Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 252


A group of disciples from the Void Jade Palace stared at each other with wide eyes, revealing their confusion.

“Senior brother, senior sister was dragging a strange man to the grove, what were they doing?”

“Brother, do you know that fellow cultivator?”

“Sister was holding someone’s hand, and she looks a bit eager. Why my heart hurts a bit?”

At this point, Hao Tianhua was very confused. Could he say that he didn’t understand his senior sister’s actions, either? 

It felt a little strange. But somehow, it felt as if something was leaving him.

He looked away. The two figures had disappeared before his eyes, which made him think of something.

“What are you all thinking? Your senior sister has met her deceased friend and just has something to say. All of you cheer up and pay attention to your surroundings. The number of demons on the Jade Mountain has grown, and you might be in danger, so be careful.” That was all that could be said now. He didn’t know what else to say.

The dense grove was quiet and silent. The birds occasionally chirped as if they were expecting something.

Lin Fan was nervous. He had never experienced this before. Someone else’s initiative made him a little overwhelmed for a moment. It was too aggressive, and his little heart was pounding.

“That humble request you once said. Now that you’re alive, I’ll satisfy you, come on.” Cheng Lingsu pretended to be calm, but her heart was beating faster than anyone else. Her snow-white face, slightly red, her long eyelashes quivering as if she had made a big decision.

Lin Fan did not move. He looked at her size and placed his hands at a distance, not knowing how to place them. He kept warning himself that he was not such a person, but everything was unnecessary. Those words were just jokes. So, he thought it was better to be clear with her.

“You’ve got to have a C to D here.”

When he said that, he wanted to slap his face in anger. Crazy! What was in your mind? Why do you say these things when it came to your mouth? Don’t you have any principles left? You’re not like that.

“What?” Cheng Lingsu was confused and didn’t understand what Lin Fan talked about because she had never heard it before. 

“It’s nothing.” Lin Fan wouldn’t tell her these things because he really wasn’t like that. He once started a poll on the internet when he hadn’t crossed over yet.

The conclusion drawn was…

C cups are the most attractive to men.

Too small wasn’t sexy enough; too big would be incongruous and intimidating.

Lin Fan’s gaze was as penetrating as if it were sci-fi data. If it were sci-fi data, there were all sorts of data floating in his eyes right now.

The five gold standards of perfection.

Shape, position, groove, movement, and feel.

The perfect shape was a hemispherical teardrop like the ‘Venus of Milo.’ Usually with a shaft height of 5cm, almost 90 degrees to the chest wall. About one half of the diameter of the base.

At the same time, the midclavicular depression follows the two heads, connecting at three points in an isosceles triangle.

The most critical thing was to have a groove. Without a groove, you were just a fart.

There was also a degree of fullness, with movement to produce rhythmic motion. Standing or lying down when the three-dimensional shape of the beauty was shown like a ‘teardrop.’

The last thing you need to do was to feel it yourself.

It was like lamb’s fat to the touch. It was gentle and smooth. High tension, good elasticity, moderate hardness, and softness. Glossy, upright, symmetrical, pliable, and moderate size.

“Are you okay?”

Cheng Lingsu was willing to let Lin Fan take it lightly. She had summoned up a lot of courage, but now that Lin Fan was slow to take action, her heart could hardly bear such a circumstance.

Lin Fan sighed in his heart. What a good girl, she mustn’t scourge others, or else she would surely be struck by lightning. He then slowly said, “Both hands or one hand? Can I do both hands?”


Lin Fan really wanted to smack himself in anger.


Did you have any idea what you were talking about? Obviously, you didn’t mean to say that. Instead, what you wanted to say was, ‘You don’t have to do that. You’re a girl; I can’t tarnish your innocence.’


He even made a request.

Two hands?

One hand?

You could simply cut off your hands if you thought that way.

Cheng Lingsu blushed and stumbled over her words. “You… you can have both hands or one hand. Whatever you want.”

For a moment.

He was a little enthralled as to why the girl was so indulgent of his actions.

Lin Fan was quite helpless. He should have gone forward and touched the girl’s head and told her, ‘No, I’m not that kind of person. What I once said to you was just my provocative words, you know what I meant. Do you think I would do such a thing?’

Also, I might not be able to give you happiness.

How could you ever let me take advantage of you like that?

“Can you keep it out of your clothes?”


The words just fell out.

Lin Fan just wanted to smack his mouth in anger. Damn… he actually said it. Weren’t you ashamed? ‘I, Lin Fan, am an existence that would become the strongest person, how could I have such dirty thoughts?’

There was still an inch to go.

It was already good to be able to touch it. Now, he even put forward such excessive demands and asking for it without the clothes. Couldn’t you stop being so shameless?

Lin Fan saw that Cheng Lingsu looked stunned and chastised himself, “Don’t be nervous. I’m ashamed of what I just said, to make such an excessive request. You said that even if this is a humble request, I shouldn’t agree to it.”

