Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 248


Chapter 248 – You Don’t Even Know How Much They Love Each Other

Am I really going to die here?

Just having this thought, the True Immortal Old Demon shuddered.

He was already unable to kill his opponent with his peak cultivation power. Now that his opponent had cast the dao artifact, his sweat stood on end. It wasn’t that his opponent’s strength was so terrifying. Rather, it was that this treasure gave him great danger.

Lin Fan was surprised by the Golden Gourd’s power. Although he didn’t use his own qi, relied on a treasure to kill a strong enemy shouldn’t be a shame.

I had an immortal treasure, did you have one?

If not, then I’m really sorry, your luck was quite bad.

Lin Fan urged the immortal treasure. With golden light and immortal qi flowing across it, a river of gold swinging out of his gourd.

The True Stage Old Demon screamed as his body was severely injured. His soul shaken, and his body showed signs of falling apart. The swish of golden light directly cut off one of his arms.

“Heavenly Demon Supreme Body.”

The True Stage Old Demon roared as a huge demonic figure surfaced behind him. He was roaring as a pair of huge demonic fists destroyed the Golden Gourd.

“Golden River Transformation Dragon.”

Lin Fan waved his finger, and the golden river condensed into a golden river dragon. The dragon’s roar shook the void. Every drop of the golden river weighed ten thousand pounds, and it was hard to explain how massive this golden river dragon was.


It was mighty yet could be seen.


The Golden River Transformation Dragon crashed into the demonic fist and ran through that Heavenly Demon Supreme Body, strangling it together and directly grinding the Heavenly Demon Supreme Body down.


The True Stage Old Demon spat blood. His face was as pale as paper. He took several steps backward, looking in fear at the Golden Gourd that emitted golden light and was suspended in the air.

“This can’t be a dao artifact; it’s an immortal treasure. How could you have an immortal treasure?” The True Stage Old Demon shouted. He wasn’t going to lose to his opponent, but rather to the immortal treasure in his hands.

His opponent had this treasure. So, even if other True Stage came, they couldn’t harm the opponent unless they break this treasure.

“Can’t I still get your consent if I have the immortal treasure? I don’t want to talk to the old man. If you were a beautiful woman, I might be able to talk some nonsense to you, but since you’re not, I’ll better send you on your way.” Lin Fan once again urged the immortal treasure. The Golden Gourd spun quickly, it grew in size, and directly pressed towards the True Stage Old Demon.

“No…, Fellow cultivator, give me a chance.” The True Stage Old Demon shouted. It was not easy for him to cultivate to this extent; he was already a big man in his cultivation level. Although many powerful people suppressed him without a chance to fight back, at least he was good enough to traverse the world. The others even had to respectfully address him as a senior and an ancestor when they saw him.

If he died in the hands of a True Stage cultivator, he wouldn’t be so unhappy.

But now he was to die under an immortal treasure.

How pitiful.

If you had the guts, then fight me unarmed, using external power wasn’t a skill.


The Golden Gourd fell down and directly crushed the True Stage Old Demon. His soul was wiped clean. Don’t ever dream of escaping ascension and take rebirth.

He was killed.

With a move of Lin Fan’s hand, the Golden Gourd was suspended around Lin Fan. The golden river water turned into a golden river dragon wrapped around his body.

“The consumption of qi is great. This immortal treasure is really powerful. With my 30,000 of qi, I’m only barely able to use it. I’m only somewhat connected to the Golden Gourd. I haven’t even refined the innate formation inside it at all. If I have completely refined the innate formation inside, wouldn’t it mean that it can drain me in one fell swoop.”

He felt that the Golden Gourd was even more consuming than the Highest Spirit Rune.

Of course.

The Golden Gourd was definitely not as precious as the Highest Spirit Rune. The Highest Spirit Rune was a talisman conceived in the immortal world, so it wasn’t the same.

It was hard to say.

The Golden Gourd was a gourd produced from the Nine Heavens Seven Colored Vine. It was considered an innate treasure.

It was in poor condition.

So, it should be recovered first.

As for the drop, for now, Lin Fan decided to ignore it. As long as it wasn’t a fallen qi, it didn’t really matter.

Taking out the spirit stone, he banged and crushed it. He gathered the dense qi around him, absorbing it and restoring his qi.

His actions were really extravagant.

Ordinary people recovered their qi by slowly absorbing the world’s qi, while Lin Fan directly used spirit stones to recover his qi. Of course, this recovery was naturally much faster than absorbing the qi of the world.

It didn’t take long.

His qi was restored.

“What are you seniors doing here if you’re not going to snatch the elixir from me? Because it seems like I didn’t provoke you.” Lin Fan found a group of powerful people gazing at him as if they wanted to devour him.

Oh no, it wasn’t him that their eyes were focused on, but the bodyguarding the Golden Gourd.

Were they greedy for his immortal treasure?


It seemed they were a bunch of greedy bastards.

However, he noticed that the battle was still going on in the distance. The elixir’s battle was still going on, and it seemed that the power of the immortal treasure had just drawn them all in during the battle.

To be honest, he was a bit exhausted right now.

But, was he panicking?

Sorry to say, he wasn’t panicking at all because people would feel more confident of seeing their opponent panic.

“Didn’t provoke? Then why did you kill an elder of my Prison Demon Mountain.” The old man who spoke had flames burning in his eyes. He was the master of the Prison Demon Mountain. Seeing an elder died miserably at the hands of his opponent, how could he endure it? He instantly struck out a demonic light.

