Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 239


Chapter 239 – Don’t Say That I Didn’t Give You A Chance.

“Hey brother, did you take that demon away?” Li Dadao whispered.

Lin Fan waved his hand, “I’m not that kind of person.”

Li Dadao blinked. There was an immense sense of ‘I believe in your evil, and that you weren’t as kind as you said. If you truly weren’t that kind of person, how could you stay here for so long?’ 

But now, it wasn’t the time to think about that.

The battle between those powerful people and the Flaming Red Suckling Pig had reached its peak, and several powerful people had unfortunately died under the Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s desperate attack.


At this time, the powerful people displayed their supreme mystic arts. They fiercely knocked the golden gourd in the Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s hand into the sky. As a result, their eyes were on fire, and they all wanted to snatch the golden gourd like a madman.

They fought against each other.

They had already witnessed how terrifying this gourd was.

It was a great treasure with peerless power.


The Flaming Red Suckling Pig roared furiously. The firelight wrapped around its body, transforming into a fire dragon. It roared all over and sweeping towards the void above. Some of the powerful people couldn’t resist this fire dragon and simply retreated.

However, some powerful people displayed their peerless mystic arts and shook this power with great force.



The golden gourd was impacted and kept flying into the void. Suddenly, a flashy light like a long whip snapped at the gourd. The golden gourd was tilted by that force and fell downwards.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig roared, “You immortals. Do you really want to wake up this forbidden, terrifying creature? By then, let alone you, even the entire Immortal Realm will be enveloped in endless darkness.”

“All of you get out of here as quickly as possible.”

It’s a shame that his words didn’t work at all. In front of the powerful people, it was like talking to a bull.

However, there was a powerful person who stopped and asked, “What exactly is this place?”

“This place is an ancient forbidden area. It shouldn’t exist, sealed with endless emptiness. Now that a corner has been revealed and you’ve discovered it, why don’t you leave quickly.” The Flaming Red Suckling Pig said.

“Who is it that being held here?” Another powerful person asked urgently. They knew that this place was extraordinary. The creatures that appeared were terrifying, definitely not something that could be found in the Immortal Realm. Otherwise, the creatures’ cultivation would be too strong. Even many True Stage cultivators would find it difficult to take them down.

Then how much of a difference this realm and the immortal realm are?

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig said, “It’s holding the origin of darkness. If it wasn’t for the fact that it takes too much power to suppress it, I would have beheaded you, bastards, so why don’t you get out.”

This shocked those powerful people to the point that many of them were horrified.

This wasn’t even this creature’s full power. If it was, it would be so terrifying. They would probably find it frightening to think about it.

This was the first time Lin Fan had heard of these secrets from the Flaming Red Suckling Pig.

It really was an ancient forbidden area.

It guarded the source of darkness.


As the golden gourd fell from the sky, it fell into his hands and felt good when he touched it.

Lin Fan looked down at the gourd, and then up at the powerful people rushing in from afar.

For a split second, he seemed to react.


Lin Fan shouted in surprise and ran away using his talent. The crazy old man screaming at the top of his lungs and ran after him as well.

“Brother, I-” Li Dadao was stunned for a moment. He suddenly reacted, ‘fuck, Brother Lin had run away.’ However, he couldn’t run. If he did, he would be in complicity with Lin Fan. Also, he wasn’t that fast. He would definitely be caught up by this group of powerful people and killed cruelly.

“Young man, don’t run, we don’t mean any harm, we can sit down and talk.” One of the powerful people was surprised at Lin Fan’s speed when he escaped. They might not be able to catch up at this rate, so they shouted, hoping to coax Lin Fan down.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig was furious that the golden gourd had been taken. How could it tolerate that? With a roar, the Flaming Red Pig’s hooves descended from the sky and attacked directly and indiscriminately.

This had bought Lin Fan a lot of time as well.

At least some of the powerful people were blocked out.

The crazy old man shouted, pulling Lin Fan, and then he disappeared into the void. Perhaps seeing his father being chased, he unexpectedly used his escape skills and disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye.

It was left to those powerful people to chase them down. However, they couldn’t find Lin Fan’s at all.


It occurred to them that there was one other person who was in collusion with the boy. As they looked back, they realized that the man had also disappeared, nowhere to be seen. He had apparently just left while they were chasing the boy.

Right at this moment, the furious Flaming Red Suckling Pig was coming. The group of powerful people looked at each other, and they all had the intention to retreat.

This creature wasn’t easy to deal with. If they continued to stay, their lives and deaths would be unknown. It was very likely that they would encounter a great disaster.

“Let’s go!”

“The great treasure is still here. We can come back next time when we’re ready.”



The powerful people cast their mystic arts and disappeared into the world like streams of light, leaving the forbidden area.

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig stood there, frowning tightly. The immortals had discovered this place, and the forbidden area wouldn’t be peaceful anymore. It was important never to underestimate the immortals’ greed for the great treasure.

They would do anything to get the great treasure.

The three-headed, six-armed ape-like creature appeared, “What should we do? There will definitely be immortals coming in the future, and there will be commotion here. The elixir is too much of a temptation for them. There are already two elixirs out there, and if they learn of the elixir’s wonderful uses, this place will definitely be a place of contention.”