He then walked towards the slope, not too far away, and sat on the grass with his back facing Cheng Lingsu. He wanted to tell her to go away. This humble request was actually quite excessive, so don’t take it to heart.

But the words were on his lips…

“I’m just sitting here, and you know my humble request is a bit much. So if you want to leave, go ahead, but if you agree, I like the idea of you sitting in my arms with your back to my chest. Let my heartbeat trigger you, and let me feel your heartbeat while I touch your breast and look at the beautiful view from afar.”

A beautiful view of shit.

The place was already infested with demons.

How could you say it’s a beautiful view? It felt a little oozy from looking at it.

Every so often.

A silhouette arrived in front of Lin Fan. Then it slowly sat down and sat in his embrace. The two of them just looked at the dark trees of the old roots in the distance, as the demonic qi floating in the air.

What a beautiful view.

Lin Fan’s agile, warm hands slowly… slowly lifted the corner of her coat…


Just he thought.

It was perfect.

“It’s beautiful inside so far.”

“I can feel your heartbeat, but it’s a little cold, so I’ll keep you warm.”

“Can you feel the warmth coming from my gentle hands?”

“Don’t get distractions. The distractions only make the cozy situation now lack an intention.”


It had been a long time since Hao Tianhua was waiting.

What was going on between junior sister and Fellow Cultivator Lin? Why had she been gone for so long and hadn’t returned?

Could it be…

His mind wicked up. Two white flowers… entwined.


Impossible! How could he think like that?

In broad daylight, how could something like this happen?

“Senior brother, what’s wrong with you?”

A disciple noticed that his senior brother’s expression was a bit stunned as if he was thinking about something. So, he was a bit worried about what was wrong with him. Could it be that he had discovered some danger?

Hao Tianhua shivered and reacted, pretending to be serious, “It’s fine, just pay attention to the situation around you. Don’t be careless; you know the situation of Jade Mountain. We, as a great immortal sect’s disciples, must guard this side to prevent demons from attacking and harming the world.” 

It was indeed a serious statement.

But he was irritated.

Why hadn’t junior sister returned yet?

What if something happened in the wilderness when she was alone?


Two figures came from afar.

Hao Tianhua looked up and found his senior sister trailing behind Fellow Cultivator Lin. They were a bit far away, so he couldn’t see it clearly. However, when they came in front of him, he noticed that his junior sister was blushing hard. Although she tried her best to remain calm, she still couldn’t escape his fiery eyes. 


Sister’s clothes were a little rumpled.

It seemed like it was flipped from the bottom to the top and then put down. Because of the folds, it showed something wasn’t quite right.

A bad thought surfaced in Hao Tianhua’s mind.

He looked at Lin Fan; he was energetic and full of energy. Even better than when he had just seen him.

Something was definitely going on.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like this.

“You guys…”

Hao Tianhua wanted to stop talking and hesitate, but he really wanted to ask what happened when they went to the grove. If they didn’t mind, he wanted them to tell him about it.

“Fellow Cultivator Hao, why are you all at Jade Mountain? Could it be that something happened here?” Lin Fan didn’t give Hao Tianhua the chance to ask. He hadn’t been to Jade Mountain for a long time. So, he didn’t know what had happened for the time being.

“In the past, there weren’t as many demons in Jade Mountain as there are now. You can even smell the strong demon aura.”

He wondered if the Halloween Demon King in the cemetery had created these moths. The Void Stage Halloween Demon King only dared to hide in the cemetery. If he came out, he would definitely be suppressed on the spot by the powerful people.

Hao Tianhua said, “Fellow Cultivator Lin, truth be told, the demon gate has opened. The Jade Mountain cemetery is their first stop. The Halloween Demon King is in the cemetery, pulling the great formation and opening the gate. Every part of this entire Jade Mountain can have a gate open, and demons can come out from that side of the gate.” 

“The current situation is stable for now, but I don’t know how long it will last.”He was also quite helpless as he said this.

Demons and demon cultivators were two different things, but coming from the same origin. They were actually considered one race.

When demon cultivators were in the initial stage and stepped into the immortal stage, they cultivated in human form.

Demon cultivators kept their demon bodies. Their personalities were even more oppressive than the demon clan. They even swallowed living things raw. You could at least heat them up like what the demon clan did. From this, you could say that demons were a bit refined.

Just by eating them raw would make them a little scary to watch.

“Why is that demon using Jade Mountain as a passage? Is there some hidden secret here?” Lin Fan asked.

Hao Tianhua shook his head and said, “I don’t know. So far, all of our elders from the Void Jade Palace are investigating the situation. Even though there are some seedlings, it is still unknown if we look at the specifics.” 

“Fellow Cultivator Lin, we just cleaned the demons in this range, so why don’t you come with us to our stationing place to rest first.”

Lin Fan pondered for a moment and nodded his head in agreement. There should be a big harvest here.

Then he looked at the girl at the side.

What a good girl.

It was just that Cheng Lingsu’s face was expressionless. Obviously, she was all shy earlier, why did she become like this again. 

What a bummer.

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