Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 269


At this time.

There were three figures not far from Jade Mountain. Two of them had been stunned by the scene as if they didn’t expect something like that would happen.

“See, what did I say? It really happened. Like I said, if the opponent didn’t show up, it just didn’t want to cause trouble. However, it waited for us to leave to destroy it directly.”

“Fortunately, I was smart enough to see through the opponent’s schemes long ago; otherwise, he would have been able to get away with it.”

“Sect Master, it’s good to be confident in the future, but you should not be blindly confident. If I weren’t careful, it would have all been in vain.”

Lin Fan was so proud of himself. It was as if his status had all skyrocketed after he had guessed what happened correctly.

It was a feeling that could never be understood without experiencing it firsthand.

“Kid, don’t talk nonsense. Stay here, and don’t come over.” When Bai Qiu saw this situation, he didn’t say anything more to Lin Fan.

Being able to suppress the Greatest Martial Dao Pen’s words with its strength was enough to show what kind of strength the arm possessed. 


Bai Qiu roared as his surging qi poured out. He held the Greatest Martial Dao Pen in his hand and swung a stroke towards the huge arm covered in scaly armor.

Then, a light that was enough to cut the world apart whistled out, severely cutting off that arm.


The arm smashed into the ground, instantly turning into a dense demonic fog. Then it became apparent that the severed arm had regrown.

“Sect Master Bai, I’ll help you.” Vice Sect Master Ren whistled, displaying his mystic art to crush away.

With the Greatest Martial Dao Pen in hand, the Sect Master Bai’s strength soared.

He wielded the Greatest Martial Dao Pen to fall a trail in the air, which eventually intertwined into the immortal dao laws and ruthlessly cut away.

The surrounding demonic fogs were shaken and directly annihilated. As the arm could not resist the Greatest Martial Dao Pen’s power, it retreated steadily back into the abyss.

Lin Fan marveled at the power of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.

It really was powerful.

However, it definitely couldn’t be compared to his Golden Gourd and the Highest Spirit Rune.

After all, those were immortal treasures.

Just because they hadn’t been refined, they couldn’t bring out the true strength of the immortal treasure.

If they could be successfully refined, the power that would burst out would definitely be even more terrifying.

“Sect Master, in my opinion, even if the opponent is repulsed, as soon as we leave, that thing will come out again.” Lin Fan came to the sect master and said.

However, his eyes kept staring at the Greatest Martial Dao Pen in the sect master’s hand.

He really wanted to touch it, but the sect master just wouldn’t give it. It made him feel like his life was in darkness.

The trust among them was gone.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait there? What are you doing here? What if you run into danger.” The sect master reprimanded.

He was able to exert such terrifying power with the help of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen. If it wasn’t for the Greatest Martial Dao Pen, dealing with that arm just now would be a struggle.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t worry, sect master, I have a way to protect myself.”

“Sect Master Bai, what should we do now?” Vice Sect Master Ren inquired. He clearly felt that this matter was a bit tricky.

Bai Qiu pondered for a moment, “Let’s directly kill what’s in it and seal the abyss. Otherwise, even if I lay a seal at the edge, with the strength of that arm just now, it’ll still be able to break the seal.”

“I’ll open the way with the Greatest Martial Dao Pen and directly break the demonic fogs to get to the entrance of that abyss.”

Vice Sect Master Ren gratefully said, “Thank you, Sect Master Bai.”


Soon, Bai Qiu held the Greatest Martial Dao Pen and broke open a passage. The surrounding demon fog couldn’t coalesce.



The two of them went straight into the Jade Mountain, and Lin Fan followed closely.

It was not that he thought he could help at the abyss, but he wanted to enter it and slay some demons.

After entering the Jade Mountain, he cast the Golden Gourd, and the golden river water rolled down.

It fell overwhelmingly towards the ground. The demons couldn’t resist; their bodies suffered heavy damage and shattered with a thud.

Even if the chances of dropping were pitifully low, it couldn’t stop him from becoming stronger.

“Hey, this kid…”

Bai Qiu shook his head, wondering if this kid was full of nothing to do.

What was he doing specifically to these demons? Even if he killed more, what was the point? It was utterly useless. 

However, Lin Fan was happy to kill, so how would he care about these things?


Above the abyss.

Bai Qiu gazed at the situation in the abyss below. The demon fogs were boiling, and faintly strange existences could be seen in the abyss.


He stroked down, using the Greatest Martial Dao Pen to cast his mystic art with his arm.

The power was even more terrifying than before. However, at this moment, an ancient qi erupted out of the abyss.

An arm covered in scaly armor appeared, blasting the word ‘town’ with a punch.

Bai Qiu looked gloomy.

He had felt how terrifying this power was.

He even wondered which powerful demon had this kind of strength. When he thought about it again, he didn’t even remember a demon who possessed such power.

Without even revealing its original body and just one arm, it could compete with him, who held the Greatest Martial Dao Pen. The power was too strong.


A growl was heard from the abyss.

Immediately afterward, a black light swept out from the abyss. It was so powerful that the light seemed to penetrate through time and space, and in the blink of an eye, it had slain Bai Qiu.


