Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 262


“Huh?” Lin Fan was surprised and looked at Qin Heng.

“His internal strength has reached 101.”

Lin Fan looked at him strangely as if he had discovered some new world. Qin Heng was panicking as he looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, feeling like something was wrong.

The aggressiveness of this gaze was a bit terrifying.

“Brother Lin, you’re making me uncomfortable by looking at me like that.” Qin Heng said with mysterious eyes.

Could it be that Lin Fan knew he had already served the sect master well while he was away? Even more so, he had built a deep friendship with his fellow disciples. 

Knowing that he had worked hard for the sect master position, why did he feel like he had met a strong enemy? The more he thought about it, the more possibilities there were.

However, it couldn’t be helped, it was the early bird that got the worm, and hard work with sweat would be paid off.

“Nothing. It’s good, keep working hard.”

Lin Fan didn’t expect Qin Heng’s internal strength would break the limit of one hundred and reach 101, which was actually Nothing compared to Lin Fan. It was only one hundred and one.

However, Qin Heng didn’t have the system, yet his internal strength was above one hundred. Something wasn’t quite right.

Qin Heng didn’t have the system to help him.

How did he do it?

Looking at his remarks, the techniques he had learned were all mundane martial arts, not anything out of the ordinary or strange.

Forget it.

Don’t think about it if you couldn’t understand it; it’s futile.

Perhaps this was Qin Heng’s chance. In the immortal realm, Nothing was impossible. When it happened, it could only be said that the opportunity had come.


The Ancestral Temple.

This place was dedicated to all the ancestors of the Nine Heavens Sect. Lin Fan gave incense to all the ancestors and listened to the sect master who recounted all the ancestors’ glorious deeds.

To put it simply, every ancestor here was a remarkable person.

He had heard his Master tell him last time, but he didn’t know if it was true or not since it had been passed down from generation to generation.

It didn’t matter if he had seen it or not.

Just believe in it.

It was that simple.

He looked up at these portraits while observing his surroundings. His previous cultivation wasn’t enough to discover anything.

Still, with his current cultivation, he might be able to find out if there was a problem.

If the few ancestors were that kind of existence.

The sect couldn’t have any problem at all.

Unfortunately, after looking very carefully, he still didn’t find anything wrong with the place.

Not even a little bit of a vision, as if just a few paintings were hanging casually.

Perhaps his cultivation wasn’t high enough to see what was going on here.

However, he believed even more that this was a scam. A scam left behind by the Nine Heavens Sect’s ancestors.


Several days later.

Lin Fan was leisurely and comfortable, chatting with his Master during a normal day.

Sometimes, he was gossiping with his fellow disciples about the recent events of the Nine Heavens Sect.

The Nine Heavens Sect was a small sect. It was still within the Greatest Martial Sect range, so it wouldn’t face any trouble.

“Master, these are three defensive Middle-Grade Dao Artifacts, which are considered to be my filial respects to you.”

Lin Fan took out three dao artifacts. These three dao artifacts were obtained from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

It was useless for him to put them on his body. With his current physical condition, dao artifacts were difficult to injure him, so the three defensive dao artifacts were pieces of chicken ribs.

His Master’s cultivation level wasn’t high, and he would unavoidably encounter dangers when he went out.

So, having three dao artifacts to protect his body was equivalent to having three lives and being invincible.

When Fang Jiuzhen saw the three dao artifacts, he couldn’t believe it. His eyes were rounded as if he had seen a ghost.

He had never seen a dao artifact in his life.

Now he saw three of them all at once. They were given to him by his disciple, which made him feel a little embarrassed to be the Master.

Before Fang Jiuzhen could react, Lin Fan pulled out some more spirit stones and some elixirs. Honestly, he didn’t have a great need for these items.

“Master, you also keep these and use them for your cultivation. I think having these supplies, with Master’s talent, it won’t take long for your cultivation to reach the Origin Stage.”

Lin Fan didn’t even notice how abundant and varied his Master’s face was as he kept taking things out.

“Disciple, did you take the treasury of the Greatest Martial Sect? This is something you must not do, or else your life will be in danger.” Fang Jiuzhen didn’t even dare to touch it. It was only right to return the things before they were discovered. 

Lin Fan said, “Master, don’t worry. I worked hard to get these; you can use them without worry.”

Fang Jiuzhen wanted to cry. The images surfaced in his mind of his disciple going through nine lives outside, saving his money and eventually gathering these fortunes. He then went back and gave him these things.

Eventually, he felt that his disciple was about to say goodbye to him.

“You’re leaving, aren’t you?” Fang Jiuzhen asked.

Lin Fan nodded, “Yes, Master. I should continue to go out for more adventures as well.”

As expected.

Fang Jiuzhen knew he was right. His disciple must have made many enemies outside, and to be able to come back was a great risk.

He was only staying for a few short days before leaving; he must be afraid of bringing trouble to the sect. 

As he thought of this.

He felt like crying.

I never thought that I would still have such a disciple in my life.

It was truly a blessing from the ancestors.

“I can’t help you, but you must be careful when you go out. Don’t fight with others. It’s a blessing to suffer a little; it’s not harming. However, the most important thing is to stay alive. As long as you live, then everything has hope.” Fang Jiuzhen didn’t know what to say. That was all he could say. 

