Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 249


Chapter 249 – Your Sect Master

Bai Qiu was observing in secret because he didn’t want to cause a war between the demons and demon cultivators, eventually leading to unstoppable disasters.

The appearance of the Immortal Treasure Golden Gourd triggered a vision, leaving the world in shock and awe. That was why he came immediately.

At first glance, he saw Lin Fan was fighting with the Demon Ancestor.

Although he had a little problem with this kid, no matter what, he was a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect and also a son adopted by his sister. If she knew that he didn’t save him from death, he was afraid that something terrible would happen.

“Sect Master, if you’re not here because of the elixir, what are you doing here?” Lin Fan was confused.

With a glance, Lin Fan could tell that his sect master was dishonest. He knew there was a war going on here, yet he still came over. He didn’t believe that his sect master was here to watch the show. He must have wondered if there was a chance that he would get the benefit.

“This brat. You’ve provoked the Demon Ancestor. If I didn’t come to save you, you think you can leave alive.” Bai Qiu reprimanded. This brat didn’t even know how to be polite. Couldn’t he figure out why his sect master was there?

If it wasn’t for the fact that you were a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, he wouldn’t have bothered to rescue you.

Lin Fan came to a sudden realization. He then looked straight at the Demon Ancestor and said, “Demon Ancestor, my sect master is here, if you want to kill me, it’s up to you whether you have the ability to do so or not… I actually did a great good deed, but not only you didn’t thank me, but also wants to kill me… if you admit that you’re overdoing it, then we can end it.”

When Sect Master Bai Qiu heard this, he raised his hand to give Lin Fan a furious shudder. However, he was dodged by Lin Fan. What nonsense. Wasn’t this matter complicated enough?

“Good. I’m about to see what the Greatest Martial Sect is capable of doing?” The Demon Ancestor was furious. This brat was talking infuriatingly; he couldn’t even stand it anymore. Who could tolerate his opponent’s crazy provocations?

The sect master glared at Lin Fan angrily. To be honest, he wanted to tell him to keep his mouth shut and stop fanning the flames. The sect master then cupped his fists and said.

“Demon Ancestor, he is a disciple of my Greatest Martial Sect who lacks discipline. He even caused a conflict with the Demon Ancestor. Now, how about we ask the Demon Ancestor to give him mercy and let him go.” Bai Qiu didn’t want to have a conflict with the Demon Ancestor. Also, demons and demon cultivators were all around; initiating a conflict would be like being caught red-handed.

“Do you know what it’s about, Bai Qiu? How can you tell me to just let go and give you some mercy without even knowing what’s going on? If your son was being trafficked, would you give someone else mercy?”

The Demon Ancestor froze in anger. Even if Bai Qiu spoke out of respect, that was useless. A demon sect was a demon sect, and an immortal sect was an immortal sect; there was no respect between the two. It was already good enough that they didn’t collide with each other, but if you asked for mercy? To put it bluntly, your pride must be worth a few spirit stones.

To be honest, it was true that there weren’t many people who knew about the situation. Unfortunately, Bai Qiu was one of them. He looked at Lin Fan as if he was asking, what the hell was you brat up to.

Lin Fan indifferently said, “Sect master, you don’t have to look at me like that. It’s actually nothing. The seventh son of the Demon Ancestor, Xiang Junchen, and a woman love each other, and I saw that they truly love each other. So, there’s nothing I can do other than do them a favor and let them be together.”

“And that woman is none other than the granddaughter of the old dragon goddess.”

He was surprised by the Demon Ancestor’s furious appearance at all.

When you got older, your temper turned bad.

It was a normal thing.

Bai Qiu stared at Lin Fan in stunned silence. His head was buzzing now. He had seen the granddaughter of the old dragon goddess once, and that girl wasn’t something ordinary people could bear.

True love?

Damn it.

Basically, you didn’t have to think to know what exactly was going on.

“Lin Fan, for God’s sake, how can you still dare to speak nonsense? You suppress my son and sell him to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion to earn spirit stones. Bai Qiu, is this what your sect has done?” The Demon Ancestor looked at Lin Fan angrily. He then looked at Bai Qiu, mocked him, and asked.

“Bullshit, what I did was righteousness and human dignity, how did it turn into nonsense in your mouth? Forget it. You’re old; you have the final say. I can’t really talk this through to you, so you can do whatever you want.” Lin Fan was fearless. With the sect master here, what could he be afraid of? At worst, he could just run away and let the sect master back him up.

“Shut up, you brat. Do you want to cause a war?” Bai Qiu scolded. This brat had been causing trouble all day; it made him really angry.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t be afraid, sect master. If you are beaten and half paralyzed, I will definitely not neglect you and will take care of you for the rest of your life.”

“Bastard…” Bai Qiu was so angry by Lin Fan’s words that he almost vomited blood.

However, he didn’t want to pay attention to Lin Fan now. Instead, he said, “Demon Ancestor, what do you want to do to resolve this matter since things have happened? As long as the Demon Ancestor gives the word, I think the Greatest Martial Sect would not refuse.”

Bai Qiu was a good person.

He was doing this in the hope of settling this matter.

It wasn’t a good thing to be targeted by a great demon sect. It made him need to be careful when he went out in the future.

But it couldn’t be helped.

Lin Fan was a disciple of his Greatest Martial Sect, so he couldn’t ignore it as the sect master.

