Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 263


“Hello, Senior Brother Lin.”

A disciple of Sky Peak said respectfully. His small eyes were a bit fluttering, and he didn’t quite dare to face Lin Fan. He was a disciple of Sky Peak, and Senior Brother Lin conflicted with Senior Brother Ye.

“Where did Ye Zhentian go? Why has he disappeared?” Lin Fan asked.

There was actually no need even to ask.

It because he knew that Lin Fan was coming; that’s why he was hiding. This brat didn’t have the spirit stones ready, so he thought it would be good to hide for as long as he could.

“Senior Brother Lin, I don’t know where Senior Brother Ye has gone.” This Disciple said. Of course, he knew that Senior Brother Ye had just left, but how could he say that Senior Brother Ye was gone? He was obviously hiding from Senior Brother Lin.

As a disciple of Sky Peak, of course, he had to stand on the side of Senior Brother Ye.

“Really? This brat is good at hiding. The tea on the table is still hot; I don’t think he’s been gone for long. You go do your work; I’ll look around.” Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand for this Disciple to leave. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t find Ye Zhentian.


This Disciple was a bit embarrassed, but didn’t dare to disobey Lin Fan’s wishes and could only leave. However, in his heart, he prayed that his senior brother would hide well and never be caught.

Lin Fan walked towards the back of the mountain; his sense of life was good.

He could spot nearby living creatures.

It didn’t matter how deep you hid it. Your cultivation was relatively low, so what was the point of hiding your breath?

Soon, he walked up to a restroom.

With a smile on his lips, he stretched out his hand and condensed qi in his palm. He formed a less powerful ball of qi, then threw it towards the restroom.


Inside the restroom.

Ye Zhentian was quite helplessly hiding here. He actually wanted to go to the back of the mountain to hide in the cultivation room.

However, upon second thought, the cultivation room wasn’t safe. With his understanding of Lin Fan, coming to Sky Peak was definitely like coming home to his own home.

He wouldn’t even consider himself a guest and would definitely look for him everywhere.

If he was a little self-aware, his colorful chicken sky wouldn’t have been snared and all gone into Lin Fan’s stomach.

“I’m hiding here. I don’t believe he can find me. It’s just that the smell here is a bit strong.” Ye Zhentian held his breath.

This place was very mismatched with him. It tarnished his image, and even more so, it couldn’t be balanced with his status. However, it couldn’t be helped.

He needed to hide for a while so that the difficulty in front of him could be overcome.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong; a shock came over him. If he could feel it, it meant his cultivation wasn’t weak. However, the moment it happened was instantaneous.


“The toilet exploded.”

Ye Zhentian screamed and shrieked, but it was too late; it happened too fast. 


The toilet exploded.

A tremendous roar resounded through Sky Peak.

The mountain peak disciples were all frightened and looked away, thinking that something big was happening. They were all quickly coming over here.

“Brother Ye, why are you here?”

Lin Fan pretended that he didn’t know Ye Zhentian was here. He was baffled. He didn’t expect the toilet explosion to be so shocking. It was so damn scary; the original fresh air turned smelly. 

He wondered how long it had been passed.

An angry voice came from the shithole in front of him.

“Lin Fan, you have gone too far.”

Lin Fan looked at the situation in the distance and stepped back as if he was scared.

“A good super cyborg.”

In the shithole ahead, a figure slowly walked out. Yellow mist twisting around, a drop of yellow water spilling onto the ground.

With every step, a scent that was unbearable for even a covered nose was transmitted.

It was the breath of a strong man.

It was as if a shit demon from the endlessly sealed shit abyss had broken the seal with a strength that shook the world.

The oppressive air returned, shocking the world, and all living creatures would retreat from it when they smelled its breath. No one dared to fight against it.

“This is terrifying as hell.”

Lin Fan muttered. His eyes were terrified as he had been shocked by the other’s form.


The brothers and sisters who came here saw the scene in front of them; all of them covered their noses and endured the smell.

Who was the son of a bitch that didn’t go to the bathroom to take a shower? This was crazy.

He even exploded the toilet.

The smell of shit was wafting, polluting Sky Peak.

“Dear brothers and sisters, don’t be scared, he’s your Senior Brother Ye Zhentian. He’s cultivating the supreme mystic art, the Great Law of Eating Shit. You mustn’t interrupt him in case you disturb your senior brother.” Lin Fan said.


The crowd knelt. They were dumbfounded and stunned.

That… that was the senior brother.

How could that be?

Ye Zhentian was about to vomit blood from his anger towards Lin Fan.

He didn’t expect Lin Fan to be so cruel to him.

“All of you get out.”

Ye Zhentian’s voice was like thunder that resounded through the world, shaking the many disciples as if their eardrums were about to burst.

They fled in panic; they knew that this was a conflict between Senior Brother Lin and Senior Brother Ye.

On the other hand, they saw their senior brother in such an ugly state.

They really didn’t know whether they would be exterminated.

Ye Zhentian squeezed his fingers and the dirt sticking to his body left the surface.

At the same time, the toilet that had just been blown up, as if turning back time, returned to its original state.

These were all immortal techniques, only small trails.

Lin Fan smiled, “Brother Ye, did you make a mistake in this cultivation? Why did you blow up the toilet in a fit of excitement? However, this technique is a bit overbearing, so you can’t be too hasty in future cultivation.”

“Lin Fan, what do you want? Is it necessary to bite me so hard?” Ye Zhentian was really enraged by Lin Fan; his eyes were like they were about to spitfire. 

