Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 257


Inside the Jade Mountain.

“What a dense demonic qi. It’s about to condense into substance. It used the demonic fog to condense into a demon. It’s unheard and unseen, but not impossible. Moreover, I’m afraid that the demon’s strength here will rise greatly, and the strength of both immortals and demon cultivators will be suppressed.”

Lin Fan felt the effects of these demonic fogs on himself.

If ordinary mortals stayed here for a long time, he was afraid they would all be demonized.

The surrounding trees withered. The original green leaves sprinkled all over the ground, turned browned and brittle.

Many branches fell to the ground, making creaking sounds when they stepped on them.

Lin Fan used his natural ability to sense life and soul to search for the demon.

“The smell is a bit shallow.”

He led the crazy old man towards another direction. The place where the demonic fog was the thickest was not somewhere people would want to go.

To put it simply, the immortals, demons, and demon cultivators were all there. There was some small conflict between him and the demon sect.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon probably won’t come, but the Demon Ancestor might be there.

So it’d be better not to make trouble.

Just slay some demons around the area and see how lucky you are. If they could drop qi, it would mean no loss at all.

It didn’t take long. He noticed that the atmosphere around him was a bit depressing.

When he encountered this feeling, he must be in trouble.

Demons were hiding in the surroundings. At any moment, they would emerge from a corner he didn’t know about, tackling him to the ground and then, screaming, tearing him to pieces.

“Father, there’s danger.” The crazy old man shivered. He was a bit coward and trembled with fear when he encountered some danger. He was a good boy; he didn’t like to fight with others; he just wanted to live peacefully.

“Come, father will take you to pee. Don’t be nervous; leave anything to me.” Lin Fan didn’t want his son to steal his prey. The demons liked to do it secretly; that was why he would give demons that chance.

The two of them faced the withering trees, pretending to be leisurely and not paying attention to their surroundings.


Several movements came from behind them.

Lin Fan brightened up and quickly returned the attack. He slapped away, directly suppressing several incoming demons.

The demon corpses shattered, and a piece of debris spilled onto the ground.

The drop was pitiful. It only dropped a First-Grade Earth Spirit Root.

His cultivation was already much higher than these demons. It was a bit difficult to get something good.

However, it didn’t matter if it wasn’t enough. There were many demons in the area, that’s where he went.

Lin Fan loitered around the vicinity, suppressing all the demons as soon as he encountered them.


The Void Jade Palace’s crowd led the powerful people to break into the depths. The Halloween Demon King and some of the powerful demons they had initially been managed to encounter disappeared. Only the abyss was left there.

“Everyone, this is the place where the half-arm was infested. The Halloween Demon King and several other demons disappeared, so they should have entered this abyss.” The vice sect master looked serious.

As he looked into this abyss, he felt as if there was something in the abyss watching them.

“The demonic qi here is strong to a certain extent; I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” A powerful person said.

Immediately afterward.

The demons and demon cultivators attacked from all directions.

A demon cultivator asked, “These demon cultivators once belonged to the same category as demons. Do you know of any rumors about this place, and which powerful demon fell here to form such a secret realm?” 

“Who are you to say that we belong to the same kind as the demons? Are you insulting our race?” The powerful demon was furious and had a great desire to fight the opponent. They were ashamed of demon cultivators. So, naturally, they almost exploded in place when they heard these words.

“Calm down, everyone. We are all here to figure out the situation to better choose whether we should enter the abyss. So why make a scene?” The powerful immortal persuaded.

The powerful demon said, “I’m not sure. Here, the demon fog is about to condense into a solid entity, which means that this object hidden in the abyss is definitely not ordinary. The demons want to take the Jade Mountain for themselves, definitely without any reason. There must be something wrong; otherwise, there are so many places, why would they choose Jade Mountain located within the range of the immortal sect?”

“I think you all can understand what it means.”

A powerful demon cultivator said, “Let’s just go in and take a look. It’s a waste of time to speculate here. The demons may already be in the abyss looking for what they want. If we delay any longer, I’m afraid we won’t even be able to get a scrap of it.”

What he said was exactly what the crowd was worried about. If they continued to waste time here, the demons might find what they wanted in the abyss.

Even if they eventually arrived, they might get nothing at all.

However, the situation here was quite strange.

They didn’t think the demons didn’t know anything.

Perhaps they knew something but didn’t tell them the truth.



The demon went into the abyss and broke through the thick demonic fog, quickly disappearing without a trace.

“Damned demons. They must know something; they just don’t want to talk.” The demon cultivator muttered. Even so, he was not willing to be left behind, so he broke into it.

The vice sect master said, “You all wait outside and immediately exit the Jade Mountain when you encounter a situation.” He instructed the disciples of the Void Jade Palace.

“Yes.” Hao Tianhua said. They were core disciples, and their cultivation was quite good, enough to resist these demonic fogs. However, for ordinary disciples, this would be a bit difficult. 