“Fine, since it’s Sect Master Bai who is asking, my request will be simple. Take my son back from the old dragon goddess, along with 80 million spirit stones, and let the matter be solved.” The Demon Ancestor said.

Bai Qiu couldn’t help but say, “You will get what you want.”

The Prison Demon Mountain Master came out and said, “Sect Master, your disciple beheaded my Prison Demon Mountain Elder, and you’re not going to explain?”

Bai Qiu looked straight at Lin Fan. How much trouble have you brad caused?

You were simply looking for death.

Lin Fan shook his shoulders and scanned his eyes towards the surroundings. He acted as if he had nothing to do with it.

All of a sudden, he glared and pointed at the distance.

“The elixir is being struck out.”

When the crowd heard this, they looked back sharply.

The Nine Colored Grass had indeed been struck out. The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was somewhat inadvertent and had fallen under the crowd’s attack.

The elixir was suspended in the sky.

Ten thousand feet of light erupted from the elixir. The light had terrifying power, forcing a group of powerful people to go through difficulty in doing anything.

“Lin Fan, we’ll settle our matters afterward.” The Demon Ancestor looked at Lin Fan coldly and turned into a black light and pounced towards the elixir.

The surrounding powerful people did the same.

Originally, their goal was to get the treasure that Lin Fan was carrying. However, the elixir was still more important now.

“Can I snatch the elixir?”

Lin Fan wondered as the elixir detached from the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon’s hand and suspended in the air. Due to the qi shock, the elixir had autonomous protection. Still, this kind of protection had absolutely no resistance against the powerful people.

It had all come to this point. If you didn’t try it, your heart would regret it.

If you grab it, you would be hunted down and killed. So, the worst-case scenario was to hide for a while.

Lin Fan urged the Golden Gourd. The gourd mouth and the river of gold condensed into a long golden dragon, roaring and sweeping towards the elixir. As long as he swallowed it in one bite, he could immediately escape.

“You should stop this quickly. Don’t get involved in this matter.” Bai Qiu saw that Lin Fan was going to get involved in the elixir’s snatching, so he wanted to stop him.

Lin Fan said, “Sect master, don’t be so scared. Everyone is fighting for the elixir now. Who gets it depends on who is lucky, so why not grab it.”

Then, he stopped saying anything more to the sect master.

Instead, he was wholeheartedly pushing the Golden Gourd. Although he didn’t have much confidence, he wouldn’t give up.


In the distance.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was furious. He was burning with rage and roaring. Whoever tried to steal his elixir deserved to die.

The elixir was suspended in the air, and several rays of light swept around it.

However, the rays collided with each other. All of them were powerful people fighting and suppressing each other. No one wanted anyone else to get the elixir. Soon, that patch of the firmament turned chaotic due to the interweaving of many kinds of qi.

It had turned into a terrifying area, with counter-currents flowing freely, and even more terrifying destructive forces.

The elixir blossomed, dominating in the counter-current, ignoring everything around it.

“Whoever tries to steal my elixir deserve to die.” The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon roared. His voice was like thunder, shaking the firmament. Ordinary cultivators would have to explode instantly if this sound wave attacked them, but now they were all strong True Stage cultivators. How could this sound wave injure them?

“Although the elixir is yours, the elixir’s appearance doesn’t have anything to do with you. The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon advises you to retreat quickly, don’t bring trouble on yourself.”

“Hahaha, the elixir is mine.”

Right at this moment.

The Golden River Dragon penetrated through layers of obstacles and opened its dragon mouth, trying to swallow the elixir in one gulp. However, the True Stage cultivators couldn’t tolerate this and brazenly took action. Their demonic qi and the Golden River Dragon collided together and suppressing the Golden River Dragon backward.

Lin Fan knew that with his current cultivation and understanding of the Golden Gourd, it was merely impossible to suppress this group of powerful people with this. Even so, what could he do?

It was time to rob, so he should as well try to grab it.

The sect master on the side was dumbfounded, looking at the treasure Lin Fan was displaying. What kind of treasure was this? Why did it give him the feeling that it was even more powerful than a dao artifact?

Could it be… an immortal treasure?

No way.

How could this brat have an immortal treasure? What kind of adventures did he encounter out there?

When Lin Fan saw what was happening in the distance, he suddenly found his chance. The Golden River Dragon spun and went to grab the elixir. When he saw that he was about to snatch the elixir, a divine light descended from the sky and blasted the elixir violently.

Followed by.

A sharp sword intent cut in, like thunder, it landed on the elixir.


The elixir was split.

As the nine leaves drifted apart, golden leaf juice spilling over and illuminating the world.

“My elixir.” The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon was in a rage. That was his elixir; how could it be destroyed? He shouted and barged in like a mad lion, snatching the crippled elixir.

Lin Fan didn’t expect the elixir to be broken. He was shocked and quite distressed, but he still controlled the Golden River Dragon to swallow a piece of the flaming red leaf.

And just when he snatched a piece.

He felt countless eyes lock onto him.

This was not a place to stay for long.

He must retreat!

Lin Fan put away the Golden Gourd and cast his talent to fly. With a swoosh, he disappeared into the world. That was the oppressive power of this talent.

“Sect Master, I’ll withdraw first. Please, protect yourself.”

The silhouette had disappeared, and only sounds were transmitted.

Sect Master Bai Qiu stood there stunned. He was somewhat confused and surprised. He didn’t expect Lin Fan to run away in front of him, the sect master.

“You son of a bitch…”

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