Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 241


Chapter 241 – I Have To Gain An Advantage As Well

Lin Fan never considered himself an unlucky child.

He had always had a chivalrous heart. When he encountered injustice, he was bound to help. This kind of person would either die early or have the luck of heaven.

The fact that he had survived until now showed that he was a man of great fortune. From all the little incidents up to now, he felt that he was a lucky man.

In Jiangdu City, Master Wang valued him so much that a group of junior brothers treated him as their big brother. When he entered the immortal sect, an elder even recognized him as her son. When he was out and about, he met a crazy old man who claimed to be his son. So, how could he say that he was unlucky?

[Obtained Ninth-Grade Water Spirit Root.]


How could he drop out a Ninth-Grade Water Spirit Root? What I wanted was a great thing.

If it was the past, he would have absolutely jumped with excitement.

But right now, he only wanted to get the Ancestral Dragon’s Body. The fact that this guy already dropped the Ninth Grade Water Spirit Root, he was afraid that there wouldn’t be good stuff dropping.

[Obtained Mystic Art: Dragon Phase Treasure Art.]

It wasn’t good.

Another good mystic art had dropped. He used to be excited about this thing, but now he wasn’t excited at all… He just wanted ‘Ancestral Dragon’s Body’ right now.

He felt hanging.

[Obtained Cultivation Technique: Ancestral Dragon’s Body.]

Just when he had given up, the pleasant sound was heard transmitted.


Lin Fan clenched his fists and jumped up in excitement. His eyes wide and felt that the heavens must have heard his cry. At the same time, he believed that he was an obedient child, and the heavens didn’t want their child to weep sadly.

It was an excellent cultivation technique, you could have it.



Lin Fan took two deep breaths to restore his restless heart. Remaining calm was the most important thing.

Let’s check the dropped items.

[The Dragon Phase Treasure Art: The Two-Winged Dragon Clan Mystic Art. This clan’s ancestor has been engaged with an immortal who has attained enlightenment for a hundred years. This mystic art was created by a combined power. It had been cultivated to the highest level. It could transform into an ancient dragon, possessing the power to destroy the world.] [Ancestral Dragon’s Body: The Ancestral Dragon Clan never passed down this supreme body refining cultivation technique. The human body was like a floating chamber. It has nine levels. If it cultivated to the highest level, the flesh would become the body of an ancestral dragon.]

Lin Fan could feel the changes in his flesh, not only on the outside but also on the inside. His bones were as if they had been hardened. An entire dragon’s spine was indestructibly hard, almost as if it was generating ancestral dragon essence.

He wasn’t from the Heavenly Dragon Clan, so he didn’t know the details.

But he knew that even dao artifacts would have difficulty to hurt him now. And with his own cultivation and qi, his flesh would be even stronger.

If Au Wudi knew that Lin Fan had cultivated his Ancestral Dragon’s Body to this level, he would definitely spit a mouthful of old mucus in his face.


Kid, you’re awesome.

You just had to wait to be hunted by the Heavenly Dragon Clan.

He had 37,000 qi now, and his cultivation had reached the Establish Stage. If he neglected his qi, he could break through the Disaster Stage.

However, there was no harm in getting more qi.

“Son, let’s go.”

Lin Fan was in a happy mood and had a smile on his face. He just got what he wanted. What was left to be desired?

It wasn’t a loss, to say the least.

He had collected a lot of items from the two powerful demons. They even presented him with 180 million spirit stones, which wasn’t much, but it wasn’t less.

It was just that there were no dao artifacts to be found. It seemed that when these two demons fought the Flaming Red Suckling Pig, they lost so much that the dao artifacts were directly broken, so there were only some weapons left.

The weapons seemed to be a few sets of swords, which wasn’t too bad.


Greatest Martial Sect.

When Lin Fan returned to the mountain, he was going to inform his mother about the situation. At the same time, he needed to ask Ye Zhentian for the spirit stones, but then Zhang Zhenxian from Heavenly Treasure Pavilion came hurriedly, he was looking very anxious.

“Master Lin, you’re finally back. I’ve been waiting for you here for several days.” Zhang Zhenxian was worried. He had been waiting at the Greatest Martial Sect for several days and had been anxiously waiting for Lin Fan. 

Lin Fan was surprised, “You aren’t going to the forbidden area again, are you? If you do, then the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion really isn’t afraid of death.”

Could it be that they would ask him to go to the forbidden area again?

If that was the case, he wouldn’t go. He would never agree to it even if he was offered a heavenly price. It would be a joke; he had just escaped from the forbidden area not long ago. He didn’t want to go there and ended up dead.

Especially since he’d just gotten one of the Flaming Red Suckling Pig’s treasures.

How could he go back immediately?

Did you think this was something people would do?

“No, no.” Zhang Zhenxian hurriedly waved his hand. “Master Lin, here’s the thing. The forbidden area is no longer a secret. There is a powerful person that just obtained an elixir from the forbidden area. The elixir is now in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, waiting to be appraised. It is also ready to be auctioned. so there is an urgent need for Master Lin to go and take a look at it.” 

Lin Fan was fiercely shocked at the news.

That powerful person was unable to wait any longer.

He was so quick to bring the elixir to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion for appraisal.

He even wanted to auction it.

What was he thinking?