Just then, a demon sect disciple said, “Fellow cultivator, the seniors have all entered the abyss to kill their enemies. It’s not a good idea for us to wait outside. There happen to be quite a few demons running rampant around. How about we have a contest to see who can kill more demons?”

His idea was quickly echoed by the crowd.

“The sage of the Ancient Capital has a good idea. It just so happens that I have a Demonic Dao Artifact that needs to be forged from a demon’s flesh and blood. I happen to be here to refine it.” A demon cultivator said. 

“It works.”

Zhou Fei once again arrived in front of Cheng Lingsu, “Sister Cheng, how about we partner up and slay the demons together?”

“I’m not interested.” Cheng Lingsu decisively refused.

Hao Tianhua smiled, “Brother Zhou, my junior sister and I are waiting here for the vice sect master to return. You guys can go and slay the demons.”


“Son, don’t be afraid. With your strength, there aren’t many who can hurt you. Be brave, okay.” Lin Fan saw the crazy old man trembling in fear when he met a demon. He didn’t even know what to do; there was no need to be so coward. It was like he was faking it when the truth was he was more violent and frightening than anyone else.

“Father, I’m scared.” The crazy old man hid behind Lin Fan. He tugged Lin Fan’s coat, while his small eyes were looking around in fear.


There was nothing to say.

He had slain many demons along the way and got four hundred qi.

Four hundred qi was quite rare, right?

So, could you stop acting like that?

That was already quite a lot.

Before, he had to slay at least a hundred demons to get four hundred qi.

Now, his qi had reached 38,568.

It was close to 40,000 qi.

Suddenly, an astonishing cold light came from not too far away. It was so powerful that Lin Fan had to turn sideways and dodged it.

The light bombarded the ground and smashed into a giant crater, debris splashed towards the surrounding area, leaving a deep hole in the surrounding trees.

“Who’s that?” Lin Fan questioned in a cold voice. As he looked away, a laugh passed right after.

“Sorry, I misjudged you. I thought it was a demon.”

Not far away, a figure floated in the air. It was a man with a slender figure and long purple hair, appearing very demonic as if flames were beating in his eyes.

The words were said casually as if he was explaining a not-so-important matter.

[Ancient Capital Disciple: Longevity Sixfold Establish Stage.] [Chance of item drop: Seventh-Grade Wood Spirit Root, Eighth-Grade Gold Spirit Root, Demon God Armor, Broken Blade,…] [Remark: Isn’t this the wanted guy.]

Lin Fan looked at his opponent. He cast his mystic art, condensing the God Spear and fiercely throwing it.

The spear flickering with pitch-black light, dotted with stars. It covered the world, as the terror swept away.


The Ancient Capital disciple looked calm and relaxed. However, just as the God Spear attacked, his face changed drastically as if he had seen a ghost.

His sweat hairs stood on end, and his heart trembled as if he had encountered something terrifying.

The God Spear struck the Ancient Capital disciple’s chest. A dazzling light flashed, and the Ancient Capital disciple’s Demon God Armor protected his body. With a clatter, the Demon God Armor shattered.

The irresistible power passed away, Ancient Capital disciple was carried by the God Spear and struck into the trees.

“You can’t kill me; I’m not a demon cultivator…”


The Ancient Capital disciple vomited blood wildly. His face was turning white in an instant. The God Spear didn’t pierce through his body but stayed inside quite a bit.

“You…” he didn’t dare to look at Lin Fan confidently.

Lin Fan said indifferently, “Sorry, I was mistaken. I thought it was a demon.”

He slowly walked in front of the Ancient Capital disciple and grabbed the God Spear. Then with an aggressive push, the spear pierced through the Ancient Capital disciple’s body.

The power of Hell Origin surged into his body, wreaking havoc on his body.

Furthermore, it extinguished his soul with a slap, making it impossible for him to escape and seize it.

[Obtained 23,000 qi.] [Obtained High-Grade Mystic Art: Innate One-Shot Great Escapement.]

Upon seeing the qi that dropped, Lin Fan was in a happy mood. This was a good start of the day.

He didn’t expect that it would be good luck to behead a fellow Establish Stage cultivator and get qi.

It also dropped a High-Grade Mystic Art.

The luck was even better with the explosion.

He quickly collected what was on the opponent’s body. There were treasures in his storage ring, quite a few pills, and a Top-Grade Spirit Weapon.

That was the Broken Blade he saw in the drop list.

That Demon God Armor had been pierced by the God Spear and had shattered.

It was no longer worth much, but if it was sold as a material, it would be worth a little bit, though.

“Strange, aren’t they all supposed to be over there in the abyss? How the hell did it get here?” Lin Fan pondered and quickly figured out that perhaps all those powerful people had entered the abyss, allowing the juniors to check the situation around.

As for this one, he probably just had nothing to do and was going around trying to find trouble. However, he wasn’t that lucky to encounter Lin Fan.

Thus sparing him the pain of cultivation and sending him straight to hell.

“Father, he’s so frightening.” The crazy old man was trembling in fear as he witnessed the murder.

Lin Fan calmed him.

He didn’t want his crazy son to be afraid.

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