Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 260


“It’s time to retreat.”

It was not advisable to stay here for long. The danger was everywhere. Look at the sky; it was so dim that you could see the demon vest in the firmament roaring.

According to a normal plot, the next scene would not be something he could deal with.

Even when he was hesitating to enter the Abyss, he had carefully speculated.

He absolutely couldn’t go in. There would be no gain from going in there. Just think about it with your head, and you would know how capable you were.

A group of True Stage cultivators had already broken into it. How could you try to steal the opportunity from the True Stage cultivators?

It was better not to dream about it.

It would be nice not to get beaten into the brush.

Could that half-arm be a simple presence? Absolutely not. It was a terrifying bigot. Even if it wasn’t a bigot, it was an ancient creature arm, strong enough to suppress everything.

Anyway, he was gaining quite well on the periphery.

He was satisfied.

What could there be any dissatisfaction?

Right at this moment.

A golden light soared up from a distance. The light flickering, while there was also blood spilling down the world.

The blood of the True Stage cultivators all contained terrifying qi. When it was waved out, it clashed with the demon fog that filled the air. The zipping sounds continued, cutting open a clear land.

“Hurry up, Let’s go. Everyone leave this place.”

This powerful person was pale. His body was covered in injuries. His flesh and blood even blurred, so deep that he could see his bones.

Lin Fan really didn’t know what kind of terrifying existence he had encountered to injure him to such an extent.

Lin Fan gazed at him. That person had a terrifying qi mixed with it, which seemed to be eating away his body.

It was definitely not an ordinary qi.

Instead, it was the qi of some kind of creature.

Forget it.

This had nothing to do with him.

He should retreat.

Lin Fan took the crazy old man and withdrew far away.

The Abyss shook. Unknown substances were spreading out from the Abyss. A group of powerful people scrambled out of the Abyss, some significantly injured, some as if they were in shock.

It was unknown what they had encountered in the Abyss.

It felt like every single one of them was terrified.

When a group of heavenly pride disciples saw this situation, they didn’t dare to pause and exert their mystic art to flee.

Lin Fan looked back.

An unknown substance in the Abyss struck a powerful person. He was screaming, his body burned with flames. It burned so intensely that it crackled and popped like fried beans.

“What a terrifying scene. This is the only thing that can screw me.”

Lin Fan didn’t even think about it and just ran away. As for saving people, that thing didn’t even exist in his mind. It was already a good thing that he didn’t turn back to mend, so don’t ask for more.

Soon, he saw Hao Tianhua and the others standing dumbfounded in the same place, looking up at the distance movement. 

What kind of immortal mindset was this. There was a danger coming, and they still have time to dawdle here.

“What are you guys doing? Go, run!”

Lin Fan landed in front of them and was tempted to go up to punch and beat Hao Tianhua.

However, his friendly mind told him that it wasn’t a good idea, so he shook his shoulder. He didn’t mind going up and slapping the other man awake twice if he was still in a daze.


Hao Tianhua bobbed his head. His eyes were terrified and somewhat overwhelmed. The shaking of the Jade Mountain and the eruption of the Abyss had confused him. After Lin Fan shook him, he had woken up. 

“What happened?”

“See for yourself.” Lin Fan pointed to the distance.

He then looked to the side at Cheng Lingsu, “Sister, let’s run away first. Something’s not right here.

Those powerful people have already come out. I’m afraid that if we don’t run away quickly, the consequences of this will be unthinkable.”

A hint of shock appeared on Cheng Lingsu’s delicate face, “Will the vice sect master and the others be alright?” 

“Don’t worry; they should be fine. They are all True Stage cultivators. They are strong and have no problem protecting themselves. Let’s go.” Lin Fan pulled Cheng Lingsu and struck off towards the distance.

As for why Hao Tianhua didn’t have anyone to pull him, it couldn’t be helped. He was a man, so naturally, he wouldn’t get any special care. 

It didn’t take long.

Lin Fan brought Cheng Lingsu to the edge section of the Jade Mountain, where there was no erosion from the demon fog.

He very much doubted that the situation in the Abyss was not something the demons did on purpose. That half-arm and the Halloween Demon King had even disappeared. 

At the edge, he could still see the situation at the center of the Jade Mountain in the distance. The abyssal demon fog was rising as if something was moving.

Those True Stage cultivators were fleeing madly, attacking back from time to time, their mystic art descending from the sky to crush them viciously.

It was a great battle.

To be able to push a group of powerful people to this extent, it had to be said that the existence in that Abyss seemed to be somewhat terrifying, even beyond the imagination of the crowd.


A figure fell in. It turned out to be the vice sect master. He was covering his chest, leaving a bloody hole in his right shoulder as if he had been pierced by something, and his blood was gurgling.

“I’m glad you’re all here.” The vice sect master saw that the disciples were all there. So he was relieved.

Lin Fan asked, “Senior, what exactly happened in there? Even if you encounter problems with your cultivation, you would definitely not be in such a mess. A group of powerful people were forced out and suffered such a blow; it’s quite terrifying.”