“I know, Master, don’t worry. This disciple knows what he’s doing. You take good care of yourself, and when the time comes in the future, everything will be better.” Lin Fan had his thoughts.

His current ability to protect himself was sufficient, but suppressing the world wasn’t enough.

What suited the Nine Heavens Sect best today was to be calm and steady and not get involved in anything.

There were his resources.

Cultivation was sufficient.

Qin Heng always felt like a baby who had lost care. Since Lin Fan had returned, his position’s limits had lowered, but even so, he hadn’t given up. “Brother Lin, wear more clothes when you go out. Keep yourself warm, and eat on time. I’ll miss you.”

When Qin Heng and Fang Jiuzhen sent Lin Fan away, he burst into tears and acted reluctantly.

However, the words on his lips meant, ‘You go quickly, leave the Nine Heavens Sect so that there will never be any problems for me.’ 

Lin Fan looked at Qin Heng and didn’t take it to heart. This guy should have his chance as Lin Fan wasn’t interested in the Nine Heavens Sect’s sect master’s position. 

However, upon looking at Qin Heng’s appearance, he just wanted to tease.

“Ah Qin Heng, as the head disciple, I’m your senior brother. At this moment, I command you to take good care of my Master. If my Master loses weight, I’ll come back to deal with you.”

After saying this, Lin Fan cupped his fist at his Master and left the Nine Heavens Sect.

Qin Heng was not in the right state.

All he could think about was what Lin Fan had just said. The Head disciple, the senior brother, meant that he would come back later to steal the sect master position.

How could this be?

No way.

‘I must work hard. I absolutely cannot let him take the position of sect master away from me.’


Greatest Martial Sect.

When Lin Fan appeared at the sect, it caused a wave.

Being disciples of a large sect, they already knew that senior brother Lin seemed to have done many great things out there and had been given a chase order by the two powerful demons.

This was a bit distant, in their opinion.

It was similar to a comparison between people who were angry with each other.

As for Wen Xian, ever since he returned from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion with the sect master, he was in a bad state.

His prestige was taken away from him, which made him consider himself a disgrace to the Greatest Martial Sect’s senior brother.

So not long after returning, he left the sect and went out to practice.

He threatened that he would never return until he entered the Disaster Stage.


Sky Peak.

The first thing Lin Fan did when he came back was to go to Sky Peak.

He had given Ye Zhentian enough time, all of which was much over the limit. So, of course, he had to get his hands on several million spirit stones. 

“Oh, there’s decency here. I haven’t been back for a long time. I didn’t expect that Sky Peak’s greenery is doing well. It even raised quite a few exotic beasts.”

These exotic beasts were captive-bred spirit beasts. They are mainly dressed up.

Their noses are slightly moving, and they don’t have the smell of colorful chicken sky.

It seemed that Ye Zhentian was scared of him and just stopped raising them.

“I pay my respects to Senior Brother Lin.”

“Senior Brother Lin.”

The passing disciples stopped in their tracks and bowed their heads in respect.

Although they were disciples of Sky Peak, Lin Fan’s reputation was growing. It was once great, now even more remarkable, as news had spread back from the outside world.

So everyone was respectful.


Inside the house.


A disciple barged in in a panic, “Brother, Lin Fan is back. He even came to Sky Peak at the first opportunity.”

Ye Zhentian, who was sitting there, panicked inside when he heard this. However, he pretended to be calm on the surface, “Oh, I know. You can go.”


This disciple knew some inner information. Senior Brother Ye had some disagreements with Senior Brother Lin.

When he came to report, he didn’t even dare to say that Senior Brother Lin had come, and he could only call him by his first name.

However, if he saw Lin Fan, he would naturally have to address him as Senior Brother Lin.

Ye Zhentian watched the disciple’s departing back.

When he couldn’t see anyone, he was immediately getting up from his seat, walking back and forth uneasily.

“How did he come back?”

“Isn’t he being chased by the powerful demon outside? He should be hiding somewhere.”

“He’s definitely coming now to ask for spirit stones, but where do I get the spirit stones to give him.”

Ye Zhentian was miserable; he didn’t know what to do. No, he absolutely couldn’t just sit and wait for death, or else who knew what would happen.

He must avoid it when he could, and hiding for a while was a good idea. 

Then, as if he had thought of something, he hurried towards the back of the mountain.

The passing disciples were all respectful when they saw Ye Zhentian, but they didn’t get a response from Senior Brother Ye.

Their heart was curious.

Lin Fan arrived at the main hall of Sky Peak, “Brother Ye Zhentian, why didn’t you come out to greet your senior brother when he came? Could it be that you don’t think so highly of your senior brother?”

His arrival at Sky Peak was like being back at home.

It was completely unimpeded. There was no need for anyone to lead the way. The mouth informed Ye Zhentian, but the car was light and familiar. Soon, he arrived at the place where Ye Zhentian was.

It was empty.

There wasn’t even a single person.

However, when he saw the hot tea bubbling on the coffee table, he could not help but smile.

“This naughty little thing is hiding.”

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