“There will be more immortals who will die here.”

The Flaming Red Suckling Pig didn’t say anything; instead, it contemplated something, “I’ll set up a destruction formation here. They wouldn’t be able to come back. However, what I can’t understand is that it’s obviously sealed deep in the void. Why would a corner appear, could it be that this is the beginning of the calamity?”


Several days later.

The Immortal Realm was shocked.

It was no longer a secret that forbidden areas had appeared, and elixirs had been released.

The first to get the news was the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

They knew the forbidden area’s location. They even got the elixir from it. At first, they wanted to hide it for a little longer, but they didn’t expect it was no longer a secret.

Simultaneously, all the Immortal Realm’s major powers already knew that a group of True Stage cultivators had entered the forbidden area and had suffered many deaths and injuries. There were terrifying creatures in there, that even if True Stage cultivators went in, they would encounter misfortune.

This made many strong men with a desire for adventure back off.

Even True Stage cultivators were killed in there.

Why would they still want to go?

They are afraid that if they go in, they would be dead.

As for the powerful True Stage cultivator who got the elixir, he hid, and no one knew where he was. He was afraid that someone would come to his door to steal the elixir. Meanwhile, he secretly searched for a master appraiser to identify what elixir was in his hand.

It was just a pity.

Those masters who knew countless elixirs were confused when they saw this object. They had no idea what it was, nor did they even know what effects it had.

The True Stage cultivator didn’t dare to take it recklessly even when he was greedy for it. He was afraid that this elixir might have a harmful effect. Eventually, he thought of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

If he wanted to know what kind of elixir it was, obviously, he could only rely on the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. However, if the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion didn’t even know, then there was basically no hope at all.


At this time.

Lin Fan and the crazy old man had been hiding in a mountain range for a full ten and a half days. They hadn’t left the area but were quietly hibernating.

Are you kidding me?

How could you get a treasure and walk out freely? What if you get into trouble?

“Father, how long are we going to be here? It’s so boring here.” The crazy old man said. He was all a bit impatient and just wanted to get out of here.

Lin Fan calmed his son’s restless heart and took the treasure out to observe it carefully.

[Mixed Golden Gourd: An immortal treasure, a golden gourd formed from the heavens’ seven-colored vines. Contained a river of gold, which weighs ten thousand pounds per drop, and can suck the treasure into it to protect the body and possess all kinds of secrets.] 

It was truly a fortune to get this treasure.

Somehow it got into his hands, so what could he say?

Even if you said it, no one would believe it.

Lin Fan probed and found a golden liquid flowing within the Mixed Golden Gourd. Meanwhile, there was strong immortal energy floating on the golden river. When he took a deep breath, he felt relaxed, as if he was in a wonderful place of precious land. Even his qi tended to rise.

“Father, I want this toy,” The insane old man said.

Lin Fan looked at the crazy old man and said, “Sure, son. You can trade your blood pool with this.”

“No, that’s my toy too. I can’t give it to you.” The crazy old man protected his chest with his hands as if he had lost something.

Lin Fan said, “If you don’t give it to father, then I can’t give this to you either. One toy will do, more is meaningless, right?”

If the crazy old man really wanted to trade with him, he would still be willing to do so.

That blood pool wasn’t an ordinary thing. It was even better than this Mixed Golden Gourd. Even if he were to exchange it, he wouldn’t lose anything.

The crazy old man pursed his lips and squatted unhappily. He then played with the dead leaves on the ground as if he was sad.

Afterward, Lin Fan refined the Mixed Golden Gourd. An immortal treasure wasn’t that easy to refine. There were many innate formations in it. It was nothing like the manmade formations that were laid out by blacksmith. There was a massive difference between the two.

It could be said that the difference was like heaven and earth.


Half a month later.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have the power that is proficient in refining formations. It would be even easier if I did.” Lin Fan sighed helplessly.

He just got the Mixed Golden Gourd for a while, and with the Mixed Golden Gourd being an immortal treasure, there were many innate formations within it. With his current speed, it would be impossible to refine it without a few hundred years.

Hence that Flaming Red Suckling Pig could only violently use the Mixed Golden Gourd.

After all, as soon as he obtained the Mixed Golden Gourd, he was attacked by a group of True Stage cultivators. So there was no time to refine it.

Lin Fan checked the situation inside the Tripod of Heaven.

The two demons were in bad shape, as they were overwhelmed by the Highest Spirit Rune.

“Let us go, you damn immortal. Tell me, who are you if you dare!” The demons roared. They were suppressed by the Highest Spirit Rune and couldn’t even move. If it wasn’t for the Highest Spirit Rune, they would have been able to directly break open the Tripod of Heaven and kill Lin Fan viciously with their cultivation.

Lin Fan said, “Humph! There is no harm in telling you. I am the most chivalrous Lin Fan from the Greatest Martial Sect, and it is your bad luck that you have fallen into my hands.”

“However, the heavens have the virtue of a good life.”

“This is a peerless and powerful cultivation technique, Ancestral Dragon’s Body. I’ll give you three days, and if you don’t get started, you’ll suffer the consequences.”

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