Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 268


Due to a mess stirrer like Lin Fan, what else could the sect master say? Of course, he had to agree.


The most important thing was that the sect master also considered the matter a bit serious.


The matter of demons was indeed no trivial matter. His honest thoughts were also that he was willing to lend the Greatest Martial Dao Pen to suppress the unrest demons over at Jade Mountain.


“Little friend, thank you for this time.” Vice Sect Master Ren cupped his fists in gratitude.


Lin Fan smiled, “Senior, how can you say that? Wouldn’t it be cruel to be so high in the air without having anything to do with the matter? Besides, it’s best if you manage to help to prevent the situation over at Jade Mountain from being overwhelmed and causing misfortune to innocent people.”

Vice Sect Master Ren was impressed by Lin Fan’s persona.


It was admirable that the Greatest Martial Sect was able to produce such a disciple.


If it weren’t for this, the Void Jade Palace wouldn’t have come to Greatest Martial Sect to make such a demand that was a bit excessive.

After all, even he felt that this matter was a bit extreme.


If someone else had come to their Void Jade Palace to borrow the sect’s treasures, they might not have agreed.


There was too much implication, and the effects of it were great.

“What little friend said is extremely true.” The Vice Sect Master Ren thanked again.


Several days later.


When Sect Master Bai Qiu lent the Greatest Martial Dao Pen away from the Greatest Martial Sect, it significantly impacted the whole sect.

The sect’s qi shook, setting off a torrent of aura.


Without a supreme treasure to suppress the sect’s qi fortune, the sect would suffer many calamities.


It wouldn’t be able to avoid too many disasters.


However, If it were a short time, nothing would happen.


Jade Mountain.


“It’s only been a while since I left, but I didn’t expect the situation to be this serious.” Lin Fan really didn’t expect the demon fogs gushing out of the abyssal cave in the Jade Mountain center to spread so overbearingly.


He knew that the Void Jade Palace had tried to stop the spread of these demonic fogs.

However, they wouldn’t have come to the Greatest Martial Sect for help if they could control it.


When Lin Fan looked up, there was a vast hexagram array in the sky. With thousands of rays of light descending from the sky, it couldn’t penetrate through the demon fogs and landed within the Jade Mountain.

Its main purpose was to suppress the demons around it.


Now it was vaguely possible to see a large number of demons moving around within the Jade Mountain.

Vice Sect Master Ren stood with his hands in a defensive position and said, “Sect Master Bai, as you can see right now, these demon fogs are spreading. We have thought of many ways to stop them, but we are unable to do it. These demon fogs are terrifying; they can demonize plants. As you can see that those plants are just demonized by the demon fogs, which are extremely offensive…”


“….If it spreads at this current rate, it will reach Void Jade Palace in March at the most. The disciples below the Trinity Stage will not be able to resist this demonic fog and will be demonized.”

It was precisely why the Void Jade Palace went forward to the Greatest Martial Sect to borrow the Greatest Martial Dao Pen and suppress this place.

Only the Greatest Martial Dao Pen possessed such ability.


Sect Master Bai Qiu looked heavy. Fellow Cultivator Ren was right; he wasn’t exaggerating, indeed.

He had already felt from these demonic fogs that terror could demonize all things.

“Well, don’t worry, Fellow Cultivator Ren. I’ll do my best.”


Then, a golden pen was thrown into the air by the Sect Master Bai Qiu.

For a moment, the radiant golden light shone through the world, and even the blazing sun high in the sky seemed unable to compete with it.


Immediately after, a figure emitting golden light appeared.


This figure was the spirit of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen. As the suppression of the Greatest Martial Sect’s qi, with the passage of time and the spirit vein’s containment, the Greatest Martial Dao Pen changed drastically.

It was condensing the Greatest Martial Spirit that was rooted in the Greatest Martial Sect.


As Lin Fan watched, it was a middle-aged man with a mysterious aura, giving the impression that such a figure shouldn’t exist in the world.


A vast, ancient aura emitted from the man.


The man held the Greatest Martial Dao Pen. With a movement of his wrist, using the firmament as a cloth, the tip of the pen fluttered. He then lifted his wrist and dropped it violently.


There was a splash of radiant light.


A character was then manifested.



The word ‘town’ fell at the edge of the demon fogs.


The man was still writing. One after another, the word ‘town’ fell from the air and into the surroundings.


“So powerful. This pen is a bit overbearing. Just one word causes me to feel the pressure. I want to touch it and see what the grade of this treasure is.” Lin Fan muttered.

He was inquisitive. He hadn’t thought that the Greatest Martial Sect had such a treasure. No one had said anything about it before, and he hadn’t asked.


Now that he saw it, it was indeed as good as expected.


Not long after, the middle-aged man standing in the air did not continue to write. Instead, he kept his arm forward, keeping the motion unmoving.

Soon, the Greatest Martial Dao Pen’s tip vibrated, forming a vortex, and qi from all directions wildly surged towards the tip.

It nearly drained all the qi from the surrounding world.


The stroke then fell, and its light covered the world.


The word ‘cut’ fell, and a terrifying force erupted, hindering the demonic fogs that continued to spread towards the surroundings.


“We succeeded.” The Vice Sect Master Ren said with great joy.

“No, it’s only just begun.” Sect Master Bai Qiu said.

Vice Sect Master Ren didn’t know what Sect Master Bai was talking about. However, he soon realized that the demonic fogs’ edge glowed with light, which then pushed the demonic fog towards the interior.