He had collected 180 million spirit stones from the two powerful demons. Combined with what he had, 250 million spirit stones, he wondered if he could buy it.

“Okay, no problem, let’s go then.”

Lin Fan was very curious about that elixir. He wondered what kind of effect it had.

At the same time, he was very envious of that powerful person. He was courageous enough to fight and grab it in order to gain something. There were so many people trying to snatch the elixir, but he was the only one who got it. How could you say that he wasn’t lucky?

He wasn’t stupid at all.

He knew that he would be targeted if he kept the elixir, so he decided to sell it. Besides, it seemed that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was the safest place for him right now.

At least his personal safety was guaranteed.

Afterward, Lin Fan learned that the Greatest Martial Sect’s sect master also went to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. It seemed like every major sect in the world had already gone, so it looked like the elixir was very attractive.

At first, he had thought that he could get it with his 250 million spirit stones.

But now, it seemed like there would still be a fierce fight.

It was all about the power of the sect during the auction. Although personally, he had a lot of fortune, it wasn’t much compared to the sect.

When Lin Fan was about to leave with Zhang Zhenxian, he saw Ye Zhentian strolling around inside the sect and immediately shouted.

“Brother Ye, I’ve been out for almost two months. You better prepare the spirit stones I told you about earlier. I’ll find you when I return.”

He was now carrying so many spirit stones, yet he still thought about the spirit stones that Ye Zhentian owed him. Was this even a humane thing to do? 

Ye Zhentian looked at the distant figure and blinked.

He had so much to say, but he didn’t know where to start.

A debt?

That was scary.


Heavenly Treasures Pavilion.

When Lin Fan and Zhang Zhenxian arrived, they found something wrong with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. The situation seemed a bit depressing, which was very overwhelming. 

“I didn’t expect an elixir to have such a great attraction. Countless powerful people have arrived and have made the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion a bit overwhelming.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Zhang Zhenxian said, “Master Lin, you’re right. The three great powers of immortals, demon cultivators and demons have all gathered at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. This causes great pressure on our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, which deployed many powerful people to come and press the matter. Because once conflict occurs, the consequences will be unthinkable.” 

Came to think of it, there’re so many powerful people here. If a fight occurs, how many powerful people could the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion handled?

The first elixir threatened to be auctioned off. It was definitely unimaginable how attractive it would be.

The roadside vendors were screaming loudly.

Because of the huge crowds lately, the hawkers were doing good business. Some of the sects were bringing their disciples over to gain a better understanding, and those disciples were undoubtedly the best targets to trick.

Those vendors were experienced, so it was easy for them to trick the disciples.

Those disciples all wanted to find treasures from the cheap groceries.

Lin Fan found that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was unusual today. True Stage cultivators could be seen everywhere and many core disciples; each one was a dragon among men.

They were the future of some great sects.

They were a whole lot of beautiful women and handsome men.

It was a mix of arrogance, holy, sinister, and so on.

“Are they all core disciples of some big sect?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhang Zhenxian said, “Yes, you’re right. They are all core disciples of some great sect, as well as some holy sons and daughters of ancient holy sects. These are all rare existences that possess immortal bones. Even I never thought that an elixir would contribute to such a thing.”

“These disciples came here not only to see the world but also to consult with each other.”

Lin Fan smiled without saying anything. Under Zhang Zhenxian’s direction, he arrived at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Auction Place. He then hurriedly walked inside after being greeted by Mao Si.

Those handsome men and beautiful women outside the door were all talking. They were very curious when they saw a young person was being respectfully welcomed by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion steward.

“Who was that person that was just welcomed in by steward Mao?”

“I don’t know him. I’ve never seen him before.”

“Could it be he is the son of a certain important person in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

They were talking to each other.

It was no surprise that they didn’t know each other.

Lin Fan was a relatively low-key person, and he hadn’t been cultivating for long. It was only a few months at full strength. So how could he compare himself to them who had been cultivating for decades or centuries?

He belonged to the newcomers.

“Mao Si, how is the situation going?” Lin Fan asked.

Mao Si said, “Master Lin, this elixir can only be determined if you come. All the appraisal masters of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion can’t recognize it. This auction of the elixir is quite influential. I’m sure you saw it on the way here. Basically, all the world’s great sects are gathered here.”

“Even the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Master is here. After all, quite a few of these sects have a grudge against each other. Although they’re afraid of causing trouble in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, it will be really hard to suppress it once they cause trouble.”

Lin Fan nodded his head.

As he reached the innermost room, a group of appraisal masters who were waiting all got up to pay respect.

“Master Lin.”

“Master Lin.”

They were helpless against the elixir. They didn’t even know about the existence of this elixir, not to mention knowing its effects.

Lin Fan nodded towards the crowd and then smiled when he saw Huang Li, “Huang Li, it looks like the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is going to make a big appearance again this time.”

“Master Lin, please take a look.” Huang Li had already forgotten everything that happened with Lin Fan in the forbidden area. Whether or not it was a good thing to be taken advantage of, was it impossible to admit it voluntarily?

“Okay, it’s a not a big deal.” Lin Fan smiled, “Where is the elixir? Please take it out and let me take a look.”

This time, the appraisal of the elixir couldn’t be that simple.

He needed to gain an advantage, as well.

It was time to earn a wave.

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