the place where he landed was on Lin Fan’s side.

Li Dadao’s eyes shone brightly, having suffered a small loss once, he was nowhere near willing to suffer another loss. He quickly ran over without stopping, ready to take this powerful person for himself.

Although he was fast, Lin Fan’s speed was even faster.

“Senior, are you okay?” Lin Fan helped the old man, who was a True Stage cultivator. 

This True Stage cultivator was pale, his breath was a little weak, and he was very wary of Lin Fan, who suddenly appeared on his side, “Who are you?” 

“I am Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. I followed the seniors into the forbidden area and saw that they were injured. So, I come to help them.” Lin Fan reported himself, “Senior don’t worry. I don’t mean any harm.” 

“Thank you for your help. This old man is a sect master of the Hanging Sky Sect, and if you’re a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, then I’m relieved.” The old man took out an elixir with difficulty and swallowed it, and his injuries were gradually recovering. 

Li Dadao stared, he was a little embarrassed. He was ready to do it, but he didn’t expect to be outsmarted by Brother Lin again. It looked as if he was actually saving the old man. 

Lin Fan dragged the old man to a safe place, “Senior, this place is a forbidden area, and that creature is terrifying. Just rest here, I’ll go with my friend to the front and wait. If any other seniors are injured, I’ll also take them here to heal.” 

“Fellow cultivator, you’re still young but has such a chivalrous heart. This old man admires it. I will come to the Greatest Martial Sect to thank you for saving my life when I have the chance.” The old man was grateful, not expecting to meet such a junior like Lin Fan, who risked it all to save others.

Lin Fan and Li Dadao continued to crouch forward.

“Brother, are you really saving them?” Li Dadao asked.

Lin Fan said, “Of course, I’m a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. When I encounter injured fellow cultivators, how could I not save them? Otherwise, my conscience is unsettled. Even when I don’t know who will end up with this elixir.” 

He knew the elixir would definitely be obtained by someone else.

These three-headed ape-like creatures were indeed strong, but it would be difficult to sustain it under the attack of powerful people. 

The battle was fierce. The vault had all been cracked, and the situation could be described as tragic.


Another True Stage cultivator was struck.

Lin Fan immediately checked. When he discovered that it was another immortal, he had no choice but to force a concerned smile and pull the old man over to the previous sect master.

Let the two of them company each other.

Lin Fan was really hoping that the one who fell was a demon cultivator or demon so he could suppress them without hesitation. He would put them inside the Tripod of Heaven, and then slowly concoct them when he returned. 

The old man who had been saved by Lin Fan was panting slightly after swallowing the elixir. His pale face slightly reddened.

“Who is this young friend? I hadn’t seen you before.”

The sect master of the Hanging Sky Sect, who had been saved earlier, said, “He is a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. He’s the one who saved the two of us. At such a dangerous moment, he still risked his life to save us. That’s a heart and courage worthy of respect.” 

“I didn’t expect you’re a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. I will definitely visit to thank you when I have the chance in the future.” 

These two powerful men had suffered a massive and tragic injury. They were expected to die, but it was a blessing in disguise that they had been saved. 

At this time, Li Dadao had a hard time understanding, “Brother, I’m a bit confused by this situation. I can’t understand what you’re doing now. Those two just now are big shots; you’ll definitely get rich if you can go along. Aren’t you going to sell them?” 

“Fellow cultivator Li, what goes around, comes around. These two are both seniors of the famous immortal sect, how can I take the opportunity to plot murder against them?” Lin Fan was serious. There was no problem with what he was saying. It felt right, but this kind of behavior was undesirable.

Li Dadao, who was convinced by Lin Fan, only had one thought in his mind. Senior brother, you’ll always be the best, you’re right in everything you say, I admit it. 

Now that the battle had reached its climax, those powerful people’s desire for elixir was no longer something that could be explained with words as they fought fiercely. 

The three-headed, six-armed ape-like creatures were gradually losing some of its strength. 


A roar shook the world.

The ape-like creatures had been suppressed and retreated. The qi of the powerful people turned into a crazy torrent of power and crushed the creature. Its huge body kept retreating away from the elixir. 


The ape-like creatures fled from the place reluctantly, while taking one last look at the elixir.

“The elixir is mine.”

“No, it should have been mine.”

Although none of them knew what the elixir did, they didn’t care all that. As long as they got their hands on it, nothing else matters. The three great powers of immortals, demon cultivators, and demon instantly made their move. 

The world trembled once again. The radiance of their mystic art was so bright that it covered the vault.

Lin Fan and Li Dadao looked horrified. They didn’t say a word, just watched in silence, the battle between the powerful people. They couldn’t intervene as it was already difficult to snatch the elixir. 

If they intervened, they might get smashed to pieces.

“Oh my, what a pity.” Lin Fan’s heart ached when he saw a powerful person got beaten up and vomited blood. However, he didn’t back down and grabbed it with a hard scalp and ended up being torn to pieces by the combined power of many powerful people. Lin Fan even wanted to shed tears. Why did a good powerful person have to seek death? Couldn’t they just be good? 

Even if you wanted to die, there must be someone to help you as long as you asked it. 

Li Dadao slowly said, “Yeah, it’s too bad. Brother Lin, what do you think we should do now in this situation? Should we retreat or continue to watch here? I always feel that this group of people is going to be unlucky, and if we continue to stay, there’s a good chance that we’ll be unlucky too.” 

Lin Fan pondered.

The forbidden area was indeed dangerous. He didn’t think about what he could get in the forbidden area. His only goal was to take on these powerful people. He could spare the immortal, but the demon cultivators and demon would never be spared. 

But thought about it carefully.

It didn’t seem like a loss.

He had already suppressed a powerful demon and left him to be slaughtered. If he was outside, how could he have such luck? 

Also, he’d like to know. He wondered how the terrifying creatures within the forbidden area would treat these many powerful people present in the forbidden area. 

And where the hell was the golden gourd?

“Brother Lin, do you think what they do is necessary? They are fighting over a single elixir, and have all been wounded several times.” Li Dadao looked at the situation in the distance. He didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Lin Fan said, “It’s necessary. In fact, it’s very necessary. If you also have the same cultivation stage as them, you would have snatched it. This elixir worth a fortune. It’s astonishing and very remarkable.” 

Li Dadao was stunned by Lin Fan’s words. Lin Fan’s words drew out the curiosity in his heart.

“The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has an elixir that they got from here. That elixir can rise qi by ten thousand and increase life span by twenty thousand years. What do you think of this object?” Lin Fan said. 

Li Dadao couldn’t believe it. “Impossible! How could there be something so oppressive in the world? Skyrocketing qi by ten thousand, then what’s the point of cultivating, just take the elixir and be done with it.”

“Oh, do you think the elixir is a big cabbage, and you can have it whenever you want? Now the elixir is in front of you, do you have the ability to grab it?” Lin Fan said.

The world is big, and everything is strange, especially in this forbidden area. There are so many mysteries here. 

He doubted it.

This forbidden area had terrifyingly strong creatures who had never been appeared before.

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