Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 261


“What the hell? It’s Fancy.”

Lin Fan didn’t care who that powerful person was. To him, regardless of who that person was, he couldn’t hunt that person down. That was too fake and unrealistic.

The powerful people weren’t soft tomatoes, so how could he squeeze them as he pleased.

“Son, let’s go.”

He left with the crazy old man. It was good to gain Something. There was no need to care too much about anything else.

Although he could yield great wealth through the hazardous experience, he couldn’t be carefree.

Because if he did, then he would have to die here, and all that he once got would be nothing.


The Nine Heavens Sect.

“I’m back.”

Lin Fan descended from the sky, not flying in the air. However, stepping forward, as he looked at the unremarkable gate, it was the only sect that could accept him when he had just entered the cultivation realm.

It was a bit unreliable.

Some people just couldn’t forget their roots. His undercover operation was so successful that he had to say he was almost a pacesetter in the undercover industry.


Mountain Gate.

You You and Wang Han, two martial arts masters who couldn’t cultivate immortality, guarded the mountain gate. 

Their days went by day after day, year after year, without any change. It was so peaceful and stable that they wouldn’t even fluctuate a bit.

When they first came to the Nine Heavens Sect, they all thought they were unparalleled immortal cultivators.

However, gradually, reality told them that they couldn’t cultivate immortality and could only remain like this for the rest of their lives.

After experiencing despair, they got used to this kind of life and even felt good about it.

They didn’t think about going back; everyone who knew them well knew that they had already cultivated immortality and become immortals.

If they went back, there was a good chance that they would be seen through, and that would be quite humiliating indeed.

Suddenly, the two of them saw someone climbed the mountain. As they took a closer look, that person seemed to look a little familiar.

However, they were a bit far away and couldn’t see it clearly. Nevertheless, as that person kept getting closer, they finally saw the face of that person.

“Ah! It’s Lin Fan.”

“Oh my god, he’s back.”

The two of them had always thought that Lin Fan had died outside. After all, it was so dangerous out there.

“Long time no see, the two of you.”

Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand. He didn’t need to sneak back, but it was best not to let too many people know about his connection with the Nine Heavens Sect.

After all, there were many enemies; if they couldn’t deal with the Greatest Martial Sect, they might take the Nine Heavens Sect. If that happened, then the situation would be a bit complicated, and things could go wrong.

“Lin Fan, where have you been all this time? The sect master has been looking for you for a long time, but he couldn’t find you.” Wang Han asked.

Lin Fan said, “Something happened, so I didn’t come back. I went to look for my Master, and will have a nice get together with you guys later.”



Fang Jiuzhen had been cultivating ever since he got the spirit stones from Lin Fan.

Those spirit stones were Something he wouldn’t even dare to imagine. If he were to go, he wouldn’t even know where to find them.

It was hundreds of thousands of spirit stones.

How terrifying.


Fang Jiuzhen always felt as if someone appeared around and kept watching him.

It was a strange feeling. He opened his eyes fiercely to find a figure standing not far away, watching him with a smile on his face.

Silently, just quietly appearing in front of him. If it were an enemy, then he might have died.

It was just that for Fang Jiuzhen, he didn’t even take the matter to heart.

He looked agitated, but quickly regained his composure, and said in an angry voice, “You evil disciple. You still know how to come back.”

“Master, I’m going to stay for a while this time. I want to tell you some things, but if you act like this, then I’ll just leave Something behind and will retreat.” Lin Fan said.

Fang Jiuzhen said furiously, “Kid if you dare to run, I’ll break your three legs.” 

Lin Fan covered his crotch in shock. If his two legs were broken, the third leg couldn’t be broken.

However, it didn’t matter; it could still grow after it was broken, so he wasn’t afraid at all.

“Disciple, are you messing with too many people outside? If you don’t know where to go, it’s fine, just come back, and stay in the sect. I’ll make sure there is nothing to worry about. Absolutely no one will find you. Even if they do, I’ll help you out and make sure you’re settled. Some various sects are still quite respectful to me.” Fang Jiuzhen patted his chest and vowed his guarantee.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Lin Fan was okay outside and had seen a bit more of the world, he could have been bluffed by his Master.

Lin Fan said, “Master, I’m not as troublesome as you think. I don’t have any enemies outside; everything is fine. This time I’m back because I’ve been subjected to all sorts of deceit outside and has come back to clear my mind.”

“Oh, right, Master, I just happened to bring back a son this time. Come on, greet your grandfather.”

The crazy old man was squatting on the ground playing with mud. Fang Jiuzhen stunned at the scene in front of him; his brain was a little hurt.

It was no surprise that the Disciple brought back a woman, but this one brought back a son. Not to mention that the son looked like he was a bit old. 

“Grandfather, hello.” The crazy old man looked up and shouted. He then lowered his head to play with the mud.

“I’m good.” Fang Jiuzhen nodded his head in a muddle, somewhat unresponsive.

