Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 264


Huang Jiujiu’s big eyes looked at Lin Fan innocently, her long eyelashes twinkling.

She then looked at Uncle Chen, wishing so hard that Uncle Chen could explain to her master on her behalf why her cultivation hadn’t improved during this time, and she had gained weight. 

However, when Uncle Chen saw her plea for help, he quickly lowered his head again and devoured the spirit beasts’ meat, making delicious sounds from time to time.


It smelled good!

“Master, I…” Huang Jiujiu shrank her head like an ostrich as if she had made a mistake. 

Lin Fan was serious, “Your father entrusted you to me, I will take good care of you. Immortal cultivation is cruel; without strength, you will be mistreated. You have good talent; I do not want you to lose your ambition…”

“…If you don’t change, I will send you back to continue to be that rich daughter of a well-dressed family.”

Tears were swirling in Huang Jiujiu’s lovely eyes, but she held them back, “Master, I know I was wrong.”

“Mm.” Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction. He then looked to the side, “Brother, 

Sister, you can’t spoil her. You still have to cultivate.”

Xi Xi’s voice was soft and weak, sniffling as if she was about to cry, “Did brother blame sister?”

“Sister knows that I was wrong. Brother, stop scolding sister, okay.”

Lin Fan blinked and looked confused, ‘When did I scold you? Can you stop talking as if I’m a bad person?’

“Sister, you know I didn’t mean it.” Lin Fan explained. He always felt like his sister was the old mother who spoiled her child, and he was a strict father.

Xi Xi ignored Lin Fan. She didn’t even eat the spirit beasts’ meat; instead, she bowed her head and was quietly crying.

Huang Jiujiu hugged Xi Xi’s head and comforted, “Auntie, don’t feel sad. Master is a bad guy; he only knows to mistreat Auntie.” 

“I’m okay, Jiujiu.” Xi Xi gently stroked Huang Jiujiu’s head.

Lin Fan looked at these two girls, one big and one small, acting so hard on each other.

He could only sigh; he was quite helpless, ‘People’s hearts weren’t ancient, little girl. I’m doing this for your good. To save yourself from being mistreated in the future. I’m your master; I need to help you out.’

It was a skill to solve the problem by yourself.

However, if you can get close to your strict master, it seems to be a skill as well.

It wasn’t easy to handle.


At this point.

Ye Zhentian shed sad tears in front of the sect master. His body was trembling with anger, “Sect master, Lin Fan is too much. Indeed, there was once a little conflict between us, but there’s no need to mistreat me like that.” 

The sect master frowned and asked slowly, “How did he treat you?”

“It’s hard for me to speak up. I’m afraid that it will bring up sad memories and lead my heart to disaster.” Ye Zhentian’s gaze dropped and lifted for a moment. His eyes were watery, embodying the image of a tormented man.

The sect master said, “If you don’t tell me, how can I help you? Tell me, what exactly is the reason why you are in such a mess. You are a core disciple of the sect; this sect master has high hopes for you. If you come to me, it means that you trust me. Don’t worry; you can tell me anything.”

Ye Zhentian told the cause, the passage, and the current situation one by one, without hiding anything besides the spirit vein accident.

He didn’t dare to say that those small sect disciples died in the spirit vein. 

The sect master listened. He nodded slightly, frowned, then stretched, frowned again. He then looked at Ye Zhentian and sighed. 

The emotions were a bit much.

It was as if there was a lot to say, but in the end, it dissipated with a sigh.


The spirit beasts banquet was about to end.

Lin Fan remembered something and asked, “Sister Xi Xi, what has Meng Qingyao been doing lately? Does she has any frequent interactions with any strangers?”

There was no other meaning for him to ask this; it was just a question.

Xi Xi shook her head, “No. Recently, Senior Sister hasn’t even left Mysterious Sword Peak and has stayed at the mountain.” 

“Oh.” Lin Fan continued to ask, “Then, does she have any physical discomfort. Any symptoms considered uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s been fine. No condition whatsoever.” Xi Xi asked back curiously, “Brother, why are you so concerned about the senior sister? Is there something you need senior sister to help you with? If you’re not able to come forward, I can ask for you.” 

Lin Fan waved his hand, “Nothing, I’m just curious; that’s why I ask.”

After a while, there was no situation. It seemed like he was overthinking. How could he be successful at one go?

Although it was a beautiful mistake, some things needed to be clarified.


The next day!

Lin Fan personally cooked the spirit beasts meat and carried a large plate to his mother.

He didn’t go to see his mother on the day he returned. She must be angry and thinking he only wanted to see her whenever he’s in need.

“Mother, your son has brought you food.” Lin Fan pushed the door open and looked around. He saw his old mother leaning on the recliner, looking at the ancient books.

Wei You didn’t look at Lin Fan but slowly said, “Only the day after you came back did you come to see your mother. Did you forget about her?”

“Mother, how could I? Your son was especially going to see you after making a most delicious meal of spirit beasts meat with his own hands.” Lin Fan lifted the plate, and the intense aroma of meat permeated the room. 

“Mm, it does smell good.” Wei You placed on the ancient book to get up. She pinched up a piece of meat and tasted it, “Mmm, it tastes even better.”

