Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 246


Chapter 246 – The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon

“Surely, they’re all rich masters.”

Lin Fan sighed with great emotion. Those top three immortal and demon sect were just truly terrifying.

Rare things were precious.

A total of two strains of elixir appeared today, and this one was the only one auctioned. It was even able to condense into a Sacred Immortal Body and achieve True Immortality in just twenty to thirty years. Also, if the person who took it ascended to the Immortal Realm, he was afraid it would still be a top-notch body.

His mother, Wei You, had four types of Nine-Grade Spirit Root, and the other one was an Immortal-Grade Spirit Root.

By all accounts, she should be a Sacred Immortal Body.

But unfortunately, she wasn’t.

At first, he didn’t understand. However, after seeing the Nine Colored Flowers, he already knew that ordinary people with the nine and five spirit roots wanted to condense into a Sacred Immortal Body. They needed a gateway, and without a gateway, they could not be condensed. 

Lin Fan really wanted the Nine Colored Flowers, but unfortunately… he’s poor. As a poor man, he knew his limit.

He could only watch a group of rich men fighting over it.


At this time, the auction had already entered the burning stage.

Some of the powerful people who had shouted very fiercely earlier were silent. Now there were only a dozen or so powerful people bidding, and the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had also joined in.

The price had been bid up to one billion seven hundred million.

The Nine-Grade Spirit Veins were generally fundamental to establishing a sect. Many great sects built their sects above the Nine-Grade Spirit Veins. They were using the qi emitted by the Nine-Grade Spirit Veins to nourish their sects and form a blessed land.

And now, this price was clearly beyond the bottom line of many great sects.

It was somewhat not wise to let a sect fall into the point of resource vacancy just for a single elixir.

For the ordinary disciples and inner disciples, each disciple’s monthly spirit stones to cultivate individually was indeed not much. However, there were so many of them that the consumption number was terrifying.

Not to mention core disciples and elders. The number of spirit stones needed to maintain the sect’s operation would make one shudder just by thinking about it.

There was simply too much that needed to be spent.

The Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was breathing more and more rapidly. It wasn’t that he was distressed that the elixir was going to be auctioned off, but that the spirit stones were now driving him insane.

How many spirit stones was this?

How many dao artifacts could you buy with it?

How many elixirs?

How many rare treasures?

The sale was good. Luckily, he didn’t take it at first, because if he did, he would have lived in worry for fear of being caught and refined into a human elixir, or a spirit stone. It would make him afraid to go anywhere.

It was indeed not easy for someone with an indecisive will like the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor to reach the True Stage.

Perhaps he was hiding in the deep forest and unintentionally and secretly joined the movement of the heavens. Maybe he was fortunate to become a strong True Stage cultivator.


At this time, Huang Li’s furrowed. The price was getting higher and higher. At this rate, it was definitely going to break two billion.

Although the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s business was tremendous, every single sold treasure was earned for nothing. After expenses were removed, the income from selling a single treasure was low, not as much as people thought.

“Two billion.”

A voice came from inside a compartment. The voice was a bit shaky as if it was trembling because the person was shaking when he called out this price. He was fighting to this extent for an elixir.

This was no longer a solo fight.

Rather, it was raising the strength of the sect to fight with other various sects.

Lin Fan was pleased with this situation. What a pleasant auction. That is it, he didn’t know if his own sect master was involved, but from what he knew, the sect master shouldn’t fight to this extent.

The Greatest Martial Sect was indeed large, but with many disciples, it might not have so many spirit stones.

Where the hell did those sects get so many spirit stones?

He couldn’t figure it out.

After a long time.

The final price reached two and a half billion, and then it completely stopped. No one continued to raise the price. The auction hall was quiet and somewhat depressing at the same time.

It was as if a precious treasure had been obtained by someone else, and everyone else was unhappy about it.

“Congratulations to compartment number seven for obtaining this elixir.” Mao Si ripped his voice red and shouted. He was now very excited to witness the records created.

Two and a half billion spirit stones.

“Not bad. The amount drawn was two hundred and fifty million, not less.” A smile appeared on Lin Fan’s face. Appraisers were a very popular profession, especially since he could appraise elixirs. He was the only one in the world, so this market was his.

At least he would be the only existence that could recognize the elixir before the terrifying creatures out of the forbidden area.

After taking the draw, the spirit stones he had reached five hundred million.

He was considered to be a relatively wealthy existence among individuals.

Huang Li’s mood was a little bit depressed. The elixir’s major price that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion didn’t get was beyond what her heart expected. Because of the forbidden area existence, all the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had wanted was to obtain the elixir from the forbidden area personally.

That way, they didn’t have to spend spirit stones.

The auction ended.

Lin Fan had gotten his share of the draw.

The Southern Ridge Old Ancestor didn’t dare to leave. He didn’t dare to leave the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and was hiding there. He was genuinely afraid of the massive amount of spirit stones. The moment he got the spirit stones, he went to purchase the dao artifacts. With that much in his pocket, let’s start with six or seven.

Even though the elixir was not on him.