Lin Fan came to his Master’s side and pressed his shoulder, “Master, I was away during this period, and you don’t blame me. It’s not that I didn’t want to stay, but I had to leave for some special reasons. If I hadn’t gone out to make a career, I wouldn’t have been able to possess the spirit root to cultivate immortality.”

“Huh?” Fang Jiuzhen stared as if he didn’t expect it.

This Disciple didn’t have any spirit roots.

Now, he was able to cultivate immortality. Wait, did he just said he had spirit roots?

How was this possible?

Fang Jiuzhen turned his head in shock, “Disciple, you’re not joking, right.”

Lin Fan said helplessly, “Master, have you see someone as honest as I am? Does it look like a joke? What I said is true, a thousand times true, absolutely nothing false.

“Master, there’s Something I want to tell you, but I’m afraid that you’ll be angry. I really don’t know how to say it.” Lin Fan wanted to reveal some of his situations to his Master.

However, he wasn’t prepared to tell all of it, in case it was too shocking and scared his Master, which would be bad.

Fang Jiuzhen was confused, “What is it? Go ahead and say it; my ability to bear it is still outstanding.” 

“Okay, I’m just going to say it. When I left the sect for this period, I went to the Greatest Martial Sect to find that Ye Zhentian and avenge you. I joined the Greatest Martial Sect by coincidence and blended in with a little bit of status. According to the current situation, I’ve been able to avenge my Master… I just want to ask you how your plans to shell out for Ye Zhentian?” Lin Fan said.

He simply didn’t even notice. Fang Jiuzhen, who was staring, gradually opened his mouths. He was about to swallow a cow in one bite, and that look was a bit scary.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?”

Lin Fan saw that his Master seemed to have been frightened, so he hurriedly shook his hands.

He was ready to accept his Master’s anger. After all, he had entered the Nine Heavens Sect and then the Greatest Martial Sect, which was a little bit wrong. He was quite deceitful.

However, he swore to the heavens that the starting point was definitely not to dislike the Nine Heavens Sect, but to avenge his Master.


A slap came.

It wasn’t an angry smack to Lin Fan’s face, but a slap to Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Lin Fan could see Fang Jiuzhen’s face flushed red, “Disciple, you’re amazing. You can even blend in. When I was young, I also had the same idea as you, but was directly exposed and driven out.”

“As for Ye Zhentian, you don’t have to worry about it. He is a core disciple, and you are just an ordinary disciple. Don’t make enemies if you can. Cultivation is a dangerous journey, just cultivate in peace.” 

“Besides, it’s been so long. I didn’t take it to heart, and nothing happened in the first place.”

Fang Jiuzhen was still having trouble getting his teeth into it. It was indeed disgraceful to be kneeling there, begging the other to spare the Nine Heavens Sect disciple in the first place.

It was a humiliating thing for him who had lived for hundreds of years. 

It had taken several hundred years for his cultivation to reach Golden Stage.

His spiritual roots were shallow, and he was a bit untalented.

Lin Fan had seen his Master’s chances of item drop, and his spiritual roots were all fragments. He felt that the grade was no higher than five grades.

If the spirit root exceeded five grades.

In a few hundred years, his cultivation shouldn’t just be in the Golden Stage.

“Master, you’re not angry at all?” Lin Fan asked.

Fang Jiuzhen laughed, “Angry? Why should you be angry? My Disciple has not betrayed his Master. The path of cultivation requires comprehension and chance, and the integration of a hundred sects. As long as you can ascend to the Immortal Realm, then in the future, our Nine Heavens Sect will be a sect with an immortal backing. The other sects will have to consider the consequences if they want to touch us.” 

“Master didn’t you use to say that all of our sect’s ancestors have ascended. I shouldn’t be the first.” Lin Fan asked.

Fang Jiuzhen said, “Disciple, what I know, that’s what my Master told me. I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but I believe that you will be the one that I saw with my own eyes.”

“When I first took you in, I told you that you are a beautiful jade with natural talent. I’m sure I can’t be wrong.”


A crisp voice came.

Lin Fan and Fang Jiuzhen turned to look; Qin Heng stood dumbfounded. The fruit bowl in his hand fell to the ground, and the fruit was spilled all over the floor.

Qin Heng’s heart ached.

The hot man was back…

And his relationship with the sect master was still very close.

But now, none of that was a problem.

Because he noticed that the sect master and Lin Fan were looking at him strangely.

He needed to fix this, or he would definitely disappoint the sect master and make Lin Fan laughed.

He couldn’t bear the thought of it.

His brain was working fast.

There was a way.

Qin Heng quickly came in front of Lin Fan and hugged Lin Fan’s shoulders, “Brother Lin, you’re finally back. I was so excited to see you back that I dropped my plate on the floor.”

It was a deliberate explanation.

Just in case it caused a misunderstanding.

Lin Fan lightly patted Qin Heng’s shoulder, indicating that he understood everything, ‘You don’t need to say so much. What exactly do you mean? I know it by heart.’

We all entered the immortal sect together.

I can’t expose you.

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