Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 242


Chapter 242 – I Have a Big Mouth, and I’m Afraid I Can’t Keep a Secret


Mao Si immediately went to invite the powerful man who had obtained the elixir.

The powerful man who obtained the elixir had always been living alone. He was usually hiding in the Southern Ridge Mountain. This person had never heard of anything in the outside world and was only focused on cultivating immortality.

This person was known as the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor.

Perhaps he was a leisurely and indolent immortal cultivator who was sheltered by heaven. He surrendered his fortune and got the elixir in that fight.

He was also known to be acknowledged during the fight for the elixir.

However, it was hard to protect the elixir. That was why he wanted to sell it.

When Lin Fan saw the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, he understood the problem. Regardless of the cultivation stage, when a strange object fell from the sky, no one could calm down.

Just like this Southern Ridge Old Ancestor.

Upon looking at his face, he was somewhat worn out, as if he was full of torment. It should be difficult for him to sleep during this time. However, this was not the most crucial thing. The thing was that his mind was full of torment. That kind of worry could not be solved with just a few words.

Even though the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was now pretending to be very calm and acting as a strong man. However, his inner reserve had already betrayed him completely.

[Remarks: The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is famous, so it shouldn’t be greedy for my elixir.]

Look at that!

How miserable it must be for a True Stage cultivator’s indestructible mind to start shaking like this just because he got the elixir.

“Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, this is our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion Master Appraiser of Elixir. Master Lin is the only one who can appraise your elixir.” Mao Si said.

Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was surprised and looked at Lin Fan with some suspicion, “He…”

Huang Li said, “He is the only person in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion who can identify the elixir. If he can’t even appraise it, then I’m sure no one in the world will be able to know the effects of the elixir.”

At this time, the elixir was on Southern Ridge Old Ancestor.

He must keep it personally.

He could not trust anyone.

He was afraid that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would plan to rob his elixir.

Although the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had a trustworthy reputation, he knew in his heart how valuable this elixir was. That was why he wondered if the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion would be so greedy and just take the elixir because it was too valuable.

“Take the elixir out and let me take a look. If even I can’t appraise it, then this elixir is going to rot in your hands.” Lin Fan smiled. He had been observing the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor’s facial expression. The slightest changes on his face could not escape Lin Fan’s eyes.

He was really panicking.

And he wasn’t faking it.

“Well, I still believe in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s reputation. If the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion can’t even appraise it, then there’s nothing we can do about it.” Southern Ridge Old Ancestor carefully took out the elixir while paying attention to his surroundings. As long as someone dared to make a move to snatch it, he would definitely run away at the first opportunity.

Huang Li took a step forward. However, this step frightened Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, and he fiercely protected the elixir in his arms.

The surrounding crowd was all shocked by the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor.


What the hell?

There was no need to be so nervous.

Southern Ridge Old Ancestor felt humiliated, but he pretended to be fine and generously handed the elixir to Lin Fan, “Please take a closer look.”

Although his words were real.

And his look was also very generous.

But his hand’s gesture once again betrayed the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor inner movements.

Everyone was waiting with eager anticipation for Master Lin’s appraisal.

The second strain of elixir.

They didn’t know how it was compared to the last one.

Lin Fan stood in front of the elixir, looking down carefully. His fingers were lightly touching it, pretending to appraise it, but his mind was actually busy.

It could not be a simple appraisal. He had to get a share from this elixir.

This was the first elixir in the auction. This elixir was incredibly effective and could definitely fetch a sky-high price, so it would definitely be a loss if he just appraised it.

“Master Lin, how is it going?” Huang Li asked.

Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was also listening. He was curious about this elixir. What kind of elixir was this? I really wanted to know how lucky I was.

Lin Fan said, “What percentage of this auction will the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion draw?”

“Twenty percent.” Without hiding it, Huang Li told him the percentage of the elixir auction. This wasn’t the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s sky-high price, but rather a basis for it.

First of all, the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor’s safety must be ensured.

Then, because too many strong people came, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had to send out many experts to guard them. Otherwise, if a mad rush occurred, the consequences would be unimaginable. These all needed to be accounted for.

“That’s fine, Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, I need to draw ten percent of the auction proceeds to appraise this elixir.” Lin Fan said.

Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was stunned, “Ten percent? Aren’t you an appraiser of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion? Why do you need to draw a percentage?”

“No, Southern Ridge Old Ancestor. You’re mistaken about one thing. I’m in a partnership with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, but now that I’m appraising an elixir, I’ll need to draw ten percent. If you agree, I’ll appraise it right now; if not, then there’s nothing I can do about it. An elixir without an effect description can indeed be sold, but the price will definitely be greatly discounted.”

“The choice is yours. If you agree, I can appraise it right away.” Lin Fan was going to make some random trap and tell Southern Ridge Old Ancestor how difficult the appraisal was and how it would take too much effort. However, when he thought about it, it was unnecessary.

Why bother acting?

He was living by skill. He didn’t say anything or push anyone.

Bright, honest, and upright.

Huang Li had no problem with Lin Fan’s request. It had nothing to do with their Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, and the draw required by Master Lin wasn’t high. Just as he had said, it could be auctioned off even without an appraisal, but the price definitely wouldn’t reach the pinnacle.

“Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, Master Lin, and our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion are indeed partners. Identifying elixir is something that requires a lot of effort; you can consider it.” Huang Li said.

Southern Ridge Old Ancestor hesitated, “Then how do I know if he will deceive me by talking nonsense? Saying that this elixir is not a good thing to be auctioned off at a good price, and he ends up participating in the auction himself?”

Lin Fan said, “You can doubt my integrity, but you can’t doubt my principles. Now I’m in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, and they consider me a Master Appraiser of Elixir. By helping you appraise it, I will certainly make the effects of this elixir clear, without hiding a single trace. If you still think so, then there’s no need to appraise it. You can hire another expert.”

“And the fact that I’m going to draw a percentage only shows that my ability to appraise elixir is not something that can just be done by someone randomly.”

The Southern Ridge Old Ancestor only wanted to sell the elixir, nothing else.

This stuff was a hot potato.

He couldn’t keep it.

Even if he was a True Stage cultivator, he was afraid that he would be attacked when people knew he had the elixir.

“Fine, I agree. One achievement at a time.” Southern Ridge Old Ancestor thought for a long time and finally agreed.

Huang Li said, “Master Lin, please appraise.”

When Lin Fan had just touched it, he already knew the uses of this elixir. However, appraising an elixir still needed to go through some process. Without going through the process, it was not formal, and if it was not formal, he would not be able to experience its value.

The surrounding appraisers gathered around. They were learning. This was a brand new appraisal, and they were all apprentices. They were hoping to get Master Lin’s genuine knowledge.

“You see, this elixir has nine leaves, which corresponds to the ultimate nine. This means it’s a mature elixir. Of course, not all elixirs have to have nine leaves to represent maturity, there’s a great deal of knowledge in it, and it needs to be carefully tasted.”

Lin Fan took his time; he wasn’t rushing.

The Southern Ridge Old Ancestor  said, “Master Lin, can you tell me once and for all what kind of elixir this is.”

Lin Fan looked up and said, “Don’t worry, can’t you see a group of apprentices studying? If I explain this elixir’s use hurriedly, it will be a waste of time, and they won’t understand.”

Those appraisers listening were also nodding their heads. Yes, there was no need to hurry. We still had to learn from Master Lin.

You couldn’t eat hot tofu in a hurry.

Huang Li was horrified. This one was a mature elixir, while the elixir obtained by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was still 40,000 years away from maturing. In comparison, it seemed that this elixir was truly priceless.

At this moment, Lin Fan began to explain. “But there is a flaw in this elixir. You see these five leaves: white, cyan, black, red, and yellow. It represents the five: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth elements, or the five spiritual roots. The other four are transparent and colorless. According to reason, they should be nine colors, but because of the place where they grow, the other four kinds don’t appear.”

“However, it’s harmless yet priceless.”

“That’s why the name of this elixir is the Nine Colored Grass.”

“The name might feel ordinary, but this elixir is not ordinary. The person who takes this elixir will have five types of spiritual roots. All of them will reach the ninth grade. If they are lucky, they will also be able to reach the immortal grade and change their constitution and condensing into a Sacred Immortal Body.”

“That is the bloodline. The body will completely change, in line with immortal cultivation.”

“To put it simply, it means that those who possess this body, cultivating immortality is like drinking water, and ascending to the Immortal Realm in twenty or thirty years is not a problem.”

“This isn’t the foundation to enhance the passage of time, but it truly can help to ascend in twenty to thirty years.”

“The most crucial thing is this Sacred Immortal Body is wonderful.”

The words just fell.

The crowd was silent.

Everyone had become dumbfounded.

The Southern Ridge Old Ancestor’s breathing quickened. Twenty or thirty years to ascend?

And it wouldn’t enhance the passage of time.

Lin Fan indifferently lifted the teacup and took a little sip, “This elixir is superb and excellent. If it was placed in any sect, it would be the supreme treasure of the sect. There was no sect owns it yet.”

At this moment, a master appraiser trembled, “Master Lin, then what if there are nine colors?”

Lin Fan smiled, “Then it will be the Chaotic Immortal Body. First, the person absorbs the True Stage cultivation. Second, the person absorbs the Ascension. So, if this gets out, even with the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s protection, I’m afraid it will be looted like crazy.”

“But don’t think too much, the Nine Colored Grass that can condense into a Chaotic Immortal Body is basically non-existent. The environment in which it grows determines everything.”

Southern Ridge Old Ancestor opened his mouth and stared, “I’m not selling it. I’m going to take it myself.”

“What?” Huang Li was horrified. What did he say? Why did he decide not to sell it? The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had prepared everything since a long ago. If he didn’t sell it, how would the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion explain it?

Lin Fan said, “Southern Ridge Old Ancestor, this is not how you do it. You can indeed not sell it, but I have to remind you that you will be exactly the same as a walking elixir if you take it and turn into a Sacred Immortal Body. Someone can capture you and refines you into a human elixir, and you will be just as useful as the actual elixir after being swallowed.”

“Think about it carefully.”

“I’m a big mouth. I’m afraid I can’t keep this secret.”

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