Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 253


The Void Jade Palace sent their disciples to set up camp here. Many disciples came, and even a vice sect master guarded the place.

If the Halloween Demon King dared to come out, he would definitely be beaten to a pulp.

Hao Tianhua always felt that something must have happened. That was why he went to ask about his junior sister, who was young and immature so that she wouldn’t be fooled. 

How could Cheng Lingsu tell the truth about what had happened? Moreover, she would never admit this matter. The matter would become a secret between the two, which no one else would ever know.

The vice sect master guarding the place was a vigorous old man with gray-haired, yet his tall body gave people a sense of oppression. This vice sect master definitely looked like a powerful and mighty man when he was younger.

“This little friend, why do you seem a bit familiar to me?” The vice sect master stared at Lin Fan. He felt a bit familiar as if he had seen him somewhere before.

Lin Fan smiled, “Did senior go to the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion some time ago?”

“I’ve never been there. I have been guarding this place.” Vice sect master said.

“Then I don’t know you; maybe senior was mistaken.” Lin Fan felt like he was going to be famous soon. This vice sect master looked familiar to him, so he must have seen it somewhere.

However, he wasn’t someone who liked to show off.

So he would usually keep a low profile and say to the others, they must have seen it wrong.

The vice sect master didn’t delve into the matter. Maybe it was a real mistake or maybe not.



A group of disciples patrolled the surroundings, wary of their surroundings. It was hard to tell if the demons won’t take advantage of the night to attack.

A fire illuminated the vicinity brightly.

Lin Fan came to Cheng Lingsu’s side and sat down. He was looking at her side face, “What a beautiful and incomparable woman. After being away for several months, I can’t stop thinking about you. Now it’s a blessing to see your flowery face again.”

He then looked around. “Do you think it is a kind of fate that we met in the cemetery. It is rumored that there exists an immortal in the Immortal Realm, named Elder Moon. He likes to tie red lines for people, but he is just a bit naughty. He likes to do more than tying a red line; he likes to kill knots.”

“Maybe there might be a real red line between us, don’t you think?”

The night was not too beautiful. There was nothing else to do but look up at the starry sky and watch the shining stars.

Lin Fan wrapped something like a red rope of light around his fingers and drew a circle around Cheng Lingsu’s ankle. He pulled out a red line and fastened it to his ankle.

“Look, that’s it. Do you feel the temperature? This is two people’s hearts connected as the bond grows.”

“Have you heard of a sacred stone? The name is the Three Life Stone, representing the past life, present life, and next life. Those who can together have a sense of déjà vu and those who love each other will be destined to be together for three lives.”

Lin Fan raised his hand and displayed his mystic art. The Three Life Stones manifested and appeared, suspended in front of Cheng Lingsu.

Then some illusions emerged from the Three Life Stones.

Cheng Lingsu’s eyes shone with curiosity, wondering what it was.

Those were an ancient temple and a blue lamp. In silence, the breeze blew, and the wick swayed, illuminating the ancient temple.

“You are an ancient temple, and I am a blue lamp. In the coolness, I am there to accompany you and warm your heart. This is our past life.”

Lin Fan displayed his mystic art that possessed terrifying killing power. That was how the night provoked girls. If the master who created this great mystic art knew, he would definitely slap him off.

Cheng Lingsu’s bright eyes revealed light, and she was blushing. However, she still pretended to be calm. “You’re good at everything, but you’re so slick.”

Lin Fan said, “No, you’re looking at it wrong. Actually, I’m not like that; I’m more serious, I’m not slick in my treatment of others. However, when I meet the right person, it’s hard to explain that feeling.”

He then didn’t give Cheng Lingsu any chance to speak, by state. 

“This life is like a present. As we sit in front of the fire and look at the stars, we feel something different, though peaceful.”

“And our afterlife, you see…”

He pointed to the Three Life Stones.

The image changes.

“In the next life, you are the clear moon, and I am a clear stone. Let the wind and rain blow and the earth shake, but I will not change our mind and keep holding this ground, waiting for the night to come so I can look at you.” Lin Fan’s speaking level was still there.

Cheng Lingsu’s heart had a slight fluctuation as if Lin Fan somewhat moved her. At this time, because of this heart-warming story of three lives, her heart was slightly shaken by the words. 

Suddenly, there was an astonishing movement. A white light rose into the sky deep in the distance.

“Shit! Something’s up; it’s time to work.”

Lin Fan quickly got up and gazed into the distance. He felt a taste of the path to becoming stronger from the white light.

As for teasing a girl?

Wasn’t killing the demon more tempting? Even if the night was beautiful, it couldn’t stop his determination to become stronger.

Cheng Lingsu looked up at Lin Fan. Originally she wanted to say something, but seeing Lin Fan’s demeanor, there was always a feeling that something was off somewhere. The atmosphere that had been so difficult to build earlier disappeared successfully.

However, what was happening in the distance made Cheng Lingsu wary.

She had been here for months.

And this was the first time she encountered this situation.