He couldn’t tolerate suffering such a huge humiliation.

Lin Fan nodded his head and said, “Well, I didn’t expect that Brother Ye’s cultivation had not only increased greatly. But he also had more self-awareness. You’re right; it’s indeed necessary.” 

“This is not a good place to talk. Let’s go to your palace; I have to settle a score with you.”

Ye Zhentian wanted to attack, but he didn’t know how to do it.


Inside the main hall.

Ye Zhentian sat there, but Lin Fan was far away. His mouth didn’t say anything, but his actions entirely told Ye Zhentian that even if he didn’t have an odor on him, he was still frightened.

“Brother Ye, it’s time to give me the spirit stone. It’s been so long, but it’s exceeded my expectations for you, so it’s considered benevolent.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan didn’t lack the millions of spirit stones.

Even if he got some from Ye Zhentian, it would only be a fraction. So even if he dropped them, it wouldn’t hurt.

However, having just returned from the Nine Heavens Sect, his master’s humiliation had awakened a sense of revenge, so he had to play around with Ye Zhentian for a bit.

Ye Zhentian cursed in his heart.

He didn’t even know why all of this was happening.

Whether he stole Lin Fan’s daughter-in-law or killed his whole family, there were so many people in the sect, was it necessary to just confront him to the end?

“Spirit stone is not that important. You can take it if you want. If I, Ye Zhentian, dodge it, I’ll take your surname.” Ye Zhentian growled with a powerful aura.

The fact that people with debt could be so imposing indicated that no matter what era it was in, it would always be the same. 

As for Ye Zhentian, he was ready to do so.

Just fuck me if you had the guts.

But then.

Something was wrong with the situation.

“Well, you said it.”

Lin Fan spoke out. The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword swooshed and was held in his palm; then, the fast and fierce sword cut towards Ye Zhentian.

Ye Zhentian didn’t expect Lin Fan to do it. 

However, he didn’t panic at all.

Lin Fan was acting up.

He wouldn’t dare to do it.


The thought of disdain came to mind.

Just shortly.

Ye Zhentian realized that something was wrong. The killing intent in Lin Fan’s eyes was obvious; Lin Fan really wanted to kill him. 

This was impossible.

How was this possible? How could he dare?

The sword struck.

Ye Zhentian felt a burst of pain transmitted to his face, which was the sword colliding with his face.


Ye Zhentian didn’t dare to hold on and rolled on his side to dodge the sword. The moment he dodged, the sword directly split the seat in five.

“Lin Zhentian, what a good name. From now on, you’ll take my surname. I’m willing to pass it on to you. As for the seniority, forget it, you’re not qualified yet.” Lin Fan said indifferently.

“You just tried to kill me.” Ye Zhentian stared. He didn’t expect Lin Fan to have the audacity and want to kill him. It was really happening just now. 

Lin Fan said, “What can I say? I’m a person who hates to be forced by others. Once I’m forced, I’ll do anything. Moreover, there was indeed a bet just now. I bet that you would dodge, but I didn’t expect that I was right; you did dodge.”

“The way you said it was so tough. I didn’t think your body could still be so honest… I’ll let you go today, but prepare the spirit stones for me as soon as possible.”

“When I was just here, I saw a few more spirit beats on your mountain peak. It looks good, so I’ll take it as interest.”

Lin Fan turned around and left.

Ye Zhentian sat paralyzed on the ground, breathing heavily. He had indeed just been frightened by Lin Fan. 

He initially thought that Lin Fan wouldn’t dare.

But in the end, the way Lin Fan was acting, that was really bold.

“What if I didn’t dodge it?” Ye Zhentian growled unwillingly.

When he reached the door, Lin Fan stopped and smiled back, “Although you owe me spirit stones, you’re also my junior brother. How would I kill you? I just wanted to leave a sword mark on your face. Hahahaha…”

He felt like he was unable to play with Lin Fan’s intelligence.

When the Sky Peak disciples saw the spirit beasts that their senior brother had gotten back a while ago being roughly grabbed by Senior Brother Lin and taken away by all four hooves, they felt some pain inside.

There was basically no need to think about it.

These spirit beasts would completely disappear into the world, turning into delicious food that would enter some people’s stomachs.

Lin Fan returned to his mountain peak and gave the spirit beasts to Senior Brother Chen Zhiyu to cleanse it. He would be hosting a spirit beasts banquet later. 

On the other hand, Ye Zhentian had never cried since his cultivation.

However, this time he cried and went to the sect master. He was hoping that the sect master would come forward to help him.

He was going to complain about the sorrow and suffering in his heart.


The Immortal Destroyer Peak.

“Brother, I heard that you are being hunted by the two powerful demon sects outside. I think you should hide in the sect.” Xi Xi was worried. She then grabbed the meat of the spirit beasts and slowly tasted it; it was so fragrant. 

“Hmm, that’s right,” Chen Zhiyu didn’t even have time to speak. He was burying his head and eating but nodded his head anyway. 

Lin Fan smiled, “It’s fine. If they can kill me, they would have done it already. Why would they wait until now?”

Then, he looked at Huang Jiujiu at the side. “Disciple, your cultivation hasn’t improved a lot. Did you slack off again during the time that master was away? It seems like you’ve gained an extra pound compared to when master left.” Lin Fan frowned and asked.

Chen Zhiyu lowered his head; the matter had nothing to do with him.

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