Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 244


Chapter 244 – What a Blessing!

Lin Fan pondered on one thing.

He found that all of these great sects’ patriarchs had that arrogant mentality, which was good. Because the more arrogant you were, the more spirit stones you could get.

“Hey, you, it’s you…”

Just then, a roar was heard.

It sounded like there was some kind of deep hatred in the voice.

Lin Fan felt that the voice was a bit familiar, and when he looked back, it was indeed an acquaintance. Wasn’t it the Red Dust Demon Sect’s young master Xiang Junchen that he had sold?

“It’s really you. It’s a fate that even after a thousand miles away, we meet again here. When I look back, you’re the one in the lamplight.”

“Brother Xiang, how have you been?”

He saw the fat girl and the old woman beside Xiang Junchen.

It was obviously the old dragon goddess and her granddaughter.


No wonder the current Xiang Junchen was a bit haggard. He even walked with his feet drifting. It turned out that he had been through a lot lately. After all, he was facing a behemoth, and his normal behavior would be difficult to satisfy his opponent.

Xiang Junchen wanted to eat Lin Fan’s flesh and blood. He then roared, “Everyone, come and see. He is the target of the Red Dust Demon Sect’s hunting order. If you kill him, you will get a bounty.”

He already knew that his father had never given up on him.

Even if his father couldn’t save him, at least, killing Lin Fan would make his father feel better.

As expected, after Xiang Junchen’s roar, all the people passing around looked at Lin Fan. The forbidden area’s recent events were boisterous, but the Red Dust Demon Sect’s hunting order also made them quite eager.

He didn’t care about these gazes around him.

It was just a matter of looking.

What could be a big deal?

With his current cultivation and ability, ordinary people really couldn’t do anything to him. Even if a True Stage cultivator arrived, he might even be able to kill the True Stage cultivator instead.

Lin Fan looked at the fat girl and smiled gently at the corner of his mouth, “Little lady, I wonder if you are satisfied with this item I auctioned?”

The old dragon goddess’ granddaughter, who heard Lin Fan address her as little lady, excitedly slapped her huge palm on Xiang Junchen’s face. She then pressed him into her arms, and her eyes were twinkling with little stars, “I’m satisfied, very satisfied, and he is my husband now.”

The old dragon goddess beside her didn’t speak. She knew Lin Fan’s history. He was a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.

The fact that he dared to offend the Red Dust Demon Sect could only mean that he had enough courage, and she was eager to see how this kid would settle this matter.

At this time, Xiang Junchen’s eyes were filled with tears. The humiliation he had suffered during this period was something he had never suffered before in his life.

His hatred was immense.

He wanted to tear Lin Fan apart with his bare hands.

“Little lady, you must revive your women’s code. Although his immortality has been abolished, his looks are still there. There’s a chance he will inevitably be a playboy, so watch out.” Lin Fan said.

Xiang Junchen was so angry that he was about to explode.

‘What did he mean by saying this?’

‘What did you want to do this time? If you have the guts to speak up, just said it straight away.’ Xiang Junchen frowned but then played along.

The fat girl said, “No, my husband will not have such thoughts. I believe him.”

“Then ask him if he likes you.” Lin Fan asked.

The fat girl said, “I’m sure my husband likes me, right? husband?”

Xiang Junchen looked at the ugly girl in front of him. His body had been tainted and suffered from daily devastation like there was a mass of fat on his body.

Not only did they persecute his body, but also his mind was all severely beaten.

With tears in his eyes and the pain in his heart, he could only speak the words unconscionably, “I do.”

Those who really like him were willing to kill just to hear him said that.

If it had been a beautiful woman, he would have admitted it, but was the one in front of him still human?

When the fat girl heard her husband’s confession, she was overjoyed. She held Xiang Junchen’s face as if it was a messy mountain of gold.

Xiang Junchen was quite nauseous, and his original face turned gloomy.

Lin Fan smiled, “Liking isn’t just words, little lady. I see that the two of you are perfectly matched. Your future child will definitely be cute and beautiful. However, there are rumors out there that a man’s love for his child usually can’t reach the same level as a woman’s because they haven’t experienced what it’s like to conceive a child.”

“But I can give you an offer. If he were to conceive the child, it would feel different.”

“And it’s true love too because he was willing to suffer for you. I guess the old dragon goddess agrees with me on that.”

He knew what the old dragon goddess was like, and how cruel she was to others. He might not know for sure, but he knew that the old dragon goddess loved this granddaughter dearly. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have spent such a large price on a waste.

“Hmm.” The old dragon goddess simply let out a cry, but it could be said as an agreement.

When Xiang Junchen heard this, his eyes turned red as he stared at Lin Fan. He had never thought that there was such an evil person in the world.

Lin Fan ignored Xiang Junchen’s angry eyes and smiled, “I happen to have a technique for this. I’ll tell you, and you can try it in the future. It’s good for the two of you.”

He then quietly spoke to the fat girl.

Xiang Junchen wanted to know.

But he had no cultivation right now, and his ears were just not that useful, so how could he hear it.

