Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 254


Lin Fan didn’t expect this idiot to remember the story.

Why did you want to know? Now that the situation was serious, was it nice of you to ask me that?

He couldn’t understand the Halloween Demon King’s thoughts; maybe he was losing his mind.

“W-What about it? I won’t tell you about such a heavy subject.” Lin Fan said.

The Halloween Demon King was not impatient about the current situation. He was calm inside, not even the slightest fluctuation.

The vice sect master felt that this matter was not that simple. The appearance of demons in Jade Mountain was already a strange thing.

Even The Halloween Demon King was coming out of the cemetery. Why would he have the guts to appear?

He would never believe that the Halloween Demon King had no reliance and had some hidden secrets.

Lin Fan wanted to take action and fight the Halloween Demon King; maybe he could slay it and kill it on the spot. However, he was stopped by the vice sect master.

“Be careful, little friend; this matter is a bit strange. I think that the Halloween Demon King definitely has a backup. There is an unknown existence in the abyss; you should not be careless.”

The abyss emitted as the vice sect master spoke.

The smell of rotting was strong.

It was like the smell of corpses that had died for a long time; its flesh and blood were rotting.

“What the hell do you want, Demon? What is in the abyss? What are you guys up to?” The vice sect master inquired, wanting to know the specifics.

There was indeed a rumored place where a group of demons was once separate from the demon clan.

It was so powerful that even the human race had to retreat from it. However, the demons group subsequently acted excessively weird, causing the demon clan to leave and call themselves a clan.

The group of demons was cannibalistic and liked to eat raw flesh and blood. So, eventually, a war broke out.

The immortals and demons suffered countless deaths and injuries. As well as the group of demons.

In the end, the demons’ group was defeated and left for the Northern Wilderness, surviving in that uninhabited and harsh environment.

The Halloween Demon King laughed, “For countless years, our group of demons has been driven by you to the Northern Wasteland. Now that we have returned to reclaim our territory, you, human, should be content to thrive in such fertile land.”

“Today, we don’t want to be enemies with you but have to retreat quickly. The Jade Mountain is our group of demons’ territory.”

Right at this moment, Lin Fan came out and said, “Excuse me, you two; I would like to interrupt.”

He then looked at the Halloween Demon King.

“You say you’re a demon; I don’t believe you. I heard that this group of demons all has beast bodies. Why are you looking like a man?”

“You’re not a human-beast hybrid, are you?”

When he first saw the Halloween Demon King, he didn’t think so. However, it was because he wasn’t too familiar with the demon clans.

Later on, his knowledge increased significantly. He remembered why the Halloween Demon King he saw was different from other demons.

“What did you say? The human race is only the blood food of Demon. How dare you humiliate this Demon King?” Halloween Demon King was burning with rage and demonic qi. This was the most excessive humiliation he had ever been subjected to.

Lin Fan said, “Demon King, appease your anger; I really have no intention of insulting you. Demons do treat the human race as food, but among our race, some special people have a special hobby, just like Sun Demons. I once encountered one when I hadn’t yet cultivated immortality.”

“He encountered a demon in the wild; it was a fox demon. Even though he wasn’t in human form, he was still killed on the spot by that Sun Demon.”

“That’s why I asked the Demon King whether you are a human-beast hybrid or not.”

“You can boldly admit that my generation of immortals never brought tinted eyes to look at people.”

The Halloween Demon King was furious and slapped his palm; his qi was boiling, “Damn.”

“Oh, it’s very annoying. Stupid Demon, I really wanted to ask you if you would like to become my mount to sing about riding a little donkey. Unfortunately, you don’t cherish it. It’s so irritable. Who wants you back?” Lin Fan exerted his mystic art. The golden light of his great hand slapped away. The two palms collided, indistinguishable, all annihilated.

Yelling at people without exposing their shortcomings and hitting them in their faces.

He failed to do both; no wonder the Halloween Demon King was so furious. As long as he could say a good thing, this wouldn’t happen.

The Halloween Demon King found that the right approach wasn’t strong enough to match him. This was quite a problem.

Even the Halloween Demon King wouldn’t dare say that he could cultivate certain great mystic art to its highest level. The great mystic arts were difficult to cultivate and required countless years.

“Little friend, don’t worry. I’ll cut him down.” The vice sect master growled. His robes were bulging and a finger pointing, wanting to kill the Halloween Demon King.

A True Stage cultivator was extraordinary. Even if the Halloween Demon King was strong, the gap between him and a True Stage cultivator was still huge.

The Halloween Demon King felt tremendous pressure. His true features appeared. He knew that the gap between him and a True Stage cultivator was unbridgeable. He would never be able to understand this without entering the True Stage.

For the vice sect master, being able to slay the Halloween Demon King meant no loss.

Suddenly, Lin Fan frowned and said in alarm, “Be careful.”

The abyss erupted in floods. A terrifying demonic qi boiled up, and that rotten and ancient atmosphere erupted once again.

A black-light soared up from the abyss, shattering the power on the vice sect master’s finger. The black light dissipated, and an arm was suspended in the air.

It wasn’t a human arm because it had three toes. So, it was the arm of a terrifying ceratin power of the Demon.

This was an arm that seemed to possess a spiritual nature.

