Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 255


The vice sect master was in a dignified state. The half-arm was very powerful.

He had already experienced it profoundly.

What kind of existence was it that could obliterate his formation with just the power of a half-arm? It was quite strong and somewhat unimaginable.

“Hahaha! The great formation of your immortal cultivators is nothing more than that. I advise you to retreat quickly and survive. If you continue to stay here, I think you will all die here.” The Halloween Demon King laughed.

His back was burning with pain; the thunder from the great formation was smacking him. If it weren’t for the half-arm that tore the formation, his situation would definitely get worse.

“Little friend, the situation is a bit unclear. Let’s retreat for now. The demons are prepared, with our current situation, I fear we’re being outmatched.” The vice sect master slowly said.

He just wanted to pretend, but his opponent didn’t give him a chance. The formation was weak. Such a weak formation wouldn’t even hold a little support.

It was quite humiliating.

Lin Fan looked up into the distance. His eyes glowing, the Highest Spirit Rune in his hand was like a piece of fragrant fat, attracting a certain guy who specialized in eating fatty meat.

“Here, he comes.”

The vice sect master was surprised, “Who’s here?”

Lin Fan didn’t answer the vice sect master’s question but merely waited. Soon, a voice came from the distance.

“Father, I’m so scared.”

“Father, I’m lost.”

The crazy old man arrived in a breeze. He was so fast that the crashing void thumped and cracked many rips, just like a spider’s web, dense in the sky.

“What a unique way to travel.” The vice sect master exclaimed. He was immediately seeing that the old man’s cultivation wasn’t weak, but wait.


What was that?

Was this old man really his son? He always felt that the world wasn’t too harmonious for him; there was always something inexplicable going on.

He turned to look at Lin Fan, wanting to know the truth. However, it seemed to him that it wasn’t any kind of lie; it was real.

“Son, come here.”

Lin Fan beckoned his hand. The crazy old man looked like he had been suffering from the frost and wandered around for a long time.

He then pointed at the half-arm floating in the air. “Son, do you see that arm? That thing that just hurt your father. Now, go and smash him for father.”

The crazy old man hid behind Lin Fan with fear on his face. He looked fearfully at the half-arm suspended in the air, “Father, I’m so scared. That arm is moving; it’s alive. But why is he moving, isn’t he dead?”

The vice sect master, on the other side, felt it was time to retreat. He noticed that there might be something wrong with the spirit of the crazy old man who called this Little Friend ‘Father.’

Take the ‘might be’ away.

The spirit just wasn’t right.

The Halloween Demon King wanted to keep them all behind. However, with his abilities, it was naturally impossible.

He pinned all his hopes on the half-arm, yet he couldn’t control the half-arm, let alone create contact with it.

He could only stare.

And waited.

Right at this moment, the half-arm moved. A terrifying ancient aura emanated out. The void cracked, and the three toes suppressed towards Lin Fan and the others.

“Good job, take down these immortal cultivators.”

The Halloween Demon King was delighted. This was the situation he wanted. With the power of this mysterious half-arm, he could definitely take down the opponent.

There was no need to overthink the situation.

Lin Fan stood motionless in place.

The vice sect master was a bit anxious.

The half an arm attacked, and the danger was coming. If this little friend didn’t act yet, he was afraid they would suffer misfortune.

“Son, it’s time for you to do something. What are you waiting for?” Lin Fan slowly spoke. He felt the supreme power of the half-arm stepping through the void and crushing it. If they could entangle each other for a wave, it would surely be only the crazy old man.

“Ah! It’s so scary.” The crazy old man shouted. He then took out the blood pool and rushed towards the half-arm, swinging it around and smashing it.

It was simple, brutal, yet useful.


The two collided with each other, sputtering sparks. The blood pool was tough, and so was the half-arm. Surprisingly it only shattered a piece of scale armor on the half-arm.

However, just shedding something was a good start.

“Good, my son is awesome. Keep beating him up, don’t give him a chance.” Lin Fan cheered the crazy old man.

Although, he thought of the crazy old man as his son.

But he knew.

The crazy old man was just elated. If his sanity returned, the consequences would be terrifying and definitely not something he could bear.

Furthermore, he had always believed that the crazy old man was an existence from the ancient period.

Even though he was delirious, he was still able to explode with such terrifying power.

If he really came to his senses, how terrifying would that be?



A fierce battle took place. The blood pools took turns smashing into the half-arm, crushing it, making the half-arm unable to resist.

The scales were falling off and shattering. Although he didn’t have qi, every strike of the crazy old man was enough to shake the world.

“How was it? Is my son viable?” Lin Fan looked towards the vice sect master and pointed distantly at the crazy old man fighting with a half-arm not far away.

