Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 245


Chapter 245 – Stirring up a Monstrous Scolding War

Cough, cough!”

Mao Si was dressed up on the stage. He looked very serious about this auction, as the people present were powerful people from immortals, demons, and demon cultivators. They were all the most powerful and influential people in this world.

“Welcome, everyone. There is only one thing in this auction, which is an elixir.”

“After this elixir has been appraised by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Appraisal Master of Elixir, we learned that this elixir is called the Nine Colored Flowers. Now, I’ll bring the elixir up for you to see.”


Six powerful True Stage cultivators carefully escorted the elixir to the stage.

The elixir came out.

The powerful people in each compartment got up to watch. Some of them cast their mystic art to get a glimpse of the elixir’s true nature. However, their mystic art crumbled directly within a few inches of the elixir, unable to penetrate any deeper.

It was indeed a supreme elixir with an innate ability to prevent prying eyes.

For the six True Stage cultivators, they didn’t feel good. The pressure from the numerous powerful True Stage cultivators present was so intense that it was difficult for even their peers to resist.

Mao Si said, “There’s no need for you to peek in. This elixir can block out prying eyes. We have already tried it in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. The next thing I will say is the most important, which is the specific wonders of this elixir.”

“As I said earlier, this elixir is called the Nine Colored Flowers.”

“This is a perfectly mature elixir. After swallowing it, it can condense into a ninth-grade five-element spirit root. It can or even become an immortal spirit root. Regardless of whether it is ninth-grade or immortal, it will condense into a Sacred Immortal Body.”

“There’s no need for me to introduce the wonders of the Sacred Immortal Body. I’m sure all you already know more than me.”

The words just fell.

The powerful people that came to the auction were shocked. They did not think that this elixir could condense into a Sacred Immortal Body. How could it be possible?

The Sacred Immortal Body was an innate creation, but there was an elixir that could condense into it.

This was undoubtedly not a fantasy to them.

“How do we know if what the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion saying is true? What if it’s not?” A powerful people asked.

Mao Si said, “Don’t worry, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s reputation is at stake. We will never deceive you. If any of you here still doesn’t believe it, then feel free not to participate in the auction. Because the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion really can’t come up with any definite evidence other than its reputation guarantee.”

The powerful people could indeed do whatever they wanted.

Well, if you didn’t believe it, there was nothing you could do.

I could only be sorry for that. Please move aside.

The powerful people in the compartment didn’t have much doubt about the authenticity of the elixir. However, they were all calculating the limits in their hearts. After thinking about it for a long time, they couldn’t imagine exactly where the limits were.

It was indeed a treasure.

Everyone wanted to have it.

After a moment.

A terrifying power erupted within the auction room as if it came from a certain compartment. A powerful person directly exerted his mystic art to detect the surrounding compartments’ presence with his divine eye. 

He wanted to know who was in every compartment.

The most important thing was that it wasn’t just this one powerful person who did that, but most of them.

This auction was for something unusual.

The first move was bidding. If you couldn’t get it, then just rob and kill. Everything was worth it for the elixir.

At the moment, a peeping storm formed in the auction hall. The surrounding void was shaking. The immortal light and divine light collided with each other, creating a powerful force that was enough to shake the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s foundation.

“It’s really intense.” Lin Fan exclaimed. He, as a bystander, was so passionate about what he was watching. He definitely had to follow them afterward; maybe something intense would happen too.

The six True Stage cultivator of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion cast their mystic art. The golden light wrapped around them to protect the elixir.

They looked exhausted.

They were quite helpless against the confrontation between these powerful people. They could only protect the elixir from being spread by them.

Mao Si managed to stabilize his body with difficulty and said, “If you all are not here to bid on the auction. Then the elixir will be withdrawn here and auctioned off on the next day.”

Soon, the peeping storm within the auction hall gradually dissipated.

Then there were voices passed out from within the compartments.

“Hmph, everyone, if you want to peep, you can peep justly and brightly. If you have the guts, then show your true face because whoever gets it is the one who has the power.”

This powerful person was clearly angry.

What the hell! Why would they peep?

Soon, another voice came out and said, “Speak as if you’re fierce. If you have the guts, then lift your true face first. If you don’t dare, then don’t say any more nonsense.”

“That’s right. This is an elixir auction; if you win, you can get it. Trying to peep at others, could it be that you want to rob and kill them?”

“The people here are all great figures of the immortals, demons and demon cultivators. So, who else should we fear?”


They were all bloodthirsty people.

Not far away, the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor had already been sweating. It was so terrifying that if he didn’t auction off the elixir and swallow it, it might be a matter of whether he could leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion or not.

It was good that he auction it off.

He definitely couldn’t keep it.

Mao Si hurriedly took control of the hall, saying, “It’s useless to talk too much. The auction has officially begun, no reserve price, the highest bidder wins.”

He didn’t want to participate in the bickering of these powerful people.

The purpose of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was to auction.

Right at this moment, a voice was heard.

“Ten thousand spirit stones.”

Immediately after that, another shout came out.

“Crazy! Which evil person shouted ten thousand? If he bid for ten thousand, I’m going to bid for twenty thousand .”

Perhaps it was because they couldn’t see the true faces. Some of them were tired of pretending to be superior in front of people. They completely exploded out at this time, transforming into spotters, ready to explore the whole hall.