With a finger in the air, the void collapsed and ruptured. It was crushed by a power even more terrifying than the vice sect master.


The vice sect master was horrified. His face changed in shock as he felt the pressure. What kind of existence was it that could make him feel terrified?

He didn’t dare to be careless.

He cast his most powerful mystic art and even used his dao artifact to intercept it across the sky. The dao artifact was vibrating as it received a great impact. Although he didn’t know what it was, steeply, horrifying thoughts surfaced in his mind. The demon clan must have a great purpose in wanting to take over Jade Mountain.

Especially the cemetery.

It was clearly a forbidden place laid out by the demon clan’s ancient powers, and human cultivators couldn’t enter it if they reached a certain stage.

Wasn’t this a prevention in case a powerful person entered and wiped out the whole pot?

“Oh, I now understand. The Halloween Demon King is not even a True Stage; how can he get the guts to come out of the cemetery? It turns out he has something to rely on. However, if you’re trying to stay alive with this half arm, you must be daydreaming.” Lin Fan said.

The Halloween Demon King raged, “Kid, don’t be too rampant; you’re not even a Void Stage cultivator. How dare you come here and shout.”


This guy was underestimating him.

Unavoidably, it was a bit too much.

“Let’s see how I teach you to behave.” Lin Fan stepped in the air, shifting his robes. The Highest Spirit Rune erupted with golden light, fiercely suppressing towards that half-arm, “Whatever the hell you are, get back to wherever you came from. Without even an intact body, who’s going to jerk off the half-arm?”

The Highest Spirit Rune was a great treasure of the Immortal Realm. With its immortal energy and glowing light shining in all directions, this rune was best at suppressing everything in the world even when it was broken.


The half-arm made a zipping sound, emitting a dense grey mist that was twisting. Then it three toes flickered with black light and grabbed towards the Highest Spirit Rune.

“Yoho! Still fucking resisting. I’ll not show you any mercy.”

Lin Fan cast his Golden Gourd. The monstrous golden river water slanted down, rumbling and impacting his arm.


Soon, there were screams.

It turned out to be when the Golden River’s water impacted the half-arm, many water splashes and points scattered droplets, smashing many demons to death.

“What kind of treasure is this.” The Halloween Demon King’s heart was on fire as he watched. Although the surrounding mountains were smashed out of a deep hole and countless demons died miserably at the other’s hands, it still didn’t bother him.


The half-arm vomited profound qi. The ancient qi broke open the Golden River’s water and even crashed into the Highest Spirit Rune.

Lin Fan took back the Highest Spirit Rune and the Golden Gourd. A smile appeared on his face as he looked at the half-arm that had been heavily damaged by his two greatest treasures.

“Halloween Demon King, one of your half-arm isn’t too powerful.” Lin Fan’s words seemed to be very strong but slightly hollow. The half-arm was by no means an idle thing.

The Halloween Demon King didn’t know what this half-arm was, but the scent emanating from the arm made him terrified. This kind of bloodline suppression, it should be an ancient demonic power.

Lin Fan whispered, “Senior, the situation is a bit dangerous, can you hold on?”

“I… it’s kind of hard.” The vice sect master’s brows furrowed; he really wanted to sing a song. It had been a bit difficult for him lately. He fought with a half-arm, and that ancient demon smell pressed his heart unevenly.

“That’s it…” Lin Fan regretted, then said, “That can’t be helped. I’ll have to call my son to come.” He grasped the Highest Spirit Rune in his hand and waited quietly.

“Little friend, what’s the point of your son coming?” The vice sect master couldn’t help but speak up. Even I couldn’t stand up to it, so what’s the point of your son coming. The pressure would still beat him.

Lin Fan said, “You don’t understand.”

The crazy old man was a bit of a problem. He had already left the Greatest Martial Sect. Earlier, when Lin Fan fought with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, he used the Highest Spirit Rune to lure the crazy old man out of the Greatest Martial Sect.

But when the crazy old man arrived on the scene, he couldn’t find any sense of it, so he cried out…

‘Father, I’m scared.’

‘Where are you?’

The vice sect master’s qi was like a dragon. His white hair was vibrating, and his body was shimmering with radiant light.

His immortal energy wrapping around his body, then emptied, pointing towards the abyss in front of him.

The great formation was set up to stop the demons from spreading outwards.


As the formation was formed, internal thunder condensed. A whip of lightning fell, smacking the Demon. The Halloween Demon King’s back was covered in black bruises. 

“Senior, you’re quite powerful. I didn’t expect you to be a formation master. Ah, with this hand formation, the attainment is very impressive.” Lin Fan exclaimed in awe. He just loved making friends with people who were knowledgeable and versatile. If they turned on each other someday in the future, that was one of the things he liked the most.

The vice sect master said indifferently, “It’s just a small formation, not worth mentioning.”

This was the formation he was most skilled at. This formation used the world’s power to form the thunder domain; it was powerful enough to destroy everything.

However, at this moment, something embarrassing happened. The half-arm grabbed towards the sky, setting off a storm of demonic qi that tore the formation apart.

“This…” the vice sect master stared, unable to believe it.

Lin Fan said, “Sure enough, it’s a trail…”

The vice sect master inclined his eyes…

Kid, can you speak like a human being?

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