Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 258

[Innate Spiritual Great Escapement (High-Grade Mystic Art): The demon clan’s supreme mystic art that could capture all things and control the universe.]

Not bad for a High-Grade Mystic Art.

It was just that the name was a bit like the immortal cultivator mystic art, so perhaps the demons felt it was the only way they could have some elegance.

Furthermore, why didn’t the opponent display it just now?

Could it be that the God Spear was so fast that the opponent couldn’t react, or maybe it really was that?

He didn’t feel inflated by the surge in his qi.

However, he was still looking for demons.

Because that was what made life interesting.

What’s the point of always going in search of any treasures with the powerful people? What’s the point of working so hard, if, in the end, you still get nothing?

It would be better to raise your strength first. That would be the right way.


In the abyss.

The demonic fog here had become so thick that people would encounter demons made from the condensation of demon mist.

A group of powerful people had already overrun many demons. So, even if there were more of these demons, they wouldn’t be able to bring any trouble to these powerful people.

“This old man has already felt that ancient qi transmitted from afar.”

“This demonic fog is too thick. It can even block our vision.”

A powerful person shone with golden light all over his body. This golden light was like a sun that was enough to cover the world, but it was strange that it couldn’t pierce through this dense demonic fog.

“Be careful; you must not be careless.” Another powerful person said.

Not long after, the dense demonic fog disappeared, and a corpse appeared on the distant steps. It fixed itself there in the form of kneeling worship, which shocked them.

This was the only corpse they had seen since the beginning.

“This corpse seems to be from the Halloween Demon King. How did he die here?” A powerful person exclaimed, not even daring to believe it. How could the Halloween Demon King with Void Stage cultivation die so casually?

“Are you sure?”

“It shouldn’t be possible.”

“This is the territory of the demon clan. How could the Halloween Demon King die here? I think you must be mistaken.”

They obviously didn’t believe it. If that was true, then this was terrifying news.

The powerful person didn’t say anything more. However, his steps slowed down a bit; he didn’t walk at the front but behind the crowd.

He couldn’t be sure whether it was the remains of the Halloween Demon King.

“What would be in that stone steps above the altar?”

The curiosity in the hearts of all the powerful people was piqued.

Right, that was an altar.

They felt that the altar was the hiding place of the great treasure. If they could get it, they would be absolutely generous.

Therefore, the powerful people quickly stepped forward, just in case they fell behind and couldn’t get a glimpse of the great treasure.

A powerful person that fell behind asked in a low voice.

“Why are you sauntering?”

“If your feet hurt, you’ll walk slower, won’t you?”

“My feet hurt, too, so I’ll accompany you.”

When passing by the Halloween Demon King’s corpse, some of the powerful people didn’t pay much attention. However, some noticed that something was a bit off about the Halloween Demon King’s corpse.

There was something strange about it. It was as if it was willingly kneeling there, with blood, flesh, and essence being sucked out of it.

But that was the problem.

How could a Void Realm demon die so willingly? He cultivated for countless years to attain immortality. He must truly be damned if he would die willingly.


There were shouts of alarm transmitted.

“No, there’s nothing on the altar, was it a mistake?” Some powerful people shouted. They were all looking for the great demon treasure, but now there was nothing here, just an empty pool.

It was dry inside, not even a single drop of liquid.

A powerful demon pondered for a moment, then exclaimed, “This is not a great treasure, but a Turning Pool. That corpse is not the original body of the Halloween Demon King, but his predecessor. He went through the turning pool and turned into a demon body.”

Right after that, another powerful person couldn’t believe it.

“Could it be that the great demon treasure we came to look for is this Turning Pool? It’s all been pre-empted by the Halloween Demon King, does that mean we’ve all come for nothing?”

They were upset. They were ready for the great treasure, but this happened.

It was a little too heartbreaking.

“Wait, there are passage and footprints. Creatures are passing through here. The Turning Pool is not the great treasure. The great treasure is still inside, and it has an even stronger demonic qi.”

“What? There’s a passage?”

“Wait, this hole is a little small. Why does it feel like a dog hole.”

“Should we crawl or not.”

“Let’s crawl…”


The outside world.

Lin Fan liked this place because the demons were very active. His requirements were simple; he didn’t want them to drop anything except for qi and talent.

It was just that some things couldn’t be thought of too nicely.

Nowadays, when he killed a demon, the drop was horribly low. It would be nice if a hundred weak demons could drop qi, but most of them didn’t even drop a single hair. So what else could he ask from them?

“Huh! What the hell are all these guys doing? The abyss is right there; why are they here and robbing weak demons from me?”

Lin Fan was confused. However, when he thought of that sage from Ancient Capital earlier, his strength was also not weak, yet he was also hunting demons.

Could it be that they had some game between them, so they were competing against each other?

He took the initiative to come forward and greet him.

“Fellow cultivator, what are you doing?” Lin Fan smiled and asked.