She then looked at Lin Fan, “Although I have not left the sect, I still know what is going on outside. You have caused a lot of trouble outside, causing the two powerful demon sects to issue a hunting order against you. Do you have any thoughts on this matter to tell your mother?”

“Mother, I really can’t be blamed for this. There’s a reason for all of it.” Lin Fan wanted to explain, but didn’t even know how to explain it. He kidnapped the seventh son of the Demon Ancestor; it wasn’t his problem at all, but rather, he was acting on behalf of heaven and cutting down demons.

As for the hunting order from the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, it was because of he snatched the treasure.

The Heavenly Corpse Old Demon thought that he wasn’t that strong, so they looked down on him. He couldn’t be blamed for it.

Honestly, he was still a victim. After all, the elixir was inherently broken. If he didn’t snatch it, others would.

Wei You shook her head, “It’s just that this matter has something to do with the demon sects. I won’t say anything more. On the Demon Ancestor’s side, I will personally come out and solve it for you.”

“The old dragon goddess once owed mother a favor. The Devil Ancestor wants nothing more than to save his pride, so everything is easy to handle.”

“However, it’s not too easy to deal with the Heavenly Corpse Old Demon. You got the elixir residue leaf, so that’s your luck. I’ll go and tell him that you’re my son. If he still dares to pursue me, I’ll destroy him with my own hands.”

While saying these words, Wei You’s intense killing intent was quite frightening.

“Mother, don’t be like this. Your son knows that it is necessary to go through all kinds of tribulations in the cultivation journey. If a mother always protects me, it is not a good thing for me.”

“A bird in a greenhouse can’t catch insects. I don’t want to be that kind of waste.”

“Please, mother, believe that your son will be able to solve these things on his own.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to do this. The situation he had so hard to lay down seemed like a crisis.

However, by spreading slowly, he could have endless enemies to cut down in the future.

“Are you serious?” Wei You asked.

Lin Fan nodded thoughtfully, “Your son is serious. Only through tribulation can we grow. I went out and experienced countless things. Even if I’m in a crisis, I can still turn bad fortune into good fortune. I’m confident that I’m someone who possesses great luck.”

“If I encounter any danger, I can solve it with my skills.”

Just then, a voice came from outside the door.

“Sister, what smells so good? Also, I came to tell you about Lin Fan, he…” the sect master pushed the door in and was just about to continue.

Lin Fan asked, “Is the sect master here to snitch?”

“Kid, you’re a white-eyed wolf. This sect master is defending you from the enemy, but you just run away, how annoying.” The sect master was so angry when he thought of the situation at the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. Lin Fan ran so fast that he, the sect master, almost couldn’t react. 

Lin Fan did not care in the slightest, “Why is the sect master so wary? Compare to you, what strength do I have? I will be dragged if I don’t run away. Also, I ran to lighten the burden of the sect master.”

The sect master was speechless.

That was quite right.

It was indeed a burden reduction; otherwise, it would be troublesome to bring this brat along.

Then he grabbed the spirit beasts meat and ate it, “Mm, not bad, it smells good.”

“Brother, just tell me what the matter is? I still have a lot to say to my son.” Wei You said.

The sect master said, “Sister, this is a serious matter. This precious son of yours is mistreated Ye Zhentian for spirit stones. How can he act like this to his fellow disciple? Even if he owes you spirit stones, he can’t be treated like this.” 

“He’s opening up a spiritual vein right now. When the spirit stones are dugout, he will pay you.”

“Also, how dare you talk about interest? You have taken the spirit beasts from his mountain peak; you should return them quickly and be patient on the spirit stones.”

Lin Fan looked at the sect master with oil on his lips and asked, “Is it delicious?”

The sect master didn’t understand Lin Fan’s meaning, but still said, “It’s not bad.”

Soon, the sect master looked a bit confused, then he looked at the meat on the plate and then at Lin Fan, “You…”

“Sect Master, if it’s fragrant, isn’t it good to eat? Even if I want to return the spirit beasts, I can’t do it. I can only tell Ye Zhentian that the sect master ate the spirit beasts.” Lin Fan said helplessly. 

He didn’t think that Ye Zhentian would actually go to the sect master to complain. This kid was overbearing. 

He should remember that.

Really remember it.

Wei You helpfully said, “Brother, the more you live, the more you go back. The disciples should have their way to solve their conflict. If you interfere in everything, then tell me how you should maintain your balance.”

“If you owe spirit stones, you should call them back. If you just listen to one’s side, that wouldn’t be fair to the other disciples.”

“Sister, this is something that I, as the sect master, cannot sit idly by.” The sect master said.

Wei You said, “There are various positions in the sect, and the sect master’s great responsibility is to be in charge of the overall stability of the sect. Why do you have to take care of these minor details?”

The sect master wanted to say something, but looking at his sister’s look, he bowed his head and said, “Sister has taught me a lesson.”

“Lin Fan, since Ye Zhentian had come to sect master, let’s not make sect master lost his face. So listen to mother and be patient on this matter.” Wei You said.

“Yes, mother.” Lin Fan responded. Since his mother had spoken, he naturally wouldn’t refuse.


At this moment.

A voice came from the distant world.

“I, Heavenly Corpse Old Demon, wants to meet the sect master.”

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