Bai Qiu whipped out a stroke of a brush. The golden light blossomed, and the immortal dao laws transformed into a thunderbolt that fell fiercely.

The thunder was so thick that it covered the abyss, completely colliding with the black light.


The ground and the mountains shook. It was enough to tear everything apart as the aftershocks spread out.

The trees that had been demonized were directly ground into ashes.

“Sect Master Bai, what kind of existence is this? How could it be so terrifying.” Vice Sect Master Ren asked in surprise.

He knew about the Greatest Martial Dao Pen. It was a terrifying treasure that had possessed a terrifyingly extreme power for a long time.

“I don’t know, but it’s definitely not a demon that we used to know. Demons nowadays don’t have that kind of power.”

Bai Qiu gazed vigilantly. Exerting the Greatest Martial Dao Pen required a tremendous amount of qi.

If the Greatest Martial Dao Pen wasn’t quite powerful, he might not be a match for this arm with his personal strength. 

This was an ancient qi; could it be an ancient demon?

What the hell was going on in Jade Mountain?

How could these things exist?

Lin Fan had a hunch that something wasn’t right. The sect master didn’t manage to create a crushing situation even if he possessed the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.

It meant that this treasure wasn’t as good as his immortal treasure. If it were an immortal treasure, it would have definitely finished off the opponent long ago.

At this point, Bai Qiu didn’t conceal his techniques. Instead, he manipulated and pinched his techniques to stimulate the Greatest Martial Dao Pen’s true power, which was the Greatest Martial Sect’s qi. 

Treasures that could suppress the sect’s qi could also condense the sect’s qi after being contained for a long time. Using a little bit of it would be enough because it was unknown how long it would take to recover.


Lin Fan discovered that just a moment ago, Bai Qiu’s qi had changed a little bit. Mainly when the Greatest Martial Dao Pen was emitting white mist.

These mist seemed to have golden dragon vestiges flying around. 

“What is this?”

He was somewhat unable to see what this object was.

However, he could sense something extraordinary.

Bai Qiu took a deep breath. The Greatest Martial Dao Pen was spinning between his fingers. Then, his eyes narrowed.

A moment later, they burst open, and a million dazzling lights shone brightly. 

“Never mind. No matter what you are, today, you will be suppressed here forever with the qi of the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.”

The words had just fallen.

With a single stroke of Bai Qiu, for a moment, the wind and clouds surged. The tip of the pen vibrated, and the void in front of it was distorted. Then a terrifying power completely erupted, pouring into the abyss.

Lin Fan stepped back.

He felt an astonishing and irresistible power from the Greatest Martial Dao Pen.

“It’s a bit powerful.” Lin Fan muttered.

He didn’t expect the sect master to have such a power.



The sect master wrote, and a large golden character was condensing under the Greatest Martial Dao Pen’s tip before falling towards the abyss.


The abyss shook, and the entire Jade Mountain trembled.

As if some sort of tug was pulling the demonic fogs that enveloped the Jade Mountain, it continued to condense towards the abyss, whistling into the abyss.

It didn’t take long.

The surrounding demonic fogs all dissipated, while there was a curtain of light flickering at the entrance of the abyss.

“Phew!” Bai Qiu took a deep breath and looked a bit haggard.

Even when he was a True Stage cultivator, he struggled to exert the qi within the Greatest Martial Dao Pen. 

The Greatest Martial Dao Pen was now dimmer than before. Having already consumed quite a bit of the qi contained within, it could only continue to suppress the Greatest Martial Sect’s qi and slowly accumulate it.

Perhaps in a few hundred years, it would be able to make up for the qi consumed today again.

“Alright, I think the abyss has been sealed. At least for a few hundred years, the existence inside it shouldn’t come out.” Bai Qiu said.

He wasn’t sure how long it would last.

The power to maintain the seal would become thinner as time passed. Perhaps one day, when the seal’s power couldn’t suppress it, the existence inside would appear again.

“Sect Master Bai, this great favor is one that Void Jade Palace will never forget.” Vice Sect Master Ren knew that Sect Master Bai had suppressed this seal with the sect’s treasure qi.

According to common sense, even the most friendly immortal sects might not be willing to do so. 

Bai Qiu said indifferently, “Fellow Cultivator Ren, you don’t need to be polite. At first, I didn’t know what was going on here. However, now that I have a look at it, I know that things are not simple. If we don’t seal it and allow it to continue, then it will be a disaster for all the major sects.” 

It was the first time Lin Fan had underestimated the sect master. He didn’t expect the sect master to be so profoundly righteous.

He hadn’t really seen it before.

However, he continued to do what needed to be done. Without the demonic fogs enveloping them, it was as if the demons had no place to hide. They were briefly muddling before fleeing in all directions.

Lin Fan wouldn’t give up on those demons.

Let’s go ahead and kill them.

These could be good guys that could drop qi.

If he couldn’t kill the strong ones for the time being.

He could kill these little demons.

They must know how powerful Father Lin was. At the same time, they could use their weak bodies to help him.

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