His face was full of smug pride. It was as if he was showing off that his son had scored another one hundred percent.

The vice sect master’s eyelids danced, “Are you sure he’s your son?”

Even if it killed him, he wouldn’t even believe it.

It was like fooling a ghost.

“That’s right. As fake as he is, he’s my son. Don’t look at him as an old man; he’s actually only fifteen years old. He’s just getting senility. This half-arm seems powerful, but when it meets my son, there’s absolutely no room for resistance.” Lin Fan said.

The vice sect master blinked. He felt like someone was treating him like a fool.


Far away.

The half-arm was suppressed and kept retreating. With the constant furious smashing, the blood pool was stained with blood, as if activating something.

Then the blood pool flickered with obscure lines.

“How did this happen?” The Halloween Demon King could not accept such a scene.

Where did this old thing come from? It was inevitably a bit too strong to suppress the half-arm and fight.

At this moment, only the crazy old man roared all over, and the pool of blood smashed hard.

There was a bang.

The half-his arm suffered a severe injury and fell straight into the abyss.

The crazy old man came to Lin Fan’s side, “Father, let’s go; it’s so scary here.”

“Son, don’t panic. You did a good job, that half arm was beaten back. You’re so good, father is so proud of you.” Lin Fan said.

Just then, he abruptly felt an ancient atmosphere emanating from the abyss. It was much more terrifying than earlier.

“What is this?”

He understood exactly what the crazy old man meant by terror. The ground was shaking, cracking open with countless rips.

There was a demonic light that was faint and flickering as if something was brewing.

As he looked up into the sky, the full moon was even brighter as if it mirrored each other with the abyss.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Fan had a premonition of a crisis. The half-arm wouldn’t appear, but something even more terrifying would appear.

His talent for sudden fright wasn’t quite high, but it had always been of great use.

The crazy old man crouched and hid behind Lin Fan. He heard that Lin Fan was going to retreat, so he didn’t dare to stay here.

The vice sect master looked gloomy. The situation at Jade Mountain was quite complicated.


At this time, there was a roaring sound coming from the abyss. It was like the sound of breathing. If it were really the sound of breathing, then it would be frightening. What kind of existence had such breathing?

Immediately after.

Intense demonic qi rolled out from the abyss and spread out towards the surroundings.



Several silhouettes attacked towards the distance.


The vice sect master looked back at the Jade Mountain, which had already been shrouded in demonic qi.

It filled with a thick demonic fog, making it impossible to see anything. This was definitely not done by the demons themselves; it had a lot to do with that abyss.

“Hey, such a beautiful place with a good view has turned out like this.” Lin Fan was quite sorry.

They then met up with Cheng Lingsu.

Hao Tianhua’s entire journey was miserable, basically no help. The demons they faced were terrifying, and they went up as if they were being pinched. 

Lin Fan didn’t leave the place; he felt that this place had some fate with him.

The originally boundless Jade Mountain had been covered by strong demonic qi.

The demonic qi was like a mist, making it difficult to see anything in the distance. At most, he could only see the scenery within a few feet.


The situation at Jade Mountain was spread out, and countless people were shocked. They didn’t expect such a significant event to happen.

There were indeed demons at Jade Mountain, but they were few. It was only that cemetery that was somewhat interesting.

Now, the situation there had changed alarmingly.

Furthermore, it was rumored that there were great ancient treasures there and that the demon clan was occupying the land to obtain this great treasure of the demon clan.

This matter was just like the forbidden area some time ago, which caused a considerable stir. It made countless powerful people came to the Jade Mountain only to find out what was going on.

At first, they were all a bit skeptical about it.

How could the silent and unknown Jade Mountain hold the great treasures of the demon clan? Perhaps it was just another reckless propaganda from someone.

However, when they reached the scene, they saw that the original ancient trees’ great beauty had disappeared.

In its place, a strong demonic qi enveloped them. There was even a hint of antiquity that could be felt from this demonic qi.

The rumors were true.

Jade Mountain really had a great treasure.


The vice sect master of the Void Jade Palace had already contacted the sect master. He was weak now, and his personal strength was indeed self-preserving.

However, there were too many disciples here, and he was somewhat unable to part with them.

The ones who came were powerful.

There were also some heavenly pride disciples.

Lin Fan was not familiar with these heavenly pride disciples, but some of the powerful people were recognizable.

Once, he had stirred up the storm in the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, which caused some great impact.

And two sides of the road were after him.

It was damned if these powerful people didn’t know about him.

At this time, a voice was passed along. “There are great treasures of the demon clan within the Jade Mountain. I wonder if the congregation of the Void Jade Palace could tell us about the situation you guys encountered inside.”


They had come to the Jade Mountain without knowing what was going on inside. 

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