The vice sect master took a deep breath. He swallowed an elixir to stabilize his injuries. His expression was still terrified, “Little friend, you should not stay here for a long time. There is a great shocking terror inside that Abyss, and the demon clan does not know what kind of existence it was. We went there, and before we could see what exactly it was, there was an ancient qi transmitted. At the same time, certain ancient things were activated to take action against us. “

“If we hadn’t been running fast, we would have accounted inside.”

Lin Fan was stunned by the vice sect master’s words. He always felt a little unrealistic about what exactly happened to these powerful people.

Was it something terrifying?

How scary was it? At least there should be a concrete situation.

Don’t say you didn’t see anything.

It was inevitably a little over that.

Lin Fan looked back. For some reason, he was quite interested in the Abyss. If it weren’t for his strength, he would have really wanted to go deeper into the dragon’s pond and tiger’s den and have a good fight with the existence inside.

If the crazy old man could be a bit more normal, he could take him in there and broke in. Maybe he could gain something.

However, the key was the crazy old man was not very stable.

His emotions could explode at any moment, so Lin Fan could only stop there. He could only wait for the next opportunity to descend in person.

Up until now, the vice sect master’s mind was a bit unstable.

He was surprised by the previous situation.

“Vice sect master, where are the sect master and his men?” Hao Tianhua asked.

The vice sect master said, “The sect master is fine. He comes out and disperses for a while. Let’s leave here first before we talk.”

He then looked at Lin Fan, “Little friend, are you coming back to the Void Jade Palace with us?”

“No, I’ll go my own way.” Lin Fan said. He then looked at Cheng Lingsu and waved his hand with a smile. It was a farewell to the girl, and with this, the advantage was taken, so what could be unsatisfying? 

Cheng Lingsu glared at Lin Fan. From the beginning until now, she had found that this person was slick. Not only was he sly, but he also liked to take advantage.


Hao Tianhua and the others left the place.

Lin Fan, on the other hand, brought the crazy old man here to continue watching. The movement of the Jade Mountain had not subsided and had been expanding.

Some powerful people had not left; instead, they stood in the distance after they were far away from Abyss’ range. Their eyes were watching the movement of the Abyss.

At this time, Lin Fan gazed at those powerful people.

Some powerful people had long since reached the peak of their vigilance, catching the gazes in a split second.

They and Lin Fan were staring at each other.

Many powerful people had already recognized Lin Fan. They didn’t expect this kid was brave enough to appear here.

He was carrying great treasures and even being chased by the two powerful demons.

An ordinary person would have already found a place to hide. How could he still dare to appear at will?

It was just right now; they didn’t have the leisure to pay attention to that.

Something was wrong with the Abyss.

There were great treasures there, but the key was that they couldn’t even resist the scent of the great treasures.

If they didn’t run fast, they were afraid that they would have to account for quite a few people there.

Suspicions abounded.

The Halloween Demon King was definitely in the Abyss, but they didn’t see any sign of him.

The Void Jade Palace’s vice sect master said that he hadn’t seen half an arm either, which made them doubt whether the other was telling the truth or not.

“It’s time to leave, but let’s collect one last wave.”

Lin Fan took out the Golden Gourd and prepared to douse Jade Mountain with the water of the golden river as he instructed, “Son, watch out for me. If anyone dares to come, you have to blast him.”

“Father, I’m scared.” The insane old man said.

Lin Fan knew what the crazy son meant. If he was afraid, he would swing the blood pool to smack the old face in anger.

Prompting the Golden Gourd, the golden river water spun out of the gourd and turned into a golden river dragon that soared into the sky, roaring in the world.

Under Lin Fan’s control, the golden river dragon instantly shattered and turned into raindrops that fell from the sky.


The weight of a drop of golden river water was terrifying. Ordinary demons simply couldn’t block it and were directly smashed into pieces, leaving a deep hole in the ground.

Some demons dodged around.


For a moment, the sound of beans exploding could be heard throughout the entire Jade Mountain.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t refine the innate formation inside the Golden Gourd. I really need to refine it properly when I have time; otherwise, it’s not powerful enough to be overbearing.”

Lin Fan pondered. There was no way around it; refining the innate formation would take time. However, if he could refine it, the power would rub off like a rocket ride.

Many True Stage cultivators were greedy when they saw the Golden Gourd. It was an immortal treasure, so most of them knew that this kin had an immortal treasure. Even in a situation like this, some of them wanted to snatch it.

Right at this moment.

A powerful person finally couldn’t help but make a move. His five fingers spread out, covering the sky and grabbing towards Lin Fan; he wanted to grab this immortal treasure.

Lin Fan didn’t move a muscle. He was not even thinking a bit about the situation.

“Father, he’s going to take it, isn’t the treasure afraid?”

The crazy old man shouted, taking out the blood pool and fiercely smashing towards the giant hand.

The terrifying power went through, the giant hand shattered. The powerful man even screamed and disappeared.

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