Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 247


Chapter 247 – Powerful Execution of True Stage Cultivator

“There’s really a fight happening.”

Lin Fan followed and saw many powerful people standing in the void from afar.

“This Heavenly Corpse Old Demon has obtained an elixir. He’s a powerful demon, a terrifying existence.”

Lin Fan had heard the rumors of the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. Although he didn’t know if it was true or not, he was indeed a terrifying existence. Lin Fan wondered if he would be able to find an opportunity to gain something later. 


The vault changed frantically. The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon roared, his sleeves opened, and a grey coffin broke out of the sky. The coffin itself emitting a strong grey deadly qi. Suddenly, death enveloped the world. 

The faces of many powerful people changed slightly in shock as they felt the pressure.

“Be careful, everyone.”

“Let’s force him to hand over the elixir.”

They didn’t dare to underestimate the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s strength. He was a truly terrifying existence.

At this time, the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was sitting cross-legged on the coffin. His palms closed as if he had become one with the grey coffin. A monstrous deadly qi swept up. A divine circle floated behind the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, with strands of deadly grey qi drifting out from the divine circle.

It was as if it possessed spiritual energy that was going to cover this world.


The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon opened his eyes. His grey eyes were erupting with divine light, and the target was a True Stage cultivator. It made the chosen True Stage cultivator was covered in sweat.

He was just an ordinary True Stage cultivator, following the elder to come and block the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.


The divine light penetrated through his body, running through the pores. Just as he was about to prepare to save himself, his flesh and blood overflowed with a dense grey deadly qi.

It was constantly rotting his body.

He moved his qi to resist, but it instantly dissipated in smoke once it touched the deadly qi.

“All of you have come to snatch this master’s elixir, so get ready.” The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s qi was immense, and his techniques were quite fierce. His gaze was cold as he looked at everyone. He was not afraid of anyone and had enough confidence to deal with everything.

“Heavenly Chaotic World.”

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon roared. The grey coffin opened with a bang, and deadly grey qi roared from within the gloomy and terrifying coffin. It reversed the yin and yang and turned the world upside down.

The magnificent power enveloped the world.

The powerful people were not weak. Their powerful qi penetrated the world. Their divine light overwhelmed the sky to cut down towards the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon.

There was a dull, rumbling sound. The world shook, and the void was torn apart.


Lin Fan hid in the shadows. The sweeping aftershocks rattled his body. If an ordinary Establish Stage cultivator were to face such aftershocks, they would fear it would take all their strength.

But he had cultivated his Ancestral Dragon’s Body to the highest level, and his flesh was invincible. So these aftershocks were like a gentle breeze on his body.

Moving his qi and casting his mystic art, the God Spear condensed in his palm. As he watched the extremely wounded powerful person in the distance, he threw the God Spear. With a swoosh, a black light hurried forward.

The injured powerful person was suppressing the erosion of the deadly qi and was horrified. He didn’t expect the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon to be so strong, and he wasn’t even a match.

If he wasn’t mistaken.

That divine light just now was the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s supreme mystic art, the Ten Thousand Corpse Eye. It required killing strong people, digging into their eyes, and sucking the divine power from the eyes to condense into this mystic art.

Once it was cast, it would appear as if countless strong people were angry. The strong pressure came over them.


He was alarmed that there was danger coming. As he looked back, a black light swept in from afar. It seemed like he saw an illusion, no… it wasn’t an illusion, it was real.

The highest level of the Yellow Spring Hell Mystic Art is evolving Hell, and the next level is to condense Hell Origin into a God Spear, which contains visions of Hell and can bring illusions to someone’s heart.


The God Spear came upon the target. It fiercely nailed the target’s brain. As a clattering sound came from it, the God Spear pierced the target’s scalp but stayed on the target’s skull.

The only thing seen was the black light appearing on the target’s skull, directly deflecting the God Spear.

Then there was a bang.

The God Spear directly shattered.

Lin Fan frowned. Lin Fan qi was a bit weak, but the target is a True Stage cultivator. He was not something that Lin Fan’s qi could cut down even if the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon had severely injured him in a single strike.

He stood there, laughing. His lips moved slightly, as if to say, awesome, it was quite interesting—what a surprise.

“Damn, boy. Even if I’m not a match for the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, I still have no problem killing you.” This True Stage cultivator was an elder of the great demon sect, Prison Demon Mountain.

The words just fell.

The True Stage Demon turned into a black rainbow and slashed towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan exerted his qi to escape towards the distance.

The opportunity was rare.

He just attracted a severely injured True Stage Old Demon. If he could slay him, it would show that the Establish Stage cultivator could also kill True Stage.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon teamed up with the three vice masters to fight against those powerful people. The sun and moon were inverted, the vault shook, and even the void cracked, as a waterfall-like river poured down.


Far away.

“Kid, stop right there. Do you only know how to flee before you succeed with your sneak attack?” The True Stage Old Demon was chasing after Lin Fan. He was extremely fast but simply didn’t manage to catch up with Lin Fan’s speed.

This made him quite shocked.


Where the Hell did this kid come from? He was too fast.

Lin Fan observed the surrounding terrain. He’s already far away from the battle range. It was just the right time to have a good fight with this strong True Stage Old Demon and see how much he had to use to suppress his opponent.

This was it.