But the spirit stones on his body were still a bit troublesome.

That’s why it was necessary to purchase some dao artifacts.

If anyone really dared to come, he would smash all these bastards with the dao artifacts.

“Huang Li, didn’t your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion also participate in the auction? Why did you give up in the end? Did you think that spending two and a half billion spirit stones to get an elixir isn’t worth it and want to venture to the forbidden area?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Li said, “That’s right. Master Lin is right. Two and a half billion spirit stones can indeed buy an elixir, but our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has huge business and needs a lot of spirit stones to turn around. That’s why we don’t spend energy on a single elixir.”

“Especially when forbidden areas have appeared and elixirs can be obtained there. There’s no need to spend so many spirit stones.”

They had a perfect idea.

Come to think of it.

There was indeed no problem. The forbidden area was there.

Lin Fan said, “Huang Li, it’s dangerous for you to think like that. Don’t you know that your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion is teetering on the edge of death?”

“I’m afraid no one knows how dangerous the forbidden area is better than your Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Yet, you still want to take risks for the sake of the elixir?”

Huang Li smiled, “It’s inevitable that the elixir is hidden in a dangerous place. However, the world is great, and those who are fortunate will get it. The fact that the Southern Ridge Old Ancestor was able to obtain the elixir shows that he is a person with great luck. No matter how dangerous the place is, he still has a chance to get it as long as he has luck.” 

For the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to still want to go to the forbidden area to die, he couldn’t stop it. Perhaps they would only turn back if they hit the southern wall.

“Huang Li, I wonder which sect was the one that won the elixir this time?” Lin Fan asked.

Huang Li shook her head and said, “This can’t be said. I’m sure Master Lin understands the rules of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. If I say it out, it will affect the reputation of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.”

Lin Fan didn’t pursue the question.

As he wandered around the city, he noticed that the atmosphere around him was a bit off, as if countless powerful people were spreading their divine sense to observe everything around them.

No one knew who got the elixir.

“I wonder if there’s going to be any war this time. It would be nice if I can gain a bit from the war.”

Lin Fan knew that those powerful people were all people capable of doing anything. Trying to find out who got the elixir was indeed a bit tricky, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Therefore, he had no thoughts of leaving the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion for the time being. Instead, he would wait here, and with this momentum, he would surely gain something.


Ten days and a half month later.

Lin Fan opened his eyes. The momentum was moving. The powerful people in the city were all attacking in a distant direction.

Did they find the one who got of the elixir?

He left the place and quickly headed off into the distance.


Outside the range of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

Several rays of light travel between the world. Although they tried their best to restrain their ki, they still emitted power.

“Master, these subordinates can smell the scent of many creatures following us. It seems that they know that we have obtained the elixir. Could it be that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has not kept its word and sold our information?” A bone-thin old man was gloomy.

“No, it’s all because of what this old thing is capable of. It’s not difficult for them to know who got the elixir. You don’t need to pay attention to them. Who dare to come forward, will be dead.”

The one who was addressed as the Master of the Sect was the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

The way to become an old demon was strange and unpredictable. It was rumored that an immortal died in an immortal cultivator’s realm with his corpse still intact. After countless years, he was eroded by the Earth Demons’ power and absorbed the sun and moon’s essence. In the end, he formed a spiritual intelligence and became a powerful demon.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had spent a great deal to obtain the elixir. Like a powerful demon, he was loaded with a lot of treasures. Besides, he often did things to destroy clans and naturally accumulated a great deal of wealth.



The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon stagnated in the void. His grey gaze looked straight at the world, “Since you all know that it was my sect master who obtained the elixir, why are you following us? It is a disgrace to the sect, so come out.”

The voice was like thunder. The gale whistled, and the world shook with it.

A monstrous deadly qi enveloped the firmament.

For the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, it was difficult to evade such a situation. Only when they were intimidated and completely suppressed would they willingly retreat.

There were three old men by his side.

These three were the vice masters, a powerful True Stage cultivator, cultivated by the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had originally come this time with the mindset that he was bound to obtain the elixir. That was why he had brought the three vice masters with him. He knew that he would encounter trouble after obtaining the elixir.

In the distant world, several silhouettes appeared, and demonic flames were boiling in the air.

There was no immortal came. It must be that the immortal sect considered itself to be a famous and righteous sect and didn’t care to do such a thing, or maybe they couldn’t let go of their pride in case they were said to be a disgrace for being the sect master of the immortal sect, yet they did such a sneaky thing.

That must be the reason.

“Heavenly Master, we didn’t come here with any malicious intent. We just want to see the elixir up close, and we hope that the Heavenly Master will grant us this small wish.” A powerful demon spoke up.

“Hahahaha…” the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon laughed. His laughter sharp and terrifying, “Since all of you want to take the elixir, so let’s see what you can do? There is no need for saying these useless words.”

Then, in the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s hand, the elixir was emitting a glowing spinning.

“The elixir is here, so whoever wants it can come and take it.”

The elixir disappeared.

As for the demon and demon cultivator, they looked fierce.

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