“I’ll bid thirty thousand.”

“Forty thousand.”

“Aren’t you guys ashamed? Is forty thousand is all you can say? Come on, tell me who you are. It’s over for you once I despise you.”

Mao Si, who was on the auction table, looked calm. However, his heart was quite helpless. What kind of people was they? Was that even a price?

Forty thousand spirit stone for an elixir?

They were indeed worthy of being powerful people.

Lin Fan laughed, “Huang Li, don’t you think these powerful people are really interesting? They have a cloth of shame and start to come unbridled. If their disciples and grandchildren knew about it, they would all laugh to death.”

Huang Li frowned, “They’re just playing around, wasting time, or maybe they’re trying to anger someone. Perhaps because their mystic art can’t detect it, they lure the others to declare themselves from the verbal aspect. These powerful people are calculating it, so be careful.”

Huang Li then got up and left the compartment. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was also going to participate in the auction.

They also wanted to get this elixir.

At this point, the price had reached one hundred thousand spirit stones.

This was like playing a game.

It was as if they had already agreed.

One by one, they raised the price.

Lin Fan estimated his own worth would be more than two hundred and fifty million spirit stones. He was able to take out a dozen or so spirit weapons, as well as the Golden Gourd, three Middle-Grade Defensive Dao Artifact, a Dragon Phase Treasure Art, and Innate Spirit Vein Crystallization. Also, if he got rid of the Golden Gourd, he could gather 500 million spirit stones, maybe more.

As he looked at these bidding.

It wouldn’t work without giving them a little filler.

“One hundred million spirit stones.” Lin Fan shouted.

He wanted to stir up the battle. He knew he couldn’t get the elixir anyway, so even if he couldn’t get it, he had to liven up the scene.

There was a brief pause.

Not because 100 million was a lot for all the great powers, but because they were all wondering which son of a bitch had quoted recklessly again. Wouldn’t it be fun to raise another thousand spirit stones?

Soon, the bidding got tough.

They were getting impatient.

“One hundred and ten thousand.”

“One hundred and twenty thousand.”


Lin Fan shook his head. He had watched carefully. There were quite a few powerful people who hadn’t made a move, and the ones who did now were all here to mess things up. It couldn’t be said that they were also bound to the elixir. Instead, they just wanted to play a game and blow up some hot-tempered powerful minds.

“Two hundred million.”

Lin Fan shouted. He wasn’t in a hurry at all and called higher in order to earn more.

He was living off the draw.

Which wasn’t easy.

Huang Li knew that Lin Fan shouted for two hundred million, and she smiled at the corners of her mouth. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion hadn’t made a move yet. What was truly intense was still to come.

“Two hundred and ten million.”

“Two hundred and twenty million.”

Those mischievous powerful people were playing again as if they were trying to anger the others. They were screaming ten thousand higher to make the other angry.

“How could it only raise by ten thousand? You guys are really meaningless. I will say one thing, let’s jump to fifty million, who is not following up, then their ancestral graves will be shaved. Their wives will steal their children, and they will be struck by lightning…”

Lin Fan was trying to provoke and used all kinds of vicious words. This even made righteous immortals were almost thunderstruck by Lin Fan’s words.

“That’s all I have to say. There’s no point in saying more.”

“Three hundred million.”


There were angry curses passed out from the other compartments.

“Fellow cultivator who speaks so viciously. Everyone knows you’re a demon cultivator the moment they hear it. Declare yourself, and let’s see how arrogant you are.” 

“Crazy! Is there any other demon cultivator who kills your whole family? How can you say it was a demon cultivator? If you really have the guts, then you should declare yourself too.”

The auction hall was like a vegetable market, with a mixture of shouting and cursing.

It was chaotic and noisy.

It was not at all like a high-classed auction.

As if Mao Si had been instructed, he quickly said, “Once, twice,…”

The last three didn’t call out, so a powerful person hurriedly shouted.

“Four hundred million.”

Suddenly, the auction was peaceful.

The powerful people who were just making noise were all shocked. It was so close, someone almost got auctioned off for three hundred million.

Was the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion doing this on purpose?

Because of this matter just now, many powerful people were shocked and didn’t dare to slack off. Instead, they were engrossed in the auction.

Lin Fan said, “Seven hundred million.”

He just wanted to bring up the pace.

“Eight hundred million.”

Right after he shouted seven hundred million, which was instantly broken, he laughed. There was nothing for him anymore, so he left it to the powerful people to shout.

Having a fortune meant you could do whatever you wanted.

It had to be envied.

This was no longer a personal auction, but a battle between forces. All bidding was against faction. Ordinary individuals couldn’t afford to compete with them.

“Eight hundred and fifty million.”

“Nine hundred million.”

The price skyrocketed and soon broke one billion.

What was the idea of one billion?

It was equivalent to a Ninth-Grade Spirit Vein.

The number of disciples in each sect, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. These expenses were enough to cover the sect for one year, and it was the kind of expenses that were out and about.

The Nine Colored Flowers was worth much more than that.

If anyone consumed the Nine Colored Flowers, they would become the most outstanding person in the cultivation realm. Basically, no one could compare to them. 

It’s not an exaggeration to be called the world’s first talented person.

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