After he spoke, Lin Fan winked towards Xiang Junchen, “Brother Xiang, you’re really a lucky man. It’s a blessing to meet such a little lady. However, you won’t be able to cultivate anymore.”


Xiang Junchen really wanted to curse.

He was an extremely evil person before. If it weren’t for the dissipation of his cultivation, he wouldn’t only went rampage here. Instead, he would have used a bloody method to kill Lin Fan.

Lin Fan cupped his fists, “Senior dragon goddess, farewell.”

“Little lady, listen to my words. It’ll keep you happy and satisfied.”

He then left the place with a smile, as for how angry Xiang Junchen was, it had nothing to do with him.

“Grandmother, that little brother is really a good man. He was not only complimenting me as a little lady, but he also gave me so much useful advice.” The fat girl rejoiced.

Xiang Junchen was about to vomit blood.

If Lin Fan was a good guy, then what could be considered a bad guy?


At this time.

Lin Fan found that many people were hiding around as if they were keeping track of something. Perhaps they were trying to get his portrait. After all, the Red Dust Demon Sect’s hunting order still existed.

There would always be people who wanted to get rich off by using him.

Suddenly, a figure bumped into Lin Fan, and this figure hurriedly said, “Fellow cultivator, forgive me.”

After saying this, it hurriedly left.

Lin Fan looked down at his clothes, then looked at the far away back, and a smile appeared on his face. What a thoughtful person who was willing to give it a shot.

The Red Dust Demon Ancestor had also come to participate in this auction.

He had fought a battle with the old dragon goddess last time, and he lost and continued to fight would just be a waste of time. If he really wanted to fight with his life, the consequences would not be too good to say.

That madwoman was too strong.

It was likely they both would end up losing.

“Demon Ancestor, I just received news that the person who sold the young master appeared at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.” The old man reported the situation in a low voice.

When the Devil Ancestor heard the news, he got up sharply. His facial expression somewhat changed, and his eyes flickered with a faint light as if it was a brief moment for him to think about something clearly.

“Don’t worry about it for now. Tomorrow’s auction is the most important. This time the Red Dust Demon Sect is imperative, and this elixir must be obtained.”

The old man nodded his head.

The young master was already being sold. The chances of saving him were extremely low. However, he already knew who the person who had suppressed the young master. It was Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.

There was no escaping.

The most crucial thing was that the Greatest Martial Sect’s sect master was also there. If he went forward to look for him now, he would definitely meet up with Bai Qiu, and a conflict between the two would be quite bad.

He should hold back for now.


Next day!

It seemed as if all the powerful people in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had disappeared. Even the street vendors had disappeared. It was something that had arguably never happened before in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

And at the entrance of the auction hall, a group of people had already gathered.

These people were all Heavenly Treasure Pavilion vendors, as well as some casual cultivators. They were all heatedly discussing at this time.

“I wonder what that elixir looks like. How good it would be if I could go in and take a look.”

“You’d better not be dreaming. Can something as precious as an elixir be anything we can see? I’m telling you that those people there were truly powerful; some of them even come from great sects.”

“Boy, I can smell that elixir as I stand outside the door. It feels like I’m inhaling a hundred times more energy.”

“Exhale it; you can die if you don’t exhale it. Also, what kind of scent, I think it’s your fart smell.”

They were all casual cultivators who muddled through the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Of course, they didn’t have the qualifications to enter the auction hall.

Those who could go inside were all big figures with status.

Some of the True Stage cultivators weren’t qualified to enter, not because their cultivation wasn’t good enough, but the elixir’s auction was an important matter. The spirit stone was controlled strictly, and without a certain amount of spirit stones, they simply couldn’t enter.

After all, some of the True Stage cultivators were poor. Refining dao artifact, alchemy, cultivating mystic arts, and so on, all required massive consumption of spirit stones.

If they couldn’t find spirit stones in a short period and couldn’t afford to sell their treasures, they would definitely have to dry their eyes and wait outside.

They might be able to lose their temper.

It was possible.

Also, it depended on whether those powerful people inside agree or not. They were all here because of the elixir, which was not for you to mess with.


Inside the auction hall.

“Huang Li, it’s very likely that this auction will break the highest price in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion history.” Lin Fan was looking forward to it. He was now curious to know how many spirit stones this elixir could auction off.

It would definitely be an astronomical price.

He knew that if he were to tell this elixir’s effects, it would definitely made everyone present went crazy.

“It will indeed break the highest price in the history of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Elixirs are rare, and if one can appear, it will definitely be snatched out of the sky. The forbidden area is hard to enter, and elixirs there are even harder to obtain. I just don’t know, maybe one day in the future, the forbidden area will be breached, and the elixir will also become a cabbage.” Huang Li said.

Lin Fan laughed, “Don’t think about it; it’s impossible. Even if the forbidden area is breached, the elixirs won’t become cabbages. Besides, I don’t think the forbidden area will be breached. The existence there is not something you have seen before. I’m afraid that only true immortals descending from the Immortal Realm will be able to maneuver around with those existences within the forbidden area.”

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