When the True Stage Old Demon saw that Lin Fan stopped, he burst out laughing, “Kid, finally you know that you can’t escape. Do you want to admit your guilt here? Tell me, who the Hell are you and where did you come from? How dare you sneak up on me?”

“I’m Lin Fan from Greatest Martial Sect.” Lin Fan smiled. As he looked at his opponent’s broken chest, the bleeding had stopped, but he could still see deadly grey qi wrapped around the flesh’s edges. It seemed that the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was much stronger than this one.

“So you’re a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect.” The True Immortal Old Demon suddenly came to his senses, then looked furious, “Even if you’re from Greatest Martial Sect, so what? How dare you sneak up on me? I’ll see what you’re capable of.”

Lin Fan didn’t say anything more nonsense to his opponent.

Instead, he raised his hand.

As the ten fingers moved, each finger was as flexible as a python. With a bit of radiant and dazzling light, he directly cast the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Finger and exploded instantly.

This was a mystic art created by an old demon. It was mysterious and powerful.

“This is…”

The True Stage Old Demon was surprised. He had recognized the mystic art. At the same time, his heart was affected, just like when he was at the end of the tribulation. His heart was filled with demons, transforming into various shapes to confuse him.

“The mystic art created by the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Old Demon is truly powerful.”

To the True Stage Old Demon, whose mind was affected by various factors, the figure in front of him seemed to have disappeared. Everything was void of illusions and unfathomable.

Lin Fan had already cultivated this mystic art to the highest level.

Once it was performed, even True Stage cultivator would find it difficult to resist.

He once again condensed the God Spear and hurled it towards his opponent. However, all of a sudden, ten thousand streaks of demonic light on the True Stage Old Demon rose into the sky. It broke the illusion of his confused heart, and even more so, he slapped the God Spear.

“Good boy, I’ve really underestimated you.”

The True Stage Old Demon didn’t think that this kid was somewhat capable. The mystic arts he was displaying were all very mysterious. His cultivation was so high that it was hard to believe if you didn’t see it with your own eyes.


Only a long whistle from the True Stage Old Demon could be seen as the monstrous demonic qi swept up. It shook the world, condensing in all directions before turning into a pitch-black demonic hand that broke through the void.

“Demon Devouring Technique.”

Lin Fan spread his arms wide and shouted furiously. An imaginary sea monster emerged behind him; the sea monster spat out and absorbed the world. The demonic ki condensed by the True Stage Old Demon wildly surged towards the sea monster here.

The black magic hand directly disintegrated.

“How did this kid have so many mystic arts?”

The True Stage Old Demon was horrified. He was not only horrified by his opponent’s mystic arts, but also by the level of cultivation. His opponent had cultivated to the point where the mystic arts he was displaying were all at its highest levels.

Obviously, there was a huge difference in qi.

But still, his opponent was routed by virtue of the mystic arts that had been cultivated to the highest level.

Then, a ray of light erupted from the sea monster’s mouth, crashing right into the True Stage Old Demon, striking him with its power.


Far away.

The True Stage Old Demon was in a bit of a mess. His injuries hadn’t improved much; he was just much more of a mess than before.

“You’re a bit weak, True Stage Old Demon. Let me see how well your cultivation is.” Lin Fan condensed the God Spear, held it tightly in his hand, and then threw it towards his opponent.

The Ancestral Dragon’s Body had been cultivated to the ninth level. As the dragon bones emerged, it condensed into an Ancestral Dragon Shadow wielding a God Spear, stroking towards the True Stage Old Demon.


The True Stage Old Demon was furious. This was a humiliation to be underestimated by a kid. He then cast a bell-shaped dao artifact that emitted turbulent sounds towards Lin Fan.


The bell rammed into Lin Fan’s body, yet it caused the True Stage Old Demon to cry out straight to Hell. Lin Fan paused briefly, some of his body’s qi was in turmoil, but it was quickly calmed.

He waved his God Spear across, and in a short moment, hundreds of moves drifted by.

Lin Fan was incomparably relieved. The feeling of fighting a powerful demon was impossible to understand without experiencing it personally.

But Lin Fan must say that the True Stage Old Demon was quite strong.

Even if he was seriously injured, he was still powerful.

“It’s time to end it.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to continue the entanglement. The qi gap could be bridged, but it required the cultivation of more mystic art, which had to be at its highest level.

“You’re such a rampant kid; I’ll kill you.” The True Stage Old Demon was furious. This kid had said that he should end it, so could it be that this kid really thought he could behead him.

At this point, Lin Fan quickly retreated. He pulled away from the True Stage Old Demon with some concrete, then flipped one of his palms. The Golden Gourd was floating in his palm.

It directly radiated an immortal treasure.


The world shook, and the Golden Gourd erupted with ten thousand streaks of immortal light penetrating the world.

The True Stage Old Demon screamed. His face was full of fear, as he saw the immortal light emitted by the Golden Gourd had the power to destroy the world.

“What kind of treasure is this?”

He was shocked. The immortal light not only severely damaged him, but also obliterated the deadly qi that was wrapped around his flesh and blood. The deadly qi he had worked so hard to stabilize was simply obliterated; it was inevitably too terrifying.

Lin Fan didn’t expect the immortal treasure to be so terrifying.

He hadn’t refined much, and it was already so powerful. As he thought of the Flaming Red Suckling Pig, if the Flaming Red Suckling Pig was given time to refine the immortal treasure, he was afraid that not many powerful people who went there would be able to come back. 

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