Rather than spreading, the constantly diffusing demon fogs were suppressed back. It was quite shocking.


It was not until the demonic fogs were suppressed to the edge of the Jade Mountain that it was unable to move on.


“There’s no way out; we can only go here.” Bai Qiu said, sensing that there was a force in the Jade Mountain fighting against the power of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen, causing the Greatest Martial Dao Pen to prevent it from suppressing the demonic fogs back into the abyss.


Vice Sect Master Ren said, “It’s good enough. I didn’t expect that it would be able to push the demonic fogs back. This is really unexpected.”

The sect master waved his hand and withdrew the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.


The power that had just erupted was not only thick with qi, and immortal dao laws, it also contained the entire Greatest Martial Sect’s qi power.


Being able to contend with something like the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.

What exactly existed in the Jade Mountain?


“Sect Master, can I touch our Greatest Martial Sect’s treasure?” Lin Fan was a little eager to touch it. He really wanted to know what kind of existence existed in this Greatest Martial Dao Pen.


The sect master laughed mysteriously, then said, “In your dream.”

“You’re so stingy.” Lin Fan shattered. He just wanted to touch it, but the sect master was too stingy not to let him.

Vice Sect Master Ren looked at the situation below. Whenever the demonic fogs tried to spread towards the outside, there would be a mysterious force that would suppress it back.

According to the current situation, everything was fine. At least it would ensure the stability of Jade Mountain.


“Sect Master Bai, thank you for your righteousness.” Vice Sect Master Ren said gratefully.


Bai Qiu said, “There’s no need to thank me. It’s good to be able to help the Void Jade Palace. After all, we are all great immortal sects. Helping each other is the right thing to do. It’s just that the situation of the Jade Mountain needs to be appropriately investigated…”

“…I see that these demons seem to have come prepared. I wonder how well Fellow Cultivator Ren has investigated the situation. What exactly is the Jade Mountain case, and why did the demons choose to start here? “


“I don’t know. I’m even clueless. I think this matter has something to do with the Halloween Demon King. Perhaps we can only wait for the demon to take the initiative to find out what this is all about.” Vice Sect Master Ren said.

Lin Fan looked at the Jade Mountain and stroked his chin, wondering. Even though his brain was genius, at this time, he was somewhat unable to figure out what secrets were hidden in it.


As for him entering the Jade Mountain.


That was also out of the question.


It was a bit dangerous in there; he didn’t want to take any chances. Honestly, It’d be better to just do his thing and let the grown-ups deal with the headache on other matters.

“The Halloween Demon King…” Bai Qiu pondered for a moment, “If it’s the Halloween Demon King, with his Void Stage cultivation, it shouldn’t be possible for him to do this. I think there’s definitely a True Stage Demon involved in this.”

He then didn’t think it through and shook his head, “In that case, Fellow Cultivator Ren, we’ll take our leave.

If the situation on this side of Jade Mountain worsens in the future, you should let us know no matter what.”

“Okay.” Vice Sect Master Ren cupped his fists and said.


Soon, the three of them left the place.


Just a short time after they left, Lin Fan stopped. He remembered one thing.

There were so many scenarios played out like this, where after they succeeded in suppressing a certain place, most of them left confidently. However, not long after they left, something different happened, directly destroying everything they had done earlier.

Then quietly, the invasion will begin again.

“Lin Fan, what’s the matter with you. Aren’t you going to leave?” Bai Qiu asked.


Lin Fan said, “Sect Master, I have a feeling that things won’t be that simple. When the Greatest Martial Dao Pen suppressed this place, the existence within the abyss of Jade Mountain didn’t make a move to stop it. However, I wondered if maybe it was just waiting for us to leave. As soon as we leave, it’ll appear. So why don’t we turn back and see if there will be something afterward.”


Vice Sect Master Ren smiled, “Little friend is overly concerned. With the power of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen suppressing it, how could these things happen?”


Lin Fan said, “Why don’t we just go back and take a look. It’s just a waste of time if we argue here, anyway. It would be best if nothing happens, but if something does happen, we can at least find out beforehand, right?”


Vice Sect Master Ren smiled without saying anything. He felt that Lin Fan was a bit overly nervous.

However, when he thought about how little friend Lin could care about the Jade Mountain, he thought this boy was good.

“Hey, I wonder what a kid like you could be thinking? Well then, let’s go back and have a look. It’s not a bad idea.” Bai Qiu opened his mouth, then the three of them went toward the Jade Mountain.

Bai Qiu didn’t know what to expect; his thoughts were the same as what Vice Sect Master Ren had said.


How could the power of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen be so simple?


It was really overthinking.



At this time.


At the Jade Mountain, where no one was present, it was peaceful. It used to be a wild landscape with beautiful scenery, but since the abyss’ appearance, everything had changed.


Right at this moment.


The abyss shook.

A dark, scaly arm emerged from the abyss. The arm was spreading and fiercely slapping towards a corner of the edge of the demonic fogs.




The ground was shaken.

The ‘town’ character left by the Greatest Martial Dao Pen shone brightly, turning into a fierce sword intent that cut towards the palm.




The qi left behind by the Greatest Martial Dao Pen was too sharp, directly shredding a piece of scaled armor.


However, this arm was powerful. As if it was performing some mystical power, it fiercely descended from the sky.

With a rumble, the word ‘town’ shattered, and the corner that had just been sealed was directly torn open, spreading the demonic fogs once again.

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