He checked up the two fellow cultivators. Their demonic qi was strong. One of them was even holding a dao artifact, constantly scraping the surrounding demons’ flesh and blood. When the light flashed, those demons were left with a pile of bones.

This fellow cultivator was still somewhat similar to Xiang Junchen.

However, the good thing was that he was using demons for killing.

There was nothing new about the other one. However, the qi fluctuations flowing on his body also indicated that this man was quite extraordinary.

“You’re…” the demon was surprised. So, quickly, as if he had thought of it, “You’re Lin Fan, a disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect, who is wanted by the Demon Ancestor.”

The other man was quite surprised when he learned of Lin Fan’s identity as if he didn’t expect Lin Fan to have such a history.

For the demon, what had happened recently was still quite overbearing.

The matter of the Red Dust Demon Ancestor’s seventh son being sold shocked many people.

Who on earth was so bold as to even do such a thing? Of course, they would ask around, and when they were fortunate enough to learn of the seller’s portrait, they would keep that in mind.

“So, you all know me? Well, that can save the self-introductions.” Lin Fan smiled.

The demon laughed, “A disciple of the Greatest Martial Sect. The one who made the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon and the Demon Ancestor issue the hunting order. How could we not know you? We just didn’t expect to meet here. We have to say that it’s a fortunate thing for us.”

He then looked at the man at the side.

“Brother Mu, it seems that our greatest reward on this trip is here. Let’s suppress him and go to the Demon Ancestor to collect the reward. Moreover, the remnant leaf of the elixir is on him, obtaining this is our chance.” A greedy light appeared in the demon’s eyes. They didn’t expect to encounter such a good thing.

“Fine, make your move.” The thoughts in Mu Dong’s heart were the same as demon’s; both wanted to suppress Lin Fan.

The words just fell.

The demon dispatched a palm towards Lin Fan. Mu Dong cast his dao artifact, a flying sword that carried a monstrous demonic qi.

With a swoosh, it created a few waves in the air, before cutting towards Lin Fan.

“Well, I was so polite to you and called you fellow cultivators, and you want to treat me like this? Don’t blame me for being rude then.”

Lin Fan was furious. He even greeted them nicely.

He was going to introduce himself and have a friendly chat with them.

But he didn’t expect it to be like this.

He slapped his palm towards the demon. His palm glowed slightly, yet the demon’s mouth showed a confident smile.

The demon and Mu Dong joined hands; how could Lin Fan take them down?

But then, the demon’s face changed.

The opponent’s qi seemed to be a bit terrifying. It broke the power of his palm before he even got close, and then crushed him.

His body was creaking, and his bones were crumbling as if they would disintegrate at any moment.

There was a bang.

The demon was heavily injured. His entire body flew backward, vomiting blood as if his body had been deflated. He then slammed into the ground, creating a vast pit.

“How did this happen?” The demon’s body was in pain. His bones had broken. He didn’t dare to look at Lin Fan incredulously. How could the opponent’s qi be so strong to this extent?

That feeling just now.

It gave him a feeling of powerlessness as if he was facing a mountain instead of a rock.

“Are you kidding me?” Mu Dong had been dumbfounded when he saw that demon had been slapped into this state. No matter what, that was a young heavenly pride of the demon sect, yet he had been beaten into this state. It was a bit unbelievable to say.

The demon was furious and spat out a mouthful of blood, “Brother Mu, don’t be careless, the opponent is powerful. He’s pretending to be the pig and eating the tiger.”

Lin Fan was a little unhappy when he heard these words.

What did you mean by pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger?

He hadn’t even pretended, okay. Could you please stop framing people like this?

Mu Dong looked pale and manipulated the spirit sword, which vibrated and conjured several afterimages before fiercely slashing towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan pressed down with a palm. The incoming spirit sword shattered with a thud, turning into several spills.

“This ……”

Mu Dong stared as if he had seen a ghost. He was a bit incredulous, but the reality was right in front of him. Even if he didn’t believe it, there was nothing he could do about it.

He then cast his mystic art and quickly retreated towards the distance.

The demon looked at the fleeing Mu Dong in the corner of his eyes, “Brother Mu, come back. Are you just going to abandon me like this?”

Mu Dong fled without looking back.

“I don’t know you well. Each of us flies in our way in times of great distress. It was you who proposed to put someone to death. I have nothing to do with it.”

The demon wanted to spit blood. Bastard, you also agreed to it, okay.

But he couldn’t move now. So he could only stare dryly and witness the other leave.

Lin Fan looked indifferently at the distant figure. He was then condensing the God Spear and throwing it.

With a swoosh, the void fluctuated, the power emitted by the spear was too terrifying, enough to tear the void.

Soon, a dull sound was heard.

A rain of blood sprinkled down in the distant void, then a figure dropped down and hit the ground heavily.

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