Lin Fan didn’t move a muscle.


The Golden River Protector deflected the demonic light, and ripples occurred slightly.

An explosion occurred.

Everyone took in the scene, resisting the Prison Demon Mountain master’s strike. What kind of treasure was this? It was so powerful.

“Why is this senior so irritable? I really didn’t know he was from the Prison Demon Mountain. He saw that I was young and wanted to kill me, so I had no choice but to kill him. I can only blame him for being inferior to me.” Lin Fan said indifferently.

At this time, a powerful man said, “This little friend has a point. Your elder of Prison Demon Mountain wants to kill this little friend, and you still won’t let him fight back; this would be a bit too much to say.”

“What do you mean? Did you speak for him? Do you want to befriend him? Are you greedy for his treasures, and you want to kill him when he’s not on guard?” The Prison Demon Mountain Master raged.

They had no longer tried to take the elixir in the distance. The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was strong and ferocious. He had persevered under attack until now but had not yet fallen out of favor. When they were fighting, they felt that an amazing treasure was being used, and immediately came to check it out. They thought if they couldn’t get the elixir, could they able to get something else?


Right at this moment.

In the distance, a black qi cut through the world. The Golden River Dragon vibrated and deflected this black qi.

“Lin Fan, you suppress my son, I want to avenge you with blood.”

A figure appeared, and it was Xiang Junchen’s father, the Demon Ancestor of the Red Dust Demon Sect.

“Demon Ancestor, why are you so violent? Your son is living a good life now. He is simply a natural pair for the granddaughter of the old dragon goddess. You, as a father, should be pleased. Besides, some time ago, Brother Xiang told me that he would be the one to conceive and give birth to a son and a daughter, which is considered the fruit of the two of them?”

“You’ll be able to hold your grandson soon.”

Lin Fan chuckled. He wasn’t afraid of his opponent at all now. What was there to be afraid of? He had two Immortal Realm great treasures to protect his body, as well as the Sacred Beast Robe. So, the worst-case scenario would be running away.

“Shut up.” The Demon Ancestor shouted furiously. He had been completely blown apart by Lin Fan’s words.

The surrounding powerful people whispered.

“The granddaughter of the old dragon goddess isn’t that simple. She’s a heavyweight, can she give birth to a good looking child?”

“Didn’t you hear what he was just said? Xiang Junchen is preparing to conceive. It’s strange to hear of men conceiving in this world. However, it’s not impossible. Come to think of it, Xiang Junchen’s looks are indeed exquisite. He has sword eyebrows and starry eyes, excellent temperament. Perhaps it’s because he’s thinking about the child, that’s why Xiang Junchen is the surrogate.”

“The Red Dust Demon Sect really knows how to play. The ordinary people can’t even handle it.”

The Demon Ancestor was already annoyed. He had been wholly enraged by Lin Fan. Damn it! His gaze towards Lin Fan was filled with boundless killing intent.


Lin Fan still didn’t care about it.

“Demon Ancestor, why should you be angry? Although Brother Xiang hasn’t accepted it completely, I believe that love will grow from time to time. Also, the granddaughter of the old dragon goddess has done it perfectly. She must have made love to Brother Xiang several times a day. So, can you imagine how good their relationship is?”

“As a father, you should sincerely wish them well, not sulk here.” Lin Fan’s mouth was capable of saying anything.

A group of powerful people around them did have the idea of watching the show. However, as they listened, they were wondering, was that something a human would say?

If things were placed on them.

They were afraid they wouldn’t have been able to endure the attack a long time ago.

“Go to hell.”

The Demon Ancestor couldn’t endure it any longer and slapped his palm towards Lin Fan. A terrifying, giant palm crushed down, creating a horrifying pressure that trembled this world’s side.

He knew that the Demon Ancestor wasn’t the same as the True Stage Old Demon just now. He was a truly terrifying existence. The previous True Stage Old Demon had been severely injured by the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s attack, while the Demon Ancestor hadn’t. Not to mention their strength was quite similar.

Lin Fan didn’t dare to be careless and prepared his strongest defense.

At the same time, he threw the God Spear and cast the Dragon Phase Treasure Art on the spear. Suddenly, the spear turned into an ancient dragon, emitting an ancient aura. It roared and collided with the giant palm, directly shattering it simultaneously as the smoke dissipated. 

The crowd was greatly shocked.

“This isn’t quite right. Have you noticed when this brat cast his mystic art, his qi fluctuation wasn’t strong? So, how could he shatter the Demon Ancestor’s palm?”

“The mystic art he that just performed seems to be a demon clan’s mystic art.”

“It’s not a demon clan’s mystic art; it’s just a general demon mystic art.”

The Demon Ancestor squinted his eyes as his strike failed. However, he was not surprised at all. Instead, he raised his hand. His five fingers trembled, vibrating at a certain frequency, followed by the demonic qi soaring into the air and transforming into an intense light that cutaway.



The power was terrifying; it tore the void apart.

Lin Fan prepared to flee. It’s true that he could win against the Demon Ancestor, but there were too many powerful people around. All of them were eyeing each other, and if he forced it to keep going, the situation would not be good.

Right at this moment.

A white light swept across the world, swishing and colliding with the light of the Demon Ancestor.

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