Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 259


Chapter 259 – One-Stop Service For Cremation

“Fellow cultivator, let’s talk. I didn’t do it to you because I had the wrong intentions. I knew that fellow cultivator is strong. Also, being of the same younger generation, I was not convinced in my heart. That’s why I wanted to test your skills.”

“Now that I’ve tried it, I already know that you’re powerful, I admire it, fivefold.”

The demon spat out blood. His face was pale as he felt serious killing intent from Lin Fan. Lin Fan wanted to kill him, but of course, he was unwilling.

He was young; there was still a long way to go. Even more so, he wanted the wind and the rain because of his status, and dying on this was just not worth it.

As long as he could survive, he didn’t care about his pride anymore. Now that the elders had entered the abyss, they had no idea of the situation he was now encountering.

Even if he screamed, there was nothing he could do except rely on himself.

“Whether it’s true or not, I always felt that you had deep malice towards me. I didn’t think you were just trying to test my strength. Now that you’ve tested it out, do you feel your head buzzing, as if it’s different from what you thought?” Lin Fan said.

The demon nodded his head, “Mm, it’s buzzing, my head is buzzing.”


Lin Fan stepped down and crushed the demon’s chest. His internal organs shattered and spilled to the ground. A spirit floated up from above, trying to escape towards the distance.

It fled the place, wanted to inform the sect of his murder, only to be implicated down as soon as his spirit flew into the sky.

The Innate Spiritual Great Escapement.

The entire world seemed to be under Lin Fan’s control. The demon’s spirit couldn’t escape and could only spin around in a fixed range.

“How is it possible? This is the demon race’s High-Grade Mystic Art.”

The demon’s voice shrieked sharply. Then his soul suffered a massive blow and dissipated with a thud of smoke, disappearing entirely from the world.

“It really was the best time.”

Lin Fan was satisfied. He was glad that he had decided not to enter the abyss; otherwise, how would he have gotten such a reward.

He then soared into the air and sought out the place where Mu Dong had fallen.

Mu Dong was pierced through his body by the God Spear. He dragged his bleeding body to crawl on the ground.

The blood was gurgling and staining the ground red. The smell of blood was powerful, attracting the prying eyes of many demons.

However, a wounded camel was more significant than a horse, and those demons really didn’t dare to come out to haunt Mu Dong.

“I want to leave. I can’t die here.” Mu Dong’s eyes were filled with madness. He felt terrified from the strike just now.

It was an irresistible force that he couldn’t even resist. The dao artifact even directly shattered. He had never thought that there was such a strong existence among the younger generation.


The sound of a dead branch being crushed was heard in his ears.

“So you’re here. You gave me a hard time finding you. To drag your broken body to crawl here, you’re quite capable.” A smile appeared on Lin Fan’s face. He was about to slay three young heavenly pride in a row. He was in quite a cheerful mood.

When Mu Dong heard the voice, he turned pale in shock and craned his stiff neck to look at Lin Fan, “Fellow cultivator Lin, I have no grudge against you. Why do you need to drive me to extinction? If we all die, our sect will definitely track you down to the end. You should never underestimate the detection techniques of a truly great sect.”

“It will certainly track down that you are the real killer.”

“If you let me go, I can swear an oath to keep your secret and even exonerate you.”

His heart was on fire the first time he saw Lin Fan, one of the most notable characters recently.

Lin Fan was the tiger’s mouth, shocking the three paths of immortals, demons, and demon cultivators.


After all, Lin Fan caused the two powerful people to issue a hunting order for him.

If it were another powerful people who encounter the opponent, they would definitely find a chance to kill this person.

This person was carrying a great treasure but had no strength to support it. It was like seeking death without any chance of survival.

Lin Fan looked at the opponent, who was constantly struggling.

He sighed deeply.


He was equipped with the picking and mending technique, but couldn’t do anything. It was such a waste.

If he was willing to do it, he might gain quite a lot. After all, his picking and mending technique had been cultivated to the highest level.

Lin Fan stepped forward and pulled up the God Spear. Then under Mu Dong’s terrified gaze, the God Spear pierced down from his heavenly lid and ran through his entire body. Even his soul was obliterated.

[Obtained Spirit Root: Eight-Grade Fire Spiritual Root.] [Obtained Spirit Root: Six-Grade Demonic Spiritual Root.] [Obtained Demon Talent: Ecstasy.] [Obtained the High-Grade Mystic Art: Demon Grief.] [Legacy: The Ancient Lantern’s Legacy.]

The drops were fine.

[Ecstasy (Demon Talent): Invade the opponent’s sea of consciousness. Compel the opponent’s soul to become a walking corpse.] [Demon Grief (High-Grade Mystic Art): The demonic qi resonates with the world, forming a special field in which it can attract the demonic qi of the world to gather itself, forming a killing technique. If it were to be cultivated to the highest level, it could be combined with the supreme power of immortal’s great compassion to form the two realms of immortal and demon, transforming all things in the world].

[The Ancient Lantern’s Legacy: The legacy of the Ancient Demon Sect’s powerful elder, Ancient Lantern. Receiving the legacy would form a karmic relationship with Ancient Lantern. The ultimate cause and effect would be to resurrect Ancient Lantern and become his second physical body].

