Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 24 Bald Head


“Hmph… Not as I expected.”

The Library where the technique books and scrolls were stored was not large, there were only three cabinets filled with books and scrolls.

He took out a book and opened it for a quick look. There were many notes in it. It was from the person who wrote that book about the practice of the technique. When it came to the last page, there was…

“Hunter Guild, Mu bai.”

The people who visited that mansion were some noble family members. They came there to earn enough credit to participate in the assessment of Immortal Gate in the future.

Therefore, as long as one behaved properly, people in the Hunter Guild usually would not ask questions.

Lin Fan only found a first-stage technique that was useless for him. But when he kept searching, and he found something interesting.

“Iron Head.”

After pondering for a while, he decided to choose that technique.

That technique may work well with the Boar Crash he has learned before.

Because when he hit someone with the Boar Crash technique, his head was like about to explode.

For his own sake, it was necessary to learn Iron Head technique.

When Lin Fan left, he didn’t see Li Zhiyong.

There were no guards at that mansion.

If he encountered Li Zhiyong, he really wanted to ask why his head was hurt when he used Boar Crash.

Government Building, Warehouse Area.

“Well, it’s a bit hard to practice in this place.” Lin Fan looked at the books carefully. The annotations in it were very clear. The problem Lin Fan will encounter in order to learn that technique was, he must use various medicinal herbs that could help him to learn that technique and many more.

‘Iron Head (Third-Stage): A strong physical attack. Divided into Iron Head Battle God, Iron Head Crush The Incense Burner, Iron Head Hit The War Drum, Iron Head Crush The Bell.

This Iron Head technique contained an earth element and needed a strong spiritual power source.


Lin Fan approached a tree and felt the energy flowed in his palm, that would be the first step in learning the Iron Head technique, which should be carried out step by step.


Lin Fan lowered his head and crashed his head at the tree. He felt his head was spinning around, and he felt some pain.

“What kind of technique is this?”

He wanted to cry, but tears won’t come out, if he wanted to reach the next stage, it was necessary to be firm and steady in the early stage.

Exhaustion and pain was nothing.

Just endure it.



In the backyard, he devoted himself to cultivation. The huge tree shook when he crashed his head, and the leaves fell due to the impact.

After an hour.

“An earthquake? How can it shake so badly this time?” Lin Fan felt that the world was spinning, and then he felt his blood was flowing out from his forehead.

“Damn, it’s too painful.”

Lin Fan squatted down and breathed slowly.


There was a trace of spiritual power flowing in his body, and then more and more of the spiritual power rushed into his head, and suddenly his vision was blurred.

“Hey, boar demon, your technique is not powerful enough. If it’s powerful enough, I don’t have to work so hard to practice this Iron Head technique.”

Lin Fan was afraid that his head would be crushed if he continued to learn that technique.

Jiangdu City, The Pier.

“Dr. Sun and Lu Nian are dead.” A man reported in a room, “Dr. Sun was killed by Lin Fan. Lu Nian was killed when he tried to assassinate Lin Fan at the pavilion. Lin Fan was most probably the one who took Lu Nian’s silver money.”


Listening to the reports from his subordinates, He Tian smashed the teacup in his hand. His face was gloomy and so horrible.

“Then, have they found the account book?”

He Tian was most concerned about that matter. If the government got the account book, it would be troublesome. What was written in it was not a simple matter and involved a lot of people.

“Dr. Sun hid the account book in the dry well, which was supposed to be discovered, but Wei Xiong burned the dry well’s closet including the account book.” said the man.

He Tian got up, walked to the window with a dissatisfied feeling, and looked at the river outside.

“Are you sure he burned it? Instead of hiding that book to threaten us with that afterward?”

The man lowered his head and frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Only the dead will keep their mouth shut.” Said He Tian.

“Yes, I understand.” The man responded, knowing what to do.

He Tian said, “What about Lin Fan? He can kill the two dragons even though he is only an officer.”

“When I returned to the Hunter Guild, according to the people, Lin Fan has just been promoted by Wang Zhou to be a team leader and investigated the veterans’ case with Captain Zhao. He also finds out where we hid the account book.” Said the man.

“Well…” He Tian sighed and then said, “He became a team leader just a few days after he became a Hunter. He also tracked Dr. Sun from the veteran’s case. We can’t let this man walks around freely.”

“Yes.” The man responded. “Do you want me to report this to the master?”

“No.” Tian He waved his hand and then said nothing more.

The man also left.

He had to arrange manpower and find the perfect opportunity to initiate their plan.

“Leader, you have a bright future ahead, you can’t die like this!” When Wang Bao walked into the backyard, he saw Lin Fan crashed the tree with Lin Fan’s head. Even an idiot would not do that kind of thing. Lin Fan’s head was bleeding, so scary.

Lin Fan stopped and said, “Whatever, I’m not trying to die, I am practicing Iron Head technique.”

“By the way, while you are here. Go to the pharmacy and get some herbs. Here is the list. Hurry up!”

Lin Fan must get the herbs he needed.

When his head was bleeding, his hair was wet, and that became a bit troublesome.


Should he shave his head bald?

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