At first, there weren’t many demons in Jade Mountain. However, as time passed, the number of demons increased, and the demonic qi became denser. Even now, some disciples needed to use the sect’s talismans to ward off the demonic qi, in case the demonic qi became entangled and a situation occurred.

“All disciples listen to the order. Stay in place, and don’t panic. Core disciples go forward to check the situation with me.” The vice sect master frowned. He felt a different vibe from the white light.



The vice sect master led the team to soar into the air and flew towards the distance.

Lin Fan followed closely. He didn’t stay at Jade Mountain, specifically to provoke girls; he came to become stronger. Now that the opportunity to become stronger had arrived, how could he let it go?

It didn’t take long.

“Everyone, be careful. The number of demons has increased dramatically, so don’t hold back.” The vice sect master discovered that the number of demons below was higher than any they had encountered earlier.

They became more cautious and vigilant.

It was reasonable to say that the only Demon King in the Jade Mountain was the Halloween Demon King in the cemetery. However, if the Halloween Demon King dared to come out, he would slay him here.

But now, he found that something was very wrong with the surrounding area.

There was a high possibility that existence even more terrifying than the Halloween Demon King would appear.

Hopefully, this was all an illusion. Otherwise, he could only blockade the Jade Mountain.

Lin Fan couldn’t tolerate these demons when he saw them. They all looked like beasts, and the monstrous demonic qi wrapped around their bodies made others felt like they were all terrifying demons.

However, to Lin Fan, they were all nothing but dropping items.


The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword brushed against the air. It created waves in the air before cutting down towards the demons below.

These were all weak demons.

Although beheading them didn’t necessarily drop good things, they had all already passed by, so he would be sorry if he didn’t kill them.

[Obtained 30 qi.] [Obtained Wood Spirit Root Fragment.]


A bunch of weak demons, the drop was pitiful.

But, a gain was still a gain.

Not long after.

The vice sect master stood in the middle of the sky and didn’t continue to approach. The white light erupted from deep underground. The surrounding soil had already been overturned to form a vast crater, and the white light continued.

He looked up.

White light bombarded the moon. The bright full moon seemed to be drawn much closer, becoming much larger, and even more so, there was a ripple spreading around the moon’s surface towards the surrounding area.

Waves were formed.

“Senior, do you recognize what this is?” Lin Fan asked.

Vice sect master said, “Not yet, but all of you be careful. I feel like this is not an ordinary vision. There must be something going on. These demons seem to be very excited; they should be affected.”

“Cheng Lingsu.”

Cheng Lingsu echoed, “I’m here.”

The Vice sect master said, “You go back and lead your disciples away from Jade Mountain. No one allowed to set foot in Jade Mountain until we understand the situation.”

“Yes.” Cheng Lingsu nodded. She then quickly left the place, only to look at Lin Fan as she left. Although she didn’t say much, the expression was clear. 

Take care of yourself.

Lin Fan noticed Cheng Lingsu’s expression and was happy. Was she concerned?


The sacred love story was truly extraordinary.

However, he didn’t want the girl to get deeper into trouble, so he had to face everything rationally.


At this time.

The white light gradually disappeared. The full moon became brighter than before as if the white light just now was infusing the full moon.

“Demons, what kind of trick are you playing? What do you want to do here if you aren’t staying in the Northern Wilderness?” The vice sect master asked in an angry voice.

However, apart from the roars of some demons, there was no strong response.

Lin Fan looked below. There wasn’t any white light rushing into the sky. The abyss was serene, but he couldn’t see anything in it as a dark mist shrouded the abyss.

Right now, the entire Jade Mountain was shaking. There was a clatter, and the ground cracked open. These cracks were like earth dragons tumbling under the ground.

Suddenly, an ancient atmosphere erupted from the abyss.

What a pungent smell.

The scent of rotting could be smelled.

“The smell is a bit choking.” Lin Fan covered his nose, “Senior, let’s hurry back. This smell is a bit strong.”

The vice sect master looked serious.

It was already so late.

How could there be time for jokes?

Lin Fan waited for the abyss to change while controlling the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword to keep gathering demons below. Although these demons were weak, he needed their contribution. 

And right at this moment, he found that the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword was suppressed and controlled in the palm of his hand.

The creaking sound was constant.

It seemed like it could break at any moment.

Lin Fan thought to himself, which old demon dog dared to grab his Flying Smoke Spirit Sword? At a glance, it was an acquaintance.

Halloween Demon King.

He came out of the cemetery and drew the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword with his bare hands. His palm, like the world, imprisoning the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword in it.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan smiled and exerted his qi. The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword swooshed free of control and spun out, returning to his side.

“Halloween Demon King, long time no see. Why do you have the guts to come out instead of hiding in the cemetery like a shrinking turtle? Aren’t you afraid of being slapped to death?”

The Halloween Demon King looked at Lin Fan with stern eyes.

“Kid, you ran fast last time, but how many times do you still want to run? This Demon King is curious to know how that thing you told me about last time ended.”

“What happens to Sun Wukong?”

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