“The demon talent, the mystic art is very overbearing. However, isn’t there any of this damned legacy that sacrifices its life to serve people?” Lin Fan didn’t even know how to spit it out.

It seemed like the legacy was very comfortable. In fact, it was at the end of cultivation he realized that Dong Mu was destined for him, ‘Your flesh was considered mine. So, just give up your flesh and find your way to another door.’

This was the only introduction of karma he had seen so far.

Karma was terrible.

Karma was even more frightening, and he didn’t think he could bear karma.

He still had a treasure map on him; the Dark Demon Ancestor Treasure Map. Ever since he got it, he hadn’t searched for it because he knew it was a pit. It was definitely a giant pit.

For the time being, he should raise his cultivation sincerely. He shouldn’t think about it so much.

Even if he found the High-Grade Mystic Art, so what could he do? Did he look like he lacked mystic art right now?

The painful cultivation was not as refreshing as popping out.

At the same time, now that this Demon High-Grade Mystic Art and the Immortal High-Grade Mystic Art could cooperate, he had to pay attention to this Immortal High-Grade Mystic Art in the future as well.

No wonder people often said that a single thought of becoming an immortal and a single thought of becoming a demon was this similar. Perhaps they were from the same family.

He continued to reap the harvest, stripping all of Mu Dong’s possessions. He then lighted the corpse on fire and giving a one-stop service for cremation.

The harvest of spirit stones was not much. The two young heavenly feelings of pride only had ten million spirit stones on them; they were considered poor.

There were several types of dao artifacts, but he didn’t need them.

After thinking of how extravagant he was now, and how he couldn’t even look at the dao artifacts, he felt a slight ache in his heart.

He then thought of his master, who was still suffering, so he decided to see him once this was over and send him a loving gift.

It was quite amazing to think about life.

Because Ye Zhentian had humiliated his master, he was prepared to act as an undercover agent to lurk in the Greatest Martial Sect.

He never thought of how high he could go.

He just wanted to trap Ye Zhentian badly.

He never thought that his life encounters would be so wonderful.

Since he got adopted by his mother, this position in the Greatest Martial Sect led to his life’s pinnacle, and he was quite helpless.

It seemed that there had to be a chance for his master to vent his anger.

Lin Fan continued to search for demons; the surrounding environment deteriorated even more; the trees were polluted by strong demonic qi and had become demons.

This kind of existence wouldn’t drop anything, yet it wasn’t very pleasant!

Soon, he met a few other young heavenly pride, but they were all kind and didn’t try to disadvantage him and benefit from him just because he was a wanted man.

This made Lin Fan pleased and regretful at the same time.

The pleasure was that not everyone acted like those three earlier. The regret was that people had no ill intentions towards him, and even wanted to befriend him, so what could he do?

As a righteous generation of the immortal, who did injustice and righteousness, how could he do a bad thing to the good ones?

“Fellow cultivator Lin, you should be careful, there are quite a few demons, and demon heavenly prides coming along this time. If they encounter you, I’m afraid they could be harmful to you. No matter how many flowery words they have to gain your trust, you can’t trust them.” A man warned him.

Lin Fan cupped his fists and said, “Don’t worry, everyone, I will naturally be careful and will never be tricked.”

Of course, he couldn’t tell that he had stripped clean some fellow cultivators to this few friendly fellow cultivators.

So, he sent them to reincarnation with a one-stop service. They were born without an inch and should die naked.

What a thoughtful service. The moment before their death, a profound realization that there were people outside the human body, there was heaven beyond the sky. When you were walking by the river, your shoes will naturally get wet. 

Several cultivators threw an olive branch to Lin Fan, hoping that he would get rid of demons with them, but Lin Fan refused to follow you.

How could he follow a hand full of people? Besides, his qi has now reached more than 60,000, so it was not inevitable that he would deceive people.

It was better to be alone.

When Lin Fan separated from the crowd, the situation in the Jade Mountain changed once again.

The ground shook violently. Many demonic ancient trees were uprooted due to the shaking of the ground’s crust.

Their roots were exposed to the air and moved slapped the ground haphazardly, leaving a deep trail.

With this kind of strength, The Three Gods might not even be a match.

Anyone who encountered these demonic ancient trees could be tied up and then sucked clean.

“What happened?”

Lin Fan was extremely confused. This situation was not the second mutation of Jade Mountain. It was definitely something that the group of powerful people had encountered in the abyss.

Or perhaps they alerted some kind of existence.

The power of that half-arm was extraordinary.

An ordinary True Stage cultivator would never be a match.

“Father, it’s so scary. Let’s get out of here.” The crazy old man pulled Lin Fan’s sleeve. He was crouching and hiding aside. His small eyes revealing a terrified look as if what was coming was terrifying.

“What did you see?” Lin Fan pursued the question.

The crazy old man said, “Father, the treasure is so scared.”

Lin Fan really wanted to smack himself in anger, isn’t that nonsense?

If the crazy old man were to explain things plainly now, he would have to wonder if the crazy old man had recovered. As to why he had been hiding by his side, it must be to take the Highest Spirit Rune.

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